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"When You Need an Act of Heroism, We Are at Your Service."

Heroica! The RPG is an online roleplay established on the Eurobricks forums. Loosely based on the LEGO subtheme of the same name, the game has blossomed since its creation in 2011. It is unique, due to the fact that the world is completely crafted by the players - over a dozen Game Masters have contributed, shaping the world of Olegaia to what it is today. It is still going strong today, thanks to the thriving playerbase.


The story revolves mainly around Eubric, a cutthroat city with no true government. Instead, six houses rule the city, stuck in constant feuds. All the while the Wolfgang, a criminal syndicate headed by werewolves, constantly tries to wreak havoc on the six houses and remove their influence on Eubric. In the middle of all of the city's chaos, an organization known as Heroica dispatches heroes to all who need them. Established 250 years ago after the Orcish wars, Heroica Hall is now host to over 70 heroes (all created and played by forum goers who joined the game) - all of different species: humans, orcs, trolls, elves, and even undead.

The first "universe" of Heroica! The RPG had eventually come to an end around 2018. As of 2019, Heroica RPG 2.0 is being actively planned, but has not started yet. In the meantime, you can freely read all the threads that constitute the first universe here.


Heroica: The RPG contains examples of:

  • Theme Naming:
    • All of the Lion Knights have names related to lions, knights, or at the very least beginning in "L" or "K". There are two exceptions: Admiral Matthias Thraune, the head of the Lion Knight fleet, and Simbad, the generic Lion Knight pikeman who delivers important information to the Heroes and posts the Lion Knights' Quest notices in Heroica Hall.
    • The Gladius Unit's members are named after the stages of a stab wound: The Bleeding, The Wound, The Suffering, and The Regret.
  • The Syndicate: The Wolfgang. Their leader, Ulric Wolfkin, even plans to take over Eubric, the city the game centers around! Note that there is also a former vigilante group called The Syndicate, but they are not nearly as powerful as the Wolfgang.
  • Those Two Guys: Christian and Jacob, two ex-member of the Paladin order definitely qualify; they've been locked up, at the Henrys, and working as mechanics.
  • True Final Boss: Of the Progg arc. After defeating Rhodus, Aquos, and Eidolon, The Regret reveals himself as the cause of all of the destruction in Luosh, even being One of the first Proggs ever created. Cue two-phase boss battle!
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Originally, every single Shaman in Heroica went shirtless upon completion of their training. Became something of a tired joke among the players, and was eventually defied.
  • Webcomic Time: The finale of the Wren story arc lasted over three months in real-world time. The finale of the Progg story arc lasted six. In-universe, both Quests took place over the course of a single nightnote .
  • Wham Episode: Several, mainly the final or second to last quest in a QM's plotline. For the main storyline, Quest 66.
  • Where It All Began: Quest 38 was basically this for the Wren Arc, showing the beginning of the titular character's downfall.
  • World of Snark: Generally everyone gets in on the snark at one time or another.


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