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Characters: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 AEU

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    Kati Mannequin 

A respected Colonel from the AEU known for her brilliant strategies. She is the love interest of Patrick Colasour and is constantly pursued by him. When the three world powers unite to fight the Gundams, she become friends with HRL colonel Sergei Smirnov. In the second season, She joins the A-LAWS. It is also revealed that she and Celestial Being's strategist Sumeragi Li Noriega, or better said Leesa Kujou, are past acquaintances. Near the end of the series, she left A-LAWS and fight alongside Celestial Being against the Innovators. In the end, she is promoted to Brigadier General and marries her long-time suitor Patrick.

Voiced by Minami Takayama (Japanese) and Cathy Weseluck (English)

    Patrick Colasour 

The Ace of AEU, who's prevailed in 2000 simulation battles!

... Well, okay. To make it short, this guy is the resident loser of the series, whose barks are bigger than his bite. He first appears in an exhibition of the Enact and got owned by Setsuna. Later on, he reappears to fight the Gundam again... and got blasted by Tieria without him even trying. He is known as a playboy, but when he meets his new commander Kati Mannequin (and got punched in the face for being late), he instantly fell in love for real and found a new goal in life: to win her heart. He almost defeats Tieria in the desert battle, but got beaten due to the interference of the Trinities.

Fortune does smile at him, when the Veda temporarily goes offline; he uses the chance to attack Tieria, but was covered by Lockon. Regardless, that particular attack marks Patrick's only success as he damages a Gundam, and even robs Lockon off his right eye. After much more fighting, he is blasted to smithereens, but was lucky enough to survive. Apparently, this stuck with him: being known as the man who survived a total of 7 encounters with Gundams earned him the nickname The Immortal Colasour (Colasour the Indestructible in the English Dub).

Despite his record of defeats he is not actually a bad pilot. During the desert battle he evades an Tieria's attack from near point-blank range and during the space battle using a GN-X he does a good job evading hits from Lockon.

Voiced by Kenji Hamada (Japanese) and Trevor Devall (English)

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