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  • Catharsis Factor:
    • Yang punching Keter through that window. While Keter’s death and the moments leading up to it were good, that was satisfying.
      Ruby: (looks behind Keter) Oh, hey sis.
    • Pyrrha knocking Abigail’s teeth from her head after shattering her delusions of godhood.
    • Downplayed because how heartbreaking it was, but Pyrrha beating Lyra to death.
    • Ozpin feeding Scorch to the Grimm.
    • After everything the two had gotten away with, Raven and Mercury begging for their lives before being ended by Summer and Ironwood respectively. Not given the mercy they never offered their victims.
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    • From the same story as the above, Salem well and truly feeling the taste of defeat for the first time.
    • Little Miss Malachite getting lobotomized by Ruby and Nora. Especially given the irony of what she did to The Spider.
    • After all of the crimes he committed against humanity and faunus alike, Jacques is drugged by Willow and torn to pieces by the loved ones of everyone he’s ever hurt or killed.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Field Trip: Father Tiresias Scorch is a bat-Faunus who is the leader of the White Fang, and the man responsible for turning it into a terrorist organization. He claims to be a messenger of the gods and wants to rid the world of humans and homosexuals. His first act in the story is forcing Ilia to kill her lover, Lily, after they were caught kissing each other. He later finds out about the Beacon students after Adam caught Blake and Yang, after which he orders the teachers to be brought to him to watch the destruction and the students to be killed, promising to show Ruby's body to Yang. He loads bombs onto a train running under Vale to let Grimm into the city to destroy it, while allowing several of his men to die when they go off. He surveys the destruction with satisfaction, but when his plan fails, he kills Ren and Ilia out of spite. He cared for no one but himself and even referred to his own followers as replaceable.
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    • Mercury Black lacks the Freudian Excuse of his canon counterpart, leaving only a vicious sadist with a love for killing. After killing his parents, Mercury joined up with Salem just for the opportunity to kill more people. Leading assaults against the CCT towers so he could insert the Black Queen Virus into them, Mercury killed both ally and enemy alike with sadistic glee. He then bombed a building, killing his men and a security guard, to make Ironwood paranoid enough to use the Atlas Knights and Paladins. When the Fall of Beacon begins, Mercury single-handedly slaughters the guards keeping shields around Vale up, shutting them down and letting the Grimm devour the populace. After that, he has his fun shooting civilians in the legs and watching the Grimm tear them to shreds. Later, in Mistral, Salem leaves Lionheart's wife and son in his care, but Mercury, in his sadism, kills them both. During the battle for Haven, Mercury mocks the heroes about the loved ones they lost due to Beacon's Fall.
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    • Jacques Schnee is an Abusive Parent and ruthless businessman willing to do anything to get ahead. He was willing to trick his father-in-law into signing over the Schnee Dust Company and then poisoned him after he signed it over. When Winter catches him, he threatens to kill the then-infant Weiss to scare her into not saying anything. In the present, he tricks Ironwood into giving him control of Atlas to allow Salem to kill him so he can keep control. Under his control, Atlas becomes a total dictatorship. He lobotomized Faunus to enslave them, causing a Death of Personality so they don't fight back. He had the military raze Menagerie because he was running out of Faunus. When the protagonists return, he takes them all prisoner. He kills Jekyde and Ciel with acid for treason and watches them die. Later, he prepares to lobotomize Winter before being stopped by Willow, who is the Winter Maiden. While locked in his office with his wife, he believes that he was doing everything right and that everyone angry about it is being ungrateful. When Willow confronts him, he shamelessly admits to killing her father and keeps being smug until she reveals that she gave him a paralyzing neurotoxin in retaliation.
    • Raven Branwen is far more ruthless than her canon counterpart. Ruthless and manipulative since she was a teenager, Raven abandoned Yang after the death of Taiyang, joining up with Salem after seeing her power, beginning their alliance by decapitating Tyrian. Raven returned to her tribe and killed her father to take his place as leader. She then leads raids against villages, where men, women, and child are abducted to be sold into slavery, while the rest are tied up to be left as Grimm bait so she and her tribe can escape. Two of these raids resulted in Ren and Nora being orphaned. Years later, Raven is tasked to kill Ruby by Salem. To do this, she bombs the bridge the train Ruby and Nora were taking was on, causing it to crash. She and her men then proceeded to execute any survivors who weren't Ruby, with the latter barely saving Nora before Raven killed her. When Nora is powered up by one of Raven's men hitting her with a stun baton, Raven ditches them to save herself. Meeting up Summer's group, Raven manipulates them to lead her to where Ruby is, and during the battle of Haven, orders her men to kill the whole group, including her brother and daughter.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Every villain that’s not even remotely sympathetic crosses this at one point...
    • Keter was already a monsterous Serial Killer with zero redeeming qualities, but we never got to see any of it. After strangling his guard and escaping with Hector, Keter starts his new killing spree by killing Sally Rivers, an innocent woman who has done nothing (in fact, she helped him in a small way) to him...and he keeps crossing it from there.
    • Abigail killing over 100 people with her EMP semblance.
    • Lyra has three moments where she did this, it’s your choice a) When she killed her own husband for defying her. b) Killing that innocent Faunus woman then threatening to kill her kids to tie up loose ends. c) Killing Pyrrha’s entire team, and torturing Rachel just before executing her in front of Pyrrha.
    • Scorch had crossed before he even appeared with him boasting about the destruction of Mt Glenn. Though killing Ilia and Ren in front of their loved ones makes his death at Ozpin’s hands more then deserved.
    • Harold slaughtered his fellow villagers in droves just to get a chance to become leader.
    • Mercury murdering his parents just because cements him as truly monstrous, especially when compared to his canon counterpart’s Freudian Excuse.
    • Neo crossed it when she raped Emerald.
    • Little Miss Malachite crossed it when she gave Cinder and her group everything they needed to end Beacon. Her falling asleep to the screams of the recording of Beacon’s fall marks her as a cold-blooded Sadist.
    • Shay killing Nora’s mom.
    • Raven crashing the train to get to Ruby then having herself or her men execute any survivors.
    • Tyrian killing Taiyang.
    • Jacques crossed it so many times it’s impossible to tell when he truly did it.
    • Light and Void condemning entire universes to freeze to death so they could quench their thirst for power.
    • Cinder, who is also Salem, killing Emerald because she just assumed the latter wouldn’t be up for what was coming next.
  • Realism-Induced Horror:
    • While Admah Keter is terrifying in his own right as a Serial Killer, he is Laughably Evil and ultimately still too over-the-top to think of as realistic. The villain of Weiss and Pyrrha, Nurse Abigail Lemon, is a more realistic version of a serial killer. Everything about them barring her Semblance is uncannily similar to a type of serial killer found in real life. Her methods as an "angel of death" involve using poison and picking off already vulnerable people so that no one would notice. While a more banal threat, this person could actually exist in our world.
    • A lot about Raven's sociopathy is utterly chilling, but one thing that brings it down-to-earth is how she manipulated Summer and Tai by dating them both without telling either of them. The breach of trust makes it all the more heartbreaking when Raven shows Summer that she never cared about her. The whole time, the person she trusted and loved more than anything saw her as nothing but a way to get off and would have easily discarded her without a second thought. While it is far from the worst thing she has ever done, it shows just how cold Raven can be in a very real way.

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