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Shout Out / Dragon Age II

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    Main Game 


Act 1

  • When you arrive at Kirkwall and the guard insists that there's no more room in the city, Hawke can say, "There must be some room for the pretty people."
  • In Isabela's intro, the men call her by her first name. She corrects them with "Captain Isabela." In addition, one of her passive skills is called "Savvy".
  • The side quest for clearing the Redwater bandits out of Kirkwall's docks is titled Pier Pressure.
  • A merchant on the Wounded Coast will comment to Hawke that Knowing Is Half The Battle.
  • Where did you get the maps for the Deep Roads? According to Anders, A Wizard Did It.
  • While in the Deep Roads, one of Bartrand's workers mentions that he read once that wandering around in the dark may result in being eaten by a grue.

Act 2

Act 3


Mark of the Assassin


  • If you bring Varric and Fenris along with you, in party banter Fenris will ask Varric about his spy network, to which Varric gives a non-answer. Fenris calls him a "strange, hairy little man."

The Exiled Prince

  • Leliana shows up in the quest "Faith" dressed in some medieval version of Blackwater's battle dress uniform. It's a pitch perfect replica, replete with red hair, of what Anna wears in Conviction.

The Black Emporium



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