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Nightmare Fuel / The Batman vs. Dracula

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  • As seen in the page picture, Joker is turned into a Vampire. To explain, after chasing Penguin down into Dracula's cavern and knocking him out, Joker approaches Dracula's coffin under the belief that it's holding buried treasure. Upon discovering the sleeping Vampire Lord inside, Dracula almost immediately wakes up and proceeds to drag the terrified clown inside his coffin to feast. We then focus on Penguin staring completely shaken as we hear Joker's pathetic pleas slowly die down, accompanied by disturbing slurping sounds and animalistic growls.
    • Let's delve into his very first appearance post-vampirism, shall we? After we see the scene above happen, we cut to outside of Gotham City's Blood Bank with Vampire Joker quietly prowling into it. A lone nurse is typing away inside her office before noticing Vampire Joker standing ominously in the doorway. After scooting away and nervously asking if he wants to give blood, we then see Vampire Joker already standing right next to her desk glaring down at her before flashing her a Slasher Smile filled to the brim with razor sharp fangs and leaping at the screen with a hiss.
  • The blood rain, as well as Joker crazily licking the blood-covered floor. His wide-eyed stare and lizard-like tongue don’t help, either. Also, that creepy whisper he does while chasing Batman through the blood bank...
  • What about Vampire Batman? Granted it was only a nightmare, but still...
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  • Dracula's death in all its gruesome detail. Lessened when Alfred offers to sweep up afterwards.
  • Joker being electrocuted by his own buzzer as he falls into the water, with flashes of lightning under the surface to emphasize the Family-Unfriendly Death. Though he gets better eventually.
  • Penguin chasing Vicki through the cemetery, complete with Slasher Smile and "Here's Ozzy!".
  • Dracula tries to suck out Vicki’s soul and possess her with the spirit of his dead bride. The ghostly screech his bride gives as she starts to return to life doesn’t help.
  • Dracula’s minions. Ordinary citizens turned into ravenous, bloodthirsty slaves of Dracula who bear the same pale, decaying body that Dracula first emerged out of the crypt with. Most become insane and feral but Joker retains enough of his mind to show that even if their sentience were intact, they cannot act independently of Dracula’s agenda.
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  • The idea that Penguin and Dracula wanted to target Vicki in the first place is beyond creepy.
  • Dracula’s awakening is a good dose of Body Horror, as it gradually gets less and less skeletal, from his shriveled heart slowing beating to his joints cracking and creaking, culminating in his empty eye sockets suddenly glowing an unearthly blue. Not to mention that he’s so thirsty upon awakening that he’s practically feral, unable to form words other than “Blood!” and bounding after Penguin like a wolf chasing a frightened rabbit. Penguin literally wets himself out of fear afterwards.
  • Vampire Joker ripping into the blood bag and then turning around with a very bloody mouth. Paired with those disgusting teeth of his, it’s not a pretty sight.
  • Dracula explaining his backstory to Penguin, complete with a scene of Dracula being impaled.
  • One scene where a SWAT team is chasing Batman, shows Dracula picking them off one by one throughout their pursuit, as the ones at the front remain oblivious. As they follow Batman up the stairs to the roof, there are just two of them left out of a dozen or so, and when nothing happens for a while, Batman looks down the stairway to see their guns lying on the floor, and no sign of the cops, before Dracula reveals himself.
  • The cross on Dracula's tomb is a very spooky sight and a good indicator of what lies inside.
  • The terror of the average Gotham citizen throughout the vampire rampage just oozes through the screen. As Batman investigates the cemetery, there's a quick shot of the new nigh watchman cowering behind a tombstone, frantically calling the police about Batman's presence and begging them to arrive before he becomes the next "lost one".
  • At the end of a montage showing citizens locking themselves indoors as the sun goes down, one man sees a little girl on the street, and hurries out to tell her it's not safe. Unsurprisingly, she turns out to be a vampire (following a feral Face-Revealing Turn) and attacks him.
  • Batman's standoff with the SWAT force in the cemetery. While Batman being chased by The Lopsided Arm of the Law is nothing new, they primarily try to arrest him or subdue him. In this case, the GCPD clearly aim submachine guns at Batman's head, and they are shooting with clear lethal intent. Unlike in Mask of the Phantasm, where Batman was suspected of outright murder, the Lost Ones are merely disappeared people, so the cops have no proof of foul play, but they have no trouble using lethal force on a suspect, based on a single eyewitness.
  • Dracula attacking Stypes in the cellar. Stypes walks into Dracula, assuming he is a guest and offers him food, before Dracula attacks and envelops the poor waiter in his cape. The wine bottle smashes open and the red wine clearly resembles blood being spilled. The follow-up scene is not any better as when Alfred berates Stypes, unaware of what has happened, he berates Stypes for having no food, only for him to see Stypes has no reflection and clearly panics as he says "Oh dear", right before Stypes snarls and jumps out the window.

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