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Movie (Warning! Unmarked spoilers ahead!)
  • While helping the ambassador in the helicopter chase scene, Helen asks her, and three of the passengers, if they can swim. The three passengers say "Yes, we can swim" in their own way, while the ambassador cannot. She pushes those passengers and not her out of the helicopter and into the water, saving the woman the embarrassment of trying to swim and drowning. Just before the helicopter crashes, Helen then makes herself into a parachute to land the ambassador safely on the street.
    • Even before that, the Ambassador is shown to adore Supers and be in full support of them.
  • A small moment, but Violet thinking it was cool "fighting crime as a family" is really sweet and shows her character development from her mindset from the previous movie.
  • After hearing that the Hero relocation agency will be closed down and Dicker will be out of a job because of that, Bob and Helen are saddened to hear this, showing that despite his glum personality, they do care about Dicker. He wishes he could do more to help, but it's Helen who says Dicker's already done so much for them.
    • There's something nice about later seeing Dicker clear out his office in a Hawaiian shirt (complete with a Tiki-shaped drinking glass and small pink tropical umbrella sticking out of it) because of what it implies: that he can afford himself a retirement some place nice.
  • Small one at the beginning of the film; while Dicker is interrogating Tony, the latter mentions he had no problems with Violet being a Super, just that the revelation surprised him (the reason he ran away). It's obvious that, had his memories not been erased, the first thing he would have done would have been to apologize to Violet.
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  • It's very nice to hear that after the Parrs lost so much, Lucius offered to let their family of 5 stay with him and Honey.
  • Winston's child-like admiration of supers borders on this. As opposed to the Corrupt Corporate Executive stereotype, Winston's a genuinely Nice Guy who sees that the world was meant to have Superheroes. Everything about his operation is legit, as verified by Forzone; no ulterior motives. Sure his head may be in marketing, but his heart is in the right place.
    • Also, Winston is notably like a good counterpart to Syndrome: both may be fans of supers, but whereas the latter fell out of love with supers when Mr. Incredible turned him down, Winston seems to unconditionally worship supers well into his adult years.
    • One might say he takes after his late father. During the golden age of supers, it was Deavor Sr. who not only welcomed supers with open arms, but created their own communication lines so they could be summoned when needs be. The way Winston speaks highly of him, you can tell this was a man generous beyond words.
    • What really sells it is during the climax, he forsakes his own safety with escaping with his sister so he can save the hypnotized ambassadors and supers, therefore becoming a hero in his own right.
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    • Also, unlike his sister, he never blamed the supers for their father's death.
  • Bob tucking Jack-Jack and Dash in bed counts as a very quiet moment.
  • Bob's euphoria over Jack-Jack having powers is sweet to watch. Even if it is humorously contrasted by the implication that the powers will make the latter all the more of a handful.
  • The trailers at least show that Bob, while disappointed that he isn't the one selected for the mission, is supportive of Helen and understands that if she succeeds, it will mean great things for all supers, and that she needs to know he can handle the house and kids.
    Bob: I need to succeed! So she can succeed! So we allllll can succeed!
    • The second trailer shows that Bob has his head on straight; he points out that unless Helen can somehow get supers legalized again, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack will have to hide their powers for the rest of their lives. Bob will do whatever it takes for Helen to succeed.
      Helen: You know it's crazy, right? To help my family, I gotta leave it! To fix the law, I gotta break it!
      Bob: You've got to, so our kids can have that choice.
  • Jack-Jack is watching a movie about a bank-robber and compares the burglar to that of a raccoon just outside in the backyard. He then angrily babbles at it before chasing it away with his powers. Not only is his indignant squealing kind of cute, but it shows that even as a baby he has a sense of justice that will make him a great hero when he grows up.
  • Helen’s sheer euphoria when describing how her first mission went to Bob. In the previous movie, she was perfectly content with being a housewife, unlike Bob who missed his glory days. However, when calling Bob, she exhibits a great amount of childish glee and shows that she shares her husband’s enthusiasm for saving lives and helping people simply because it’s the right thing to do. Seeing Helen so happy about being a Super again is a nice sight compared to her previous moments where she didn’t miss it.
  • Dash not only saving an old woman from being crushed by falling debris, but even taking a moment to help her adjust her glasses is very sweet. He may be a showboat, but there's no doubt he was raised right.
    • She even thanks him and he gives a little "just wanted to help" smile.
  • Edna cares so much for her superhero friends that she wants to exclusively design their suits - they'll be safe if she does.
    • She even ends up bonding with Jack-Jack when Bob has her babysit the tyke at one point.
      Bob: How much do I owe —?
      Edna: Oh, pish-posh, dahling. Your bill will be covered by my fee for being Mr. Incredible, Elasti-Girl and Frozone's exclusive designer, throughout the known universe and until the end of time. But babysitting this one? I do for free, dahling.
    • And even before she gets comfortable with the kid, she refers to properly done parenting as a "heroic endeavor"; me thinks Brad Bird enjoyed throwing in a reference to the first movie's deleted opening where Helen defended motherhood.
    • Also, the thing that gets Edna to warm up to Jack-Jack after spending a good deal of time trying to keep her distance from him? Him using his powers to imitate her haircut. After that she displays an almost grandmotherly glee at observing his powers in action and starts to bond with him.
    • Edna boops Jack-Jack's nose as she puts him back into the car after babysitting him. Jack-Jack seems to like it.
      • Really, the scene where Jack-Jack and Edna are walking similarly is cute, seeing and just how well they get along.
  • Jack-Jack recognizes Helen when he watches the interview of her as Elastigirl from the beginning of the first movie.
    Jack-Jack: Mama!
  • Bob making an effort to understand the "new math" so that he can help Dash and learn to be a better father.
  • Even though Evelyn Deavor turns out to be the movie's main villain, it's sweet to see that Winston and Evelyn really do genuinely love each other. Evelyn shows this by taking him to escape with her when her plan falls down, and Winston shows remorse when she gets arrested in the end and thanks Helen for saving her.
  • After finding out Dicker accidentally erased all memory Tony had of Violet, Bob tries to make up for it by taking Violet and her brothers to the restaurant Tony works at so she can get a second chance with him. Unfortunately it doesn't work, both because Violet accidentally snorts water through her nose and because Bob and Dash come on a little too strong in trying to re-introduce Violet.
    • And even then, it's still nice to see that first-hand, Dash takes a friendly shine to Tony, as opposed to the earlier film where he teased his sister about her crush.
  • A completely worn out Bob Parr has a moment with Violet, apologizing to her for inadvertently ruining her love life and saying he's a bad father.
    Violet: You're not good. (Hugs Bob) You're super.
    • Later, Violet comes to terms that she can always reintroduce herself to Tony. If she found her confidence to talk to him once, she can do it again. It goes very well.
  • The day after, Violet and Dash are surprisingly well-behaved towards each other after seeing how haggard their dad was after his tumultuous first foray into being a househusband, and let him sleep in. For seventeen hours.
  • Bob showing the kids how to utilize Jack-Jack's powers. It's a quiet moment in the figurative eye-of-the-storm, before the action and suspense start to pick up. Even Jack-Jack is having fun, all the while exercising his powers and his mind.
  • Voyd, the Super who is a huge fan of Elastigirl, geeking out when she meets her idol and even hugging her. It's made even better when she joins Elastigirl in stopping Evelyn from escaping.
    • Just seeing this new batch of Supers shows that, despite Syndrome wiping out many supers with his trap, he did not get them all by any means. There are supers still out there in hiding, and they are all ready to come out of hiding and start helping again.
    • The sheer gratitude of the new Supers to what Elastigirl is trying to do. Even more as what Voyd says implies at least she is in the same boat as the Parr children and may have been born after the Supers were banned (or was at least very young at the time as she seems to be a young adult) and it wasn't until now that she has a choice.
  • Lucius shows up just in time to save the children from the hypnotized supers, protecting them against an overwhelming force as he would his own. When Dash brings the Incredibile into the fight, Lucius immediately puts together a plan to save the kids but not himself, giving them full access to the car just before being hypnotized himself. After being freed from the hypno-goggles, he's more concerned that it looks like the kids were captured despite his best efforts than anything else. Lucius takes his Honorary Uncle/Godfather role to the Parr kids very seriously.
  • Furthermore on the Incredibile, Mr. Incredible and Frozone are close enough Platonic Life-Partners that Mr. I trusted Frozone with a voice key to his car, which he was normally very possessive over during the heydays.
    • After the day is saved, Mr. Incredible finally gets his car back, and he looks very happy to see it.
    • The Incredibile being remodeled into a family car, bringing the opening of the first movie with Mr. I driving it alone and the ending of the second movie with Mr. I driving it with his family full circle.
  • Even though Elastigirl was hypnotized, it was sweet to see Mr. Incredible trying so hard not to do any serious damage to her (and we know what he's capable of) and is so quick to let his guard down with her and so distracted by her kiss. It shows that he really does love his wife!
  • Roughly before the final battle, Jack-Jack comes up to his mother (whilst the latter is hypnotized by the hypno-goggles), so happy to see her again as any baby would be. But then, he has a tiny tantrum when she makes no response to his presence and telekinetically removes her goggles. It's as though even he wordlessly recognizes "That's not the Mama I love!"
    • After initially being upset about getting stuck babysitting Jack-Jack while her family went off to stop Underminer's drill, Violet comes to accept that with her force fields being nigh-impenetrable, she is the best choice to watch Jack-Jack while everyone else stops the ship.
      Mr. Incredible: That's my girl.
  • When Bob, Helen and Lucius are free from their hypnosis, Helen first instinct was to see her kids and was ready to begin a lecture, until she realize that it was their kids who came into certain danger, just to save them. It was this moment she learned that her kids would do anything for them and couldn't be more proud of them.
    • Speaking of first instincts, when Jack-Jack freed Helen from the hypno-goggles, Helen takes notice that the other two supers are still under hypnosis and deftly dodges their attacks whilst protectively clutching her infant son.
      • The fact that Jack-Jack turns into a demon because his family is being attacked counts; sure, it's hilarious to see Helen freaking out about her demon child, but Jack-Jack, at the age of one, has worked out that bad shit is happening to his family and probably remembers that he can stop the bad shit, like he did with Syndrome, by becoming a demon... and then pounces into the fray!
  • Once the day is saved and all is well once again, Jack-Jack duplicates himself so each member of the family can hold and cuddle one of him.
  • Supers are made legal again!


  • When it became clear that the various flashing effects of the Screenslaver's mind-controlling were very epileptic-unfriendly, many people took to Tumblr not just with warnings but also helpful advice for safe home viewing once the movie is out on home video. Theaters also posted warnings about the flashing lights.
  • The movie is preceded by a special message from Craig T. Nelson, Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter, and Brad Bird thanking the audience for being patient with how long it took for the sequel to be made and promising the wait will be worth it.
  • In the Incredicoaster pre-show video, Violet ("Invisibility Teenager!") is asked by the interviewer if she will answer a question. In response, she passes Jack-Jack over to her dad and promptly turns invisible. Cue Jack-Jack's teleportation powers going wild, and the other members of the family frantically trying to grab him as he ports around the room. Just as he is about to fall from a light fixture the ceiling, a familiar purple force field appears around him and catches him, floating him over. Violet reappears and snuggles her brother, giving him an Eskimo kiss after agreeing to answer ONE question. It shows that she deeply cares for and loves her baby brother.
    • During all of that, Jack-Jack smiles, looks at his savior sibling in awe, and excitedly squeals "Vi-Vi", as he is lifted back into Violet's embrace. Big Sister Worship in its purest form!
  • In a book set up as Dash's journal during the events of the movie, Dash initially plans to prank Violet when she gets back from her date with Tony on top of all the teasing he had already done. When Violet comes home in tears after getting stood up however, Dash immediately undoes the prank and is absolutely furious someone would do that to his sister. Only he's allowed to make Violet upset!
  • When the voice actress for Voyd found a fancomic where Voyd was trans, she not only praised the artist but stated that if Voyd was intended to be trans, she wouldn't have voiced her and would have insisted Pixar find an actual trans actor for the role; she did however say that she fully supports any and all fans who subscribe to the theory. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome.


  • While stopping a bank robber in a car commercial, Violet manages to save a cat from getting hit by a car. Bonus points for the cat in question looking a lot like Pepita!
  • For the promo celebrating National Siblings Day, Jack-Jack is about to cry, but Violet and Dash combine their powers to cheer their baby brother up. Forget saving the world, THAT'S the best way to use your superpowers!


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