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Rubén Leon (born February 6, 1966), is a Venezuelan actor and voice Actor. He is probably the most well known Venezuelan voice actor in Latin America for one of the most iconic comic book characters: The Joker. He has worked for the character since Batman: The Animated Series, and has keep dubbing him since then. Note 

Thanks to his work on the Joker, he tend to play psychopaths or just the typical loony, but he also play characters who tend to be a bit grumpy. Always appears along Esteban Garcia when the Joker and Lex Luthor have a Villain Team-Up.On September 2017, he announced that he would no longer be working with Etcetera Group over salary issues, given the fact that they dubbed the shows and movies he voiced the Joker in, his time as the Clown Prince of Crime may be at an end. Leon has since been replaced by Mexican voice actor Javier Rivero, because every Venezuelan actor rejected it out respect.


Not to be confused with the mexican voice actor of the same name.

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