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Nightmare Fuel / The Batman

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This incarnation of Batman and his Rogues amps up the creep factor for a variety of Batman's rogues, making them all more deranged at best and a gaggle of Humanoid Monsters at worst. As such there are nightmares aplenty.
  • The Joker. From his inhuman red eyes to his disgusting mouth, everything seems off about him. The fact that his original outfit was modeled after a straightjacket doesn’t help and the fact he can actually combat the Caped Crusader in wits and brawn in this verse only makes him more dangerous.
    • Victims of Joker's laughing gas, especially with their wide eyes and demented grin with yellow teeth!
  • Seeing Batman under the effects of Joker toxin in "The Laughing Bat" is just... wrong. Oh so very wrong. And this isn't the first time we see Batman infected by the toxin. Or the last. Joker himself is displayed in the page image as even worse and even more deranged than usual, killing people with a new strain of Joker Gas and targeting everyone who breaks any minor rules as a twisted mockery of Batman's Code. He gassed people for relatively minor offenses, such as leaving the turn signal on. It gets worse when he gasses the mayor’s wife and then later goes after two girls who were innocently making chalk drawings. Him later actively trying to make his own "Joker" by poisoning Batman and Batman slowly undergoing Sanity Slippage only adds to the horror pile.
  • Ethan Bennett's treatment by the Joker near the end of the first season is just terrifying, especially near the end of the episode when Ethan's face melts as he turns into Clayface. Even worse is that Ethan's transformation was entirely accidental on Joker's part. He was actually trying to kill him by turning him into dust after driving him insane.
    • Speaking of which, Ethan's shifting ability as Clayface is pretty creepy all its own... especially when you look at it frame by frame.
  • The Riddler, especially with his eerily calm voice and whimsically murderous personality that crosses between childish and dangerously insane. Being voiced by Freddy Krueger himself can do that...
    The Riddler: Tell me, Batman... what question can you never answer “Yes” to? (doses Batman with knockout gas then whispers) “Are you asleep?”
  • Penguin in this incarnation is completely deranged, unlike his more saner crime boss incarnations and has the added bonus of being a dangerous martial artist willing to kill with his own hands, a pair of silent blade-handed contortionist minions who kill at his leisure, and having a vast assortment of dangerous weapons in his umbrella to boot. Many creepy moments from him are as followed:
    • Penguin pulling a Nightmare Face right after breaking down in tears after his initial defeat by Batman.
    • Penguin’s face when he tries to ground Batman into “fertilizer”.
    • Penguin getting the powers of Ra and then attempting to blow up a hospital. Full of CHILDREN.
  • When Bruce Wayne tries to stop the contortionist villain Ragdoll, the latter creepily turns his head at a 180 degree angle, whilst he warns Wayne in a thinly veiled threat that "boys shouldn't play with dolls".
    • Generally, Ragdoll having a pair of stitched X's where his eyes should be. Like some of Batman's villains, it kind of makes you wonder if there's even a man in there.
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  • Black Mask. Particularly his mask. Not only does it look creepy, it's apparently unable to be removed. Is he even human underneath? The same question can be asked about the Kabuki Twins.
  • "Strange New World". Hugo Strange's plan is to turn the city into a Zombie Apocalypse, with one key difference- they would be his mindless drone army, and otherwise act like regular zombies, minus the ripping people to shreds. We see it actually in action and it's terrifying. And the zombies are frighteningly intelligent, capable of team combat and setting traps... And then it turns out they're not zombies at all. Strange just tricked Batman and Robin into breathing his hallucinating toxin, and everyone's perfectly normal. It's only the two of them that see them as zombies, and due to this, they almost complete Strange's plan of releasing more of the toxin in crowded Gotham.
    • Also doubles as Fridge Horror since Batman and Robin are in reality thrashing innocent people, the police, Batgirl and eventually one another while hallucinating everyone around them is a zombie. Fortunately, Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl are not hurt.
  • The Penguin trying to slice Batgirl into three pieces in "A Dark Knight To Remember". Made worse by Batman's amnesia impeding him from being her hero.
  • Alfred getting hypnotized by Spellbinder in "The Butler Did It". Especially when he moves in sync with the other butlers, and shoves the Batman off the top of a moving van.
    • Heck, Spellbinder in general. The hallucinations he puts Batman in could give Scarecrow a run for his money.
  • The plant clones in "Fleurs de Mal". They talk with the Voice of the Legion, and there's one scene where Batman is fighting his clone with a sharp Batarang, and cuts his chest open, which then proceeds to close back up as Clone!Batman laughs demonically.
  • In Strange Minds, Batman is overwhelmed within Joker's mindscape, and starts to go insane.
    • In addition, a Jokerized chicken can be seen, which is both scary and kind of unny at he same time.
    Joker!Chicken: Why do I cross the road?
  • In Brawn, seeing Joker under the effects of Bane's Venom apparatus is just... unsettling.
  • Harley Quinn. No, really. The Adorkable version audiences know and love is pretty much gone. She starts as a psychopathic womanchild and doesn't get any better. She's willing to murder innocent civilians for no other reason than because she thinks it would be funny or because they pissed her off somehow. She, among other things, gives a bigger Slasher Smile than Joker, and tries to kill several people because they didn't like her show. Her actually having a decent and equally received relationship with Joker does not help, and in fact emphasizes how bad this incarnation actually is.
  • D.A.V.E. is scary in just how effective it is. Not only is D.A.V.E. able to beat the Batman in a fight multiple times, but the flawless tech robbery, committing the perfect crime that includes the elements of all of Batman's villains (just like D.A.V.E. itself), even deducing Batman's identity in a frighteningly believable and easy way, infiltrating the Batcave, and setting up a Sadistic Choice (either Alfred dies, or Batman's identity is revealed to the world) really do earn D.A.V.E. the title of Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind.
  • Phosphorus. Up until this episode, Firefly is just a snarky thug for hire with a jetpack and lasers. One mishap with a radioactive isotope and he's this show's equivalent of Blight. Everything he touches incinerates, to the point where even the floor under his feet starts melting, he's able to project massive amounts of weaponized heat, and he's Drunk with Power and developing a serious Hair-Trigger Temper, to the point where even his girlfriend, who likes him because of his bad-boy nature, is terrified of what he's becoming. And what's worse, according to Batman, he's in danger of a meltdown, taking most of Gotham with him, unless he absorbs more radiation, which would make him even more dangerous.
  • In “A Matter of Family”, where Tony Zucco has Batman tied up on a giant dart board, while explaining and demonstrating the circus act he used to be a part of with his father; knife-throwing. He’d throw the knives, and his dad would “hope he wouldn’t hit him”.
    Tony Zucco: (coldly) Well, one day... I missed.
  • Joker’s nanobot clone. Especially the part where he removes his eyes and makes the Joker understandably grossed out. He then tries to KILL Joker and the others before melting down Gotham with his nanobots to turn it into his personal play pen.

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