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Funny / The Batman vs. Dracula

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  • When Alfred sees Dracula's withered head.
    Alfred: I shall sweep that into the dust bin straight away.
  • The Joker to Batman, after being bitten by Dracula and turned himself.
    Joker: You're my second bat-man tonight, and you're both pains in the neck!
  • Earlier in the blood bank scene, after Joker has chugged down quite a few vials of blood... he then briefly describes the taste of it as if he were at a wine tasting. It’s as disturbing as it is funny.
    Joker: A bold finish of wild cherries with a hint of oak. (Belches)
  • The Joker again, now a vampire and starved of blood.
    Joker: I thought you cared!
    Batman: Trust me, Joker, I'm trying to help you.
    Joker: Then FEED ME!
    • The part that really sells it is when he spies a cockroach and gobbles it up.
      Joker: Got ketchup?
  • When Batman brings a packet of his own blood (laced with the vampire antidote) to Joker, Joker almost sounds like an impatient spouse.
    Joker: It’s about time, Batsy! You’re late!
  • Penguin gets quite a few. Such as his reaction to seeing hundreds of crosses in the cemetery. Meaning the treasure he’s looking for could be anywhere.
  • When Dracula tries to get Penguin to be his slave, Penguin gets all sassy with him:
    Penguin: Whoa whoa whoa! I’ll have you know, sir, I am a COBBLEPOT! And Cobblepots do NOT serve!
    • One hypnotism later:
      Penguin: I’m Penguin, I’ll be your server.
  • This exchange between Dracula and the Penguin:
    Penguin: GAAH! Dead guys don't do that!
    Dracula: Not dead. Undead.
    Penguin: I think I need to unwet my pants.
  • When the Joker first comes upon Dracula's casket:
    Joker: Oooh, that is one fat-looking vault.
    (Opens up the coffin and sees Dracula's body)
    Joker: ...That's one good-looking corpse.
    (Dracula's eyes suddenly snap open)
    • Penguin's reaction to Joker being eaten is rather darkly humorous too.
      Penguin: Breakfast in bed, fresh squeezed.
    • And before all that, his response to the Joker declaring himself "Back from the grave!"
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    • And even before that, Joker’s response to Penguin’s "You!" Exclamation when he sees him in the cemetery.
      Joker: Everyone’s so shocked to see me these days; you, the fisherman who found me tangled in his net. By the way, who knew electroshock therapy could be so invigorating?
  • Vicki kneeing Penguin in the family jewels. His cross-eyed expression of pain and small groan seal it.
  • Penguin’s monocle falling off as he stands there with his mouth open right before being arrested.
  • While he does make a scary face with glowing red eyes beforehand, Penguin’s hypnosis wearing off is a bit funny:
    Penguin: “Soon, master will... *eyes turn back to normal* drink your blood and stuff and... what am I talkin’ about?”
  • "Nice jugulars".

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