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For thousands of years I laid dormant, who has disturbed my... oh, I didnt see you there.

Hello. I am Tomodachi. You may call me Tomo. I hope you're doing fine.

I'm a Venezuelan troper who wasn't allowed to edit in Tv Tropes for a long time! Why? My grammar sucked back then.

When I wrote this page, I was kinda out there. I mixed elements of my real self with a parody version of a super villain, and the result was... not great. I decided to change that. I also shared information about my Original characters, but decided to scrap them for personal reasons.


Still, in 1999, I was implicated in a scheme to replace the president of the USA with a squid. I failed, the president was too spicy for me. Did I mention I was like five?

Just kidding

Outside of Tv Tropes, I used to write reviews for spanish-speaking comics and webcomics, called Criticando T. My name iwas Henry T on those places. Criticando-T mascot, Sorio, has been used as an avatar for some my accounts online, Tv tropes included.

I'm also the writer of the webcomic Insecto Nocturno, which is very different to how some old posts in these site were about.

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     Some Works I enjoy 
I like a lot of works, but with most of them I'm pretty casual. I had being introduced to a lot of works in the past thanks to a certain somebody. Here are some cases:
  • Naoki Urasawa works in general. I still need to finish to read all of his works. Introduced thanks to Dross Rotzank waaay back in 2010.
  • Darkstalkers: Loved the series, even if I'm not into fighting games.
  • Dragon Ball: I may not be an expert in animation, but I helped Super with its tropes. Super quality is not a very positive one, but I met some interesting people in the community, so it wasn't a bad experience.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I was introduced to it in 2015, but I was already familiar with the Road Roller meme.
  • Ashita no Joe. Introduced thanks to Manly Anime Hero in 2016. For that, i'm always grateful
  • Individual comic book characters I enjoy are Superman, Doctor Strange, and Doctor Doom.
  • Invincible: Introduced thanks to my pal JAS. For that, i'm always grateful, of course.
  • Undertale.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Introduced around 2014 thanks to my friend Ed Art. For that, i'm always grateful.
  • Steven Universe: The only show on CN I actually follow, with the rest i'm pretty casual.


    I launched 
  • Creators
    • Dross Rotzank: He already had some mentions in the site, and I believe he is relevant enough to warrant a page.
    • Sea Snail Studio: I've been a fan of him before he deleted his Spanish-speaking works, so I wanted to provide him with some support.
    • Rubén Leon: The voice actor of the The Joker. Is not fair only mexican voice actors get creator pages!
    • Esteban Garcia: My favorite voice actor on the Latin American voice acting industry. :)
  • Works and sites
    • I helped in the creation of many subpages in the Dragon Ball pages, thanks to my growing interest on Dragon Ball Super. I'm only doing the justice of the gods, what good are tropers if they do not provide?
    • Doña Barbara: Doña Barbara was mentioned in some pages on the site, and was previously the Trope Namer for Evil Colonialist, so I decided to read the work again and provide a workpage for the book.
    • Two Masters: Needs a revamp, Mayshing deserves better.
    • Tapastic: Some webcomics needed the index.
    • My Best Friend Marneao: I've been a fan of Sea Snail Studio works for years, so, I wanted to help him a bit with his first English work.
    • Dr. Stone: I was interested in the comic once I knew Boichi was working on it. I fell in love with the comic from day one, and as such, planted the seed for the kingdom of science!
    • Ultraduck: I liked the series ever since I reviewed it, as such, wanted to help the author with some publicity, expecially since Ultraduck is so low on the radar.
    • Waoow Comics: The place where my work is hosted. I wanted to help promote it.
  • Tropes
    • Memetic Loser: This trope was my idea, but others made a better use of it.
    • Microbot Swarm: I used the trope in my work, and noticed how it was missing.
    • Motion Comic: In order to help promote Waoow Comics.
    • Signature Series Arc: It stuck around in Trope Launch Pad. There isn't anything to add, I wasn't really interested on this one.
    • Sumo Wrestling: I noticed it was lacking, so I planted the seed.
    • Outdated by Canon: Because Jossed doesn't work for fanfic pages.
    • Time Travel Taboo: Due to becomming a recent topic in the Dragon Ball franchise since Xenoverse and being a frequent topic in the Future Trunks saga, I decided to create the trope.
  • Other
    • Hugo Chávez: With the help of the Venezuelan Tropers, I wrote this article. Let's not talk about this man or his legacy, please.

     Tropes I enjoy and despite 

I enjoy

I hate

     Some of my characters 

I'm guilty of creating characters for my own amusement, and I enjoy paying (Or not) artist to draw them. However, with some exception, most of them aren't made for a story in particular. I'm putting them so I can roleplay later on the forums.

A small hedgehog with an emotive hat, Sorio used to serve as the mascot for Criticando-T, and was best friend with the Zona Fantasma mascot, Nishiki.
  • Blatant Lies: He will claim he is not related with either Sonic or Mario, but that his name comes from a french village.
  • Composite Character: Originally of Sonic and Mario. Now he doesn't share many attributes with either.
  • Expressive Accessory: His hat can reflect his true feelings due to the face it has. As such, Sorio can be easily read if he is lying, since his hat will appear nervous.
  • Foil: To myself in the reviews, where i'm mostly being too cynical and critical for my own good, Sorio is a pleasant fellow that enjoys the good in the bad ( Even the horrible)
  • Nice Guy: Unlike yours truly, he doesn't have any sort of malice in his person. People joke he is secretly a psychopath (Like yours truly), but those are lies.
  • Nice Hat: A red hat with a face on it, reflecting his true thoughts. If he is happy, the hat is happy. If he is sad, but tries to hide it, the hat will show its sadness.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: A cute small hedgehog with a cute small hat that is mostly reflecting his positive thoughts.

Read ya later!