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Rules of Paint the Hero Black:

As per this forum game, this page is a Collection of Heroes painted black. Please sort new entries by the troper who added them. Spoiler the answers, and avoid using links in the spoilers. Use the spoiler tag to hide your answers: like this. New "heroes" at the bottom of the folder you are posting in, thank you very much. Entries without answers will be either answered or deleted. Please restrict Real Life examples to people whom history has already vindicated.


If your Troper Name begins with J, K or L, place your examples here.

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    J Random User 
  • A motley collection of death cultists, sex fiends, religious fundamentalists, and conductors of pagan blood sacrifice struggle against the forces of science and reason, to prevent them from cleansing the world of the supernatural horrors that threaten all life. Mage The Ascension
  • A heavily armed group of dysfunctional teenage misfits call upon powerful dark magic and engage in an obsessive quest to expose the secret shame of everyone around them, ultimately destroying a plan for world peace. They are led by cunning and charismatic master of manipulation, a two-faced man who can tell everyone just what they want to hear, a talent he uses to (among other things) bring every young woman he knows under his sexual control. Other members of the team include a homophobic young man who belittles nearly everyone he calls a friend; a violent young woman who assaults her friends on multiple occasions, and has admitted to enjoying it when her best friend feels helpless; a woman who forces poisonous concoctions upon others, despite their pleas to the contrary; a depraved delinquent who regularly assaults and threatens police officers; a literal monster from the id who takes human form to seduce women; and an arrogant Teen Genius who deliberately lies to everyone every second of the day. The Investigation Team, Persona 4

    Jethro Q Walrustitty 
  • A rogue low-level social climber foot soldier questions authority, works for a self-proclaimed tyrant, keeps the secret of the true king under wraps and has no respect for the status of the higher classes. Hires known troublemakers, revolutionaries, religious fanatics, atheists and members of two warring kins to uphold the law. Sam Vimes, Discworld
  • An ensemble of manipulative guys conspiring to combine the forces of various rich families. Includes a jealous, delusional, classist Casanova, a scheming Magnificent Bastard who tries to rob his brothers off their birthright, a pair of twins in a taboo relationship and a tendency to bully those around them, a childlike Person Of Mass Destruction, who is suspected to be an alien by his own brother, and a the aforementioned PMD's obsessive, potentially Ax Crazy body guard/servant/cousin/suspected lover. All this crowned by a crossdresser who fools unsuspecting females for her own financial gain, and introduced several people to a highly addictive stimulant. Ouran High School Host Club
  • The daughter of the leader of a dangerous subversive cult travels across the land with a cold blooded murderer and an escaped convict who break laws left and right, also, a flying rodent. Escapes captivity several times. Fuu from Samurai Champloo
  • A regressive, fanatic agent of the government stalks and harasses her ex-boyfriend and interferes with his revolutionary new marketing schemes. Leaves her daughter in the care of a guy he met first two days beforehand. Has low respect for private property. Jennifer Government
  • A simpleton with a deceivingly good memory rebels against the one true religion; helps heretics hide their sinful knowledge from purification. Thinks god talks to him through a small animal. Brutha, Small Gods
  • An intellectual that betrays the commoners through his inaction, as a originally benevolent new government turns oppressive. Also doesn't do his share of the work. A total ass. Benjamin the donkey, Animal Farm
  • A huge hairy monster stalks two little girls and takes them away from home, causing stress to their neighbors. Totoro, My Neightbor Totoro
  • World war two leader who hated Stalin, preached fanatic devotion to defense of the motherland and liked painting oils in his free time Winston Churchill

    Jewely J 
  • A boy regularly assaults beats up and entraps wandering souls, and taunts and beats up a lonely old man who longs for love , and turns the man's daughter against him, leading to her killing her own brother. Danny Phantom

  • This sociopath has made it his mission to create a climate of fear for most of his home town's denizens. He has trained in his youth with the worst thieves and assassins, and at least one Evil Overlord. He misappropriates most of his Mega Corp's funds for his private needs, and also uses its IT infrastructures to spy on the whole world. He's corrupted many young impressionable minors to join him, often just by appearing before them. He's so paranoid he's devised ways to take down even his remotest accomplices, just in case. This includes his alien best friend, for whom he carries a deadly poison at all times. He's built at least one evil satellite who conquered the world by turning random people into robots. Also, he's often written as a complete Jerk Ass. Batman

  • When he was in college, he helped a serial killer hide evidence, and even ate it to protect her. Eventully, he became a lawyer. He often stole evidence to use in his cases, and has snooped around in people's homes without their permission. He also relied on his dead mentor to solve his cases for him in the end for the first three years of his career. He then got disbarred for forging evidence, which could have easily been avoided if he was more careful with his evidence. Even if the accusation was false, rather than try to prove his innocence (which would have been very easy to do, considering the circumstances under which he was accused), he began a seven year long crusade to get revenge on the man who framed him. To be fair, the other person deserved it. However, if he'd simply proved himself innocent, he could have easily prevented an event causing public trust in the legal system to collapse and corruption rates to skyrocket. Additionally, one of the first things he did after the disbarment was adopt an 8-year old daughter, while he was still unemployed, almost entirely to use as an emotional crutch. Furthermore, he eventually made her get a job at a young age to provide for them, while he played poker for money. Seven years after the disbarment, the man who framed him for forgery framed him for murder as well, causing him to hire his young student as his lawyer. He then got his daughter to deliver forged evidence to the rookie lawyer to get an acquittal. Granted, it was mainly for bringing the murderer/true forger of the evidence leading to his disbarment to justice, but he risked forcing a rookie defense attorney to suffer the same fate he did. The rookie defense attorney was put through more trials, leading up to a trial with a rigged jury (set up by the man himself) that was used to clear his name for evidence forgery. In addition, when he discovered that the employee who helped clear his name of evidence forgery was the half-brother of his own daughter, and that their mother was alive, he kept it a secret from them for years (the mother sucks too, in this regard). After his reinstation, he seems to have gotten better, but his habit of stealing evidence from his first few years as a lawyer lingers on. I'm talking about the Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright!

    Joestar Runner 
  • A plucky young kid travels the universe beating up classic, beloved movie characters. He also attempts to bring down an evil organization... by killing all its unwitting pawns, who genuinely believed said organization was helping them: Sora.
  • An amoral scientist repeatedly forces a scared, confused man to disturb the dead for money and openly admits to forgetting about his numerous employees that he's left stranded in hostile territory. Professor E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion
  • An uncaptured serial killer who roams the world, looting every burial site and temple he can find and shooting anyone who tries to stop him. The official backstory of his love interest states that their relationship began when she was only 15 and he was well into his twenties, and in one scene he gets Hitler's autograph. Indiana Jones

    Jolt Ninja 
  • This evil magical girl is helping a sociopathic white cat take over the world by befriending other girls and tricking them into making contracts with him. Everything she says about magical girls is a lie, and when they learn the truth, they will become the eldritch abominations they were fighting. Her naive "friend" had no reason to grieve over her murder, because she deserved it. Mami Tomoe, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • This sword-wielding yandere was always a psychopath to begin with, she just lost the ability to hide it when her soul gem was tainted. She tortured her crush by making him listen to the music he would never play again, and when his arm healed, she stalked him in her spare time. She hunted eldritch creatures because she enjoyed making them die in agony and mutiliating their corpses afterwards. Her "death" was caused by being too psycho, isn't that ironic? Sayaka, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • He is a sociopathic psycho who bullied his childhood friend in order to torture her to insanity. He is only sad over her suicide because it meant that he couldn't torture her anymore. MC-Kun, Doki Doki Literature Club
  • This psychopathic fat cat eats all the food because he wants his peers to starve to death. Tubbs, Neko Atsume
  • She's a sociopath who kidnaps adorable little creatures so they're forced to spend the rest of their lives imprisoned in overcrowded energy cages with little food, all so that she can farm their poop. She could easily incinerate them if she wanted to. Some of the poop will be used for unscrupulous purposes like steroids and weaponry. And all she cares about is the money made from it. Beatrix LeBeau, Slime Rancher
  • He's a greedy psychopath who murders every creature and boss that exists in order to get loot. Those creatures that are hostile to him simply lived there first, and they are unsuccessfully attempting to keep him from murdering the entire island. At least he came here to remove corruption from the area, but he has greater goals. His twisted idea of purifying the land is genocide, and he murders every non-human in the area. He is even willing to sacrifice his peers in order to bait a boss or get loot. Player Character, Terraria

  • A young woman driven insane by multiple personalities, with an uncontrollable obsession for men. She will do anything - no matter how bad an act - to avoid public embarrasment with the revelation of her mental state. Miley, Hannah Montana

    JT 706 
  • This drunken, violent psychopath indulges his followers' worst impulses by openly attacking the people who pay his salary. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • This balding, married, forty-something born-again Christian repeatedly boasts about being a sex symbol. He once sent his best friend flying through a plate-glass window. Shawn Michaels

    Justice Reaper 
  • This international fugitive is wanted in at least five first-world countries and numerous smaller nations for crimes including, but not limited to: attempted assassination of important dignitaries, robbery, destruction of government property, aiding and abetting the escape of numerous felons from justice, assault of peace-keeping officers, inciting of public riots, kidnapping, resisting arrest, and eating at restaurants without paying the bill. His temper is so fearsome that it can split entire cities in half, and if he wants to hunt you down, NOTHING will get in his way of finding you. Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece
  • A serial killer with an extremely high body count, his preferred targets are people who are just trying to eke out a living in the dusty small towns where he chooses to roam. Kenshiro, Fist of the North Star
  • A deranged mass murderer who carries racist hatred against non-human species, this masked menace will even slaughter their children. He bathes in their blood, he lurks across the night in search of them, and no means of murder is exempt for him in his merciless crusade, whether by impaling, burning, setting traps that would make Jigsaw proud, or whatever other sadistic means he can think of in the moment. The mere mention of his name causes those who hear it to tremble in terror that he'll come for them next. The titular character of Goblin Slayer

    kablammin 45 
  • This maniac regularly ruins the lives of those around him, but especially those who live closest to him, with the help of his idiotic friend. SpongeBob SquarePants on his worse days.

    Kanton Kage 
  • This guy claims to be a good guy but he verbally brutalizes women sometimes leaves them in tears on drops crap on them, demeans other's accomplishments. John Cena

  • A so-called "everyman" acts as the public face for an international megacorporation suspected by many of being evil. In his very first media appearance, he committed multiple acts of animal abuse for no reason other than his own entertainment. More recently, he has been seen wearing the uniform of an organization whose stated purpose is to control the hearts of every being in the known universe. Mickey Mouse
  • A man with poor English skills, who spends most days dismantling the infrastructure in other people's homes, travels to a distant land where he promptly commences punching, stomping on, and in some cases shattering the inhabitants for monetary and other rewards. His ultimate goal is to murder their king. Mario

    Karl Van Grobel 
  • Claim to be defending their homeland from invading communists, but the instant they push into enemy territory, they rabidly attack civilians, and demolish every little bit of aformentioned communists. The Allies, Command And Conquer Red Alert

  • Aliens who repeatedly kidnap two human kids to take them on dangerous space missions in which the chances of their premature deaths are high. Zidgel, Midgel, Fidgel, and Kevin from 3-2-1 Penguins!
  • Their ultimate goal is to take a population of people living normal, happy lives and plunge them into a dystopian, sunless world with no hope. They slaughter large numbers of policemen just doing their jobs from the very population they are trying to "save". They require unswerving obedience to their cult, despite the fact that they tell recruits nothing before requiring their commitment and their methods often get members of their team killed. Their enemies are a sentient race who fought and won a war for their very right to exist, then showed mercy to their opponents by letting them live in a better world. heroes of The Matrix

  • A squadron of paramilitary-organisation-controlled human superweapons tasked with controlling and containing similarly-empowered individuals who seek asylum from a society that hates them simply for being different. Also we must consider the fact that said squad are preteens who are very easily-swayed, and have been apparently brainwashed into a state of child soldiers. Their treatment by their "handler", though caring, is primarily focussed on using their powers to further the intentions of the paramilitary organisation they belong to. Psychic Squad
  • A bully who constantly amuses herself by repetitively inflicting and enforcing serious psychological harm on her fellow club-member, all because said girl came between her and her crush. Yozora in Haganai
  • A most horrific individual who, while putting on a pretense of jollity, friendship and confidence, harbours a deep selfishness, thinking only of herself and her own happiness. When happiness is threatened, she does the most terrible thing and kills the ones that, on the surface, immediately threaten that happiness. Mami in Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • A man who is so terrible a parent that he considers his son's aspirations to become intelligent and well-read to be below the boy; strength is all that matters to this horror of a parent. He takes his son away from all he holds dear to an assuredly-dangerous alien planet, despite the protests of the mother (she's just the mother, why should she have any say in the child's well-being?). Goku in Dragon Ball Z, specifically the Namek arc.

  • A team that employs child soldiers dedicated to terrorizing the plans of an alien who only wants to bring peace and prosperity to his species. The Animorphs
  • A super villain who believes that causing chaos is the only way to create social change, and who never elaborates on what social change he wants. Doctor Horrible from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
  • A teenage girl who purposely publishes information from the real lives of others without permission. Her punishment? Immortality, happiness, and a hot vampire boyfriend. Jessica from Demon in my View
  • A group of teenagers and very young adults trying to stop a magician who created extremely advanced robots with enormous potential benefits towards society. The Shadowhunters of The Infernal Devices
  • A girl whose goal is to prevent others from seeing their family and friends again after they were thrown into the wild. Katniss from The Hunger Games
  • A teenage girl whose sole goal in life is to bring about the extinction of an entire species. Buffy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Killer Clowns 
  • A man who has crossed the Moral Event Horizon more times than he can remember makes deals with a witch who tried to destroy a city and a foul-tempered demon, kills an angel, and binds others utterly to his will, whether they like it or not, in a quest which he has embarked on entirely for his own gain. His allies are a damned soul, a demoness, a half-demonic thief, a rogue AI, an unwilling slave, a ruthless executioner, and a dangerous pyromaniac. The Nameless One of Planescape Torment
  • A being of insatiable hunger that grows in power by devouring the souls of sentient beings. The Dovahkiin of Skyrim

    kilroy 11235 
  • A young idealist gets involved with a group of terrorists trying to overthrow the legal government. He uses magic to aide him in the murder of nearly a million of the government's soldiers. Luke Skywalker

    King Sonn Dee Doo 
  • A boy (whose age varies between ten years old to late teens), repeatedly goes robbing and damaging other's property, whilst carrying around a vast arsenal of dangerous weapons of which he unleashes on livestock. He also travels to old dangerous places, such as temples and dungeons, takes all he can from them, and kills anything that was living there. If there is a priceless artifact, then the boy will end up getting his hands on it, and he will even rob a sacred pedestal of its sword - repeatedly. He captures fairies and carries them around, so that when critically injured he can take their life force, and make it his own. All of this is done in the name of a princess, and preserving the monarchy. He is often accompanied by an unusual accomplice of some sort who willingly goes along with his schemes. Link, The Legend of Zelda

  • A young man who destroys worlds, killing their heroes in the process. And he's a bad photographer. Tsukasa Kadoya, Kamen Rider Decade
  • A young man, chosen to be a candidate to the kingship of an ancient organization and turned into a One-Man Army, rebels against them, killing many of their loyal warriors. He later kills his adoptive brother. Kotaro Minami, Kamen Rider Black
  • A man who tags along with an old man and a young woman on their mission. Proves to be somewhat simple and incompetent, yet only his father's heritage pulls him through. Gave up control of the world's power source to an ancient evil. Also attempted to prevent the world returning to its former self. Bartz Klauser, Final Fantasy V
  • A boy whose insatiable thirst for knowledge prevents him from solving cases with his private eye partner. Philip, Kamen Rider Double

    Knight of L-sama 
  • Despite being chosen as an avatar of the highest force for good in the world she ignores her responsibilities in favour of working in a low level customer service job. Instead she uses blackmail to foist her work off on a younger sister who she abused until she finally left home. Said younger sister is of questionable morals, frequently ussing excessive force causing massive property damage, extorts money out innocents, frequently invokes the forces of darkness and consorts with a high level demon on a regular basis. the eternally unseen Luna Inverse from Slayers

    Knight Mysterio 
  • A group of elite, highly trained mercenaries dedicated to one purpose: The absolute suppression of freedom and choice under the guise of patriotism. Known for their merciless, killer tactics that have ended the lives of thousands, they are a government sponsored group of international terrorists who will do anything to achieve their goals. Agents of these fiends have also been seen appearing in completely random locations, their more colorful members delivering mind control propaganda in the form of 'public service announcements,' dedicated solely to brainwashing their young into joining their ranks and sacrificing themselves for the State. G.I. Joe
  • A pair of murderous brothers who work together to keep a false ruler in power over a kingdom. They have mercilessly slaughtered the people of the kingdom's true ruler, brutally torturing them, setting them ablaze, freezing, or outright obliterating them. These two monsters have fought their way through armies, leaving hundreds of corpses in their wake, only the true king's mastery over life and death keeping these two killers from dealing him a fatal blow. Mario & Luigi, the Super Mario Bros.
  • A heartless mercenary trained by an alien species in the art of killing. Known during her time in the military for her outright defiance towards her superiors, a tragedy in her past turned her into the creature she is today. She is known to have single-handedly driven several species to extinction, and in her insane, endless pursuit for revenge has literally destroyed entire planets. A universal-level threat, despite this classification the only way to control her is to point her in the direction she wants and pray for the souls of anyone unfortunate enough to get in her way. Nothing can save the life of anything in her sights... and anyone in her way... Samus Aran
  • The agent of a sadistic, jingoistic, sublimely bigoted princess, this warrior enforces her will on the kingdom. His mastery over all sort of weapons, both magical and physical, make him a force to be reckoned with. The beleaguered people of the sand can only hope that this vicious, evil knight of the villainous princess can be bested by their champion... Link, the 'hero' of The Legend of Zelda
  • Three jealous old hags who conspire to control a kingdom and make their rival and superior in every way look evil. Their most notable crimes include tricking the King and Queen of the kingdom they secretly control into letting THEM raise their daughter under false pretenses. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, from Disney's Sleeping Beauty
  • A master criminal who steals from legitimate businessmen and women, usually savagely beating them as well if they try to defend their property from him. He's accompanied by a Mad Scientist with a weaponized personal transport and a thuggish, savage brute who acts as the team's muscle. In one notable crime, they slaughtered several workers at a mining operation in Australia, feeding them to a crocodile. This gang of crooks is aided by a corrupt policewoman, the master criminal's lover, who covers up their actions while falsifying evidence against the businessmen the criminal robs. Sly, Bentley, Murray and Carmelita from the Sly Cooper series.

  • Allowed himself to be reconstructed to become an omnitalented god amongst men, while sacrificing a degree of humanity and emotion. A key part of an evil plan to take over the world and cover it in despair, and wilfully sabotaged a plan to rehbilitate him and his former comrades.Hajime Hinata / Izuru Kamakura, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

  • A notorious burglar, responsible for causing injury, or perhaps even death, to the many lawkeepers who wanted to stop him. Had shady dealings with pagan deities. Responsible for the destruction of a religious building and for the death of its founder (a popular, well-liked genius who helped his nation in making a huge technological leap.) Garrett, Thief
  • Escaped from his loving father out of thirst for power. After training under the guidance of a militaristic despot, and then a schizophrenic madman obsessed with meat, he proceeded to enter the very minds of several innocent people, without their consent, and destroy as much as possible within. Has shady dealings with a monster notorious for eating children. Destroyed an entire city, possibly killing hundreds if not thousands innocent bystanders. Enjoys torturing small animals and setting people on fire. Raz, Psychonauts

    Krazy Kat 357 
  • A being that stalks by night, protecting the beings who usurped power of the rightful rulers of this dimension and drove them into hiding. Created by dark magic that stole and corrupted the soul of one of these powerful and ancient beings, this creature relentlessly hunts down and murders any survivors of the ancient genocide no matter where they may try to hide. Supported and directed by a ruthless secret organization, this being cannot be destroyed: even if this monster is killed it will be reincarnated by possessing the body of a young girl. There is nothing that it cannot overcome in order to complete the massacre of so long ago. Buffy Buffythe Vampire Slayer

    krimzonflygon 2 
  • A demonic sorceress who betrayed her best friend, the Goddess of Hope, erasing her memories and trapping her in human form. From there, she spends her time tormenting her former companions and threatening the Goddess's closest friend, and amusing herself by inflicting Mind Rape on small, fluffy animals. Homura Akemi Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion

  • A merciless tyrant, he conquered Earth using superior tactics and bio-engineered supersoldiers and established an empire, and soon set out to conquer the whole galaxy by force, killing what he deemed lesser species in the process, and mercilessly crushing any opposition to his rule. After half of his genetically modified children saw the faulty of his ways and rebelled to join the forces of freedom and harmony, he got permanently scarred, and he pulled back to the throne of his empire, over which he has ruled for over ten thousand years, ruling over the cruelest regime imaginable, spanning over the entire galaxy, abd while billions of innocents loyal to him die at the hands of his most trusted servants, he doesn't even as much as lift a finger to save them. Very fond of his customized toilet. The God-Emperor of Mankind, Warhammer 40000
  • A pitiful person, and a ruthless murderous hitman who kills people for fun, this man will kill anybody who gets in the way of his prey, and he loves every minute of it. Crossed the Moral Event Horizon when he killed a helpless old woman out shopping peacefully, and is a known sex offender who has been seen multiple times jerking off in public. Travis Touchdown, No More Heroes
  • An Anti Semite that didn't allow his target to defend himself, didn't pay him back, and even took away his identity, seemingly to be even crueler, but everyone cheers for him and they pretend he's a hero and the man who tried to get what he was promised from his tormentor is a villain because the man he picked on is a Jew! He picked on the Jew who lives in the town, who was already suffering more than enough and then got all whiny when his target got righteously angry! He can dish it out but he can't take it! Antonio, The Merchant of Venice

    L 7 
  • Uses magical wish-granting creatures to disrupt the world for his own pleasure. He is very childish and in need of a good dentist. Timmy Turner, The Fairly OddParents
  • An old warrior who performs GODLY feats of strength, speed, intelligence, endurance and agility. So look behind you if your ever in Texas, that's where he'll might be. Chuck Norris
  • A pack of criminals who massacred military officers and civilians during a party. The Dirty Dozen

    lala TKG 
  • An overconfident seventeen year old girl who, after being let out of her secluded training grounds, almost killed herself due to incompetence and pride, in addition to the stripping of her status as the most important and powerful diplomat in the world due to her selfish nature and trusting of a man who wants to bring the world as she knows it into ruin. Furthermore, she had started a war between both a terrorist group and her own homeland against the melting pot city she's supposed to protect. Later in life, her actions have gotten her grievously crippled. Avatar Korra, The Legend of Korra
  • A selfish teenager who dreams of becoming extraordinary. The steps he was willing to take to become such a person also included the brutal murder of his classmates, then his entire school, and later on acquiring the power and allies to wreak havoc on the entire world. Because of his atrocious actions he was considered an unstoppable threat to public safety, and as such he was detained by the only known form of order left in his world. Hajime Hinata/ Izuru Kamukura, Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair

  • A highly dangerous, immortal alien who has been repeatedly confirmed to be insane. He travels the universe, breaking the laws of time and changing history in ways that often result in many deaths. He has committed multiple genocides, yet manages to indoctrinate young, innocent people into being willing to destroy whole planets and put themselves in mortal danger for him. The Doctor, "Doctor Who"

  • A young girl who becomes obsessed with an immortal alien, going to lengths such as committing genocide while willingly under the influence of an ancient and dangerous power, nearly destroying a series of entire universes with her reckless behavior, and threatening innocent people with a gun, all to protect her cultish love interest. Rose Tyler, "Doctor Who"

  • An incredibly violent woman who was raised by a religious cult to be a sociopath programmed to kill her own husband. She always has at least one gun on her and has been known to shoot living beings while they are begging for mercy. She also, despite having knowledge of the future, refuses to share it, even when doing so would save lives. River Song, "Doctor Who"

  • A bad-tempered, often violent young woman who physically and verbally abuses, as well as repeatedly comes to the point of cheating on, the husband who was willing to wait for her and guard her for 2,000 years, and sacrifice his life for her - multiple times. She kills a woman in cold blood while said woman is begging for mercy. Amy Pond, "Doctor Who"

  • A young girl whose tantrums cause the near deaths of people whom she has trapped in a library, she, under the influence of a malfunctioning computer program, traps hundreds of people in a virtual world while their bodies are used for parts in said library. Charlotte Abigail Lux, "Doctor Who"

  • A woman who verbally abuses and emotionally manipulates her daughter into believing she will never be "good enough," criticizing her even as she saves whole planets and eventually all of reality. Sylvia Noble, "Doctor Who"

  • An old man who joins the army, but spends most of his time running away and is soon kicked out because he cannot do his job as a soldier, he has a change of heart when he is spoken to by an invisible alien whom no one else can see, and ends up forcing a gun on a wise pacifist so that he will kill, rather than reason with, and old enemy. Wilfred Mott, "Doctor Who"

  • A emotionally childish and incredibly mentally challenged, often violent man with delusions of grandeur who takes over the world by forcing his friends to fight his battles and put themselves in serious bodily danger for him. He has no sense of responsibility and despite his position as one of the most powerful people in the world, never takes anything seriously. He drives everyone away by being irritating and self-obsessed. Alfred F. Jones, "Axis Powers Hetalia"

  • A mentally disturbed man who talks to snow, is heavily alcoholic, and terrifies everyone. He is convinced that he is a kind and friendly person, and that his sadistic acts are attempts to "make friends." He keeps slaves to do his bidding and is convinced that they, despite being held against their will, are actually his "friends." He is hinted to be a demon. Ivan Braginsky, "Axis Powers Hetalia"

  • A cowardly and subservient man who becomes incredibly violent when the girl he practically stalked for thousands of years is away from him, he is willing to destroy thousands of lives for her even while she is in love with another man. Despite the fact that she would rather travel with a friend, he attempts repeatedly the drag her down to Earth to live a quiet, "normal" married life as his pregnant, unemployed wife. He also stalks coma patients. Rory Williams, "Doctor Who"

  • A zombie hiding among normal people, who breaks the hearts of everyone who loves her with her antisocial traits. Even the slightest amount of anger causes her to have psychotic episodes, which render her homicidal and filled with an uncontrollable hunger for human flesh. She eats the brains of murder victims who are sent to her for autopsy, without regard to respect for the dead or their families, and uses the hallucinations she gets from the decomposing brain matter to interfere in police matters and repeatedly almost end the career of her friend, in the name of vigilante "justice" against other zombies, when she could simply turn herself in as proof of the zombie epidemic and save thousands of lives in the process. Liv Moore, "iZombie"

  • A reckless, immature and violent young girl who was never taught basic manners or politeness, and who, rather than go to school, steals her family's fortune and runs away to the most dangerous place she can think of. Along the way, she uses her older brother's good name to interfere in police matters and kidnap a young boy. She then pretends to be a competent detective and occasionally a nun in order to get vulnerable people to trust her so she can overcome her own insecurities. She breaks into houses, embarrasses her brothers, and at one point stabs a man to death and kidnaps his young charge. Despite all this, she gets everything she wants in the end. Enola Holmes, "The Enola Holmes Mysteries"

    Leigh Sabio 
  • Mad genius considered too dangerous to his society and locked up in prison. Believes anyone who isn't as physically and mentally gifted as himself to be worthless and beneath him. He breaks out with the explicit purpose of overthrowing the utopia in which he lives in order to take over his country. Along the way, he declares himself the greatest man who ever lived, beats up two people just for playing music poorly, and puts a young woman in danger. the titular character of Harrison Bergeron
  • Psychotic, probably bipolar, destructive misogynist teenage boy. He is a compulsive liar, mercilessly taunts the saner people with whom he disagrees, and forces his little sister to lie and cut class Holden Caulfeld
  • Real life example: A main enemy of Ghandi. A verbally abusive drunkard who, despite having used opium and been kicked out of office, managed to seize control of a major world power. Winston Churchill
  • A character whose appearance is explicitly stated as satanic in his character description. He is willing to Shoot the Dog at a moment's notice, and enjoys belittling the compassionate and empathetic. Requires sex to live, and fandom consensus is that he has attraction to both genders. He has on separate occasions threatened to destroy an entire colony of innocent people who had recently been attacked, mutinied against his competent and heroic commanding officer, and attempted to prevent a group of miners from killing the monster that was attempting to kill all of them. Spock

  • Girl who wants the whole world to live by moral standards which she changes on a fly. She slaughters someone who was about to unveil a conspiracy, but allows a manipulative villain to live and continue being evil. She also decides to ruin the lives of her mother and aunt because of something they did a year ago, and gets away with murder scot-free because her uncle took the fall for her. Hollyleaf of Warrior Cats

    Lightning Storm 93 
  • A young man, raised by his loving aunt and uncle, seeks to join the military for no reason other than to take advantage of their training program and join the hordes of Bomb-Throwing Anarchists when he's done. With the aid of a wanted smuggler and his vicious companion, a subversive, treacherous member of one of the royal families, and two machines, he murders hundred of thousands of loyal soldiers and technicians in one fell swoop, and helps bring about the death of a man who kept order in the vast expanses of space. Luke Skywalker, Star Wars

    Loekman 3 
  • A selfish insensitive bitch who shows no hesitation in selling out her own brother for her own personal gain. Purposely uses the Memory gun to forget whatever advice and Character Development and makes a Deal with the Devil to brought about The End of the World as We Know It just so she can stop her brother from pursuing his own dreams and goals. Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls
  • An Insufferable Genius who doesn't hesitate to disown his own brother just for a single mistake, only bothering to call 10 years later to insult him even further. When he gets saved thirty years later by his brother, he "thanked" said brother by exiling him out to the streets where he will forever live his life as a homeless criminal while he lived in the luxury of his own dreams. Stanford Pines from Gravity Falls

    Loki Lie-Smith 
  • An easily-angered teenager who, when he almost kills his rival, hates his teacher for giving him detention. He's regularly rewarded for breaking school rules, barely knows anyone in his year at school except for said rival and the people who have undying loyalty to him, repeatedly attempts to murder someone who's demonstrated competence implies him to be developmentally disabled, assumes that the teacher who tries the hardest to make him obey the rules is evil, and admits that the only difference he can think of between himself and his racist sociopathic mass-murdering nemesis is that they were in different houses at school. Despite all this, his fans criticise anyone who gives his near-manslaughter victim any sympathy. Harry Potter.
  • An alien with terrible unearthly powers incubates among humanity like a cuckoo, and regularly humiliates and antagonises one of Earth's most brilliant scientists. Superman

    Lone Houndoom 

    Lord Smeagle 
  • Strange, amoral old woman finds and shapes a small, impressionable child into her personal instrument of change in a smelly camp full of travelling vagrants. Through her deliberate misinformation, this kid causes the deaths of hundreds, ruins the global economy and/or is imprisoned in a work camp for ten years, before ultimately slaying a sickly old man and preventing the creation of a perfect world. Then, as a reward for doing all the real work, she sends the kid and his three allies (an overgrown, drunken berserker, an emotionless master of black magic, and a hedonistic gunslinger) on their merry way, and keeps the mysterious artifact of untold power for herself. Theresa, Fable II

  • A student of a wanted criminal, he also has a bounty on his head. He uses dark magic developed by his teacher to become quite powerful. He is responsible for three young girls being slaves. He and an ally of his beat the living daylights of several people and even gets in a fight with a friend of his father's because it is profitable. He attempted to attack someone when they were in the middle of negotiations. Negi Springfield from Mahou Sensei Negima
  • This rich kid's parents were killed and now he thinks it's okay to beat up people in the middle of the night. Batman

  • A mentally disturbed woman who, after running away several times, brought a dangerous alien who whispered to her in her sleep as child back into reality, and proceeded to drag her subservient husband into a dangerous realm where they both eventually suffer a fate worse than death. Amy Pond, Doctor Who

  • A cold-blooded alien goes against the norms of his society, alienating both parents to varying degrees and failing to fit in anywhere, and ends up joining the crew of a warship and ejecting his second in command onto a terrifying planet. He also enters into an abusive relationship with a human woman who deserves much better. Spock, Star trek (reboot)

  • A silly and immature officer leads a ragtag and dangerous band for many years, his relationship with his subordinates and one in particular disrupting the chain of command far too many times for comfort. His attitude towards allies of his country is undiplomatic at best, his attitude towards his superiors abysmal, and the one commander he can work with uses him in an illegal sting against people who could potentially save their planet. These same people are eventually executed. His forbidden love interest is famous on this very wiki for her massively destructive CMOA, his best friend is a famously silent, sometimes cruel man, and his other close friend of note is an innocent scholar, whom he abuses very much.
Col. Jack O'neill, Stargate SG-1

  • A little man seeks out the worst parts of the world and the worst kind of criminals, and uses psychological techniques to extract confessions. He has an apallingly low conviction rate, and technically does not have jurisdiction in any of his cases.
Father Brown, of the eponymous stories.

  • A young man, already a government condoned murderer, commits genocide, proving he takes after his brother, who became a world leader through manipulation while still in his teens. He was, depending on your interpretation, more or less raised in early childhood by his sister, who is a compassionate person he entirely fails to learn from. His only other female friend burns out from exhaustion while fighting for him during the course of his genocide, and he takes a calculating approach in general to his "friends." He is, all this being said, mainly a product of his military upbringing. He later starts a cultish religion, which spreads like wildfire, and becomes governor of an important settlement, which he abandons, to travel space with his sister.
Ender Wiggin, Ender's Game (Novel)

  • A man who earns his rank by drowning one man and shooting another without remorse, breaks into his superior's house, is placed on leave, and goes vigilante against a mere blank market banker, whom he spends vast amounts of money from the treasury to defeat, and ends up having a hollow victory anyways, as his allies turn against him and he is tortured horribly. Later he wages a war of terror against a man not unlike him, who was betrayed by their superior, and deprived of oxygen, and tortured nearly to death, and later this so called hero directly causes the death of the only woman he respects as a person, rather than a prize to be won. He also has a very callous death trope named for him.
James Bond, Casino Royale (remake), Skyfall


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