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Heartwarming / The Batman vs. Dracula

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  • After Joker has seemingly died from electrocution by his own electric joybuzzers, Bruce actually mourns him. And when people start disappearing (thanks to Dracula), it strengthens his resolve to find them.
    Bruce: I lost Joker… I’m not gonna lose anyone else on my watch.
  • When Vicky is researching Bruce at the newspaper archive. The little speech is rather sweet.
    Vicky Vale: What is it about you that keeps me coming back? Your boyish charm... hot bod... tons of money... if only I were shallow.
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  • When Batman brings a now Vampire Joker back to the Bat Cave to try to find a cure, Alfred shows a little Sympathy for the Devil towards Joker.
    Alfred: Joker has suffered a fate crueler than death.
  • When Batman extracts some of his own blood, and then throws a packet of it to the despondent and starving Joker.
    Joker (as vampire): Batsy, you complete me!
    • Batman not only does this once, but twice, the second one being laced with the vampirism antidote, returning Joker to normal.

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