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This page lists examples of Wham Episodes in Tokusatsu shows, like Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and the Ultra Series.

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    Kamen Rider 

  • Kamen Rider Agito has an episode that reveals that the powers of the eponymous character are in fact a gift gained from God (well, sort off). Also, there is the reveal that the equivalent of Satan created humanity, but his counterpart gave humanity the Seed of Agito, so that one day humanity may break free from "Satan's" rule.
  • Kamen Rider Blade has the sudden appearance of Kamen Rider Leangle. He pummels The Hero and the Anti-hero with relative ease. Later there is the big reveal that one of the anti-hero is in fact a being that can cause the end of the world as we know it.
  • Kamen Rider Decade has a Wham ending arc. Tsukasa, the eponymous character, spend an entire series on a mission to prevent the multiverse from collapsing. He does so by helping the Riders of other dimensions, thinking its the right thing to do, only to see his new friends killing each other on the battlefield. To add more injury to the insult, Kurenai Wataru, the one who send him on his mission, reveals that he had to kill all the riders instead of helping them, so as a punishment, Tsukasa would get killed. The final episode ends with him getting shot at point-blank range and a trailer for a new sequel movie
  • Kamen Rider Gaim:
    • As early as episode 14, we learn that the Monster of the Week tropes are heavily deconstructed. Every monster that has been killed may have likely been a human that ate the fruit from the Helheim Forest. That's right, the Kamen Riders in this show have been killing humans.
    • Episode 20 reveals that the Eldritch Location has already overrun a civilization and turned all living creatures into MOTW, and Earth will be taken over in ten years. Subsequent episodes reveal that, in order to make things easier, the Mega-Corp is willing to completely destroy the City of Adventure and kill 6 billion people to make things easier for the 1 billion able to survive in the Eldritch Location.


    Power Rangers 

  • Season 5, Power Rangers Turbo, got rid of everyone in the Competence Zone (almost to the point of a Retool) just before the halfway mark, replacing them with a kid genius Cousin Oliver and a new Alpha robot who said "Yo, yo, yo!" instead of "Ay-yi-yi-yi!" so they needed a Wham Episode for the season finale. Part one of "Chase Into Space" ends with Zordon in trouble, the Zords destroyed, and the Big Bad launching an assault on the Power Chamber. Part two ends Zordon captured, The Power Chamber destroyed and the big Bad crowing in triumph... until The Man Behind the Man's messenger requests her company. The Cousin Oliver talks NASA -- er, NASADA into loaning the Rangers a space shuttle and choosing to stay on Earth with his wayward father while the others... well, the title is pretty self-explanatory. To drive the point home even further, the credits run next to a still shot of the Rangers' shuttle, rather than the then-usual outtakes reel. While it was followed by fan favorite Power Rangers in Space, which verges on a Wham Season, Turbo remains the only season in the franchise after the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (when the seasons ended on cliffhangers) where the villain wins in the end.
  • Part of the reason later seasons would end with the good guys winning is because " Space" would bring the continuous storyline of the first six seasons to a close, with later seasons adopting the new-cast-and-story-every-season formula of the Super Sentai series upon which they are based, with later seasons having only minimal connection to the original six-season continuous plot.
  • Then we have Power Rangers RPM, a wham season. The premise kills off 99.9% of humanity (including anyone from previous seasons not dead of old age and all of their descendants). There are not-so-subtle hints throughout that the entire planet has been nuked (as in with actual nuclear weapons). One of (if not the first) episodes involves a prison brawl. We see people actually die onscreen with alarming regularity (although they don't use the word). And so on. Describe the plot to anyone for the first time and they generally refuse to believe you.
    • Lessened in the RPM-Samurai crossover, where RPM is stated to take place in a completely different dimension.
  • "The Mutiny" from Mighty Morphin season 2 was a Wham Episode aired in prime time. Synopsis: Rita's boss, Lord Zedd has come do what she didn't and take out Rangers once and for all. The Dinozords are frozen. The Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzords are under his control. The monsters are stronger. And even if it did end with eventual triumph, we learn that resurrected Green Ranger power will never be viable again leading us to "Green No More" with the Dragonzord coin's eventual end.
  • Others include "The Ninja Encounter" (Rocky, Adam, and Aisha's introduction which ends with the first identity reveal in PR history), "The Power Transfer" (The aforementioned three replace Jason, Zack, and Trini), "Ninja Quest" which shocked fans with the sight of the Zords blowing up and falling to pieces, and "Hog Day Afternoon" (which setup Zeo and had Billy's retirement by blowing up the Command Center).
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. "The Power of Pink." After a kickass teamup with the Space Rangers in the previous episode, Psycho Pink manages to do what no other villain before or after her could ever do, and kill one of the Rangers.

    Super Sentai 

  • Mahou Sentai Magiranger: Episode 33 reveals that Wolzard is actually the Magirangers' brainwashed father. This is followed by 34, which sees him do a full Heel–Face Turn, followed by a Heroic Sacrifice against the recently unsealed N. Ma. Just before he charges into battle, he also reveals that Rangers' mother is still alive.
  • The Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episode "The Greatest Treasure In The Universe" has the team finally obtaining the treasure, only to learn everything is not hunky-dorey: It has the power to erase the Zangyack Empire from existence, but in return it would remove the 34 Super Sentai teams from existence as well.
  • Episode 30 from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters shows the Big Bad Messiah being destroyed. Unfortunately, the Busters' parents, whom they spend the entire series trying to save, were completely assimilated by Messiah, meaning they also had to die.
  • Episode 16 of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger when Champ saves Stinger from certain death at his brother Scorpio's hands, only to get blown to bits.

    Ultra Series 

  • Ultraman: Low-stakes example compared to most others, but Part 1 of the two-part episode "The Monster Prince" shocked viewers across Japan in 1967 because it was the first time that Ultraman was defeated by a monster ever.
  • Return of Ultraman: Episode 37 when Ken and Aki Sakata are Killed Off for Real by the alien Nackle — the first of a very rare instance in the franchise
  • Ultraman Leo takes what Return of Ultraman did Up to Eleven by killing off ever single character except Gen and Tohru in the first seven minutes of Episode 40.
  • Ultraman Nexus kills off Nexus' human host Jun Himeya about two-thirds of the way into the show — the only time it has ever happened in Ultra Series history. But as Jun says to Komon before leaving:
    "The Light is a bond someone will inherit, and it will shine again"
  • Ultraman Mebius: The two-part episode "Day of Farewell" and "Flames of Promise", in which Mirai/Mebius is given orders from M78 to leave Earth due to the upcoming arrival of a dire threat. Mebius doesn't obey them and ends up facing the immensely powerful Humongous Mecha Imperiser. And soon things get so bad that Mirai, for the first time ever in franchise history, reveals his Secret Identity to his friends some good twenty episodes before the finale when it usually happens.


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