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New entries go at the bottom of the page. And obviously, expect spoilers for all previous The Incredibles material.

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    Pre-release predictions 
The movie will focus directly on the Underminer and unlocking Jack-Jack's powers, perhaps going the story of the game (The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer 2005)
  • Jossed. Everything revealed suggests a new story that ignores the previous tie-in material.
  • The Underminer does feature in the film's opening act, but he escapes and disappears from the movie altogether except for a mention at the very end of the closing credits.

Evelyn Deavor will turn out to be the Big Bad of the movie
Her name is "Evil Endeavor", after all.
  • Confirmed.
  • I think her husband is a genuine supporter of heroes, while Evelyn betrays him to profit from supers (much like Syndrome) or because she hates supers (as her husband is steering her company toward an unwanted direction).
    • Certainly possible, though Winston and Evelyn are siblings, not a couple.
    • My mistake, then. It'd be interesting to see some kind of sibling feud play into the story.
  • Also, she "has never met a problem she couldn't solve". It's easy to believe she sees superheroes as one.
    • Her specific plan involves mind control which was used on Frozone to get him to reach out to Helen so she could be controlled herself. This control will be broken somehow by Jack-Jack during the scene where Frozone is freaking out over Jack-Jack's wild powers and after Bob's attempts to warn Helen get brushed off as jealousy, Bob, Frozone and the kids go to save her and the other heroes under Evelyn's control.

Evelyn Deavor will be the Big accident.
Basically she has found and is secretly tinkering with some kind of program or gadget she discovered that was created by Syndrome as a back up for if his plan in the original movie went south. It will eventually rebel against Evelyn because it's DNA-locked to Syndrome and proceed to go on a rampage.
  • Jossed. Evelyn is truly the villain.

The Ambassador is Italian
Isabella Rossellini, the actress voicing the Ambassador, is Italian. It just makes sense.
  • The character may very well be Italian, but her nationality is never directly mentioned in the movie.

The Deavors won't just hire Helen
They will also hire Voyd, as well as an Italian Super introduced to them by the Ambassador.
  • Confirmed. Voyd isn't actually hired, but she does appear at a superhero meet-and-greet for Elastigirl, with various other superheroes of different nationalities. They are then mind-controlled to disrupt the signing of a treaty to re-legalize superheroes.

Kari will get a Big Damn Heroes moment for Bob.
She's had a little experience dealing with Jack-Jack, and will teach him the ways of surviving his time as a Badly Battered Babysitter.
  • There's just one problem: Didn't Rick Dicker erase her memories of her time with Jack-Jack?
  • Plus, it seems like the Parrs have moved away from their old neighborhood. If it's far away, then it would be hard to naturally encounter Kari again.
  • Jossed. Kari does not appear in the movie at all.

We will finally see Frozone's wife
I mean, she's an Ensemble Dark Horse! It's a shame if we don't see her full appearance!
  • Kinda jossed. Brad Bird stated they created a design for her, but decided she's funnier as voice only, so they repurposed the design intended to be her, so she will appear, but not as Honey.
  • Official art of her does exist so we now know what she looks like, but sadly she doesn't physically appear in the film.

Jack-Jack's powers will stabilize by the end of the movie, with him only keeping two of his abilities
In a meaningful combination of course, like him keeping the abilities to turn into his demon-like form and to set himself on fire without harm (which means he'll grow up to a hero who like a flame throwing devil-like monster) or his abilities to phase through walls and turn into a metallic form (which together is kind of like The Vision's density manipulation).
  • Jossed. There's no sign of any power stabilization or disappearance by the end of the movie, though Edna Mode does state that it's common for superhero children to have "extra" powers in childhood that they don't keep into adulthood.

President Kennedy will appear.
It's set in 1962 ( ) and the possible legalization of super activity is a plot point.
  • Jossed. No real-life politicians appear.

Syndrome will return ala Hijacked by Ganon.
  • He was literally dragged into a jet engine by his cape, with said jet then exploding. It's pretty clear that Syndrome isn't gonna be returning any time soon.
  • Jossed. Eveleyn is the villain of the movie.

The Bumbling Dad subplot is more or less a red herring to show good trailer scenes without actually spoiling the main plot.
Likely entirely contained in the first part of the movie, and dropped after the main plot reveals itself.
  • Jossed. The Bumbling Dad plot is effectively the "B" plot of the entire movie, carrying through up to just before the movie's last act.

Helen will defeat the Underminer.
Since the kids are not allowed to help and Bob obviously gets trapped early, it will leave her to save the day. Hence the discussions on bringing supers back, the sudden popularity of Elastigirl, and probably the starting point of Bob's growing depression (look at him at the Edna scene of the trailer).
  • Jossed. No one "defeats" the Underminer; he gets away (though Helen did have the idea that stopped the mole machine before it could destroy City Hall). Elastigirl's popularity is not directly connected to the incident.

The Super Registration Act will be repealed by the end.
  • Confirmed.

Dash's original voice actor Spencer Fox will have a cameo.
Just like how Nemo's original voice actor Alexander Gould got a cameo in Finding Dory.
  • Jossed. There's no entry for Fox in the IMDB credits list, and he apparently hasn't acted in several years.

The Screenslaver is actually Winston Deavor.
The mask's facial structure is very similar to that of Winston. And Winston's plans to bring superheroes back into the spotlight seems Too Good to Be True, doesn't it? Have their popularity be raised, and then transmit a hypnotism video on all TVs to get them to turn them against society.
  • Then there's the fact that Deavor is in telecommunications, and the Screenslaver apparently uses TV to mind control people...
    • Jossed. It's his sister, Evelyn.

The Parrs' new home, given to them by Winston, will be attacked later in the story.
There is a shot in the second trailer where Violet uses her force powers to shield her family from an explosion. And the setting they're in looks very similar to that.
  • Confirmed.

The Screenslaver will actually have superpowers.
Syndrome was a tech-based villain, so it would make sense for Screenslaver to be a Contrasting Sequel Antagonist in that respect. Given that all of the supervillains seen in the first film were tech-based, it indicates that actual supers tend to be good people. However, being forced into retirement for fifteen years took its toll on Bob, and it's not impossible to imagine that another super might have cracked.
  • Jossed. Evelyn Deavor, the puppetmaster behind the Screenslaver, is also a non-powered, tech-based villain.

We'll meet some kind of superhero resistance group lead by Voyd.
They are those people in the background of the poster (like the one with the huge arms or the winged one). They will eventually help the Parrs defeat the Screenslaver.
  • Semi-jossed. We do meet a bunch of heroes, but they're not a "resistance group." They're a bunch of individual heroes gathered by the Deavors, who subsequently become the Screenslaver's mind-controlled pawns.

The first person to be unmasked as Screenslaver isn't the real one.
Screenslaver is implied to be have brainwashing powers, so it makes sense the first guy underneath the mask might be a brainwashed victim being used as a Body Double.
  • Confirmed.

What will be done with Mirage?
Since Elizabeth Peña is no longer with us, Disney and Pixar will have to figure out a way to replace her as the voice of Mirage. They may have to recast the role, like they did with Slinky Dog in Toy Story 3. If not, they might end up killing her off.
  • Jossed. She simply doesn't appear in the movie.

Screenslaver's identity will not be an already established "good" character; he'll just be some guy we've never heard of, except for maybe an Info Dump on them sometime during the film.
Because let's face it, Disney has been beating this trope into the ground.
  • Semi-jossed. While the patsy Helen captures is indeed a Stranger Behind the Mask, the true mastermind is an established character.

The raccoon will become an Ensemble Dark Horse
There is a raccoon consistently shown in the posters and other marketing, even getting a Funko toy made of it. Even if it only shows up sparsely, it will be present enough to make some kind of impact.
  • This...does seem to be happening, actually. At least, a number of reviews call this out as the best fight in the movie.

Screenslaver is Xerek
He's the same comic villain with a different schtick and costume.
  • Completely jossed, the comics are utterly ignored and Evelyn is the Screenslaver.

Violet will act like a Drama Queen a portion of the film.
Likely due to accidentally unmasking herself in front of her love interest.
  • This does happen, but it's not directly due to that incident. It's due to Rick Dicker erasing Tony's memories of her completely, rather than just the unmasking incident.

    Post-release (spoilers) 
The secretive billionaire who Winston bought the Parrs' new house from is/was...
...Syndrome. Winston may have scooped it up when the government moved against Syndrome's assets. It is said to have a lot of secret entrances and exits.
  • Alternatively, its...Bruce Wayne! Yup, maybe Batman existed in this universe during the Golden Age of Supers.
  • That Winston bought it so fast explains why he doesn't contradict Violet when she says Evelyn will pull a Screw the Rules, I Have Money! to have an easier time behind bars.

When Jack-Jack grows up, He will become the new Mr. Incredible.
It's self explanitory, but Bob will have had to retire by the time Jack-Jack's old enough to be a super hero. And with all of his powers, what else would anyone call him but incredible?
  • At some point, he'll want to be called "Incredi-boy".

The DVD release will feature a bonus short, much like "Jack-Jack Attack", covering the night Edna Mode spends babysitting Jack-Jack.
It'll involve Edna studying Jack-Jack's many, many powers, suffering some Amusing Injuries in the process, but gradually growing fond of the boy.
  • Confirmed. Auntie Edna is on the Blu-Ray/DVD, along with that short about the Asian lady and the sentient dumpling.

The raccoon is going to come back.
The movie is just the pre-origin story. The poor procyon will soon run afoul of radioactive ooze/unscrupulous scientists/alien technology and find themselves... transformed.Years later, Jack Parr, elementary school student, will again confront his archnemesis: The Ringtail Rogue!

The raccoon is a super animal with enhanced physical capabilities and intelligence
How else was it able to fight on par with Jack-Jack, and be clever/resourceful enough to use the ashes from the barbecue to put out the fire on Jack-Jack?

Incredibles 2 is an allegory for gun control.
The villian opposes legalization of Supers because Supers failed to protect her parents from a bad guy with a gun, but this is presented to the public as Supers failing to prevent instances of mass violence or terrorism and reckless Supers endangering lives. Substitute “gun” for “Super” and you have a decent summary of the current American political discourse.
  • Supers are people, not mere weapons. This is hardly a fair comparison.
    • This analogy would be better if it is referring to their powers, rather then the Supers wielding said powers.

Incredibles 3 will feature a new superhero: Edna!
Because why not? If she saves the day with her tech, it means it really wasn't just for lack of powers Buddy Pine wasn't accepted as Mr. Incredible's sidekick.

Someone else will take on the mantle of Screenslaver in the future
Screensaver will be a legacy villain.

All of the true super villains were killed by the US government
Sometime before the first movie, they eliminated all of the super power villains. The villains we see so far are "badass normals". The government doesn't consider them as a serious threat since they are non-power humans the cops and fbi could take down.
  • Or super powerful villains don't exist at all. The government created the super heroes. They did background checks on them before giving them powers, so there are no evil supers.

Winston will struggle to keep the family business from bankruptcy.
Not only he'll need someone to replace Evelyn as the company's inventive genius but he and his talent as the company's face will struggle to separate it from her crimes. Similar to the challenge Asami Sato faced in Legend of Korra.

There'll be a short featuring Winston and/or Agent Dicker interviewing Evelyn.

Winston's father wasn't calling the supers to save him... he was calling them to save THEM
We know the original opening for The Incredibles was Syndrome (as a minor villain) hunting down the retired heroes and killing them once they went into hiding; in fact the entire scene mirrors that deleted opening, with a 'burglar' breaking into a house to steal from it and the husband going out to confront him only to be attacked. No one knows what happened with Winston's father when he ran downstairs, only the he insisted getting to the phones and was shot dead. And Winston's father was well known to the public as a Superhero Supporter. Perhaps the criminals were Cape Hunters and Winston's father knew it and rushed to call his friends and warn them to run. While it cost him his life it might have meant the supers were able to hide... and because they disappeared no one could tell Winston and Evelyn the truth. It would even fit with the ending, where Winston also chooses not to go the safe path but to risk himself to save the supers.

Evelyn killed the burglars who shot her father.
Sometime before the second movie, Evelyn tracked down her dad's murderers. She is an intelligent genius, so it's possible she found out their identities and killed them in their homes.

The "burglars" were really hit-men.
Some super villain (or possibly a regular man who hate supers) didn't like the idea of Mr. Deavor being friends with the super heroes, so he hired two hit-men to have him killed. They steal a few things to make it look like a robbery.
  • Perhaps it was the film version of a villain from the non-canon comic book series.

Evelyn is taking the fall for Winston.
How to make the public love super heroes again? Simple, you create an imaginary super villain, and have your super hero foil his plans in front of witnesses. Winston was the man behind Screenslaver. He love super heroes so much that he's willing to endanger people's lives just to make them legal again. Evelyn was worried Helen will figure out Winston is the man behind the curtain, so she panicked and out herself as the big bad. Evelyn knows she will only get a slap on the wrist, so why not take the fall for him and save his reputation?

The Underminer is an actor hired by Winston.
He's an actor in a costume. Winston was trying to make the Parr family look good in front of the public. Unfortunately, the plan failed.

The Underminer was hired by Evelyn.
Because of the Omnidroid, it became likely Supers would become legal again, she hired underminer and relied upon Mr. Incredible still being the same Destructive Savior he was back when Supers became illegal in the first place. Unfortunately for her, her brother was around and took upon the chance to talk to Frozone.

Insuricare covers several of the buildings destroyed by Underminer's attack.
Gilbert Huph will have a non-lethal heart attack and say it's Bob's fault.

The Underminer will be the main villain of the third movie.
He planned to use the stolen money for a big scheme but he barely got more than what he spend to make his equipment.

Gazerbeam and Fironic located and captured the burglars.
However, since Supers were illegal by then, Winston and Evelyn never found out there were Supers involved.

Edna is a super, and her power is vision.
This not only allows her to make costumes with amazing detail, but also what allows her to watch after Jack-Jack so easily.

Frozone's wife is a retired super.
She resents her life as a super hero, and wants her husband to retire as well.

Screenslaver's supervillain inspiration
Since everyone likes to joke that the Incredibles are the best Fantastic Four movies ever made, let's extend it out. Screenslaver is actually a combination villain, drawing on some bits of the sister company. The base component is The Mad Thinker: a highly intelligent person who is undone by the smallest details. But the motivation is closer to something Lex Luthor would have: saying that we don't want humanity to be "dependent" on supers.

Rise of the Underminer takes place after this movie in a Broad Strokes fashion.
Maybe the Underminer's petty bank robbery has expanded to full-blown megalomania, leading Mr. Incredible and Frozone to stop him once and for all.

If there is an Incredibles 3, the villains would be a Legion of Doom
Now that the supers are no longer in hiding and are welcomed by the public, supervillains are going to have a tough time doing their crimes due to heroes foiling their plans and sending them to jail. Thus, a huge villain team would be needed if they wanted to survive, and/or also pose a challenge to the supers who are out of hiding.

Voyd is attracted to other women
She does seem to be very flattered to the point of stammering around Helen.

Incredibles 3 may address the origin of superpowers in the world
In an interview with Cinema Blend, Brad Bird was asked how the family acquired superpowers, to which he replied: "I don't know. You may have just created Incredibles 3. I mean, it doesn't really matter to me, you know. The sort of 'classic Marvel thing,' somebody spills a test tube or something and then somebody's got a superpower. I don't know. I think that in my mind, it's a little more natural than that. If we have a baby with superpowers, that means they can be born, I guess. So, it's probably not the toxic spill thing. Although, I wouldn't say that every superhero in this universe is naturally created. Maybe there are some toxic spills in there. I don't know. Hopefully I won't ever have to explain it." However, Incredibles 3 will still for the most part focus on the family so this may not even be completely addressed.

They will be 6 more Incredible movies
Our heroes will get to be the main lead in each sequel.(Fill three to add your own ideas.)

Incredibles 3:Frozone

Incredibles 4:Honey

Incredibles 5:Edna

Incredibles 6:Violet

Incredibles 7:Dash

Incredibles 8:Jack-Jack

Mr. Deavor's killers were hired by a business rival.
With the supers out of the way, some Corrupt Corporate Executive figured out it'd be the best opportunity. Like most people back then, he thought Winston and Evelyn wouldn't be able to run Devtech and would instead sell it.

Evelyn and Syndrome had a history together.
Her talk about not wanting people to rely on supers matches Syndrome's final goal. Had he sold his tech to make everyone a super, everyone would try to defend themselves instead of relying on others.

The entire first movie was actually an In-Universe re-enactment
I base this theory on a couple of factors:
  • Some minor discrepancies between the end of the first movie and the start of this one: specifically, Mrs. Incredible had Jack-Jack in a carrier on her back at the end of that movie, but in this one Violet was pushing a stroller. Also, the Underminer had just finished his speech when the Incredibles were changing into their tights there, but here he was still giving his speech when Tony Rydinger saw them already in full costume and heard them plotting their next course of action.
  • If you look closely at some of the documents in Bob Parr's office and his newspaper when he's reading about Gazerbeam having gone missing, not all of the phrases on them are legitimate; other than the first and last few paragraphs in that newspaper article, for instance, most of the rest is "peas and carrots" filler taken from some kind of parody document supposedly describing Insuricare's company policies. In other words these documents are, on closer examination, mere props.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and their family friends stated as much in promotional interviews.
In short, that whole first movie was actually a Show Within a Show, and this second movie is the show within which that show was made.

The "in-universe" reason for Jack-Jack's constant power-shifting is...
To get his body adjusted/used to all the powers that he might need/use in the future, as babies are full of potential.

Incredibles 3 will concern the sustaining of super legalization
With the Underminer resurfacing after the Parrs took on the Omnidroid, it stands to reason that other villains may start coming out of the woodwork to challenge their old foes again, resulting in civilian casualties and destruction not seen since before the Relocation Act. The question may therefore become: “Do we need to put the supers back into hiding to protect the populace from villains?”

Void is Universal Man’s daughter
Universal Man, according to the DVD files on the supers from the first movie, was able to create miniature black holes as his super power. He also had a lot of girlfriends and refused to go by any other name than Universal Man. That would make it easy for him to knock up one of his groupies and disappear from her life. Void’s powers are very similar to his, and the fact that someone as young as her would fangirl over supers she wouldn’t even remember means her mom likely told her all about them. It would also be incredibly tragic if true, because Universal Man was Syndrome’s first victim, so Void would’ve been very young when he was killed.

the villain of the next movie will be a time traveling Jack Jack.
Jack Jack is already the strongest family member. Imagine how scary he'd be as a villain; fully grown and in control of his powers. Exactly what causes him to turn evil is unknown. Maybe Bob just stopped giving him cookies.

The main villain of the next movie will be a resurrected Gamma Jack.

The 3rd movie will be about directly confronting the people who banned Supers: The politicians.
Based off on a theory in the WMG section that says the supervillains all became politicians to ban the Supers.

The 3rd movie will involve Frozone being mistaken for a supervillain.
Because in the first movie, a cop was found frozen in a bank robbery. The only person who could've likely done that would be Frozone.

The Incredibles is a pre-war comic book in the Fallout universe
A retro styled setting with modern or modern-esque technology? Check. Sugar Bombs? Check. The Fallout franchise, particularly the ones made by Bethesda have had a few sidequests dedicated to the setting’s pre-war superhero icons, such as the Silver Shroud, Grognak the Barbarian, the Mechanist, Ant-Agonizer, etc. The Incredibles would fit right in as an in-universe series made by a rival company to Hubris Comics, not unlikeMarvel Comics vs DC Comics in our own universe.

Evelyn was groomed to be a villain by her parents.
Because who in their sane mind would name their daughter like this? Similarly, Winston was named to kick in nominal determinism as the heir to the company.


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