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Tear Jerker / Ruby and Nora

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One thing that can be said about this series is that you will get a healthy dose of angst. It might be helpful to have a box of tissues handy.


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    Ruby's Birthday 
  • Keter's rampage is overall horrifying, but there are some heartbreaking moments of innocent people getting killed.
  • The death of Sally Rivers shows such wasted potential. As Ozpin notes, she was a Self-Made Woman who had her whole life ahead of her. Because of Ironwood's screw-up, some depraved psycho ended all of that.
  • The deaths of the Lock family are especially bad since Alistair gave them up without knowing it. A man was killed in front of his wife and young daughter, and their last moments were being eviscerated by Keter.

    Weiss and Pyrrha 
  • Pyrrha's comment that she'd die without Weiss is heartwarming, but the undertones of the fact that she's not exaggerating shows what a Broken Ace she is in this series. You kinda wonder what happened to her that made her this way. (And you do find out in the next story. See below.)
  • The fact that Abigail took so many lives in one move and all of them were on life-support. Even the doctors lament the losses.

    Pyrrha's Past 
Pyrrha's story is not a happy one…
  • Lyra's abuse, while sometimes exaggerated, can become disturbingly realistic at first. It is as heartbreaking as it is disturbing.
  • Lyra murdering Orion since she took away the one person who looked out for her in the face of Lyra's abuse.
  • Lyra tortures and kills an innocent single mother and promises to do the same to her children simply because she was a Faunus and Lyra believed she was connected to the White Fang.
  • The fact that Lyra killed the rest of Team PEAR for promising to help expose Lyra. All they wanted to do was help Pyrrha and they got pointlessly killed for it. Pyrrha feels guilty about it.
    • The treatment to Rachel deserves some mention since she cut off her Faunus ears just to get a point across to Pyrrha. Their relationship only just started and she ended up getting killed.

    Field Trip 
This story is the beginning of a downhill trend of increasing angst.
  • Scorch's first scene is ordering Ilia to murder her own lover just because they were gay. It is as heartbreaking as it is horrifying.
  • The story of Scorch taking over the White Fang and turning it into a hate-mongering terrorist group. Because of Blake being gay, it inspired Adam to murder the remaining logical and peaceful members in response.
  • Trifa looks forlorn about having to kill her lover, but the moment she starts feeling bad about it, she was killed by Scorch simply for having remorse.
  • Ruby tries to save her friends, but she gets hit with a tranquilizer and can do nothing as her classmates are murdered and her friends are taken away.
  • When Ilia tries to stop the heroes, you can tell how broken she is with her half-hearted attempt to keep them from stopping the bombs. Someone stripped of her identity and trying to please the man that wanted her to kill the one she loved and (as it was later revealed) killed her parents. She's so conflicted that all it takes to cause her to break down is for Blake to ask about Lily. She drops her weapon and drops to her knees crying before promising to help stop the attack.
  • Ilia comes to Blake to turn herself in for her crimes. She can't live with herself and Blake promises to write to her in prison. Ilia knows she messed up and this is the only thing she can do to atone for everything… and then Scorch kills her out of spite.
  • Another spiteful move that Scorch made was to kill Ren on his way out. As the rest of JNPR tries to beg him to stay awake all to no avail. This is after Nora was just getting over her breakup with him and was accepting his relationship with Jaune. She lost her boyfriend and then lost her long-time friend as soon as she was moving on from the breakup. And Jaune will have a tough time getting over the fact that he lost his boyfriend.

    Vytal Tournament 
  • JNP is still dealing with the loss of Ren, and they are absolutely miserable. Pyrrha is carrying her team on her shoulders trying to support them emotionally. Nora is so depressed that she has lost her color. But neither of them has it as bad as Jaune, who barely has the energy to do anything.
  • Blake is still depressed about the death of Ilia and Yang comes to cheer her up. Instead, Blake tells her about the history behind the locket she got from Ilia. It was given to Ilia by one of her mothers before she had to hide from Scorch. Unfortunately, she had to watch Scorch kill her parents. Even Yang is brought down by this.
  • JNP's victory against CME was a great moment… and undercut by the reveal of the Fall Maiden in a coma. Even more heartbreaking since Amber was Daisy's lover. Despite the fact that she was cheating on Winter, you can't help but feel for her considering it was after her marriage was in shambles.
  • Winter listens to Weiss' plans to give a promise ring to Pyrrha knowing that she might never be able to do it since Pyrrha will have to leave Weiss if she chooses to be the Fall Maiden. Knowing that this is a Tragic Dream makes it difficult for her not to cry.
  • After Weiss sees Pyrrha after not making it to the match, she is already breaking down. Even her cold dismissal of her friends shows how much this decision is taking a toll on her. She can't even say anything to Weiss about missing the match and decides to have sex with her. It is probably the most heartbreaking display of affection from her in the series so far.
  • The later framing of Pyrrha turns her from a beloved hero to the most hated person in Remnant. Just after she finally came to terms with the idea that she'd become the Fall Maiden. Even worse, when Weiss tries to comfort her, Pyrrha continues to keep pushing her away. When Weiss reminds her of their moment in the hospital... and it doesn't have the effect that she intended. Pyrrha strains the relationship further just before the battle.
  • And that's not even rock-bottom for Pyrrha. Pyrrha's horror at the murder of Penny is her lowest point.
  • It makes it even worse since Penny is truly human and dies in Ruby's arms as she cries. Her final words even make things worse:
  • One true moment of hopelessness is when Ozpin officially admits that he doesn't know what to do about the situation.

    Evil's Past 
  • The attack on Amber adds another layer of sadness with the fact that Daisy finds her. This is just before saying that she'd be home soon.
  • The lowest moment is when Cinder ends up killing Emerald for not being ruthless enough. After being saved from being raped by Neo and given a new life and admitting that she still loved Cinder, she was still killed anyway. Cinder coldly dismisses her she dies and Emerald feels nothing but betrayal of the woman that she truly loved.

    Beacon's Fall 
This story may be the most depressing story of the whole series. The whole story just serves Gut Punch after Gut Punch, putting the reader through a Trauma Conga Line.
  • In general, There are several more devastating instances of Death by Adaptation. No one is safe from this.
  • Ruby is still holding Penny's corpse as she cries over it. And because she's oblivious to the imminent danger, Jaune needs to perform a Heroic Sacrifice to keep her from getting impaled by a Nevermore feather. He tries to say her name as he dies from the implement.
  • Daisy ends up performing a Heroic Sacrifice to keep Winter safe before Winter does the same for a family that she just saved. Winter is immediately in tears when she notices that Daisy was shot by the rogue paladins. Her final words express regret for cheating on her and the pain that caused.
    "I’m sorry...Winter...for everything."
    • Moreover, Winter expressed regret for being angry with Daisy because she still loved her in the end. The sadder thing is that Daisy died not knowing this. Even when Qrow tries to comfort her, she still pushes him away.
      ”You know, it’s funny.” Tears ran down Winter’s face. “As angry as I love for her hadn’t lessened in the slightest. So...” she let out a choked sob. “ this still hurts.”
  • Amber's final word after being shot by Cinder was calling for Daisy.
  • Once Amber dies and Cinder gains the powers, you can feel the regret that he has that everything that he did to prevent this possibility was all in vain. Pyrrha and Weiss also feel his pain. As he drives them away to leave him to fight Cinder, the narration states that she is guilt-ridden.
  • Remember the scene on the show where Pyrrha leaves Jaune after confessing, this scene is even more saddening with her and Weiss. Weiss asks what they'll do about Salem, and Pyrrha states that they aren't going to do anything, but she will. As soon as Weiss realizes this, Pyrrha kisses Weiss goodbye and locks her in the locker. Only this time, she can't use the console on it to blast Weiss away from the scene. Weiss is begging and pleading for Pyrrha to let her out and not go against Salem and Pyrrha is begging her to not talk her out of this.
  • The final chapter really sets you up for what is coming, "From Oblivion to Pain".
  • As soon as Weiss breaks out, she sees Pyrrha going up to her death and rushes to save her. She repeats the phrase "I'm not losing you," as she tries to save her love.
  • As soon as Salem gets ready to deliver Pyrrha the infamous arrow to the chest, Weiss steps in front of her to save her, taking the arrow as well. They are both helpless to do anything. Pyrrha watches in horror as Weiss disintegrates in her arms.
    ”I’m...sorry,” Weiss gasped out, placing her hand on Pyrrha’s cheek. “I...didn’t know...what”
    • It adds a depressing Call-Back to Weiss and Pyrrha when she said that she'd die without Weiss. It seems awfully prophetic now.
    • After all the crap Pyrrha has been put through in this series, the only solace that she can take now is that she died with Weiss. That is the closest thing to a happy ending that she could possibly get and it is still thoroughly miserable.
  • When Ruby wakes up and remembers that Pyrrha died, she solemnly says that Weiss is going to be devastated by the news. Then the even worse news is revealed that Weiss died, too.
  • Unlike the Volume Three finale that ends with a small glimmer of hope for the road ahead, this story ends with Ruby crying at the news that Weiss had also died. Summer comforts her as Blake and Yang also start crying themselves. It is an absolute Downer Ending through and through.
    • A meta example: For months, that's where the story ended. The series was deleted shortly after this story was finished and for all intents and purposes, this was the ending that was left for Ruby and Nora.

This story looks at some flashbacks to the Fall of Beacon just moments after Ruby's silver-eye power emerges and shows the beginning of the fallout that these characters will be suffering.
  • As soon as Yang mentions Weiss and Pyrrha up at the tower, Winter immediately panics about her sister being in danger. That fear is realized when Qrow brings Ruby, Pyrrha's tiara, and Myrtenaster. Winter only solemnly asks if he's fucking with her about this. When he confirms that he isn't, she goes to the ground and curls up into a ball to silently sob to herself.
    • Worse yet, the reason Winter was extra worried was that she recognized the power of the silver eyes. And she knew that it awakened from great loss. She immediately starts putting the dots together in her head as soon as Yang mentions that Weiss and Pyrrha were down there. In addition, she is furious to find out that they left them down there by themselves.
    • This really drives home what she went through tonight. She watched the woman she loved die while trying to save her and learned that her sister was murdered. Not a great night for her.
    • Even Ironwood recognizes how devastated she is. When she is depressed, she becomes a workaholic to keep her mind off the pain and he recognizes that this isn't a healthy coping mechanism. He gives her mandatory leave to allow her time to properly grieve. And the only place she has left to go is her abusive household.
      ”I was given mandatory leave...and I don’t have anywhere else to go.”
  • When Yang sees the tiara and Myrtenaster, she is furious. Her eyes turn red and she refuses to believe that Qrow is being serious about this. She can't accept the idea that more of her friends had died tonight.
    ”No!” Yang tried to stay angry, but the sinking realization began to set in. “They’re f-fine...they’re...”
  • That pales in comparison to what Nora's reaction was. She even says she wouldn't know what to do if she lost Pyrrha, too. But when the bad news is delivered, she angrily shoves the tiara away from her and refuses to believe that she lost another team member. She slowly comes to the realization that she is the Sole Survivor of Team JNPR. And that realization crushes her. She reveals to Ruby that she hadn't slept in months after the fact.
  • When Winter returns to the Schnee household, she finds Whitley in his room, crying his eyes out at the news that his sister is dead. He even angrily shouts at Winter to leave him alone before he realizes who was knocking at his door.
  • Nora admits that she has nothing left after losing the rest of Team JNPR. She hasn't slept for months and she had been waiting for Ruby to join her to find out who killed her friends. Nora has reached the end of her rope, and Ruby can tell.

  • When Summer, Yang, and Blake find out that Qrow has been hiding things from them, they start to lose faith in him. Yang won't even let him call her "Firecracker" until he explains everything.
  • Nora's true emotional state is fully shown as she continues to beat up the Beringel Grimm despite it being defeated. Her blinding rage causes her to lash out and strike Ruby into a stone wall. She's horrified when she sees that she bruised her friend.
  • Then, Ruby's rant in response really shows that despite her controlling herself, she is still just as damaged as Nora is. The pain and anger in Ruby's tone can be felt throughout the rant and Nora is just heartbroken by knowing how she made her friend feel about this.
    ”You’re not the only one who lost people! Jaune, Ren, and Pyrrha weren’t just your friends! They weren’t just your family! You’re not the one who spent months in a coma only to wake up to find out her fucking partner and best friend had died, because even though you had a speed weren’t fast enough! Don’t...don’t act like your pain is any worse than mine... Don’t act like we’re not all hurting along with you.
  • Even as Penwood sees the bruise on Ruby's cheek, the way Ruby says it wasn't the Grimm who did it cuts makes Nora wince.
  • The rapid decision to kill Harold after what he did to the village and why he did it seems darkly humorous first. But when Ruby and Nora question if that's a harsh punishment, a woman comes up to them with the charred body of her dead child. Especially with the petty reason he gave behind it, they see no issue in letting him die for all the pointless suffering he caused.
  • Even at the end, Ruby and Nora still haven't fully reconciled and Ruby goes back to blaming herself for not saving Weiss and Pyrrha, even saying Nora deserved to hit her.

  • While Ruby does bring up that she spent time in Muzukasi as a child, but when Yang brings it up, she brings up the detail that they spent time there with Taiyang. She then thinks about all the people they've lost recently and worries if Ruby will end up the same way.
  • Nora is ordering breakfast and her eyes fall upon pancakes as she's reading the breakfast menu. A solemn reminder of Ren. She can't even bring herself to order the pancakes because they remind her of what she lost.
    Author's Note: I never thought I could make pancakes depressing, but here I am.
  • Ruby continues to talk through her issues, explaining more about how she feels like a failure for not saving Weiss and Pyrrha even though she has a speed Semblance.
    • Even as she brings up Penny, she refers to her as "my Penny." It shows how much she still loved her even in death.
  • After getting rid of the false Grimm problem caused by Harold, a sentient Grimm comes in and destroys everyone.
  • Nora finally gets to talk about what happened when Scorch killed Ren. Not only did she feel helpless to stop it, but she felt even worse because she spent weeks before that not talking to him because it turned out he was in love with Jaune and not her. And she didn't even get the chance to apologize for how she acted. It turns out, she the opposite of a Love Epiphany and realized her affection for Ren wasn't romantic. It was because she was his friend for so long. And she never got the chance to tell him that all because of a homophobic Faunus terrorist.
    • As talk about it, Nora brings up Penny again and Ruby noticeably starts to break. She regains composure, but it shows that it's still a sore topic for her.

  • Seeing the Schnee's abusive household firsthand is rather heartbreaking. Winter can only describe it as cold and detached. No one is happy together when eating their breakfast, and it's gotten to the point where Willow is so used to it that she lifts her drink in anticipation of Jacques slamming his fist on the table. She has dealt with this for so long that she prepares for Jacques' verbal abuse. Even when Whitley points out that his piano teacher is sick and he can't really have his lessons, his father orders him to go to the piano and practice. Whitley doesn't even try to fight. He just scurries away to go practice. Nothing about this displays a happy family in the slightest.
    • Even as Klein tries to do his best to make everyone happy, he is still subjected to the same abuse that the rest of the family endures.
    • What really drives the point home is that Winter feels happier cleaning up the broken cups with Klein than she does having a meal with her family. Just about anything is better than family time for her. And to think that Weiss also grew up in such a horrible environment. In retrospect, that could be why she was so attached to Pyrrha.
  • Nova Ivy's ordeal is as heartbreaking as it is horrifying. She had to watch her wife and children be tortured to death and she's so traumatized that she can't even say anything other than repeating the word "monster" for days. Even worse, she ended up getting killed along with the rest of the hospital.
  • Nebula was so excited to work with Winter after coming to her about the investigation. When Winter admits that she lied to her, Nebula loses respect for her since she could have gotten her fired for leaving her post without permission. It is thankfully rebuilt later, but it is rather emotional at that moment.
  • A flashback shows a bit of what Winter's life was like when she was a child.
    • Even back then, she knew her mother was an adulterous alcoholic when she saw her in bed with another woman while Weiss was crying.
    • Worse, she has to watch her grandfather get murdered while she can do nothing about it. When she gets caught watching, Jacques decides to threaten baby Weiss if Winter speaks up.

  • Vernal getting abused is truly heartbreaking. Especially when we see how Raven manipulates her into believing she deserves the punishments.
  • "Nora's Life deserves special mention:
    • The reason Nora knows Raven is that her tribe attacked her home when she was younger. Young Nora and her mother Ophelia are running for dear life only to be cut off by Shay. Ophelia warns Nora to run and don't look back, and it tears Nora up inside to run away, but she is given no choice.
    • Li Ren comes to Nora's aid and she tearfully asks her if she can help her find her mother. Li knows that she's most likely dead, but he doesn't want to break her heart and tell her the truth.
    • Ren is forced with the same decision as Nora to leave his parents behind.
  • When Raven finds Nora and asks about Ren, Nora solemnly states that he's dead. Raven responds by saying she'll be joining him soon, and Nora is completely resigned to this fate.
  • Crescent Rose also suffers a case of Death by Adaptation when Ruby reveals it was destroyed in the crash. Such an iconic item of Ruby's is now gone.

    Salem's Arrival 
  • Seeing the extent of Raven's abuse of Vernal will make you feel terrible for her. Seeing Raven shout at and belittle her to break her down is sad in its own right, but further seeing how Raven manipulates her into thinking she deserves it is even worse. Especially when Raven turns right around and talks about her like she's an obedient pet rather than a person.
  • Lionheart has a much more sympathetic motivation behind working for Salem. She has his wife and child held hostage and is threatening to have them killed if things go poorly. He can do nothing but weep when he gets off the call with Salem.

This story of the eponymous team brings up some rather sensitive topics for the surviving members. It also causes even further rifts between the protagonists.
  • The team visits Raven while she was in the middle of beating Vernal. She tells Cedar to finish the job for her while she's busy. Vernal tearfully begs for him not to do it. Even he says he has no choice in it and regrets that he has to hurt her. He hates how Vernal is treated.
  • The fact that Qrow and Raven's mother Ava died when she gave birth to Qrow weighs on him to this very day. And Raven never lets him forget it.
    • In the moment, their father Corbin is desperately trying to help his wife stay alive as she delivers the babies.
  • While humorous in its execution, Oobleck and Port's realization that Raven, Qrow, and Jaune snuck into Beacon makes them really consider how well things were going. Oobleck genuinely asks if Beacon sucks and Qrow's response makes things even worse.
    "It's Remnant, Oob. Everything sucks."
  • Summer reveals that she was in a relationship with Raven before things went south. The reason behind why is that she was cheating on her with Tai.
    • The scene in which Qrow reveals it to her comes just after a seemingly heartwarming moment between the two of them. It seemed to show that despite her rough exterior, Raven still cared about her. The following scene proved it to be very wrong. Summer is livid by the revelation and as she goes to find them, she still hopes that this is a cruel joke. Her heart shatters when she is proven wrong and sees Tai and Raven making out.
    • Even seeing how coldly Raven dismisses what she did angers and saddens Summer further. The person she loved with all her heart cared about as much as a potato (read: not at all).
      ”I fucking loved you!” Summer shouted. “I thought...I thought you loved me...”
      Raven’s eyes became cold, and emotionless. “You thought wrong.”
      Summer stepped away from Raven, barley recognizing her teammate.
    • She can't even tell Tai about it because she knows it would break his heart as well and tear the team apart. Something that Raven knows and reminds her of when Summer is about to go tell him. The only thing left she can do is demand that she return the necklace that she gave her. Raven coldly rips it from her neck and lets it drop to the ground. As Raven walks away, Summer can't to much more than weep as she holds the gift.
    • As an added layer of angst, Qrow had feelings for Tai as well. And Qrow knew Raven was just using him.
  • The story of how Tai died. He was impaled by Tyrian's tail while trying to save Qrow. His final words make it all the more heartbreaking:
    ”Tell Summer...and the girls...” Tai said, weakly. “Tell them I love them...”
    Qrow couldn’t stop his tears. He knew he couldn’t save him. “I will Tai...I promise...”
    ”I’ll never get to see Ruby...grow...” Tai lamented before closing his eyes.
  • Qrow told them that he was killed by a Deathstalker. Knowing that Qrow looked her in the eyes and lied to her face about the man she loved, and she had to lie to her children in turn.
  • Yang reveals that Ember Celica used to belong to Tai. After hearing that story, she promised that she'd take care of the Grimm so that no other children would have to be told their parents wouldn't be coming home. Understandably she's furious to know that what she fought for was under false pretenses.
  • The moment after he lied to Summer was the first drink that Qrow ever took. Angered, Yang punches him so hard that it shook the whole camp.
  • After learning about the coverup behind Tai's death, Summer demands that he never return to the family ever again. Even he starts tearing up at this.
  • And then Raven takes the opportunity to twist the knife further, but he's so emotionally dead that it barely gets to him.
    Raven: Tell me, little brother, was all the lies and secrets worth it?
    Qrow:, it wasn’t.
  • After all the pain and suffering that Raven caused, Summer still has hope that she's a good person deep down. While heartwarming on her end, the fact that it's clear that she's working for Salem makes it a tragic mistake to trust her. This is highlighted by the same conversation between Yang and Summer being placed between Raven preparing to continue her abuse of Vernal.

    The Ring 
  • The fact that the Spider was benevolent makes the fact that Salem tried to kill him even worse. All just because he wasn't a violent monster. His plight becomes even worse when Little Miss finds her. She betrays his trust and his need to have a friend to force him into being a killer. All he wanted was to have some friend and he ends up becoming Little Miss' attack dog. And to top it all off, Salem ends up lobotomizing him to make him a mindless Grimm beast.
  • Lionheart is only somber when he realizes that his family is dead. While he knows that Salem has no hold over him, it's a sad realization for him.

  • It becomes rather heartbreaking to see Ruby now turning on Qrow after learning the truth. It seems that everyone is against him now. Thankfully, Winter makes amends with him, but it will take some time before the rest of the group follows suit.
  • After all the abuse Vernal suffered, she still tries to protect Raven and dies doing so. But Raven is so heartless that she doesn't even appreciate that since she's still injured, disregarding the fact that she'd be dead otherwise.
  • After all the betrayals, Summer is fed up with Raven and finally murders her. Seeing the normally forgiving and merciful Summer end up murdering Raven in cold blood surely shows how hurt she is by what Raven has done.

    The Road to Atlas 
  • The destruction of Menagerie. Blake is especially distraught when she sees her home razed by Atlas forces under Jacques' orders. Finding Sienna among the rubble brings Blake to tears and then realizing that Ironwood's decision to leave Jacques in charge of Atlas resulted in this tragedy breaks her completely. She doesn't even want to talk to Yang when they're on the ship.
  • Learning that Light and Void destroyed thousands of universes. When they see the shattered orbs in Light's domain, even Jinn is somber when she says that not even she accurately knows how many universes they slaughtered.

If you thought Beacon's Fall was bad, this actually manages to get even worse.
  • We finally learn that Ozpin didn't reincarnate and Jinn regretfully informs Qrow of this information before she goes back into the lamp.
  • Cardin's remarks about Jaune's Heroic Sacrifice by essentially calling it a Senseless Sacrifice. After all the time that has passed after Jaune's death, this cuts pretty deep for the heroes.
  • The deaths of Jeckyde and Ciel. Jacques throws them in a chamber to be doused with acid. Ciel is absolutely scared shitless. She doesn't Face Death with Dignity at all and Jeckyde has to comfort her as they await their slow and painful deaths.
  • Winter has been fed up with Willow's Parental Neglect and doesn't even intend to give her the time of day when she comes to her daughter. Willow is heartbroken to see her daughter shun her like this.
  • Neon Katt jumps in front of Flynt to warn him about Cardin trying to shoot him. As she dies, Flynt is distraught that her friend sacrificed herself to save him. His retribution is truly swift.
  • Oobleck finally drops his comedic traits after learning that his brother was killed. It is the first time that he does not fulfill his role as the Plucky Comic Relief.
  • The rest of Team CFVY has been desperately trying to find Velvet, and they do finally find her... lobotomized. Seeing Coco desperately trying to get Velvet back is so distressing that even Fox and Yatsu didn't have the heart to tell her that it's essentially useless. The girl they knew as Velvet Scarlatina is truly gone and there was no bringing her back. Even as Velvet gets sucked into Void's black hole later, she is still trying to save Velvet.
  • We find out the true reason behind Willow's hedonism. Jacques drugged her and let her be raped by other women to engineer that image for her father. Her father died believing that his daughter was nothing more than a hedonistic deviant who couldn't control her own life. Worse, even though she is a lesbian, she still feels violated by what happened to her, averting Double Standard: Rape, Female on Female.
  • After finally reconciling with Winter, Salem comes in and stabs her In the Back with the Relic of Destruction.
  • Nora is contacted by Light and he tells her that the only way to defeat Void is to sacrifice herself to get Ruby's silver eyes to work. It's here when she finally realizes that she has grown to love Ruby, but can never be able to fully realize that relationship. They share one Last Kiss before Nora allows herself to be swallowed by Void's vortex.


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