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Characters / Ruby and Nora

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The characters appearing in the RWBY fan fiction series Ruby and Nora. Only tropes that specifically apply to the series go here.

With the abundance of both canon characters and original characters, the page was split for convenience.

  • StudentsTeam RWBY  Team JNPR  Others 
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  • Faculty (government and schooling)Beacon Staff  Atlas Workers  Other Members of Ozpin's Group  spoiler  Haven Academy 
  • Remnant citizensSchnees and Associates  Kuroyuri  Muzukazi  Others 
  • VillainsMain Villains  Team CMEN  The Bandits  Atlas Dictatorship  Little Miss' Brothel  The White Fang  Independent Villains 
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  • Other supernatural beings (Spoilers unmarked)spoilers Sentient Grimm 


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