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  • Acceptable Targets: Men and boys. Infidelity is at times condemned as a male weakness, whereas adulteresses are treated sympathetically. Dylan and Scott Timmins beating the crap out of Boyd for cheating on their sister, and Sergeant Steiger's contemptuous dismissal of the case, (because "that family's been through enough") are staged as a moral victory. On top of this, Dylan's aim to avenge himself on a violent assailant is solemnly denounced by Sky as "stupid male pride." Teenage boys, notably bookish Zeke Kinski, are disdained as uncouth peasants for lacking the dutiful understanding to which their female peers are supposedly entitled. And then there's Steph punching Paul, shouting in Boyd's face, Yashvi punching Ben in the groin...
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: After a roof collapses on her, Jessica Wallace (the resident highschool bully) only has moments to ask her boyfriend to tell her mother that she is sorry for being a disappointment before she dies from her injuries. The kicker: He had agreed to be her boyfriend just minutes before the accident occurred.
    • Moody rich girl Serena Bishop suffered through attempted-rape, finding out her boyfriend was really her half-brother and a plane crash. She was eventually lost at sea.
    • Bridget Parker received much negative backlash from both the public and the media when she first joined the show, and many viewers called for her death. Ironically, just as fans had warmed up to her character, she was killed off in a freak car accident.
  • Ass Pull:
    • The introduction of Jill Ramsay and her children in 2009, a Retcon in which Max Ramsay (a main character from the first year of the show) and Anne Robinson (who had been dead for years before the show started) were revealed to have had an affair, conceived a child (apparently some time after Scott but before Lucy) and given said child up for adoption. Since there's no way most of the Robinson or Ramsay family members who had appeared on the show could have been in the dark about it, one has to wonder how this story didn't come up when Max found out Danny wasn't his son in 1985, when Jim met his own illegitimate son Glen in 1990, or when Julie found out in 1993 that she was the result of Anne being raped by Jim's then boss. Reportedly the purpose of this was to reintroduce the Ramsay family to Ramsay Street, and apparently none of the age-appropriate existing Ramsays (Shane, Danny, Henry, Charlene or Gemma note ) were interesting enough.
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    • The resolution to the Tanaka brothers' search for their father, who turns out to be Paul Robinson, thanks to a one-night-stand with Kim Taylor, a guest character from the first few months of the show who was the subject of its first teen pregnancy storyline (however briefly). The explanation given contradicts the onscreen events from 1985 in numerous ways, suffice to say that there was nothing whatsoever to suggest Paul had even heard of Kim before she got involved with his brother, nor that Kim was pregnant before she ran away from home, or had dated anyone before Scott. Even ignoring the contradictions, the retcon now means that Paul has possibly been guilty of statutory rape for the entire run of the show: in Kim's first episode, she was stated to be 15, and while it's possible this has been retconned as well, since Scott was seemingly aged up a year or two after his recasting, she's still stated to have been a high-schooler in Scott's year and it's pretty hard to believe Paul's claim that he didn't recognise her as such, especially given that the episode revealing all this uses flashbacks of 1985!Kim.
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    • While perhaps not as infuriating as the above examples, the explanation for Dee Bliss's return from the dead in 2019 can feel like this when compared to the original episode. Or, for that matter, when compared to the fake explanation Andrea Somers gave in 2017..
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Bouncer's dream about marrying Rosie (both being dogs).
  • Brits Love Australian Soaps: To the point where viewing figures for Neighbours in the UK often surpassed the population of Australia. In fact, this is the only Australian series (and the last imported one to date) to have topped the ratings in Britain.
  • Ethnic Scrappy: The Lim family were introduced in an attempt at subverting Monochrome Casting, but thanks to their poor acting and out-of-character racist behaviour by other residents, their six week tenure is generally seen as an embarrassment.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Paul Robinson. 'Nuff said.
    • Not to mention his evil, murderous son, Robert Robinson.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Years before he became a major star on the show, Alan Fletcher guest-starred as a mechanic called Greg Cooper, who at one point refers to his ex-girlfriend's new partner as "Karl".
    • In 2006, Stingray made a student film about a Zombie Apocalypse for a university assessment. Eight years later, he becomes a zombie.
    • Speaking of Neighbours vs Zombies, Dee Bliss shows up towards the end in the form of a Fake Shemp (credited as "Blonde Zombie", but she was wearing a wedding dress and she'd showed up at No. 30). In early 2017, Madeleine West returns as an apparently alive and well Dee. Who is then revealed to be an Identical Stranger named Andrea. And then in 2019 Dee turns out to be alive after all.
  • Ho Yay: Ringo and Declan seemed, at times, suspiciously intimate with one another. They were even assumed to be a couple when they went on a weekend away.
    • Kelly Katsis initially mistook Toadie and Dan for partners.
    • Libby and Steph had even greater levels of Les Yay. Steph at least was eventually revealed as bisexual.
  • HSQ: The season-ending cliffhangers regularly qualify: standouts include 1997 (a marriage proposal, two illicit kisses and a car crash), 2004 (a fire at the pub and the coffee shop, with, Charlie's death from emphysema with Stephanie appearing to have euthanised him, and Paul Robinson's return to the show after 11 years) and 2005 (Harold strangling Paul as revenge for indirectly causing the deaths of David, Liljana and Serena, while Stephanie discovered that her cancer had returned).
  • Idiot Plot: After Piper and Leo start a Friends with Benefits relationship, they come up with the idea of a codeword for it, settling on "playing croquet". This manages to get them exposed within a matter of hours, due to Piper mentioning croquet with pretty much no provocation (apparently not expecting Imogen to hear her) and Leo telling Chloe about his relationship in way too much detail, who in turn brings it up with her friends in the same level of detail, while Imogen is in earshot.
  • Informed Wrongness: In an 80s storyline, Jane had been away for a while, so Paul and Gail hired a temp to cover for her. Paul was so impressed with the young man that he offered him a permanent job as his personal secretary, while Jane became Gail's on her return. Jane tactlessly tried to pull rank on the young man who argued, not unreasonably, that if anything, Paul's secretary would outrank Gail's. Jane proceeded to demand Paul fire him, giving him a "him or me" ultimatum. Apparently, Paul was wrong to say it would have to be Jane who went, even though she had demanded he fire a perfectly good secretary simply because she didn't get on with him, and even that was largely her fault. Paul ended up begging her to come back.
    • One 2008 storyline had Zeke accidentally walking in on Bridget taking a shower and seeing her naked. It's a complete accident and Zeke is mortified, yet it is treated as a betrayal of his friendship with Bridget and his boyfriend Declan and he is forced to stand naked in the school corridor so everyone can see him as "punishment". (See Acceptable Targets.)
  • Jerkass Woobie: Rhys Lawson. Despite the despicable things he did to get into the hospital's surgery program (namely, dating Erin just he could sabotage her and get her kicked out), it's hard not to feel sorry for him once he loses his dream due to a hand injury that he gained while saving someone's life after a car crash.
  • Moral Event Horizon: After over a decade of being an Amoral Attorney, Tim Collins crossed this when he agreed to sabotage his own defense of Mason Turner on Paul's orders, not caring about the result as long as he got paid.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Fox from Paul's brain tumour arc.
    • Also, Robert Robinson. The man has been responsible for the direct or indirect deaths/murders, attempted murders or otherwise ruin of several people, including his own father, his brother and sister, and his one-time girlfriend. To say the man is a Sociopath would be an apt title for him.
      • He's even worse in his 2019 return. He's spent over a decade in a supermax facility (implying that in-universe, he's one of Australia's most dangerous criminals) and when visited by David he just stares unnervingly and moves unnaturally slowly. When Paul shows up, the sheer Tranquil Fury expressed on Robert's face is truly terrifying.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: The Kennedys went from being the perfect family with the perfect life, to a more believable and well-rounded bunch of characters.
  • The Scrappy: As summarised here, Jo Hartman, Lisa Elliot, Eddie Buckingham, Nick and Caitlin Atkins, Lauren Carpenter (arguably Rescued in her 2013 return under a new actress, at least until she broke up a marriage and was rewarded with a happy ending), the Lim family, Katya Kinski, and to a lesser extent the Hancock and Parker families (Stuart and Ned excepted).
    • Kyle fell into this category around the time he moved into the street, seen by fans as annoying, dumb, pointless and adding nothing to the show whatsoever. His relationship with Jade did quite a bit to rescue him, however.
  • Seasonal Rot: 1995 has been described as one of the most boring and uneventful years of the show's history, mostly due to a number of failed comedy storylines.
    • 2002 is similarly unpopular, mostly due a prolonged storyline about Susan losing thirty years of memory after slipping on spilt milk.
    • The 2008 season is fairly unpopular as well, due to a combination of unlikable guest stars, increasingly unlikable regulars, and popular guest stars who never got the chance to become regulars. The introduction of Lucas Fitzgerald and Donna Freedman (Margot Robbie) are seen as bright spots, though.
  • Super Couple: Scott and Charlene.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Cody Willis calling Jo Hartman, "vacuous, inane and a waste of space" may have been intended as such.
  • Wangst: Zeke, for a while. Libby since her 2007 return.
  • The Woobie: Tash, she finds out her mother died because her dad was with another woman, the aunt she'd spent the last couple of months getting to know, then her dad leaves the country with the aunt leaving her to have to get a job to pay rent, then he sells the house, and she has to move in with a friend, who gets on her case for simple stuff like leaving dishes out.

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