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"My humor is so dark it goes to work on the cotton fields"
The Man himself.

I am me. Eternal Dark, Yami, CC Yami, Stellamani, I have many names and many titles that will freeze the blood in your veins out of sheer terror over the complete stupidity of mankind. I am a self-destructive Author/Programming Student/Pervert from germany. Despite this, I sorely lack any kind of efficiency. My ancestors will roll in their tombs out of misery over this. If they did not run out of air yet.


I created my own evil Empire known as the Perpetual darkdream Empire of eternal dark nightmares (Pedeedn for short). Low-Ranking Employees of either have to wear skintight anti-magic suits or Chainmail Bikini. Higher Ranking Officers will either wear the most sensual of Sensual Spandex or armor based on japanese High-School uniforms, with enforce B-Rank or higher Zettai Ryouiki for the ladies.

My favourite pastimes are reading This Very Wiki, faux-first-year psychology level analysis on fictional characters (without the first year in psychology, mind you), trolling, faking very bad accents and playing "I can make you speechless with my overly analytical pseudo-scientific talking".


This Contributor's fictional version provides examples of:

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    The Real Deal 

    Tropes that many of his Works use 

  • Legacy Character: The Characters Arc B. Velvet and Lucy Stellamani tend to appear in some form or another in most of his works, sometimes as side characters, sometimes as main characters.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Combine Resurrective Immortality and The Ageless . Angels appear like the usual Winged Humanoid but can also change into a so called "Judgment Code" that turns them into an abstract monstrosity made of their core-element that amplifies their offensive powers. They are also for the most part condescending jackasses.
  • Our Demons Are Different: "Fallen" Demons are effectively Angels who voluntarily threw away their humanoid forms and took on a form based on their self-image. At the same time there are also people whose souls lingered on after death, slowly turning into demons as well. These kinda demons (usually called Abyssals) tend to have a lingering wish to go back into the human world, often with less nice actions in mind.
  • Our Homunculi Are Different: Homunculi are considered to be soulless vessels that are only used as living batteries for whatever spells need life-force to work. If they linger around long enough though, Homunculi can slowly generate their own soul and personality, allowing them to live as sentient beings if they survive long enough. Unfortunately most of them have intentionally low lifespans to make these things impossible. Because of the cruelty which Homunculi are usually subjected to, creating them without permission is considered a crime of the highest order.
  • Our Mages Are Different: Bloodlines aside, Mages have a maximum capacity of Mana they can have in their body at a time, effectively working like MP, as well as a unique composition in their Mana makeup which makes certain kinds of magic easier. There are also different schools of magic in that the way spells are used are different. Things like Vancian Magic allow for ease of use, while more traditional Elemental Powers are extremely hard to use but far more flexible. A person with a Salamander-type Mana composition would have a FAR easier time using Fire Manipulation and would benefit from using non-fire spells via Vancian-style preparation for example.
  • Our Souls Are Different: Souls are the source of magic, hence Homunculi and Liches CANNOT naturally use magic, unless the former has developed its own magic by living long enough. Also Souls tend to wander around the world without interacting with it once a person dies, although some of them end up becoming Abyssal Demons. While resurrection is technically possible, 99% of the people who get resurrected are NOT happy about it and their new bodies can easily be controlled by the person who resurrects them.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: The Ageless with an incredible Healing Factor, Super Strength, Super Speed and a natural thirst for Mana. They get more powerful at night and become borderline Invincible during a New Moon. They lose their Healing Factor during the day and Silver can circumvent it, while Hawthorne Wood does the same and adds a paralyzing effect. It should be noted that the Vampires are categorized in different clans, with each clan having different ways of "feeding". The Asmodeus Clan for example are effectively Horny Devils, while Belphegor Vampires learned how to harness the worlds Ley Lines to feed passively. Vampires in this tropers settings tend to coexist with Humans and other creatures but are always at war with Werewolves. Becoming a Vampire through a bite is only possible if both the receiver and the giver of the bite agree to the magical contract. Pureblood Vampires, ie vampires by birth, can only be created by Lilith Clan members. Despite having a soul, Vampires automatically burn any Mana they naturally create to fuel their Healing Factor, only mana from external sources can be used for magic.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: The Ageless with an incredible Healing Factor, Super Strength and Super Speed to an even greater degree than Vampires. The first few Werewolf transformations are forced during the full-moon, but the transformation can be mastered and from that point onward be used at will. Being the opposite to vampires in these settings, Werewolves lose their powers during New Moon Nights, while reaching [1] levels of healing during Full Moon nights. Shapeshifter Baggage is in full effect: The scrawnier someone is in Human form the less musclemass they will have in Werewolf form. Likewise people who are obese in their Human form will gain a way higher boost in power and endurance while in their Werewolf form. Female Werewolves are also naturally way more aggressive and taller in their Werewolf forms than their male counterparts. Silver and Wolfsbane can circumvent their healing factor, with the latter also adding a paralyzing effect. Becoming a Werewolf can only be accomplished by being bitten by one and even then one still has to learn to control the form within 5 Full Moon Nights or else he/she will be exterminated on their 6th Full Moon transformation. Similiar to Vampires, Werewolves are mostly incapable of using magic due to their bodies burning their mana for their Healing Factor.
  • Social Darwinist: He tends to use these kind of characters in as Neutral characters, often ending up in a kind of [2] with the protagonists.
  • Theme Naming: Several different themes depending on work, with most recurring being...
    • Stars. Characters named after Stars (Sirius, Canopus, Arcturus) tend to be incredibly powerful for one reason or another.
    • Musical Terms. All Velvet Clan Blood Members (i.e. all of those that don't marry into it) have this in some form or another, like Barrad(Ballad), Arya(Aria) or Forta(Forte).
    • Significant Anagram: Demons tend to use anagrams of their names as either First or Last Name, although Lucy is a subversion of that.
  • World's Best Warrior: Arcturus Barrad Velvet in many of his works.

    Recurring Characters 

Lucy Stellamani / The Fallen One / Satanael / Helel / Lucifer

"Even in this world, pride yourself with how far you have come. You hit rock bottom? Then there is no way left but up!"

A major player in Eternal Darks multiple works. One of the Pillars of the World, Lucifer represents humanities unwavering pride and self-determination. After being defeated by the 3 Archangels and losing his wings, she was cast down below the earth and sealed away. After hundreds of years, parts of Lucifers Personality and power slowly managed to escape the prison and took the form of this woman, who since then has been walking the earth.

Over the years she picked up several skills from humanity which she never learned while still in the Celestial Realm, now considering herself truly free and gaining an appreciation for their existence.

In current times she goes by the name "Lucy Stellamani" to blend in better with humanity.

During most of Eternal Darks works, she is a supporting character who gives advice to the main characters, often in cryptic or overly simplistic ways.

In other works where Angels tend to make antagonistic appearances, Lucy ends up as a main character, often as a less serious but nonetheless badass complement to whoever holds the current main character card.

  • Author Appeal: Her entire design is this. White Hair, golden eyes, slim figure, small chest, slightly below-average height and a penchant for eye-liner. Her clothes tend to gravitate towards whatever fanservice is currently needed, [3] by default. Why? Because she likes the expression of "desire" humans put into those things. Extends to her personality, being a prideful, headstrong woman willing to piss off everyone who doesn't suit her while still showing a subdued caring side at times.
  • Berserk Button: Slavery, the Angelic Host, ESPECIALLY Gabriel. Also Suicide, seeing it as people not appreciating themselves surviving till this point.
  • Chaotic Good: Despite being, well, THE DEVIL, she tends to gravitate towards this alignment. Long story short, she does whatever the hell she feels like, but threaten humanities freedom, especially humans she is fond of, and she will show you that there was a reason she was Gods previous Second in Command.
  • Dare to Be Badass: One of her more endearing traits, she tends to put up with people with low to no self-esteem and forces them to do something that they can be proud of
  • The Gadfly: To most people, she does everything to piss them off.
  • It Amused Me: If her actions do nothing but piss people off, or turns them on, its usually this.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Technically a nodachi, but still she uses one in close combat. No one knows how it doesn't break though.
  • Magic Skirt: Mentioned sometimes to have the uncanny ability to keep her lower-level modesty in battle that way. Considering several hints, it's likely necessary.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Angels in this universe are basically immortal and killing them just makes them return to the Celestial Realm to rebuild their bodies, yet Lucy, due to being technically still sealed below the human world, WILL lose her body and die if she gets killed until more of her power can escape Lucifers Prison. Also most Angels have a special fighting form called "Judgment Code", but Lucy has currently no access to it.
  • Petite Pride: Her modus operandi. Quote: "It complements the rest".
  • Pride: She is this sins PERSONIFICATION. At the same time she tends to seek out people who take no pride in themselves and tries to cheer them up, as Pride in oneself and what one has achieved are what she considers "beautiful".
  • Power Limiter: Her sealed true self is this, as only a fraction of Lucifers full power can escape it at a time, so she ends up losing most of her magic abilities as well as access to her "Judgment Code".
  • Scars Are Forever: 3 notable ones, one on her left eye, which lines up perfectly with the one on her shoulder(Both of them came from the same hit by Archangel Michael) and a bunch of them on her back when her wings were burned off.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Will strip on command or if provoked by people, because she can. Will also indulge in whatever fetish wear she can get her hands on in less serious situations.

Arcturus Barrad Velvet / Arc Velvet / Tyrant

"The only thing I am good at is fighting. But that is enough for me to make a difference."

Born as the younger of a pair of twins into the noble Magi Bloodline, Arcturus has an incredible amount of mana and a certain charisma that makes people tolerate his more extreme moments.

Due to his immense mana being unstable however, Arc was forever doomed to be unable to use real magic, while his Sister Arya was heralded as a magical prodigy equal to those only found in legends, leading to Arc being considered a failure by his father.

After finishing their training, both of them were admitted to the military academy of Excalia and soon after graduation entered the military proper.

Arc was placed in the infamous Unit 4 , also known as the "Death Squad" which specialised in Melee Combat and Assassinations, where he met his most trusted friends, the Vampire Shirou Izayoi, the Fire-Lygar Nova and his XO, Eligor.

Thanks to those 3, Arc managed to create magic suitable for his unstable mana, called "Deconstruction", in other words [4].

During a demonic invasion, Arc became the unlikely hero by killing the beforehand undefeated demon Overlord Iza in single combat, which gained him the Demon Lord title "Tyrant". The Invasion ended up killing his Sister Arya though. The resulting dispute about the Leadership of the Velvet Clan led to Arc cutting ties with his family, culminating with him allying with the Rebel Forces that tried to overthrow the Magi Nobility.

After the revolution broke Nobilities rule, Arc and his friends from the Death Squad decided to take things into their own hand, creating the Supreme Council, a central rulership which tries to prevent the previous situations and unite the world.

After 10 years of serving the council, Arcretired for reasons unknown and has been wandering the world since then, improving his skills and effectively living as a vigilante hero.

  • Affectionate Nickname: The few people who know him personally refer to him as "Arc" in conversation, to the point that this + Last-Name Basis results in many people not realising that his first name is Arcturus.
  • Anti-Hero: Arc, while well intentioned, is very much decisive in his actions and does not like to take the risk of sufficiently dangerous people staying alive. He often has to be held back by others in order not to execute every evil being he finds.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He is, for all intents and purposes, still a person who was considered a Colonel by the end of his military career and temporarily one of the people who effectively ruled a sizeable part of the world, while also being considered borderline unbeatable in combat.
  • Badass
    • Badass Armfold: Outside of battle he tends to do this... hell even inside of battle does he do it if you are not worth his time!
    • Badass Bookworm: A necessity due to how his Anti-Magic works. He NEEDS to know how each and every spell he could possibly need to counter work for it to be properly usable, so he has a lot of old grimoires which he consults in his free time.
    • Badass Longcoat: Wears a black one that is bullet-proof.
      • The Coats Are Off: Usually means the person he is fighting is so dangerous that the protection it offers does not outweigh the extra agility he gets from shedding it.
    • Badass Normal: No Magic outside his Anti-Magic, still one of the deadliest people in the world.
  • Berserk Button: Mistreating your family is his usual one. A more dangerous one: NEVER call him a "hero". Even worse? Don't call YOURSELF a hero.
  • Dare to Be Badass: He does this to a select few people who he feels can do greater things. Compared to Lucy, who counts on peoples selfishness to make this work, Arc counts on their altruism to make it stick though.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Lost his left eye in his battle with Tyrant Iza.
  • Gender-Blender Name: A variation with his last name, which works due to the trope below. Most people expect a woman when people talk about "Colonel Velvet".
  • Last-Name Basis: Everyone who doesn't have a closer connection to him calls him "Velvet", those from his old military days tend to call him "Colonel Velvet".
  • Lightning Bruiser: Fast enough to make "Melee Range" basically everything within 100 Meters, strong enough to damage brick walls with punch, durable enough to tank hits from Vampires and Halbs, which can pulverize said brick walls.
  • Red Baron: "Tyrant", which he got by killing a Demon Lord who was called the same.
  • Retired Badass: Technically speaking he is in retirement, but still kicks ass all over the world.
  • Stealth Expert: As has been mentioned, Unit 4 specialised in Melee Combat and Assassinations.
  • Sword and Gun: Played with. Arc specializes in Melee Combat but draws his gun when his enemy does the same, sheathing his sword at the same time. He likewise discards his weapon the second it runs out of bullets to go into melee range. The only time he uses both at the same time is when he feels like showing off.
  • World's Best Warrior: Considered this. He has no normal magic, meaning he is limited to a normal humans physical limits. On the other hand he is a master hand-to-hand combatant, swordsman and a crackshot, even with only one eye, while using his Anti-Magic to even the battlefield. Despite his age by the point where the stories are usually set (47) he is still in peak physical condition, making him effectively a Lightning Bruiser Mage Killer in a world where 90% of fighters rely on magic.


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