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Drinking Game / KanColle

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KanColle is absolutely made of Random Number God and is full of rageworthy events. Take a sip when:
  • Someone gets struck to orange or red at the very first node.
    • Someone gets struck to red at the pre-boss node.
    • If someone gets outright sunk, drown your sorrows.
  • You S-rank a node and don't get a drop or get only a Com Mon.
    • Take a second sip if it's the boss node that only gives you a Com Mon.
  • Someone wastes a 100+ damage Critical Hit on a destroyer, transport or any mook already in red.
  • Boss gauge doesn't get depleted because everyone is aiming at anything but the boss.
  • Compass fairies send you from pre-boss node to dead end instead of the boss.
  • You miss out on S-rank because of one mook that just refuses to go from red to dead.
    • Take a second sip if the remaining health is just single digit.
    • Finish your drink if it's not just any mook but the boss.
  • You get a Naka as drop or crafting result.
  • You try to craft a battleship or carrier and get a light cruiser or destroyer instead.
  • Your LSC recipe only gives you non-LSC, Maruyu or Akitsu Maru.
  • You try to craft high-grade equipment that requires more than 100 of any resource and get only trash that is available with the least amount of resources.
  • Land-based air support, carrier airstrike, opening torpedo or support expedition doesn't kill a single mook.
    • Finish your drink if all four happen and you still don't have a single kill.
    • Or when they are fully sparkled... and they did not arrive at that one node you have trouble with getting past without them.
  • Someone who isn't medium or more damaged deals only ten or less damage.
  • Cut-In or Double Attack deals twenty or less damage.
  • Every five misses.
  • Every three misses during a Combined Fleet sortie. (If it was every miss, you'd get alcohol poisoning.)
    • For both this and the one immediately above, take a second sip if at least one miss came from a girl carrying accuracy-boosting equipment.
  • Sparkled girl gets struck to red in one hit.
  • Three or more torpedoes converge on the same target and all miss.
    • Take one more sip if your formation is in Line Ahead (which has the best torpedo accuracy compared to the others).
  • An enemy gets a Critical Hit on one of yours.
    • Second sip if it causes one of the shipgirls to go to medium or heavy damage.
    • Finish drink if a destroyer or transport is responsible against a battleship or carrier.
  • Anti-Air Cut-In fails to activate.
  • A battleship or heavy cruiser sinks a destroyer or transport when there are larger ships around.
    • Take another sip if it was a Double Attack or Cut-In, or if the larger ship that didn't get attacked promptly deals medium/heavy damage to one of yours as "thanks".
    • Take a third sip if it was a nighttime triple gun Cut-In. Raise your glass in salute to your fallen foe beforehand if this battle started in the daytime.
  • Conversely, a destroyer decides to attack a battleship or boss in daytime, when it will have little effect, over lighter targets.
  • One of your girls changes damage status because of Scratch Damage.
    • Second drink if that was because of a destroyer or transport.
    • Finish your drink if that damage change was from a chuuha/medium to a taiha/heavy on pre-boss node, denying you your advancement to the boss node.
  • You miss out on S-rank in PVP because of a submarine refusing to take the last less than 5 damage needed to sink her.
  • You lose air superiority.
    • Second drink if you get Air Denial.
    • Third drink if one of the girls takes heavy damage because of enemy Double Attack or Cut-In.
  • During night battle, an enemy executes a Double Attack or Cut-In.
    • Second drink if both Star Shell and Searchlight activated, supposedly reducing the chance of that happening, and it still did.
  • When two targets are left in the closing torpedo phase, one of which is heavily damaged and the other isn't, your fleet fires most if not all of their torpedoes at the heavily-damaged one instead of the one that's still a threat.
    • null if said crippled ship is a boss during event and you are attempting to clear the map
  • You sparkle all members of a support expedition squadron and it doesn't activate.
  • Opening antisubmarine warfare (OASW)-capable shipgirls ignore submarines with opening torpedoes to attack submarines without, allowing the former to attack.
    • Second sip if said opening torpedoes cause someone to go to medium or heavily-damaged.
    • Finish drink if said victim(s) include an OASW-capable shipgirlnote 

    Animated Adaptation only 
NOTE: This drinking game is designed only for the Animated Adaptation of KanColle. It is ill-advised to attempt this on the original game. Take a sip when:
  • Fubuki trips over.
  • Yuudachi says "Poi~" (All in all, 137 counts as confirmed; fair warning for Episode 8, though.)
    • Variation: Finish your drink if it's a character other than Yuudachi who utters it.
  • Akagi is seen eating.
  • Fubuki Squees. Two sips if it involves a character other than Akagi.
  • Kongou utters some Gratuitous English.
  • Kongou daydreams of the Admiral.
  • Akatsuki mentions anything related to ladyhood.
  • Hibiki says "khorosho".
  • Inazuma says "nanodesu" (Fair warning for Episode 6...)
  • There's a mention as to Ashigara and her Christmas Cake status.
  • Naka is in her self-proclaimed Idol Singer mode.
  • Shimakaze and/or Rensouhou-chan is/are doing a Funny Background Event. For that matter, just drink every time Rensouhou-chan pops up.
  • Ooi is doing one of the Weekly Lesbian moments of her fawning over Kitakami.
  • The Admiral is shown just off-camera or the scene is from their point of view.
  • Kaga and Zuikaku argue.

Alternative Title(s): Kantai Collection