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The second Marvel game will take elements from Age of Ultron (comic and film)
It'll likely come out around the same time as the movie, but the comic plot may have a plot that works similar in the kind of game like this. They can take advantage of the elements from both that work best, and also cash in on the biggest craze for that game. Plus they never had Ultron in the first game — maybe they were saving him for this very reason.

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be playable in the second Marvel game
In order to further tie in to the MCU.

"LEGO Avengers" is a canon prequel to "LEGO Marvel"
The first Marvel game takes a lot of influence from the MCU, implying that a Lighter and Softer LEGO-fied version of such events happened in the past. The Avengers game will tell how the group first formed and became the team we see in LEGO Marvel.

An idea for a "LEGO Marvel's Avengers 2"
I've decided to come up with an idea for a potential sequel to "LEGO Marvel's Avengers". The game would feature not only Main Scenarios based off the remaining Phase Two and many of the Phase Three movies, but also Side Scenarios based off of random episodes from the television series's helmed by ABC and Netflix, as well as two extra Side Scenarios based off two different disconnected Marvel tales.

In addition, the DLC for this would include both Main Scenarios based off of the Phase One movies that weren't a part of the first game, and Side Scenarios based off of the television series's helmed by ABC, Netflix, Freeform, and Hulu.

If you left Hulk as Bruce Banner before triggering Iron Man's flight into the portal with the nuke...
The reason he's the Hulk again when he crashes in during the end cutscene is he changed at the sight of his friend falling to his potential death.