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"There are 2Masters in this world.
Master of Heaven, Yehveh; Master of Earth, Mamon.
Both have powers and wealth to shake Heaven and Earth,
and they fight one another for the right to rule over the world.
The people under the 2Masters have to choose one of them to follow..
Those who follow the Masters will earn supernatural powers and wealth to acomplish the Masters goals.
Master Yehveh gives you love and freedom; Master Mamon gives you power and wealth.
Which one... will your heart choose?"

2Masters is a fantasy warfare series, in a world ruled by the two supreme Masters: Yehveh, Master of Heaven, who represents the spirit of freedom and love, and Mamon, Master of Earth, who is the master of wealth and power.

The Two Masters fight one another and provide completely different philosophies for the living, and humans who follow them are granted powers. This creates a never ending world war.

Published by Mayshing on Smack Jeeves and Tapastic, you can start reading here,here or Mayshing's own website.


This series provides examples of:

  • Aura Vision: Yehveh vision, seen in the first chapter. It allows Yehveh's army to detect their enemies.
  • Driven to Suicide: In chapter 1, after being defeated and captured by Jeremy and Mosa, the leader of the Mamon slaves starts to curse his existence. Whether if he lives as a Yehveh criminal or a Mamon slave, he will be treated like trash, even claiming You Can't Fight Fate. He and his comrades decide to kill themselves, with Jeremy being unable to heal them.
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  • Farm Boy: Some of the refugees who want to join the Yehveh´s forces are farm boys, with one of them being shown to be illiterate. That's Randy Ed, who will later take the focus of the story for a while.
  • Healing Hands: Yehveh's soldiers know how to heal injured individuals with the Yehveh heal ability. Jeremy know the healing arts, but he's not specialized in it.
  • I Have Many Names: The Master of Heaven is known with multiple names through the world.
    Jeremy Princeton: Yehveh. That's how we call him.
    Heart Mountain: Great Spirit, Great Mystery, Great One, Great Grandfather, we call him...
  • Mirroring Factions: In chapter 1, the leader of the Mamon slaves states that Yehvehs and Mamons are both the same: no matter which side he chooses, he will still be treated like trash and a slave. He then commits suicide in front of Jeremy because he doesn't want a life as a Yehveh prisoner, which is no better than being a Mamon's slave.
    Bandit: Yehvehs, Mamons, all the same... I'm... going to be chained again... in hell. Whether I'm here or there, I'll be treated the same - people look at me the same, like trash! It's all predestined. I cannot change this life given to me. I'm born a slave, and I'll die as one. I was fooling myself when I thought I could be free.
  • Spontaneous Weapon Creation: Jeremy can create a sword made from Yehveh's energy like all soldiers. He likewise can create daggers. These weapons are not made to kill, though, but to incapacitate, and they work to detect if someone works for Mamon or Yehveh.
  • The Medic: Max Silver is the official medic on the team to escord Sargeant Silver, but the subvertion comes as he is a medic in study and has made only one operation before. On a pig.
    Mosa: Sure, I'll trust you to operate on a monkey.
  • There Can Only Be One: As Heart Mountain describes in chapter 1, Yehveh and Mamon fight each other for the right to rule over the world, with people having to choose one as their master and obtain the supernatural power and wealth to fight for the chosen god's cause.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Serg and the driver, who both die in the first chapter. Jeremy remarks he didn't know them very much.