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  • Actor Existence Limbo: Due to having numerous Celebrity Voice Actors, some villains were reduced to cameo roles after their debut episodes.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Several online descriptions for DVD sales of season one would describe the series as taking place after Batman Begins, when the series is in fact a completely different continuity from The Dark Knight Trilogy. Here's one of them.
  • Executive Meddling: Some of the intellectual property from Batman was being used in multiple adaptations (all owned by the Warner Brothers, however). Not wanting to create conflict between different adaptations' interpretations of characters, some things were off-limits for the writing staff. Here are specific examples:
    • Robin was forbidden from appearing until Teen Titans was canceled, meaning Batgirl actually becomes a sidekick first, which makes for an interesting mythology shake-up and promotes her from the usual third-fiddle.
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    • Some of the villains used in the The Dark Knight Trilogy, most notably Scarecrow and Two-Face, were also forbidden from appearing. Clayface was used in place of Two-Face for the "best friend turned into a criminal" schtick. The episode "Strange New World" was written to introduce Scarecrow, but once the writing staff found out that he was still off-limits, they opted to go with Professor Hugo Strange instead.
    • All of the above is very ironic, considering the "Bat-Embargo" this series imposed onto Justice League Unlimited (another reason for the dislike The Batman gets).
  • Exiled from Continuity:
    • Ra's al Ghul, Scarecrow, and Two-Face weren't allowed to show up due to their appearances in The Dark Knight Trilogy, which resulted in a rewrite for "Strange New World" and Clayface filling Two-Face's role. Mad Hatter was also forbidden from appearing because there were plans at the time to use him in one of the Nolan films.
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    • Robin was not allowed to appear in the first three seasons because the show ran concurrently with Teen Titans, in which Robin had a starring role.
    • Wonder Woman was forbidden from appearing with the Justice League in Season 5 because a rule for her character at the time was that she could not appear in any series in which she wasn't a main character.
  • Fake Nationality: The Scottish Alastair Duncan voices the English Alfred Pennyworth.
  • Fan Nickname: This version of the Joker is commonly referred to as "Dreadlock Joker".
  • I Knew It!: Before producer Jeff Matsuda confirmed it, many fans had speculated that the officer in the flashback in "Traction" was a young Jim Gordon.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Chief Rojas was voiced by Edward James Olmos in his first appearance, then by Jesse Corti in all of his other ones.
    • Richard Green replaced Frank Gorshin as Strange after the latter's death.
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    • Bane was voiced by Joaquim De Almeida for his debut in "Traction," then by Ron Perlman for his cameo in "Team Penguin," then his grunts by Clancy Brown in "The Batman/Superman Story."
  • Playing Against Type:
  • Recursive Adaptation: Lucius Fox is based a good deal of The Dark Knight Trilogy's version of Lucius Fox—an old friend of Thomas Wayne, knows Bruce is Batman, and is an armorer for the Dark Knight. Goes into Comic-Book Fantasy Casting territory in that this incarnation looks a good deal like Morgan Freeman.
  • Role Reprise:
    • During the fifth season, Superman, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor were voiced by George Newbern, Dana Delany, and Clancy Brown respectively, reprising their roles from the DC Animated Universe.
    • In the French dub, several voice actors from previous adaptations reprised their roles here:
      • From Batman (1989) and its sequels: Jacques Ciron as Alfred, Philippe Peythieu as the Penguin, and Emmanuèle Bondeville as Catwoman.
      • From the DCAU: In addition to Alfred and the Penguin, Pierre Hatet as the Joker, Jean-Claude Sachot as Commissioner Gordon and Mr. Freezenote , Christophe Lemoine as Jimmy Olsen, and Nicolas Marié as Hawkmannote . Inverted in the case of Robin/Dick Grayson’s voice actor, Alexis Tomassian. While he did voice a Robin in the DCAU, it was Tim Drake, while Dick Grayson in that continuity was voiced by George Caudron as Robin and a few different voice actors as Nightwing.
      • From Legion of Super-Heroes: Emmanuel Garijo as Superman.
    • The second Hungarian dub brought back Tomasz Galbenisz (the Joker in Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and Róbert Kajtár (second voice of Alfred in the second dub of Batman: The Animated Series) for their respective roles. This makes the episode in which Joker masquerades as Batman an unintentional double-reprise for Galbenisz, as he's also dubbed Batman in The New Scooby-Doo Movies.
  • Screwed by the Network: While it wasn't suffering any ratings or timeslot issues, it was basically canceled by order of 4Kids Entertainment as the fifth season was in the middle of production. Why? So that they could start their own block, of course. Luckily it managed to remain on Kids' WB replacement for a few more months, just for the sake of reruns, before quietly disappearing.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Both Ragdoll and Killer Moth are voiced by Jeff Bennett, and they shared quite a few scenes together in "Team Penguin".
    • The Cold Open of "Rumors", which had Killer Croc fighting Rumor. Both of them are voiced by Ron Perlman.
    • A more literal example was in both "Strange Minds" and "The Metalface of Comedy", in which there were multiple Jokers, all of them voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • As mentioned in Executive Meddling, the original idea of what became Strange New World, the villain was the Scarecrow, but as he was still off-limits, he was replaced with Hugo Strange. However, given the episode's plot, it was probably for the best as he'd have given the twist away.
    • Likewise, a proposed but rejected idea of a follow-up DTV to The Batman vs. Dracula would be an adaptation of Hush. Likewise, the villain on Rumors was originally supposed to have been Hush, too.
    • Maurice LaMarche mentioned at a Fan Expo that he auditioned to voice the Joker.
    • It's been rumored that Marilyn Manson was originally cast to voice The Riddler (which would explain the character design), but had to drop out, so they cast Robert Englund instead.
    • Some of the concept art features Penguin looking far more cartoonish, Joker and Croc looking far more ghoulish, the Riddler looking more like this show's incarnation of Cluemaster, and the aforementioned Scarecrow, whose design implemented chains and a sickle.


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