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  • Actor Allusion:
    • One of the roles of Sumire Uesaka in this game is the Fubuki-class destroyer. Not exactly important at first glance, but remember that "Fubuki" is Japanese for "Blizzard". Which brings to mind the Red Baron moniker from another character she played: Nonna from Girls und Panzer.
    • In the English dub of the anime, Elizabeth Maxwell voices Nagato. Her role as the direct subordinate of the commander packing a Contralto of Danger will remind you of another role by Ms. Maxwell: Winter Schnee.
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    • Also in the dub, this isn't the first nor is it the second time that Brittney Karbowski has voiced a Hot-Blooded ninja.
    • Upon Jervis' introduction in the Winter 2018 event, her dialogue lines has her referring to the Admiral on ocassion as "Darling". The last known character that her seiyuu previously voiced who also used such appellation was Chitoge Kirisaki.
  • Approval of God: Bob bookmarks fanart of the girls he is the artist for.
  • Ascended Fanon: The anime adaptation takes some in-jokes from both the fandom at large and some of the spinoffs and canonizes them.
    • Akagi's Big Eater status comes front and center, after Fubuki witnesses the huge platter of katsu (or bauxite) curry she ordered. Kaga gets foisted with this as well come episode 6 (while her serving appears twice as large as Akagi's, it's likely that Akagi was halfway through her plate).
    • Ashigara's desperate Single Woman Seeks Good Man Christmas Cake status is also referenced by Kisaragi, after rumors of apparently another failed mixer.
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    • Inazuma's "nanodesu", despite not being used often in the game proper, turns into a proper Verbal Tic, used in all but one of her lines in Episode 2 and it gets over-killed in Episode 6 with about 17 instances of it — the most of out all Verbal Tic-using characters in the episode. And only second to Yuudachi's "Poi~" throughout the entirety of the anime.
    • Ooi, while not too far on the crazy side in-game, suddenly goes on a RAEG when Naka takes Kitakami's hand. (Naka's trying to get Kitakami to teach Fubuki.) This may have to do with the Crazy Lesbian Ooi Bot, an actual person on Twitter who regularly Roleplays Ooi and portrays her as an absolutely mad Manic Pixie Dream Girl who only only loves Kitakami.
    • Zekamashi, one of the fan nicknames for Shimakaze, gets used by Kongou in episode 4.note 
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    • Raiden, a fan nickname for Inazuma and Ikazuchi, also gets used, again care of Kongou in episode 6.
    • Nagato displaying a much less serious, far more cutesy and goofy side while in private, as shown in episode 8. Mutsu even teases her about it at the end of the episode.
    • After Haruna's second remodel had her with dazzle camouflage, some fans started joking that she wears striped panties. Cue official art confirming that yes, she does.
    • Iowa is frequently paired with Kongou in fan art due to their similar personalities. In the browser game, one of her hourly lines has her expressing admiration for the Kongou sisters.
    • Some fan artist have drawn Asashimo with shark-like teeth. Her Fall 2016 finally shows that she indeed has sharp teeth.
    • Many fan artists of both sides of the Pacific has drawn KanColle-styled American Fleet Carrier girls as wielding guns instead of bows or scrolls. The first USN Carrier of this game, Saratoga, does end up wielding a gun to launch planes (an oversized Thompson SMG to be exact).
    • Several fanworks depicted Houshou running an on-base izakaya pub, before Chitose finally got an hourly voice line inviting the Admiral for dinner at "Houshou's shop". It's not stated what kind of shop this is, but given that Chitose is a known Bottle Fairy, the odds are pretty good that it's exactly what people were expecting.
  • Casting Gag:
  • Colbert Bump:
    • Originally intended to be a niche game catering mostly to the military otaku population with a modest budget and minimal advertisement, its popularity experienced a huge surge after its players (including, among others, Kohta Hirano, whose Heroic BSoD on Twitter is most commonly cited as the main reason for the popularity surge) spread the word on Twitter and/or Pixiv.
    • Kisaragi's appearance in the anime and being sunk in episode 3 has resulted in loads of fan artwork of just her, when before she mostly showed up in group artwork or as a background character.
  • Creator's Favorite: Fubuki is known to be this to Tanaka.
  • Development Hell: KanColle Kai was originally scheduled to be released sometime in 2014. Then it was pushed back to spring 2015. Then to November 26, 2015. Then to February 18, 2016. To add insult to injury, the final delay was announced one month before the scheduled release. While it was finally released in February 2016, many fans fear that the repeated delays have hurt the game's chances. That worry turned out to be unnecessary, as the franchise's sheer popularity have made up for its shortcoming well enough to becoming one of the top-selling PS Vita game at its release.....until it was pulled from both store shelves and from the PSN Store just over a year later.
  • Fan Nickname: Now has its own page.
  • Fandom Nickname: Players are referred to as "admirals". Unsurprisingly, given the game's premise.
    • New players are sometimes called "newfaces" or "newface admirals", from one of Kongou's Engrish lines.
    • Bad players (new or not) are called "shitty admirals" based on Akebono's lines.
  • Fan Speak:
    • Night-battles - Often used as a double entendre, and adopted because of the teasing way some shipgirls themselves use the term. Heavily popularized by Sendai, through her dialogue lines.
    • Displacement - Fanmade description for breasts; the greater displacement, the better. Though there have been some certain exceptions (some of the flat-chested carriers) and inversions for that matter (some big-chested Destroyers). "Fuel Tanks" are seen as an alternative term.
    • On the same note as Displacement, shipgirls' body parts are often referred by the ship's equivalent; bow for head or hair, stern for butts, rudder for legs, torpedo bulge for body fat, horsepower for musculature, etc.
  • Fanwork Ban: Kadokawa has prohibited fangames of KanColle from being made. This was first known back in 2013, but whether they have relaxed the ban since then is unclear.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • Warship Girls is Chinese game for the Android with a similar premise like Kantai Collection. However, unlike Kantai Collection which features mostly WW2 IJN warships, Warship Girls, at least initially features WW2 Warships from all sides of the War, though it has since pushed the tech boundaries into the Korean War and Vietnam War era, with the introduction of jets from that era as well ships equipped with long-range anti-ship missiles, and later, anti-air missiles. It was announced for an English release at E3 2015, but it wasn't until a change in publisher that it finally came out, on December 18, 2018.
    • Another Chinese warship game, Azur Lane, gained prominence and popularity throughout 2017, being another take on the genre that includes ships from both Allied and Axis ships.
    • In the US, another Kantai clone is Victory Belles, an upcoming Free-to-Play rpg collection game & warship sim for the Web and iOS by American developer Black Chicken Studios. Victory Belles takes it Up to Eleven for not only having all WW2 Warships from all sides but having the ship characters voice by actual voice actresses from their respective countries (eg. British ships voiced by British voice actors and Russian ships voiced by Russian voice actors.), thus averting Fake Nationality.
    • In general, the game's success led to several other Card Battle Games involving Moe Anthropomorphisms fighting for the player to be hosted on DMM, such as Touken Ranbu, Shinken!! and Flower Knight Girl. However, Touken Ranbu is the only one of these to become anywhere near as popular as KanColle, while Flower Knight Girl is available outside of Japan via Nutaku. Shinken!! wasn't so lucky, as its service was terminated in September 2017.
    • Abyss Horizon, which is more accurately a KanColle Arcade clone, offers the gameplay of the arcade version to owners of smartphones, especially to those from outside of Japan and thus do not have access to KanColle Arcade machines. SEGA was clearly NOT amused and filed a C&D against the company operating the Japanese version. Though the lawsuit has since been settled, the Japanese version continues to operate by said company transferring ownership of it to a shell company operating in Hong Kong, thereby circumventing the C&D.
  • Genius Bonus: The signal flags beside Kashima's beret stands for "UY", which in Naval parlay means "I am carrying out exercises. Please keep clear of me." Fitting, since she is a Training Cruiser. note 
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Sumire Uesaka is well known as a Russophile, yet the role of Verniy was given to Aya Suzaki. The official 4koma has Fubuki (whom Sumire Uesaka voices) communicating with the suddenly converted Verniy (Hibiki's second remodel) with (supposedly) good Russian, only to reveal that Verniy cannot really speak Russian apart from rudimentary words.
    • This became Hilarious in Hindsight, with the reveal that Sumire Uesaka will be voicing Hibiki/Verniy's Warship Girls counterpart, as well as two other VMF vessels (Kirov and Reshitelny).
    • Done a second time with Tashkent. Despite her voice lines sounding quite similar to Sumire Uesaka (especially if you compare them to Murakumo's), it was later revealed to be Wakana Miyakawa voicing Tashkent instead.
  • Meme Acknowledgment:
    • Zuikaku's seiyuu Iori Nomizu has previously done the infamous Zui-Zui dance.
    • When the JMSDF introduced the helicopter destroyer Kaga (DDH-184), fans made a lot of art of her namesake in JMSDF uniform or with modern equipment. When she had an open house event in July 2017, official depictions of a modernised KanColle!Kaga were put on display on board the ship.
  • Name's the Same: Granted, they are named after the actual warships, so same names are to be expected. However, there is a special case with the upgraded Hiryuu, who shares an exact name with a spaceship from Super Robot Wars Original Generation.
    • Played With in the official 4koma. One possible reason why Fubuki is able to speak fluent Russian (as mentioned in the Irony as She Is Cast above) is because a previous incarnation of Fubuki (a Harusame-class destroyer) was active during the Russo-Japanese War.
    • Amagi shares her name with the unfinished and ultimately scrapped battlecruiser Amagi, who was historically Akagi's sister ship. Some fanartists portray Akagi fawning over Amagi as a result of that, while in 4koma it goes with 'confusing linage' gagNote .
  • No Export for You: The only way to play the game is to register on the Japanese-language segment of the DMM website, which itself is inaccessible to non-Japanese IP addresses. This means to even register for the game, a prospective non-Japanese player will have to jump through a lot of hoops to do so (usually by using VPN), never mind getting to play the game, which then requires newly registered members to win a lottery for one of the limited slots per server. And competition is steep for server slots.
    • The January 29, 2014 update was a rude awakening for many foreign players, as the most prevalent method used to play the game (the API link) no longer worked, since DMM had the game purge its API lists every 90 minutes. This meant that anyone who wanted to play via API was now essentially playing on a timer, and they had to hop on VPN to renew their API link when the time was "up". The other choices were playing on the VPN full-time, which carried its own associated risk, mainly a chance of getting banned for using a single IP (as DMM would technically see a single IP used by multiple accounts), or purchasing a private VPN to play the game on. In any case, this caused a lot of grief for non-Japanese players, causing some of them to drop the game outright rather than face the hassle of renewing every hour and a half. However, said API renewal forced a lot of players to log in simultaneously, overloading DMM's log-in servers, and essentially making the game inaccessible to everyone for hours on end. It was quietly removed in a subsequent update.
    • As of late though, API links are no longer a concern. A not-so-recent method involving cookie editing allows any foreign player to play the game properly. API links have also become less viable anyway due to them expiring after a set time starting from the 2015 October 9 update (initially 10 minutes, now 2 hours). The lottery was also scrapped when the considerably larger Hashirajima server came out.
    • Since Koreans hate this game (although it still has a fan community), the anime series is not available on Koreanote . It isn't available in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Merchandise from this game isn't available in those countries, too.
    • However, in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, basically territories which suffered greatly under Imperial Japan, merchandise and cosplays of the game's various ship girls are rather popular.
  • Permanent Placeholder: When the marriage system was first announced, it was called kekkon kakkokari (ケッコンカッコカリ), which means marriage (temporary) and implied that "marriage system" was just a placeholder name. Kekkon kakkokari would later go on to be the official name of the system on implementation.
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • Jiji, the artist for the Italian ships, has done fanart of the game before. Just don't look for it at work.
    • Later articles also revealed that Shuu Uchida (Warspite's seiyuu) also played KanColle long before joining the cast; she even has Murasame as her "shipfu".
  • Schedule Slip: In general, anything the developers announce they plan to add can take a long while to be added.
    • Some fleet girls representing ships from the IJN, the Kriegsmarine, and the Regia Marina, that actually existed during World War II have yet to appear in the game. The most blatant case thereof would be that involving Shinano: Kadokawa had already released Alpha Art of her in supplementary materials ''way back in 2013'', but she has yet to make her appearance as of early 2020. And with the successive debut of foreign Navies (currently at Nine, the latest being both the Australian Navy and the Dutch Navy via the 2019 Fall Event), and the introduction of more unique ship variants like the coastal defense ships and escort carriers, for starters, the wait is expected to become longer.
      • To add insult to injury, Warship Girls beat them to it, introducing their own interpretation of the said ship. With the late-2018 game Abyss Horizon including Shinano as part of its base lineup, and even Azur Lane teasing Shinano by way of data mining AND by having her be an important, but offscreen character in the Swirling Cherry Blossom event, Kantai Collection remains the only existing ship-girl collection game where the answer of when Shinano is going to be added remains a question mark.
      • To put into context the effect of the said trope on Shinano, Graf Zeppelin and Aquila (Both heavily unfinished carriers compared to the roughly-finished IJN supercarrier) were released in the Fall 2015 and Summer 2016 events, respectively, and were not even mentioned in early supplementary materials to boot.
      • Some of the supposed reasons for the delay in her introduction, happen to revolve around how to balance her in-game statsExplanation , one of the unique Aircraft she was designed to carryNote , and the fact that she was planned as an End-Game reward (alongside her half-sisters) had the game itself not taken off like it did.
    • When the Shoukaku sisters were given their second remodels, the developers promised they would be able to operate jet aircraft. To further the hype, the Ne Type Engine was released as part of the November 2015 ranking rewards. However, for over a year, there were no jets available. Considering the case with Shinano, to add even more insult to injury, Warship Girls introduced its first jet aircraft, the Yokosuka R2Y2, into the game in Summer of 2016. By the time the R2Y2, and the Kikka were added to Kantai Collection later in the same year, Warship Girls had added another jet into the game, the McDonnell F2H Banshee.
  • Shrug of God: The developers are ridiculously closed-lipped about the origins of both the player-controlled fleet girls and their opponents, the Abyssal Fleet, which leads not only to fans making their own theories, but even to the official print spinoffs not agreeing on where they came from.
  • Sleeper Hit: The game was originally meant for the very niche market of military otaku, but thanks to some Colbert Bumps from big names in the manga and anime industries (the most notable example being Kohta Hirano's epic meltdowns about the game on Twitter) it got a lot more popular than intended.
  • Star-Making Role: Shuu Uchida makes her voice-acting debut as Warspite. Ditto with Kanon Takao as Gotland
  • Talking to Himself: With Loads and Loads of Characters and only a limited pool of voice actresses, a lot of conversations in the anime tend to become this. Averted for the English dub of the anime, where individual voice actresses are assigned to one ship girl, as opposed to multiple ship girls of the same class, taking advantage of Funimation's larger talent pool.
  • Trolling Creator: The game's lead developer, Kensuke Tanaka. At times, one can't tell whether what he did was a genuine mistake or completely intentional. (If he fixes it. If not, it's probably intentional. Probably.) Comparisons to SerB have been aplenty, as a result. Apart from the Schedule Slip entry, here are some of the infamous instances:
    • Affirmed that ships did sink at orange (50% or less health), in direct contradiction to information provided in the tutorial itself.
    • When the Autumn 2013 event was extended, he added a new ship, Yahagi, to the drop pool of the E5 boss. Some players who had cleared the event before the extension were not pleased. Then less than one month after the event ended, she was part of the starting LSC pool when it was implemented, available using the minimum recipe. Naturally, those who spent resources farming for her were even less pleased.
    • During the Summer 2014 event, ships used in the AL maps were locked out of being used in the MI maps. However, the last map, E6, was not known to lock out all ships used in the first 5 maps, until frontliners first got there and found that they couldn't use their best ships there, as they had already been locked in earlier maps.
    • In the buildup to the Winter 2017 event, the devs tweeted that one needed to prepare at least 2 Saiun for the Winter 2017 event, if you wanted to tackle the latter half of the event on anything other than easy. What was not specified was that you not only needed to consume one Saiun and 20 development materials for each of two attempts, it was simply wasted if your attempt failed, potentially making you need more. Some players were not pleased.
  • Vapor Ware: Of all the fleet girls introduced since 2013, including supplementary materials, Shinano is the one who falls squarely in this trope. see Schedule Slip entry.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The temporarily playable Fleet of Fog ships. Let's just say, if the marriage(temp) system, which was confirmed for eventual implementation before the Arpeggio event started (and was eventually implemented some time after it ended), with the concept for it being leaked out some time before that, had instead been implemented before the event started...
    • If the game had failed to take off, it would have gone out in a Torch the Franchise and Run fashion with the Bombing of Kure as the final Event, which was planned to coincide with the 68th anniversary of VJ Day.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Kancolle Wiki and Wikia Kancolle Wiki.


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