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Sorio and Ultraduck

Criticando-T was the name of a blog hosted by the self-proclaimed critic, where he used to review comics made in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico, Spain or his native Venezuela.

The blog started when the critic reviewed an amateurish manga in the forums of the now extint Zona Fantasma, a fanzine where amateur writers would share their stories with others. After that, he started to review webcomics and comics published in Anime magazines, mostly with a mocking tone in his own personal avatar (inspired by Linkara from Atop the Fourth Wall), and introduced a cute hedgehog named Sorio as its mascot.

The blog had many hiatus-breaks due to the critic' personal life, even leaving the reviews due to the Venezuelan economic crisis. The host of the site, however, helped him with some financial help that allowed him to keep reviewing, until the closure of the site in 2016. Worse, with the site closing, most of the reviews were taken out too.


The blog then moved to La Libreria de Uroboros (Uroboros's library) for a time, but Henry publishing rate was very sporadic, and then the co-host of the site decided to erase it in 2017.

Henry has since moved on from the reviews, and due to a really low interest in turning them into videos, Criticando-T was officially over.

Some of the tropes this review series used to have!

  • Accentuate the Negative: Henry was pretty negative in his early reviews due to how terrible the comics were, to the point he started to bash genuinely good comics. He later tried to be more objective about this, but the results were mixed.
    Henry-T: This is Criticando-T, where we talk about Spanish-speaking comics and try to be nice, but fail stupidly.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Some of the reviews received collaboration, or were done by someone else.
    • The review of the superhero comic book Escuadron Miranda, Henry had help from his friend Kenny Uroboros to co-write the review. Henry froze him over at the end of the review.
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    • The review of the Mexican comic book Meteorix, Henry had help from his friend and frequent artist Luna. They both cried at the death of a villain they both like.
    • While the reviews were mostly done by Henry's avatar, for a review Sorio was allowed to review the comic.
      Sorio: If you won't do it, then I will! My name is Sorio, and this is Criticando-T!
  • Author Avatar: Henry's own avatar was a cartoon version of himself, where he reviewed the comics. He was also quite a Jerkass with a supervillain alter-ego who was mean to his own mascot from time to time.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Henry portrayed his avatar as a goofball without any sense of sanity.
  • Four Point Scale: The reviews tended to give a rating to any comic from 0 to 5, inspired by Facebook's own rating system (as in, how much Henry enjoyed the comic, not how good or bad the comic was). They were mostly given with an artwork of the mascots Sorio or Nishiki holding a signboard, but later Sorio face became the rating. Most of the comics, however, were given a 3, which meant So Okay, It's Average.
  • Self-Deprecation: Henry used to mock himself a lot in his reviews, even noticing that he was less of an artist that many of the people he reviewed.
  • Shocking Swerve: Discussed Trope. He had this reaction when reading the second chapter of Redan Scroll, due to revealing one of the characters was the lost father of the protagonist at the end. Since Henry had no idea who Tamashi (Who he calls Malvin due to his name was never uttered in the first chapter) backstory is besides being a Minato rip-off, he found this revelation hard to digest.
    Henry-T: This revelation comes from absolutely nowhere! When were we told that "Malvin" is an orphan? What's more, we know absolutely NOTHING of the protagonists, or the secondary characters, or this world!
  • Show, Don't Tell: Inverted Trope. During his review of Redan Scroll, he was particularly offended when the comic didn't explain anything about the setting in the first chapter of the comic. The rest of the comic would later try to keep going on with the story despite the reviewer not having a clue of what the setting is, other than being a Naruto rip-off, and the comic narration being nothing but ellipsis.
    Henry-T: The narrator, being the utter bastard that he is, instead of telling us what the hell is happening, shut us up.
  • Take That!: Henry liked to bash things he particularly hated every review.
    • He had a real dislike for Naruto. Is quite telling that the comic he hated the most, Redan Scroll, was both in his words: a really unoriginal comic, and a really shitty attempt of copying Naruto.
    • Many reviews sometimes had him complaining about the situation of Venezuela, even if it had nothing to do with the comic.
    • Many reviews took shots at Conexion Manga, an anime magazine from Mexico due to some bad articles they had and due to one of his collaborators, Lobo, is the author of a comic book series Henry disliked.

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