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Series: Neighbours
Ramsay Street: The most dangerous residential area on earth and Melbourne's answer to the Bermuda Triangle.

Oldest of the two main Australian soap operas, the other being Home and Away.

Neighbours began in 1985 and follows the lives of the residents of Ramsay Street, a street in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough. Originally the show featured two main families, the Ramsays (who the street is named after) and Robinsons but gradually the Ramsays have faded away to be replaced by other families such as the Kennedys and Scullys.

Not to be confused with a show about aliens landing in New Jersey, or with the various films titled Neighbors.

This TV show has examples of:

  • Affably Evil: No matter what nasty (and sometimes downright evil) deeds Paul Robinson has planned, he will always do them with an air of debonair class.
  • Alpha Bitch: Lisa Devine epitomizes this trope.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: The official Neighbours website describes Zeke as a "kooky outcast" and "supremely bright but socially inept."
  • Easy Amnesia : Harold Bishop; Amnesia used to explain a five year absence after he was swept out to sea, during which time he was living as 'Ted'
    • Susan Kennedy; slipped on some milk and believed herself to be 16. Her memory was restored when she re-newed her wedding vows to husband Karl.
    • Paul Robinson; after the removal of his 'evil brain tumour' he suffered amnesia and couldn't remember most of his crimes
    • Zeke Kinski; suffered amnesia following a rafting accident
    • Sonya Mitchell; suffered amnesia following an explosion on her wedding day which removed her memory of the day
  • Anti-Villain: Paul Robinson. He's an on-again, off-again villain Depending on the Writer.
  • Armoured Closet Gay: It's implied that Georgia's ex-fiancee, Scotty suffers from internalized homophobia.
  • Back for the Dead: Does happen sometimes, most notably Daphne Clarke, the first regular character to die, who died in 1988 in a car crash, and Helen Daniels, who was the only original character left in 1997 and died in her sleep just after returning from a long spell in hospital.
  • Back from the Dead: Harold Bishop, five years after he supposedly drowned at sea.
  • Big Bad:
    • Charles Durham in the 1985 season.
    • Robert Robinson in 2005 and 2006.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Shane Ramsay. It seems to have happened to Libby Kennedy too.
    • More of a Long Bus Trip: We were given an explanation for why they left, just not for why they never came back.
  • Continuity Nod: Donna and Ringo's wedding is accompanied by Sam Clark's cover of Angry Andereson's "Suddenly". Ringo tells him that Paul put him on to it, having heard it at his brother's wedding years ago. This was, in fact, the song played over Scott and Charlene's wedding in 1987.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Frazer.
  • Death of the Hypotenuse: Bridget's death was to allow Declan and Kate to hook up.
  • Doom Magnet: Hannah Martin - between 1993 and 1997 she lost her grandfather Jim, who had a heart attack after playing with her in the garden, mother Julie, surrogate sister Cody, and great-grandmother Helen, who died in her sleep while next to Hannah on the sofa. Furthermore, once Helen died, Madge effectively became Hannah's surrogate Gran, and she also died just 18 months after Hannah and her family left the show.
    • Skye Mangel - her mother was shot when she was a toddler, her step-grandmother died of caner, her uncle, aunt and cousin were killed in a plane crash, her baby had cancer, her boyfriend died following an operation to save said baby
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: The three members of the Bishop family were the only casualties of a crashed plane, which they only boarded at the last minute.
    • Also Connor, who was either killed by Paul Robinson's crazy son or went on a Long Bus Trip overseas. (The latter as it turned out, since The Bus Came Back in late 2012.)
    • Bridget Parker's death fills the 'awkward' part of this trope: She died as the result of a mysterious rampaging white horse running out in front of her car and causing it to crash. The horse is never seen, heard of or mentioned again. (Considering her family were in the car, you'd think they would have looked into that; Possibly even sue the owner of the horse for negligence causing death?)
      • While the horse did play a role, the crash was also the result of sabotage by a gambler who Lucas was in debt to.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: Brad and Lauren's long-lost daughter Paige comes to Erinsborough in search of them. After a day or so of observation without telling them who she is, she comes the conclusion that Brad and Lauren are married with three children (leaving her wondering why she was given up for adoption if they had a son so soon after she was born) and that Brad has a sister, Terese, working at Lassiters. After she summarises the above conclusion in a phone call with her brother, she immediately has an encounter with Brad and Lauren, who are immediately joined by Lauren's husband Matt (the words, "I knew there was a reason why I married you," are used) and Brad's wife Terese. Her expression at this point is priceless.
  • Estranged Soap Family: Rare in this series, but there are a handful of characters who have not shown up for a while despite both the importance of events and the teasing of the PR. This is usually the result of actors becoming major stars and not wanting to come back. One of the worst examples was Madge's funeral, which neither of her children, played by Craig Mac Lachlan and Kylie Minogue turned up for.
    • Helen's funeral had this to a lesser degree, too. Although daughter Rosemary and step-great-grandson Michael showed up, a whole host of other relatives didn't.
    • Ringo Brown's official funeral took place off screen, with viewers only seeing a private memorial service held by his wife and friends, in order to avoid bringing back any of his blood relatives.
  • Evil Twin: Robert and Cameron, in a rare example of the evil twin being introduced first, albeit while pretending to be the good twin.
  • Evil Versus Evil: Well, not exactly. But it must be said that, watching Karl and Paul hate each other while out-shagging and out-sneering each other certainly comes close.
  • Fake Guest Star: Katya, Will, Nicola.
  • Fourth Date Marriage: The show's first season was ridiculously prone to Fourth Date Engagements, though only one of those actually made it to a wedding by the end of the year. The worst was the relationship between Jim Robinson and Anna Rossi progressed from meeting to engagement to breakup in the space of seven half-hour episodes, spanning two weeks.
  • Friends with Benefits: Kyle and Jade tried this, though Jade was already in love with Kyle by this point.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Numerous jokes about Karl and Susan's "blue box" kept under their bed, which is implied to contain some kind of adult toys for spicing up their love life. Two stories, four years apart, have involved the box getting mixed up with another and falling into the wrong hands.
  • Have You Told Anyone Else?: Shortly before he was due to leave on a holiday, Connor learned that the missing 'Robert' (who is really Cameron) is in a coma at a nursing home. He immediately went to tell Robert's identical twin 'Cameron' (who is really Robert) the good news. This was the last time he ever appeared on the show, and Robert was later seen driving Connor's ute and digging up the front garden. In what is either a genuine subversion or a Retcon, Connor was seemingly proven to be alive and well later in the year, when police found his wallet in China, and the following year (long after Robert was arrested) he sent Toadie and others gifts for St. Patrick's Day, also from China. He subsequently returned for a few weeks in 2012.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Harold and Lou. They actually started off as fierce love rivals but now they're like an old married couple.
  • Hollywood Healing: In an early episode, Shane Ramsay ends up with spinal damage after a car crash, and the doctors say that he might be able to walk again, though his diving career is over. Two episodes later, he's out of bed and on a camping trip with his brother, and the only longterm consequence is that Danny is persuaded to take up diving instead.
  • Hypocrite: Julie Robinson complains about Mrs. Brown's inability to stay out of other people's business, apparently forgetting how she just staged a vindictive crusade to get rid of Anna, the first love interest her father has had in the ten years since her mother died.
  • Instrumental Theme Tune: When a long-standing character dies, Neighbours will sometimes end the episode with a sad piano version of the theme tune, together with a montage of photos of the character's time in the show. This has been done with Todd, Jim, Helen and Madge.
    • Though in Madge's case, the sad piano theme tune played over the regular 2001 credits, but with a montage the next episode of her recent period on the show. This was because, from 2000 onwards, Neighbours started filming in widescreen.
  • It's All About Me: Julie Robinson, especially in the 1985 season - she sabotages the first romantic relationship her father has had in the ten years since her mother died, to the point of manipulating her younger sister and slapping Anna at her engagement party, simply because she didn't want her role in the household usurped (never mind that she's 21, has a job and doesn't have much trouble finding another place to live after her father justifiably kicks her out for the above). She improves a lot after falling in love with Philip, encouraging him to go back to his children and give Loretta another chance (though that didn't end well) and apologising to Jim for the above.
  • Lawof Inverse Fertility : Steph and Max; Spent months trying for a child, and went through an unsuccessful adoption process before she naturally fell pregnant
    • Steph later fell pregnant from a one night stand with her best friends husband
    • Despite being told it was difficult for her to conceive, Izzy Hoyland fell pregnant from a one night stand with her ex-boyfriend, Karl Kennedy, who had just reunited with his ex-wife Susan
  • Killed Off for Real: It's to be expected in a soap opera, but if a character leaves Neighbours they either get Put on a Bus or are Killed Off for Real. There are very few inbetweens. A few examples of characters Killed Off for Real are: Daphne, Kerry, Todd, Jim, Julie, Cody, Cheryl, Helen, Madge, Drew, David, Stingray, Marco, Bridget, Ringo etc.
  • Lingerie Scene: A bonzer courtesy of Dichen Lachman.
  • Living Prop: Sienna Cammeniti (played by model and 2006 Miss Australia Erin Mc Naught) was added for the sole purpose of sexing-up the cast and helping boost ratings. It didn't work.
    • Lisa Hayes seemed to exist for the sole purpose of getting dumped by Lucas.
  • Long Bus Trip: Marlene Kratz went on a three month cruise and never came back.
    • Averted with Rani and Ajay Kapoor. They originally left the street temporarily to take care of Ajay's ailing grandmother in India. The show seemed happy to leave it at that but Rani eventually returned to explain that her father had found a job in London and they were moving there. .
  • Long Runners: 27 years and counting.
  • Luke, You Are My Father: Paige shows up in Erinsborough after learning that Brad and Lauren are her parents and spends weeks getting to know them under an alias. She decides against telling them on several occasions, but Lauren finds out for herself just as Paige has decided to leave the street and return to Adelaide. She catches up with her, and the two reveal her secret to Brad together.
  • Manipulative Editing: Danny and Eddie record a private and extremely sensitive conversation between Scott and Kim, then edit it to make Scott sound like a rapist (exploiting Scott's sarcastic use of the words "Yeah, I'm the school rapist.") and Kim sound like a prostitute. They then make the mistake of bringing the tape and the recorder to school, where it gets found by their teacher - Kim's mother - who forces them to play it to the entire class.
  • Meddling Parents: Eileen Clarke, to the point of moving in with Des without warning, trying to set him up with his ex, and later trying to get him to name his son Winston Kingsley Clarke.
  • Milestone Celebration:
    • Episode #1000 covered Des and Jane's engagement party, crashed by Jane's ex Mike. Also included Joe and Kerry getting engaged and Hillary announcing that Matt was her son.
    • Episode #2000 was Helen's birthday party, which coincided with Philip and Julie reconciling and Stephen walking again.
    • Episode #3000 was comparatively uneventful, coming as it did one week after the show's most cliffhanger-heavy season final yet. They did manage to work a party into it, when Susan left temporarily work at another school.
    • Episode #4000 had Flick rescuing Lou and Rosie from a fire and admitting to Marc she was in love with him.
    • The show's 20th anniversary was celebrated with an in-universe documentary featuring numerous former Ramsey Street residents. The same week saw Karl and Isabelle's relationship crumble as Karl found out that she had lied about him being the father of her baby.
    • Episode #5000 had Paul being buried alive by his murderous son Robert, while the preceeding week included Boyd and Janae's wedding.
    • Episode #6000 ended with another apparent attempt on Paul's life, and the preceeding week included Donna and Ringo's wedding.
    • Episode #7000 features Toadie and Sonya hosting a naturists lunch and Karl winning a fortune on a scratchie card.
  • Mistaken for Junkie: After seeing Danni Stark inject insulin for her diabetes, Michael Martin spreads a rumour that she is using drugs. She goes along with it to get attention.
  • Naked People Are Funny: Happens regularly with Karl and Susan being caught Skinny Dipping or characters, especially Toadie, being forced into nudie runs.
    • A standout moment came in Episode #7000. A week earlier, Toadie and Sonya decided on a whim to be naked around the house for a day, due to them finally having it to themselves for the first time in years. They were interrupted by a prospective client of Toadie, who got the wrong impression entirely and convinced them to host a naked lunch for herself and her husband. Toadie went through with it, being that desperate to earn their business, and Sonya agreed as well. The lunch was interrupted by an intersecting plotline, Karl and Sheila's search for the former's winning scratch ticket. Toadie told them they would have to strip to come in - Sheila refused, but Karl didn't, and he soon found the ticket stuck to Toadie's bum. Once the lunch was over and the clients apparently on board, they invited Toadie and Sonya to a naturists camp. Toadie decided to come clean, but the clients didn't care, declaring him the most dedicated lawyer they'd ever had.
  • Naked People Trapped Outside: On numerous occasions. At least twice this has resulted from a male character being forced to hide in the backyard from their secret love interest's family.
  • Never Found the Body:
    • Liljana Bishop and Serena Bishop supposedly drowned following a plane crash in the Bass Strait, but their bodies weren't found.
    • Dee Bliss was never found after Toadie accidentally drove their car into the ocean on their wedding day.
    • Connor O'Neill was thought to have been murdered by Robert Robinson after his sudden disappearance in 2006, but he was later hinted repeatedly to be alive, ultimately returning in the flesh for a guest stint in 2012.
    • Harold Bishop was washed off a rock by a wave and presumed dead. He turned up alive but amnesiac five years later.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: From the non-canon Youtube special, Neighbours Vs Zombies: the zombies are implied to be a result of toxic waste dumping, though this has affected characters who've been dead for as many as twelve years, were buried far from Erinsborough, or were cremated. The zombies themselves retain their memories up to the day they died, as well as their personalities, friendships and rivalries, and while they do crave human meat, they seem to possess enough self-awareness to at least try to control themselves - at one point Stingray appears to be about to attack Karl and Susan until Karl reminds him that the hospital canteen is still open. [[spoiler:We eventually that Paul was responsible for their creation, his intention being to bring back his murdered niece Kate along with other loved ones. However, the zombies all end up becoming mindless predators, with the exception of David, and whether anyone in Erinsborough survived the night is left ambiguous.
  • Out of Focus: Lou Carpenter's appearances have become very irregular ever since Harold Bishop left, and even when he is in the show he seldom has any significant storylines.
    • Tom Oliver's contract gave him 4 month blocks alternating between filming and holiday which later changed to 2 month blocks. This has led to Lou's sudden preoccupation with visiting his daughter Lauren in Mt. Isa and (upon Lauren moving to Ramsay St.) his half-Chinese lovechild Mai Ling and adoptive daughter Lolly.
  • Pac Man Fever: this show loved showing people playing old style Game Boys with no cartridges in the slot, even in 2008, where the Nintendo DS was out by then.
  • Parental Favoritism: Max Ramsay made little secret of his preference for Shane over Danny, which was revealed to stem from his suspicion that he wasn't Danny's biological father. He was right, though ironically their relationship started to improve considerably after both found out the truth.
  • Promotion to Opening Titles: Charlene, Hilary, Melanie, Lou, David, Cheryl, Toadie, Darcy, Sindi, Carmella, Dan, Paul (in his 2005 return), Declan's new actor, Natasha, Summer, Sonya, Chris, Kyle.
    • Basically, anybody who is in the show for more than a few episodes as a guest part, will likely end up appearing on the title sequence the next time it's changed. If they don't, it means that they're most probably about to leave.
  • Protagonist Journey to Villain: Paul Robinson started this after being shot by his first wife Terri towards the end of the 1985 season, and only occasionally looked back.
  • Public Exposure: Matt volunteers to model for a life drawing class, on the basis that his wife Lauren was the only person who signed up. Lauren's father Lou makes a bet with her that Matt won't go through with it and then spread the word about the class, claiming to be worried that it will be cancelled because Lauren is the only one who signed up. As a result, when Matt steps out in a towel, he is shocked to find that at least a dozen have turned up. Right when he's about to drop the towel, the fire alarm goes off (pulled by his son Bailey, having been alerted to Lou's prank) and they are forced to evacuate. He's still left thoroughly embarassed, though, as he's now trapped outside in a towel when Sheila refuses to let him go back inside for his clothes until the fire brigade has declared the building safe.
  • Put on a Bus: As with all soap operas, the show mills through a prodigious amount of cast members, especially the younger ones who set their sights on Hollywood a year or two into their contracts. 2013 was a particularly egregious year for this, sending Summer, Andrew, Tash, Sophie, Rani, Ajay, Vanessa and Lucas to various locations as the actors' contracts ran out.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Actor Shane Connor was abruptly fired so his character Joe Scully implausibly disappeared to run a farm in Bendigo.
    • Due to Anne Haddy's rapidly deteriorating health, Helen Daniels was killed off in 1997.
    • Delta Goodrem's character Nina Tucker, took a trip to Bollywood, when Delta got cancer (And treated for the cancer), came back for a week or two and hasn't been seen since.
    • Chris Milligan (Kyle) broke his leg in 2010, necessitating the introduction of his cousin Dane who filled in for Kyle's job and storylines while Kyle recuperated from his own broken leg in Frankston.
  • Race for Your Love: Downplayed - Lauren learns that her long-lost daughter is headed for the airport and goes after her to stop her leaving. She catches up with her on the airport shuttlebus, about a block from the bus stop.
  • Recurring Character: Neighbours loves this trope. Kim, Mishka, Steiger, Kirsten, Taylah, Sam, etc.
  • Remember the New Guy: Jessica and Taylah were randomly introduced as the school bullies in Neighbours, and everybody on the show treated them as though they has always been there, harassing the main teen characters and bullying other students, despite the fact that (story-wise) they clearly hadn't been.
  • Retcon: David Bishop was a childless singleton in 1988 but he had a 16-year-old daughter and a wife when he returned in 2003.
    • Elle Robinson was born off-screen in October 1989, so when she returned to Ramsey Street in 2005, she should have been sixteen. Instead, she was nineteen.
    • Sonya Mitchell started off as Toadie's girlfriend with a history of addiction and mother figure to Toadie's adoptive son. She was then retconned into being Callum's actual biological mother who had kept her identity secret for almost two years.
  • Runaway Bride/Groom: Isabelle, Toadie, Bronwyn and Marc have been in this position for various reasons.
  • Runaway FiancÚ: Lorraine calls off her engagement to Des on the morning of the wedding, leaving him with a hefty mortgate on No. 28. And while she does apologise to him later, she is furious when she discovers that he's taken in a female tennant - admittedly, the stripper from his bachelor party, who had been there when she came by to break up with him - and vindictively decides to reclaim all the furniture in the house that she'd paid for.
  • Running Gag: Karl's terrible singing and his family's reactions to it.
  • Same Character, but Different: Paul Robinsons's return in 2004, though the actual change arguably occurred in 1993 when he framed Philip for fraud and fled to Brazil.
    • The same could also be said for Madge on her return in 1996. The fact that she was far more meek, passive and peripheral than before was precisely why Anne Charleston quit for good.
    • Cody Willis's recasting in 1993 came with increased maturity, though one could put a lot of it down to growing up in her two years away from the street.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • On learning that Kate fancies Declan, Donna goes all OTP and declares that Bridget was Declan's soul mate and he should never ever be with anyone else. She cools down later, though.
    • Sonya has been steadfast in her belief that new parents Lucas and Vanessa should be together (and not just for the sake of their newborn son either) despite the fact that Vanessa still has feelings for her ex Rhys. Meanwhile, Sonya's partner Toadie has been trying to get Karl and Susan back together
  • Shout-Out: In a recent episode, Andrew made a reference to Scandinavian Pop music, complaining about how catchy it was
  • Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome:
    • Elle was born off-screen in October 1989, when she returned in 2005, she should have been sixteen. Instead, she was ninteteen.
    • Hannah Martin is introduced as eight years old in 1992, but is later identified as sixteen in 1999 despite being portrayed by the same actor.
      • Worse, her father and mother didn't even get together until 1985, and she wouldn't have been born until at least 9 months after that. Oops.
    • Ben Kennedy/Kirk was born in December 2001. As of June 2014, he's a Year 10 student (15-16).
  • Spear Carrier: Kev Duve, Kristy, Susie Quilty, Nurse Jodie, Veronica Olenski, Det. Kevin Summers.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Naomi towards Toadie.
  • Surprise Incest:
    • Done between Serena and Luka, the latter turning out to be Liljana's illegitimate son who had been adopted illegally without her knowledge. The two didn't go beyond kissing, but it was a close call.
    • Done again between Brad Willis's children Josh and Paige - with exactly the same illegal adoption story as above - but here the flirting is one-sided and Paige finds out who he is pretty quickly.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Tom Ramsay for his brother Max, although a straighter example was Will's never-before-mentioned brother Oliver, hastily written in to replace Will when actor Christian Clarke left the show. Dane filled in for his cousin Kyle when Chris Milligan broke his leg.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Phoebe, Sky and Bridget.
    • Natasha pretends she is pregnant to punish her boyfriend for cheating on her.
  • Trash the Set : Most notably at the end of the 2004 season when an arson attack on Lassiters completely destroyed the pub, doctors surgery and Coffee Shop. This was due to asbestos being found in the back-lot set.
    • The excuses for the 2005 set revamps included a fire-bomb attack on #32 and a vandal attack on #24
      • Averted in 2000 when a fire at #26 resulted in no major changes to the set
  • Unrequited Love Switcheroo: Kyle and Kate; Kyle pursued Kate while they in High School, but she wasn't interested. She proceeded to fall in and out of love with him over the following four years, starting around when he got together with Jade.
  • Variations On A Theme Song: The show has two versions of its theme song - the usual, upbeat version and the stripped-down piano version reserved for when someone dies.
  • Why Won't You Die?: Brad Willis in 1992: He was shot by Bob Landers, attacked by a shark, saved Beth and Hannah from a burning cottage...and none of it killed him.
    • Not to mention the various attempts on Paul Robinson's life. He has been pushed off a cliff (twice), lost a leg, sent poisoned letters, almost strangled to death, shot in the chest by his own son, kidnapped and mind-tortured, suffered from a life-threatening brain tumor, and pushed off the mezzanine of a building. Even he has expressed surprise over not being dead yet.
      • And the climax of the very first season back in 1985 involved him being shot by his first wife.
      • Furthermore, in the second season he survived a car crash, along with his brother Scott and friend Mike Young (Guy Pearce).
    • Another example is Harold Bishop. He was washed off the rocks and floated to Tasmania, returning five years later, and has endured a stroke, a heart attack and prostate cancer.

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