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Characters: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Crew Of The Ptolemios
Tropes associated with the Ptolemaios and its crew:

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    Crew as a whole 

    Sumeragi Lee Noriega 

The closest thing that the Ptolemios has to The Captain. A genius strategist with a shady past, Sumeragi or better said, Risa Kujoh is The Strategist for the group. After being handed missions by Veda, Sumeragi devises their tactics and assumes command when in battle. However, her easygoing nature is a veneer over deep emotional issues, and her past has made her borderline (if not downright) alcoholic. She also was close to Billy Katagiri, who goes Yandere for her in the second season.

Voiced by Yoko Honna (Japanese) and Lisa Ann Beley (English)

    Feldt Grace 

One of the Bridge Bunnies aboard the Ptolemaios, Feldt is a young girl who has more-or-less grown up with Celestial Being, since her deceased parents used to be Gundam Meisters several years before the start of the anime. She initially has a very reserved, borderline emotionless personality, although thanks to her friendship with fellow bridge bunny Christina Sierra, and the crush she develops on Lockon Stratos, this gradually changes.

In season two, she continues her work as a bridge bunny, with a more open personality.

Voiced by Ayahi Takagaki (Japanese) and Chantal Strand (English)

    Christina Sierra 

One of the Bridge Bunnies in Ptolemios, Christina ran away from her adopted mother before being discovered by Celestial Being. She becomes good friends with fellow crewmate Feldt. During the final battle of season 1, the bridge of Ptolemaios is attacked by a GN-X. Although Lichty shielded her from the attack, she is fatally wounded by a shred of metal from the shattered bridge. Before Lichty dies in her arms, she realizes her own feelings for him. She contacts the surviving crewmembers and tells Feldt to live on for Lockon's memory, before dying in the subsequent explosion.

Voiced by Arise Satou (Japanese) and Shannon Chan-Kent (English)

    Lichtendahl Tsery 

Lichtendahl, or Lichty for short, is the Ptolemaios helmsman. Lichty's parents were technicians on one of the orbital elevators and killed during the Solar Wars while he lost a large portion of his body, which was replaced with machinery. Although Lichty has a romantic interest in crewmate Christina, she maintains a friendly and professional relationship. uring the final battle of season 1, the bridge of Ptolemaios is attacked by a GN-X, Lichty is fatally wounded while shielding Christina from the explosion. He soon dies in Christina's arms after she realizes her own feelings for him.

Voiced by Masataka Azuma (Japanese) and Davide A. Kaye (English)

    Lasse Aeon 

Initially, Lasse served as the gunner for the Celestial Being mothership Ptolemaios. He also piloted the GNR-001 GN Arms, a transformable weapon docking system for the four Gundams. In the second series, he remained with Celestial Being even when his health decayed quite a bit after the the season 1 final battle. During the assault on Veda, Lasse briefly piloted the 0 Gundam in defence of Ptolemaios II. At the end of the series Lasse remains part of Celestial Being.

Voiced by Hiroki Tochi (Japanese) and Andrew Francis (English)

    Ian Vashti 

The head of Celestial Being's mobile suit development along with his wife and daughter. On the Ptolemaios, Ian works as the ship's main engineer. He is a kind hearted man but gets angry when his machines are damaged.

Voiced by Hideyuki Umezu (Japanese) and Peter New (English)

    Mileina Vashti 

Mileina is Ian and Linda's daughter. She joins the crew of the Ptolemaios II before the beginning of the second series and takes Christina's place on the bridge. Despite her young age, she is a gifted technician, learning much about engineering, GN Technology, and programming from both her parents.

Voiced by Haruka Tomatsu (Japanese) and Andrea Libman (English)

    Linda Vashti 

Ian's wife and mother to Mileina. She is the second lead engineer next to Ian. As Ian is often sent to perform field operations, She's left in charge of managing and developing new GN-technologies. She's also seen capable of fully utilizing a shuttle and the secondary bridge of Ptolemaios II, suggesting additional skills in ship piloting and use of artillery weapons.

Voiced by Risa Hayamizu (Japanese) and Jillian Michaels (English)

    Joyce B. Moreno 

The doctor on board Ptolemaios, and a longtime friend of fellow crewmate Ian Vashti from before joining Celestial Being.

Voiced by Go Shinomiya (Japanese) and Brian Drummond (English)

    Anew Returner 

Anew Returner is Revive's genetic twin who serves her group as a sleeper agent in the guise of a mechanic who Liu Mei scouted after the activation of the 00 Gundam and assisting with development of the 0 Raiser and GN Archer support vehicles. When the Ptolemaios II arrives at Celestial Being's L3 base and on Ian's suggestion, she joins the crew as the pilot and resident medic. Over time, Anew develops a romantic relationship with Gundam Meister Lyle Dylandy. After Revive is captured by the Ptolemaios II, Anew's memories are restored as she betrays Celestial Being and disables the Ptolemaios II. However her attempt to steal the 00 Gundam is thwarted and she escapes along with Revive. Anew participates in the next operation to capture the 00 Gundam and confronts Lyle during the battle. But when Lyle convinces Anew to return to him and when she does so, Ribbons controls her through quantum brain waves and she is subsequently shot down by Setsuna when she is about to kill Lyle.

Voiced by Ryōko Shiraishi (Japanese) and Lalainia Lindbjerg (English)

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