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    Marina Ismail 

The elected-in figurehead princess of Azadistan, a country so wrought with civil war that she is able to look out her window at any point in the series and see part of the capital burning. Marina is also the head of the Reformist political party, causing her to be very popular among some of her people, but vehemently hated by the conservatives. Inexperienced as a leader, and being only a figurehead, she often has no control over her country's situation despite her wishes for peace. After attracting the attention (probably not that kind of attention) of Setsuna, she's been unable to shake him off, and now he probably couldn't shake her off.

Voiced by Ayumi Tsunematsu (Japanese) and Paula Lindberg (English)

    Shirin Bakhtiar 

Marina's best friend, adviser and lady in waiting, who does not doubt to scold Marina when she hesitates. After the formation of the Earth Sphere Federation, she leaves the Palace and becomes a member of the rebel group Katharon to keep fighting for Azadistan in her own way.

Voiced by Michiko Neya (Japanese) and Ellen Kennedy (English)

    Louise Halevy 

Ordinary High-School Student. Bratty Teenage Daughter. Clingy Jealous Girl in regards to her boyfriend Saji Crossroads. Annoying in the eyes of almost everyone, possibly useless in the plot...

...what. Did her family just get vaporized? Is she missing a hand now? Holy shit.

That was the story of Miss Louise Halevy, at least in season 1. She survives said ordeals and four years later we see her again, but she's now an embittered and hurt Ill Girl who works for the A-LAWS, hellbent on getting her revenge on Celestial Being, and a combination of her past trauma and background meddling have done neither her body nor her mentality too many favors.

Voiced by Chiwa Saito (Japanese) and Kelly Sheridan (English)

    Saji Crossroad 

Introduced as an Ordinary High-School Student and neighbor of Setsuna, with no real impact on the plotline. He had a part time job as a pizza delivery boy (his neighbor was in a terrorist paramilitary organization); he dealt with his girlfriend's mother (Azadistan was on the verge of civil war). etc. If he was in trouble, it made the fan base wish something bad would just happen already.

Then, it did. And some more. His older sister was found dead in an alley. His girlfriend was crippled and hospitalized. And everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, and now the only people on earth that will take him in is the very terrorist organization he hates the most. Which are the rivals to the military group that took his girlfriend in.... We take it back, Saji. Sorry about that.

Voiced by Miyu Irino (Japanese) and Gabe Khouth (English)

    Kinue Crossroad 

The older sister to Saji and JNN reporter. She was obsessed with Celestial Being's founder, Aeolia Schenberg. She believes that by investigating into Aeolia, she can uncover the true motives of Celestial Being. Through her investigation, she interviewed Schenberg's great grandson and other people possibly linking to either the Gundams or Schenberg. Later, she suspected Laguna Harvey, president of Linear Train Industries, to be somehow connected to this and wanted to interview him. She couldn't get permission to interview him, but saw Ali Al-Saachez leaving from his estate and hoped to get any sort of information from him... Which was a bad idea. Ali does give her the information she wants - only to kill her afterwards.

Voiced by Aya Endo (Japanese) and Anna Cummer (English)

    Ali Al-Saachez 

By his own admission, the worst kind of human to ever exist. Ali starts out as a freedom fighter who recruits kids to fight in the name of 'God', this turns out to be false, as he didn't believe in God and was just a terrorist, period. One of those kids was Setsuna, and he also assaulted Ireland at one point, killing Lockon's parents and little sister. Later he became a mercenary and was reunited with Setsuna in battle. He continues to do really nefarious things afterwards, notably bribing and then killing Intrepid Reporter Kinue Crossroad For the Evulz.

Next, he meets up with Team Trinity, and kills Johann and Michael... for the lulz, incidentally hitting the karmic hammer to their sister Nena (who had killed Louise's family). He stole Michael's Throne Zwei and was about to kill Nena, until he was interrupted by Setsuna, and the activation of Trans-Arm forced him to retreat. He is later seen in space and engaged in a fatal battle with Lockon; Ali got the Throne Zwei damaged heavily, but he managed to kill Lockon. When The Federation was formed, Ali was frustrated since it takes away his joy: war.

But it didn't really happen as apparently Ribbons hired him. And the next thing he did in his debut on the second season is... burning down the whole Azadistan, probably for the lulz... But he finally bought the farm, at Lyle's hands no less.

Voiced by Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese) and Scott McNeil (English)

    Klaus Grado 

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