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Dragon Ball Legends is a Dragon Ball mobile game for Android and iOS made by Namco Bandai in collaboration with Dimps. The game involves a tournament from across all of time, but also the tale of an amnesiac Saiyan from the ancient past presumably named "Shallot". By joining the Tournament of Time, Shallot intends to find any clue to his true origin.

The gameplay seems to take notes from several contemporary Dragon Ball games: players build a team of 6 fighters, similarly to Dokkan Battle, but they only take three of them into actual battles, in a system similar to Pokemon. The fighting can be noted to be similar to Dragon Ball Xenoverse, with players being able to move around in a 3D enviroment, using basic melee combos and ki blasts as well as having access to stronger special attacks at the cost of Ki. Finally, having three fighters that you switch between on command and all of them sharing a pool of energy for special attacks is reminiscent of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, although there are no assist attacks.


While the fighting system is simple to be fit for playing with one hand on a phone, it is still rather diverse and action based. The developers also seem to have a lot of focus on PVP, showcasing capable connectivity over large distances, and allowing PVP to be played with no energy requirement.

There are also several other new characters, though they have not been fully shown yet, they are named Giblet and Zahha.

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This game includes the following tropes

  • Anti-Frustration Features: You don't summon the characters proper, but rather their Z energy, meaning that if you get a duplicate pool, they will accumulate Z energy and limit break, powering them up.
  • Badass in Distress: The true mastermind behind the Tournament of Power has taken Supreme Kai hostage, forcing Beerus to orchestrate the whole thing using King Kai as a proxy.
  • Call-Back: In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, after the Universe 6 saga segment, the Supreme Kai of time suggested the idea for a tournament from fighters from across time. Seems her idea came true, but is unknown if she is involved in the game story.
  • Crisis Crossover: The game story is of an entire tournament from fighters from across all of time, including characters from the original Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super.
  • Cycle of Hurting: In the beta, escaping the combo of damaging cards is impossible, meaning that if you get hit once, opponent can spend all their Ki to usually kill that character. In the full version you are able to switch characters between the card attacks, and although you still can't escape the combo, you can reduce the damage taken by switching to a character with element advantage.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Appule, of all people, becomes a recurring side character to help you out.
  • Funny Background Event: one of the variations in the summoning animation includes Tao flying by on his pillar instead of the usual Freeza Force pods.
  • I'm Standing Right Here: When Bulma proposes that she could share some information about the Earth and the tournament to Shallot, he starts to very loudly think about how he should take advantage of that, and upon being pointed out to that everyone could hear him, he just announces that he'll "bleed them dry of their knowledge".
  • Limit Break:
    • Some character abilities work in this way, requiring some conditions to be fullfilled before they can be activated.
    • Rising Rush is a combination attack that can be performed after using 7 cards marked with a dragon ball.
    • Getting Z energy of a character you already have has them gain higher stats when they cross thresholds, which is also called a limit break.
  • Loose Canon: While the game is not part of the main continuity, the characters introduced in Legends don't contradict the series beyond their representation here, with Shallot and the Hooded Saiyan giving some insight on the Ancient Saiyans from Planet Sadala.
  • Taking the Bullet: Cover Change works like this. If you switch characters during a combo, the character switching in will shove the other one out of the way and take the attack.
  • The Gods Must Be Lazy: Once again, Beerus is out and about. Once again, he's doing jack all. Though this situation is one he would actually combat himself, if he wasn't being forced into inaction.
  • Wolverine Publicity: The tutorial boss is Broly. Nuff said. And the second premium banner released has Broly as the featured character.


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