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Funny / Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders

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It's an animated film based off the Adam West Batman. Were you expecting anything else?

  • The fact that Batman had an Anti-Antidote for the virus that turned him evil. And then in the finale, an (unfortunately not named as such) anti-Anti-Antidote is used to cure him.
  • "Quickly, Robin. To the crosswalk!" note 
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  • The credits start with Batman running with two giant bombs in his hands before he performs the Batusi. Then after it shows Catwoman dancing her own version of the Batusi, it cuts to Bats dribbling a bomb like it was a basketball.
  • At the end, Catwoman offers to make a deal with Batman: she'll turn herself in if Bats decides to run away with her and sip coffee in a café in Europe. Robin's response:

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