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Touhou Shoujo Tale of Beautiful Memoriesnote , also known by its subtitle Super Touhou RPG, is a Touhou Project RPG that copies the style of Super Mario RPG. It is developed by a circle named The N Main Shop.

Shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei wakes up at her shrine in the morning, and is requested by Hieda no Akyuu to take care of an incident about rampaging fairies. While Reimu is taking care of the incident, a great pillar of light is seen from the direction of Human Village. Reimu rushes to the scene to investigate and resolve this new incident.


During her journey, Reimu will be joined by several companions, namely Koishi Komeiji, Tenshi Hinanawi, Sakuya Izayoi, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Nitori Kawashiro, Doremy Sweet, and Yukari Yakumo.

Initially released in Japan on November 18, 2017, it was later released on Steam with English translation on August 22, 2019.

Touhou Shoujo Tale of Beautiful Memories provides examples of:

  • Action Commands: Pressing buttons on correct times during actions will give additional effects, you can also reduce damage from enemies with this.
  • Arbitrary Headcount Limit: You can only bring three party members to battle, and six in your traveling party out of eight playable characters.
  • Artifact of Doom: The mirror that created Evil Hecatia is one. If anyone goes near it, they will become evil. Hecatia was quick enough to separate herself before the evil takes her over.
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  • Big Bad: Evil Hecatia, the evil half of Hecatia which is created from an evil mirror from Hell.
  • Big Boo's Haunt: Ruined Western Mansion, where the Prismriver Sisters live. It is filled with several puzzles.
  • Big Fancy House: Hieda no Akyuu's house in Human Village is big, with a large garden on the back.
  • Bonus Boss: You can encounter a bonus boss inside the pipe at the Hakurei Shrine. There's a shrine in there and you need a certain item to summon Mima in the style of a Final Fantasy boss.
  • Boss Bonanza: Hecatia Castle has several bosses you have to face. There are Youmu, Kokoro, Kosuzu, and Hecatia herself.
  • Creepy Cemetery: The cemetery behind Myouren Temple. Reimu needs to cross this cemetery in order to reach Miko's place.
  • Demoted to Extra: Marisa is not a playable character in this game. She is investigating the incident independently from Reimu. Later on she just stays in front of her house to trade items in exchange for mushrooms.
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  • Dream Land: Reimu can visit the dream world by sleeping in Hakurei Shrine while equipping a special accessory. Doremy lives in this world. It also connects to Maribel and Renko's world and Yumemi's place.
  • Dual Boss: There are several boss fights where you fight two bosses. For example, there are Cirno and Daiyousei, along with Remilia and Flandre.
  • Easter Egg: In Scarlet Devil Mansion, there is a room where Reimu will transform into an 8-bit sprite with the music changed into The Entertainer by Scott Joplin.
  • Enemy Scan: One of Koishi's skills calls Satori to scan one enemy's HP and their inner thoughts.
  • Elaborate Underground Base: The Kappa's Hideout under Human Village is one.
  • Fastball Special:
    • Koishi can throw Reimu to enemies by using a weapon.
    • Yukari has Chen and Ran as equipment and she uses them like a ball.
  • Final Boss: Evil Hecatia, which will also transform into a giant after taking enough damage.
  • Flunky Boss: There are bosses who fight with minions like Youmu, Alice, and Kosuzu.
  • Glass Cannon: Koishi has high Attack and HP but low defense.
  • Global Currency Exception: There is a frog in the back of Moriya Shrine who sells you items. However, only Frog Gems are accepted as payment.
  • Goomba Stomp: As Reimu is the main character in this Mario RPG clone, she can jump as high as Mario, and has the Jump and Super Jump skills.
  • Hub City: Human Village, which has the Equipment Shop and the Inn. You will frequently come back here for story progressions.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb for Reimu, Sword of Hisou for Tenshi. The Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb doesn’t have the strongest attack power, but it greatly increases Reimu’s overall stats.
  • Invisible Monsters: The Kappa in their hideout are all invisible and you need a special accessory to be able to see them. They are shown as moving shadows, but when fighting them, you have to use skills before you can hit them normally.
  • Isometric Projection: Being a Super Mario RPG clone, the entire game is viewed in this angle.
  • Journey to the Sky: Reimu and co. will go above the clouds to reach the Heaven to find a Boundary Fragment.
  • The Lost Woods: Forest of Magic, it has trees that can teleport you to different areas and it has mushrooms that can be picked up. There’s also Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
  • Lethal Lava Land: The Underground has several rooms with lava.
  • Literal Split Personality: There are actually two Hecatias, the Evil Hecatia who is the Big Bad, and the Good Hecatia who is trying to stop her evil self.
  • Make My Monster Grow: Evil Hecatia will transform into a giant version of herself after you do enough damage to her regular form
  • The Maze: The Bamboo Forest of the Lost. You need Mokou’s help to be able to reach Eientei.
  • The Medic: Reimu and Reisen have skills that restore HP of your party members.
  • Me's a Crowd: When you go to Scarlet Devil Mansion, Flandre has split herself many times and is causing a ruckus in the mansion.
  • Mundane Utility: After beating Mystia and Kyouko for doing a concert at night and disturbing the nearby villagers, they enlist the help of Luna Child to use her power of muting sound to make their concert noise not reach Human Village.
  • Now, Where Was I Going Again?: Players getting lost can pay gems to Nazrin in front of Myouren Temple to have an idea of where they should go next.
  • Pastiche: This game is a pastiche of Super Mario RPG with Touhou characters and setting.
  • Plot Coupon: The twelve Boundary Fragments.
  • Pocket Dimension: Toyosatomimi no Miko’s place, Senkai, is a place not attached to the rest of Gensokyo and is in a dimension of its own.
  • Ramming Always Works: Murasa rams the Palanquin Ship into the barrier for Reimu to enter it.
  • Recurring Boss: You will fight Kokoro and Kosuzu again later in the game. Youmu also fights you again near the end.
  • Slippy-Slidey Ice World: When going to Kasen’s place, the landscape suddenly turns into a winter wonderland.
  • Spin Attack: Yukari has a skill where she spins around with her parasol and then charges herself into an enemy.
  • Stone Wall: Tenshi has above average defense of all party members and mediocre offense without her Sword of Hisou. Also, anyone equipping the Giant Yin-Yang Orb suit will become one as well.
  • Support Party Member: Tenshi is the primary support unit, with skills that buff offense and defense.
  • A Taste of Power: Early on, Reimu has the Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb and Infinity Ribbon equipped, which are lost when entering the mysterious barrier for the first time.
  • Tricked-Out Shoes: Reimu obtains a pair of shoes that lets her jump very high while standing on a special circle while wearing them.
  • Underground Level: The Underworld, where the Former Hell and Nuclear Furnace are in.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Kosuzu, for leading Hecatia to the evil mirror and caused the game's plot to happen.
  • The Very Definitely Final Dungeon: Inside the mysterious barrier is Hecatia Castle where the final set of battles will take place.
  • Warm-Up Boss: Koishi is the first boss of the game and isn't that hard to beat.
  • Where It All Began: You will eventually go back to the Human Village to deal with the mysterious barrier as your final destination.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: Aya will try to prevent Reimu from reaching Heaven, to no avail.

Alternative Title(s): Super Touhou RPG, Touhou Shoujo Kisoutan


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