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Toru Furuya is one of the older seiyuus that, along with Akira Kamiya, triggered the second seiyuu boom. He is most famous for his role as the first Gundam hero Amuro Ray, and is almost as well known for voicing Pegasus Seiya in the classic Saint Seiya series. He still continues on working even now, maintaining his bishie voice... which can still be heard in Ribbons "Bad Amuro" Almark of Gundam 00. He uses the pseudonym 'Noboru Suigetsu' when working Ribbons' voice, just so the fans can differentiate him and Amuro... but really, who would be fooled?

His first role was actually as a child actor in Ultraman! Even at over 50 years old, he still has the voice of a Bishōnen. Whoa.

He was a close friend of the late Hirotaka Suzuoki.

Here he is in GPS form.

Toru Furuya's roles, IKIMAAAASU!

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