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Recap / Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays

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When a group of singles, seniors, childless couples, teenagers, and homosexuals band together to protest having to accommodate families (including paying property taxes used to teach children they do not have) after a riot at a children's concert, Marge takes up the cause for the families, with some help from Bart and Lisa.


  • Bait-and-Switch Comment: Marge's thoughts on the Teletubbies:
    Marge: They make the Blue Man Group look like Mummenschanz, which is still pretty good.
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  • Cheated Angle: A very odd case of it. Usually, the characters' mouths are drawn appropriately when a character is facing the camera, which is most noticeable during the first season. However, during the final scene, when Moe starts getting sick from contact with children, pausing the cartoon shows that whenever he faces the camera as he turns his head, his mouth is drawn as if he's still on a side view, and in both angles at that.
  • Children Are a Waste: The SSCCATAG believes this to a pretty big extreme. The conflict of the episode after they are introduced is that, if their proposal passes, things will be a hell of a lot harder for children (and their parents) within Springfield.
  • Child Hater: The SSCCATAG is a whole group of them. Their motto is "The children are our future; today belongs to me."
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  • Credits Gag: Roofi's repetitive counting song plays over the ending credits.
  • Deal with the Devil: Averted. One of the supporters for the pro-family initiative is a tobacco lobbyist, attempting to bribe Marge with a check. When she tears it, it turns out said lobbyist is in fact Satan and he is Dragged Off to Hell.
  • Death Glare: Maggie gives off quite a glare when Bart shuts Roofi off on her.
  • Ear Worm: In-Universe. Maggie really enjoys Roofi's song and keeps listening to it over and over. Marge likes it because Maggie likes it, but the repetition drives the rest of the family crazy.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Mr. Burns supports the pro-family initiative because he loves children, particularly their supple young organs.
  • Evil Old Folks: One of the notable "senior" members of SSCCATAG is Agnes Skinner.
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  • Nice Character, Mean Actor: Roofi acts like a perky kid-friendly musician, but is actually a greedy manipulative con man.
  • Not Helping Your Case: Prop 242 is using the same website as Al-Jazeera.
  • Parental Favouritism: Marge towards Maggie. It doesn't matter how much the rest of her family clearly hates the song, as long as Maggie likes it she refuses to ever let it stop playing.
  • Police Brutality: Eddie, Lou and Chief Wiggum's intervention at Rooffi's concert. The little kids and their moms get beaten off with batons.
    Lou: I don't feel right clubbing women and children, chief.
    Wiggum: I hear ya. Some days are tougher than others. Just close your eyes and club.
  • Periphery Hatedom: In-universe. The Roofi song that Marge plays non-stop for Maggie drives Bart, Lisa, and Homer crazy, to the point where Bart actually begs for Mrs. Krabappel to make him stay after school and write something on the chalkboard a thousand times. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to turn off the CD player by unplugging it (only to find out it's backed up by batteries and — when she takes those batteries out — a solar panel), and Homer tries to smash the CD player in the middle of the night with a hammer.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Homer's support ad for Families Come First ends with the message "Yes on 232" instead of "Yes on 242". In addition, the bumper stickers that are supposed to support Marge's cause were misspelled to say "Yes no 242". It's impossible to fix all these mistakes because it's the night of the election.
  • Sexophone: Plays in one scene where, thanks to the SSCCATAG's Proposal 242 being functional in a preliminary manner, Springfield Public Library's "Young Adult" section is changed to a fully "Adult" section.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The title characters of Teletubbies open the Roofi concert.
    Announcer: And now, our opening act, in their first live show since Tinky Winky was acquitted of manslaughter...
    Tinky Winky: Not guilty!
    • The concert scenes spoof footage from Woodstock and Gimme Shelter.
    • The SSCCATAG is defeated when the children hug them and they succumb to the ordinary germs they carry in a spoof of The War of the Worlds. Lisa even quotes a line from the 1953 movie version.
    • The riot is referred to as The Tot Offensive.
    • When Roofi talks about the upcoming concert, he says that if the kids don't buy tickets, one of the shows' mascots will die (even showing the mascot with multiple bandages and in crutches). This is similar to televangelist Oral Roberts' saying that "God will call him home" unless his viewers gave money to help fund his hospital.
  • Status Quo Is God: Lampshaded:
    Marge: Looks like everything's back the way it was, which is the only way it should ever be.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: The families when Marge reveals her proposition, Marge when she’s left to pay, and Luigi when the man from the US immigration department shows up.
  • Sting: Played three times in one scene — when Marge reveals she had drawn up a petition for her Families Come First initiative, when she claims it's getting on the ballot in the March primary election, and this bit at the end:
    Bart: Mom, can we get a pretzel?
    Marge: We've got pretzels at home.
    Bart: Not cinnamon.
    (Marge rolls her eyes while the third Dramatic Sting plays.)
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Almost everybody who is a member of SSCCATAG other than Lindsay Naegle. Moe and Smithers had been showcased on various prior episodes that they have no problem being around children (and in one Moe becomes fully stalker-levels of obsessed with being nice to Maggie). On this episode, they are every bit as militantly hateful of them as the rest.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: The SSCCATAG is prevented from voting in favor of their Proposition by means of having a bunch of kids infecting them with the flu, that they all seem to have never contracted in their entire life because of being anti-kid.
  • Wave of Babies: There is a riot in the form of a wave of angry babies at Roofi's concert, who converge on police officers and are beaten off with batons.
  • Would Hurt a Child: The Springfield Police's attempt to pacify the riot at the Roofi concert has them beating up babies with their batons (just barely off-screen).
  • Writing Lines: At one point, Bart begs for Mrs. Krabappel to make him stay after school and write something on the chalkboard 1000 times so he doesn't have to go home and listen to the Roofi song that Maggie is addicted to. He even tells her that he should be punished for giving the gerbil coffee. Mrs. Krabappel tells him, "We all got tired of that chalkboard years ago. Now go home!" Around this time, the amount of chalkboard gags was reduced.


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