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Characters: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Misc

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    Aeolia Schenberg 

Celestial Being's founder, he lived over 200 years before the beginning of the series. He established the theoretical basis of the combined orbital elevator and photovoltaic energy system, the construction and defense of which he foresaw to employ humanoid machines not unlike mobile suits. In a long term plan to rid the world of armed conflict and ready humanity into the next phase of its evolution, he founded the private paramilitary organization Celestial Being. It is this plan that becomes the driving force for both the first and second series. His body is held in cryogenic stasis within Veda, intending to awaken when the world is rid of conflict. However, soon after this discovery near the end of the first series, Alejandro Corner kills him in order to take over the plan, however his death releases a system trap that activates the Trans-Am System and releases the full potential of the four Gundams.

Voiced by Chikao Ohtsuka (Japanese) and Michael Kopsa (English)

    Alejandro Corner 

Originally an observer for Celestial Being, it is later revealed that he has.. other plans. He and his trusty sidekick Ribbons proceeded to hack Veda and kill Aeolia Schienberg, only to activate the Gundams' Trans-Am system. Then he too goes to action in the Alvatore mobile armor and eventually fights Setsuna in the end of season one. He loses the battle, his ambition and his life and dies with the bitter truth that he was nothing but an Unwitting Pawn for Ribbons.

Voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese) and Andrew Kavadas (English)

    Wang Liu Mei 

A beautiful Chinese celebrity who became the head of her house at the tender age of 15. She works as a secret agent, leaking information to Celestial Being, but she also seems to have her own agenda. She wanted the world to change, no matter what cost. Thus behind the scenes, she interacted with... EVERYONE. Good guys, bad guys, she contacted them all. Even after the formation of The Federation, she didn't consider the world changed and continued to do her secret agent stitch. Has a Battle Butler named Hong Long, who turns out to be her elder brother.

It's unclear which side she goes into. She recently picked up the discarded Nena Trinity and made her her Ninja Maid, then she interacted with both Celestial Being AND Ribbons and the Innovators. Her goal is revealed to ascend into a greater being, one of the way is to turn herself into the Innovators in order to look down on other beings. Unfortunately, the moment she belittles Nena and starts dumping her, that's the moment she dug her own grave, as it caused Nena to eventually defect and try to kill her off... an attempt which she survived, but shortly after she came back to finish the job.

Voiced by Kei Shindou (Japanese) and Maryke Hendrikse (English)

    Hong Long 

Hong Long is a loyal servant to Wang Liu Mei and the Wang family which he belongs. While a Celestial Being agent, he has no true loyalties to the organization except to Liu Mei. Even though he's the older brother, he contently accepted the role as Liu Mei's personal assistant and body guard. He's often at Liu Mei's side and vigilant over her safety above his own.

Voiced by Kenji Takahashi (Japanese) and Samuel Vincent (English)


The quantum supercomputer that is the closest thing Celestial Being as a whole has to a leader since Schenberg's no longer around. It was built by Shenberg himself and programmed to carry out his goal of ridding the world of conflict through Celestial Being. It is the only thing that knows the full plan, and it directs the other members of Celestial Being to carry out what needs to be done. Its location is secret, even to the organization itself, who only communicate with it through special terminals. At the end of Season 1, it is captured and subverted by Ribbons Almarck, and assists him in his plans up until Tieria recaptures it at the end of Season 2.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Seems to not be the case, actually: VEDA is simply an extremely advanced computer and doesn't possess a will of its own.
  • The Chessmaster: It is essentially planning against everyone in the world who isn't in Celestial Being. It's not above using people outside the organization in its schemes as well, but its ability to do that is a lot more limited.
  • Keystone Army: All of Celestial Being's weapons are directly connected to VEDA. It can withdraw its support and shut them down at any point it chooses. The Gundam Meisters get around this by installing their own OS in their Gundams when VEDA is captured by Ribbons.
  • Magical Computer: Flawlessly photoshopping global news feeds in real time?
  • Master Computer: It has absolute control over the spaceship Celestial Being. Even when the ship is occupied by Earth Federation forces in The Movie, VEDA is doing things behind their backs while still cooperating with them.
  • Meaningful Name: "Veda" is the Hindi word for "knowledge".
  • The Omniscient: It monitors the socio-political status of the entire human race, and its plans take that information into account when it decides what Celestial Being's next move should be.
  • Powers That Be: VEDA is the only thing that knows the full scope of Aeolia's plans, so it is pretty much the de facto leader of Celestial Being. The organization can disobey its orders if they wish, but of course, it has contingencies for that...
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: VEDA is smart enough to allow for deviations from the original plan due to unforeseen circumstances. So long as Shenberg's plan is fulfilled in spirit, and the world is rid of conflict, VEDA can make adjustments as needed.

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