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Rules of Paint the Hero Black:

As per this forum game, this page is a Collection of Heroes painted black. Please sort new entries by the troper who added them. Spoiler the answers, and avoid using links in the spoilers. Use the spoiler tag to hide your answers: like this. New "heroes" at the bottom of the folder you are posting in, thank you very much. Entries without answers will be either answered or deleted. Please restrict Real Life examples to people whom history has already vindicated.


If your Troper Name begins with G, H or I, place your examples here.

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    Gaius Marius 
  • Known adulterist who used the fame of his better known uncle to get elected President during a national crisis. Broke with traditional precedent by staying in office for a decade and a half. Pursued fascist economic policies so awful that they kept a depression going for nearly a decade. Initiated a trade embargo upon an emerging state that threatened to liberate one of his Empire's colonies. Some of the worst monsters in history openly admired his policies. Secretly maneouvered his country into a world war against public opinion, in such war he sent a half million young men ot their deaths. Used massive propaganda to deceive public on course of the war. Imprisoned an entire race because he believed they could not be trusted. Ordered aerial bombardments that devastated entire countries. His armies overran much of Europe and Asia. Also ordered the construction of an atomic bomb but died before it could be used Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • A skinny nerd who sought to emulate fictional heroes by taking untested steroids, then went on a four year killing spree that spanned continents. He was an inspiration to entire armies of killers, many of whom enlisted purely to emulate him. Frozen while trying to kill a harmless doctor, but was unfortunately thawed out decades later. Once active again he declared war on the federal government and started a second civil war. Captain America
  • Senile old man who skipped World War 2 to stay home and make movies. After failing as an actor he campaigned against the winner of a Nobel Peace prize for the White House by using commercials about bears. Known to carry a gun while meeting foreign leaders, he massively increased military expenditures. Once announced that he was immediately starting a nuclear war. Caused the collapse of a society dedicated to creating equality, this unleashed untold chaos on to the world. Tried to prevent a government from taking steps to remedy illegal emigration. Ronald Reagan

     Gamemaniac 92711 
  • A rebellous and gluttonous teen who destroys many devices which contain small and adorable animals inside with no remourse, gathers all the valuable jewelry he can find, routinely beats up a obese man, allows his best friend to die multiple times in the pursuit of beating up said obese man, and beat up a man only trying to protect their home when he got in his way. Sonic The Hedgehog
  • A boy who gained immense strength upon his 13th birthday, traveled to a foreign planet and nearly destroyed a town there with a bomb, showed little reaction to the deaths of his sister and father and even looted a piece of jewelry of immense power from his sister, some of his friends include a girl who dabbles in the dark arts and was driven insane by communing with them, a boy who has shown little outer response to versions of him dying, a nutty girl who crafts a weapon of mass destruction that will ultimately kill a queen and put a planet destroying madman in charge, at least two horned beings from another world, one of which being a foul mouthed mutant being who wields a sickle in combat, and a mind-controlling girl who has murdered untold numbers of her own kind. John Egbert, Homestuck

  • Young preteen runs away from home, ill-prepared for survival. Quickly begins a reign of terror in which, over a few days, he destroys several buildings, commits dozens of counts of assault, and carelessly destroys the property of others. Quickly amasses a large group of poorly trained animals and applies them in both organized and unofficial blood sports in an ill-planned attempt to gain public respect, while providing often inadequate medical care or questionable methods, up to and including hooking live animals up to live high-voltage lines. Places poorly trained animals and small children in close proximity, is regularly "surprised" by the results. Ash Ketchum, Pokémon
  • Regularly breaks into second floors of buildings, steals valuable goods and animals from their rightful owners, regularly causes individuals he claims to consider members of his family to be seriously injured or trapped, intentionally misleads police officers in an attempt to prevent them from apprehending a dangerous criminal armed with powerful weapons, regularly assists said criminal while claiming to want to capture him. Gold, Pokémon Special
  • Homely woman chases down group of people whose self-defined purpose and goal is to cause the downfall of western civilization and Christian morality in an attempt to stop them, crashes a plane near the home of their leader, and joins their side in an extreme form of Stockholm syndrome in a matter of days. The woman indirectly causes an area roughly one hundred miles in diameter to be I Can't Believe It's Not Nuclear Weapon blown to bits, including the remaining transport lines to New York City. Said side, formed of individual who do nothing but menial labor (with one exclusion who is a pirate) within said western civilization then intentionally cause vast levels of starvation and pain as a sizable portion of every major city starves in giant riots. They then go to nice warm homes and plan to rewrite the American Constitution. Dagney Taggart, Atlas Shrugged
  • Discredited, frustrated, and largely unsuccessful civil engineer turned menial labourer after a series of fraud and general incompetence convictions detonates a major housing project in New York in a mean-spirited tantrum over an unwritten contract violation, rants for the better part of an hour at the jury during his trial. Pandered to the general public with nude statues in one of his earlier designs that got him sacked and working in a quarry. Roark, The Fountainhead
  • Advertises several impossible things in the local yellow pages, regularly destroys buildings, tells a love interest to drink a date rape drug mixed in tequila, and has assisted a mafia boss directly responsible for the majority of the prostitution and sex trade in a major metropolitan area. Has summoned ghosts, zombie dinosaurs, and killed through the use of magic. Covers up from a girl who used mind-control on children. Repeatedly flaunts the rules of a society he is supposedly an enforcer for, and assists in the execution of children for that society. Has sold himself to the Fae not once, but twice. Consorts with demons, and regularly burns part of his soul in exchange for power. Intentionally provided a Stoker-style vampire with a handbook for turning herself into a god-like being at the expense of hundreds of other lives. Holds not one but two of three artifacts of cosmic power inherently aligned with the force of good in an umbrella stand over a period of years, ensuring that no just user could take up the mantles. Harry Dresden, The Dresden Files
  • Groups of self-proclaimed superheroes fight crime through the use of lethal force — up to and including high explosives or massive doses of radiation in confined spaces, regular invasions on corporate or private property, and theft — against glorified pickpockets and security guards. No less than three "villain" groups consist of unfortunates who were forcibly mutated and can be treated, and are dealt with through above levels of lethal force or a stabbing. They also attempt to wage an undeclared war against another sovereign power through proclamations of vast conspiracy theories, taunt the leadership of alternate dimensions, and are suspected of personally committing massive terrorist attacks on civilian populaces including the use of bioweapons while on such an interdimensional field trip. The Freedom Phalynx, City of Heroes

    GD Immortal 
  • An appointed government figure who, when her power in said government began to wane, used populist sentiment to start a brutal, decades spanning civil war in the name of restoring the defunct, corrupt theocracy that the current order replaced. Mon Mothma, Star Wars

    Gentlemens Dame 883 
  • A grade-schooler who volunteers to assist an illegal alien in his quest to collect powerful trinkets, wielding beam weaponry of horrific potency against a girl who wants to please her mother and said girl's dog, as well as a quartet of old bodyguards wanting to save their young mistress's life. Somehow she convinces them and other newcomers to join her in destroying a scientist whose research into cybernetics may protect the multiverse. Nanoha Takamachi, Lyrical Nanoha
  • These high-schoolers, along with the occasional adult, wield magic and the power to summon bionic familiars. Their doing so threatens the lives of their friends and family, but they had accepted the offer that gave them the powers nevertheless. They defy a well-meaning foundation trying to help them, indirectly causing a young and much-loved chorister's death, then turn on each other and the ancient tradition that would have returned Japan to prominence. The HiMEs, Mai-HiME
  • This boy, called by his father to protect humanity from destruction by alien invaders, proves to be horribly ineffective and reliant on his superpowered mother to pull through. Nevertheless he pisses off the part-foreign child soldier who has trained from young to fight these enemies. There are also signs that his albino teammate may have a connection to said superpowered mother. Shinji Ikari, Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • This girl fought against a duke who was trying to protect the people from the gluttonous king and his mass-murdering aide, as well as a creature hardwired with the instinct to snuff out the evils of the Light. Zelda, The Legend of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
  • He takes a plane into battle against a country struggling for autonomy from a repressive confederation, destroying vital logistics holding areas including lots of valuable oil, defending the builders of a superweapon from those rightly seeking their deaths, blowing up two of the foremost defences against a potential meteorite crash and alienating a young child from his much-beloved father figure and idol. Mobius One, Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies
  • This mercenary, hired by a breakaway nation rebelling against its original hinterland, wavers between killing all the innocents in his way, sparing all of them and arbitrarily sparing some while slaying others. His viciousness drove the so-called enemy into extreme self-destructive measures that he never was punished for. He proceeded to go after an organisation seeking world peace and destroyed their key hope of making the world a better place. Cipher/Galm One, Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
  • These men and women, part of a global coalition, serve to analyse and dissect the workings of fiction, ruining lives and vocabulary as a result of their efforts. The cause they serve has such notoriety that even the invocation of its name is banned in several communities. The Contributors
  • Formerly the mass-murdering, sadistic servant of an evil government, this knight errant has worked with a servant to vampires, a witch who cursed humanity with magic, a scumbag who wants to plunge the world into despair and the primogenitor of less-than-intelligent feline creatures. He has escaped from a region known to turn people into cannibalistic, insane Eldritch Abominations. He seeks to kill a good man who is one of the evil government's staunchest enemies, but will not hesitate to attack those in his way, all while proclaiming his wish to bring the fires of destruction on the world and declaring himself a bringer of the end. Hakumen, BlazBlue
  • A mass-murdering enemy of the legal authorities. He can drain the life of others with his darkness powers and has severe brother relationship issues. Someday he will become the avatar of a world-threatening monster. Ragna the Bloodedge, BlazBlue
  • A gluttonous, slothful simpleton who has abetted a known mass murderer. Taokaka, BlazBlue
  • This hulking cyborg has earned much infamy for his exploits in past conflicts. Under the direction of a mad scientist, he oppresses a starving beggar, attacks a defender of justice, nearly kidnaps a former colleague, fights with a servant of the government who has become famed as a hero, takes a world-saving hero captive and ignores a known mass murderer. Iron Tager, BlazBlue
  • A pyromaniac who headed the creation of murderous beings and unabashedly displays his moral deficiency for the world to see. Sol Badguy, Guilty Gear
  • This woman, a servant of an evil government, selfishly wants an endangered animal for herself, easily takes offence when others point out her flaws and is secretly the key to a world-endangering cataclysm. Noel Vermillion, BlazBlue
  • This supposed doctor takes sadomasochistic sexual pleasure in hitting and being hit by others, shamelessly parades around in a skimpy getup, violently refuses a former colleague's invitation to return to their side, is adored by a gluttonous, slothful feline simpleton, is ignorant of a noble hero's attentions, and is so selfish that she'd join an oppressive government and probably let said government ruin the world as long as she can have her adored man-eating blob. Litchi Faye-ling, BlazBlue
  • A mass-murderer who regularly mindwipes her four servants and has taken personal interest in a young girl. When heroes defeat her servants, she attempts to kill the girl's friends thoroughly. After she is redeemed, she not only chooses to commit suicide despite the girl's pleas, but also burdens the girl with her offspring. Reinforce Eins, Lyrical Nanoha
  • An infamous death squad comprising abusively belligerent single teen mothers, anthropomorphised weapons of mass destruction, child soldiers, illegal clones, sexual deviants, berserkers masquerading as children, deadly chef-doctors, banned cyborgs, defenders of disgraced wrongdoers, ingrates and outcasts. Serving at the discretion of a corrupt, hypocritical establishment over the objections of longer-serving men, they seek the blood of a loving family man and his daughters, as well as a cursed family whose attempts to hide behind lines of jurisdiction are summarily ignored. Riot Force Six, Lyrical Nanoha

    George UK 
  • A violent General Ripper who, in an effort to bring a province that didn't agree with his government under control, laid waste to vast areas of it, killing thousands of civilians and condemning many more to starvation. Had his army destroy every town and piece of infrastructure they found. Unsurprisingly, he is extremely unpopular in said province to this day. General William Tecumseh Sherman
  • A school student who hates people for following a different fashion trend to hers, violates the school's dress code, has sex on school grounds, consistently cheats on her boyfriend, and worships Satan. Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, My Immortal
    • IS she supposed to be a hero, anyway?
  • A spoiled Jerk Sue who killed several people, mainly fellow students, for either disagreeing with her or being, in her eyes, promiscuous, despite the fact that all she thought about was sex. Crystal Potter, Becoming Female

  • Insectivorous mammal with super speed and strange coloring continues to pester and defeat an enterprising middle aged mustached man, unstabilizing the world with every machine he breaks. He hangs around with a mutant, an gullible guardian, a stalker, a thief, a genocidal robot, a genetically-created creature who nearly destroyed the planet and an 6-year old girl. Sonic the Hedgehog
  • A fighter that spends a lot of his time eating, and who successfully defeated and nearly killed a member of a royal family. They also never cut their hair, and have poor manners. (Two answers, same show) Son Goku and Yajirobe (both who teamed up to defeat Vegeta), Dragon Ball Z

    Ghost Lad 
  • A thinly fictionalized version of Dick Cheney: A former Secretary of Defense (in a world where his predecessor was an actual Nazi), CEO of one of the most powerful defense contractors in the world, and a man who sees nothing wrong with secretly imprisoning American citizens in a prison outside the United States without a trial or access to lawyers. As if this wasn't enough, numerous references are made to his weak heart and how he requires a pacemaker. He also has a history of "borrowing" military-grade weapon technology for his own personal use, often against disgruntled former employees. Iron Man
  • The daughter and sometimes follower of one of the most deadly terrorist leaders in the world, who has used her powers to Mind Rape people's memories in an attempt to create a world where the minority group she belongs to can be a dominant and thoroughly discriminatory majority. Even some of the world's greatest heroes and most devoted advocates of Thou Shalt Not Kill consider her too dangerous to allow to live, a distinction not even irredeemable serial killers, demons, and genocidal dictators don't rate. The Scarlet Witch.
  • The pill-popping, mentally unstable Mad Scientist creator of a series of evil genocidal robots Dr. Wily would envy. His battered wife is a woman he experimented on before abducting her and forcing her to marry him. He's even been known to attempt to recruit self-declared "Gods of Evil" as underlings. Hank Pym.
  • The hereditary leader of one of the most paranoid and isolationist nations in the world, whose greatest concern is maintaining their own purity. He also has access to advanced medical technology, including the cure for cancer, but refuses to consider sharing it with the rest of the world, leading to 8 million deaths every year he could have prevented. He also gained his position in part by beating a political rival into unconsciousness. Black Panther.
  • A secretive council of some of the most powerful people in the world, including every character listed above. Other prominent members include a living propaganda symbol and a god once worshiped by the Nazis. The Avengers.

    Ghost of Gene Rayburn 
  • A terrorist organization that attempts to take out power stations, depriving poor people of needed electricity. One member is a mentally unhinged soldier of fortune who stands by and does nothing while an innocent woman is killed (then chucks her body in a lake) and is sometimes under the control of an Ax-Crazy psychotic. AVALANCHE, Final Fantasy VII
  • A hacker who breaks into sensitive databases, accessing private information on US citizens. She also routinely sexually harasses a co-worker. Penelope Garcia, Criminal Minds
  • Vegetable-chomping wise ass who viciously mocks his rivals after defeating them in the most humiliating ways. Bugs Bunny
  • Borderline sociopath who mindfucks people to get them to tell him what he wants to hear. Patrick Jane, The Mentalist

    Girl Who Says Ni 
  • At first, he's a hypocritical and happy-go-lucky idiot who tries to remind people that card games really aren't Serious Business, when he attends a boarding school dedicated to teaching its students how to play better. He constantly breaks rules, and foils a teacher's well-intentioned attempts to expel him. He claims to see spirits of cards that probably don't exist. After two or three years of playing the Invincible Hero, he meets an Expy of himself who he quickly becomes attached to, nearly to the point of obssession, and forgetting his other friends. Then, when his Expy is left behind in an alternate dimension, so that the others can return, he drags all of said friends back to the alternate dimension to bring him back, killing a good number of them in the process. He finds out that he's the reincarnation of a former king, then goes into a Heroic BSoD, which causes him to kill some of the remaining friends. After he finds the Expy and everyone goes home, he becomes emo and has to fight off an entity with the intent to rid the world of all sadness, making the world a better place. He then proceeds to graduate from the school and promptly gets his butt rightfully handed to him by the main character of the series' prequel. Judai Yuki, Yu-Gi-Oh GX

    Goblin Cipher 
  • A sinister, secretive old man, versed in hypnotism and strange perversions of science, who repeatedly bends others to his will and uses them as pawns, sacrificing them to achieve his goals. On multiple occasions he has parleyed these abilities into political power or cult-like domination of the populace. He is a known criminal, wanted for the theft of weapons of mass destruction and multiple counts of cold-blooded genocide; his other offenses include child endangerment, blasphemy, and high treason. The Doctor, Doctor Who
  • A respected member of the clergy who abandons her vows at the prompting of a nonexistent "companion," allying herself instead with a collection of heretics, turncoats, and monsters to begin a murder spree against the leaders of her religion. She consigns two of her closest followers to death before stepping into the power vacuum she herself created — only to abandon the position when she loses interest. Yuna Braska, Final Fantasy X
  • The leader of a small-town terrorist sect, carrying on the legacy of their previous leader (who faked his own death after attempting to engage in vandalism on an unthinkable scale). Commands her followers to kill based on her claims that God sends her visions of the future, never seeing fit to dirty her own hands, and repeatedly abuses her position to foist her personal errands off on subordinates desperately needed elsewhere. Strongly implicated in the assassination of a liberal political leader beloved by their populace. Minfilia, Final Fantasy XIV
  • A deeply disturbed child obsessed with the occult, whose performance of accursed rituals repeatedly endangers not only his family but everyone around him. Has concealed evidence of crime from lawful agents of the state, conspired with a reclusive sociopath to rob the dead, and betrayed his family to earn a demon's favor. Dipper Pines, Gravity Falls
  • A small group of disaffected, isolated teenagers who use their perversion of a video game as an excuse for a campaign of harassment and murder against a mentally challenged boy. Not satisfied with the mass death and destruction their actions have caused, they engage in incestuous flirting, provoke a pathetic madman into going on a murder spree, forge multiple suicide pacts, and ultimately destroy their universe. The Beta Kids, Homestuck
  • A gleefully sexist officer of the law who barely pays lip service to his duties, taking advantage of his talents instead to slaughter his way through both enemy and allied powers alike. He has been convicted of at least one outright murder, escaping punishment thanks to nepotistic intervention, and is guilty of uncountable additional deaths. He has openly stated that he has impulses not only to murder but also to rape, but has so far kept them barely under control (apart from one technicality). In one of his greatest acts of cruelty, he assembled a gang of innocents, got them addicted to dangerous substances, and then used that leverage to force them to commit a gruesome murder in his name. As if all this weren't enough, he's a deadbeat father, a petty thief, and has allied with criminals, disgraced cops, and the possible literal Antichrist. Harry Dresden, The Dresden Files
  • Although they appear from the outside to be benevolent, this insidious organization engages in conquest through the establishment of cultural hegemony. Their leaders are always arrogant, frequently out of control, and casually countenance genocide rather than sully their hands interacting with their "inferiors." On occasions when they have met a force they cannot overcome with arms, they have turned to attempted genocide themselves, and are definitively not above the use of false flag operations, extensive mining of civilian space, and germ warfare. A prominent member of their organization went rogue, declared himself a Messiah, and sabotaged a peaceful treaty process, and this was one of the their most reliable operatives. United Federation of Planets, Star Trek
  • A pack of child terrorists commence a reign of racial terror, seeking to drive the "parasites" out of their white upper-middle-class town. They are opposed by school faculty, all of whom end up dead, and declare open war against their town's government. They are aided and abetted by a dangerous former criminal with connections to Satanists, who himself uses their school as a clearinghouse for dangerous materials. Buffy and the Scoobies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • A fully sapient parasite masquerading as a harmless animal. This creature selected an ordinary human as a host, then proceeded on a campaign of harassment and abuse, destroying the human's self-esteem at every opportunity to make him more pliable and controllable. The creature also torments others around it, repeatedly attempting to kill one of them through dehydration and hunger while reserving physical violence for another. At least one human being seen in proximity to the parasite has vanished completely, and many believe them dead. Garfield
  • A tinpot tyrant whose abusiveness towards his underlings is matched only by his sheer pettiness — on one occasion he resorted to psychological warfare against a close friend to win a friendly game. His long list of crimes includes violence, espionage, sabotage, aiding and abetting criminal enterprises, destruction of priceless antiquities, and ordering the deliberate release of a biological agent. His most evil acts, however, were sabotaging an ally's true love because he coveted their beloved and, worse, attempting to enslave his own sister to his desires. Walter O'Brien, Scorpion
  • An organization that engages casually in abduction, theft, murder, and human sacrifice to further its goals, and is willing to resort to rape and torture. They act as self-appointed censors, and have stymied entire areas of scientific study to hoard that knowledge for themselves. Their faceless leadership engages in constant gamesmanship, backstabbing, and inhuman levels of hypocrisy. The SCP Foundation, though it works just as well for the Laundry
  • A man with no redeeming features. He has no apparent job or responsibilities, sexually harasses his few acquaintances, and some have alleged that he was involved in the mysterious disappearance of a close friend. His worst crime is the enslavement of a sapient being who he keeps in a constant state of ravenous hunger. Jon Arbuckle, Garfield
  • He may have committed his first murder of innocents while under severe emotional duress, but it must have given him a taste. Not only did the man proceed to go on a rampage of serial murder, he recruited other good-hearted citizens (including his only family) and turned them into his tools for killing. Known for wearing a variety of disguises, and for the regularity with which his accomplices turn up as corpses only shortly after meeting him. As if all this wasn't enough, he produced a multi-volume manifesto showing his unthinking hate and startling racism with the specific goal of training copy-cat killers. Rudolph van Richten, Ravenloft

    Googolplex 20 
  • A Twisted parody of an already vicious and formidable predator, who's existence violates the very laws of reality, perepetually and unnervingly cheerful, he travels the world finding the most innocent victims of all; children, who he then enchants through an unholy and ritualistic series of songs,dances and "lessons". He is accompanied by several companions who are disturbingly childlike in their mannerisms. Barney The Dinosaur,Baby Bop,and BJ, Barney & Friends

    Gothic Prophet 
  • A violent, arrogant, ungrateful man who shows no gratitude towards the man who has saved his life, even threatening to commit murder on several occasions. Don West, Lost in Space
  • This so-called hero kidnapped two innocent people who were only there out of concern for the girl he was looking after, despite said girl's protests. He later tries to kill an injured man. And that's just in one episode. First Doctor, Doctor Who
  • An abused boy who, upon being taken away from his relatives, sets out to cause trouble, is allowed to do what he wants by most adults, and always thinks the worst of the one man who actually tries to protect him. Harry Potter, Harry Potter
  • This character was a bully as a child, and grew up to be an irresponsible adult who made an atrocious error in judgement that led to the deaths of his best friends. And, when he was blamed for their deaths, he did not wait to explain things, but instead went after the person who had sold them out, resulting in the deaths of many innocent bystanders, which he was also blamed for. And, when he escaped prison, he did not try to set the record straight, but went after a child who was unknowingly guarding the traitor, then put three children's lives at risk in the effort to capture him. Sirius Black, Harry Potter

  • An apathetic and whiny teenage boy who complains about everything and almost everyone around him while making no real strides to change anything. He places huge burdens on his friends and even reveals their most guarded secrets to the ONE PERSON they didn't want said secrets revealed to. He also once destroyed the fondest wish of a girl who loved him deeply in order to get back into his own comfort zone. Kyon, The Melancoly Of Suzumiya Haruhi
  • A man of many moods, almost none of them appropriate for the situation, acting goofy when seriousness is called for, and yet once personally slighted known to make entire races of people suffer. Goes out of his way to protect his favourite species, while treating others with such cruelty and viciousness that even the people he handpicks to accompany him are appalled. Once told that he would make a good monster by one of said monsters. The Doctor, Doctor Who
  • Superintellegent egomaniac who could use his skills to benefit the world many times over, but only engages in cases that he deems challenging enough to keep his interest. He is not above letting others die and putting families through psychological torture in order to prove theories that he thinks and admits only hold the slightest of merit. Also has no qualms about breaking privacy laws. All this and he has horrible sleep and dietary habits. L, Death Note
    • The author's said he's not a good guy.
  • A slacker who despite being incredibly gifted, is also lazy and really, really full of himself. He's reckless to the point of being suicidal, and almost always considered just how much is in it for him either monitarily or personally before doing anything. Dante, Devil May Cry

    Grand Theft Auto Fanatic 
  • A rude, cold-blooded, sociopathic British soldier who would stop at nothing at killing his enemies in ways that he became similar to his foes. Captain Price, Modern Warfare
  • A man that did not care about the situation that he was in and only cared about the fact that he could get scoops from it, which would get him money and make him famous. Frank West, Dead Rising
  • Cruel authority figures trying to prevent well-meaning people from gaining wealth. The police, PAYDAY 2
  • A "legendary" soldier that destroyed multiple weapons that could've changed the world in fantastic ways, claiming that they could fall in the hands of "terrorists" and be used for malicious purposes. Solid Snake, Metal Gear

    Great Pikmin Fan 
  • Tricks, traps, and serious loop holes are all up the sleeve of this one man just to try to set things "right"... Hank Hill, King of the Hill

  • Mixed-race Mad Scientist who possesses dangerous psychic abilities, which he has used on numerous occasions on unwilling recipients, including his commanding officer and his doctor. Cold and emotionless, he has no qualms about sacrificing a few subordinates if the rest of society wills it. Spock, Star Trek: The Original Series

    Guest Of Dishonour 
  • He abandoned his job as an enforcer of law to the become the mouthpieces of a corrupt, hypocritical emperor, a transforming lizard monstrosity, a sinister criminal and the warped product of a delusional girl's mind. Also a feared martial artist. Norio Wakamoto

  • A trio of creatures, of ineffable description, are created wholecloth by a multimillion dollar organization; they immediately begin tormenting their creators, and regardless of the discipline or restraint imposed on them they regularly break free, only to cause humiliation (and occasional physical pain) on those they deem worthy. Of the three, the eldest is an incurable cynic and Jerkass; the middle is voracious and vulgar, and has been known to beat things with sticks; and the youngest is an endless flirt with pretentions of royalty, who has on numerous instances used her particular brand of feminine wiles to get her way. Yakko, Wakko and Dot, Animaniacs
  • Implicit in a plan to assasinate a king. A supporter and enforcer of a brutal and discriminatory caste system. Regularly argues with his girlfriend. Used a form of brainwashing to gain the affections of another woman. Known temper issues. Refused to stop a bloodthirsty killer, even when all involved knew it was entirely within his capabilities. Equius Zahhak, Homestuck

    Hamburger Time 

    Hello 999 
  • After dooming an entire community, a man successfully appeals to the community's children, explicitly turning at least one child against his father. He then uses child labor to build a factory, in which he employs those same children. Santa Claus, The Story of Santa Claus (1996 cartoon)
  • Dissatisfied with her life, she turned to a well-known criminal, bonded emotionally with him, and helped him commit racist terrorist acts. Even without his influence, she has physically attacked people simply for annoying her. She has mocked one of her closest friends behind her back, but berates others for doing the same. She broke up with a boyfriend because she thought he was too much of a gentleman. As a teenager, she joined a rebellious gang and suggested their provocative name. Ginny Weasley

    Heroic Jay 
  • She's considered mentally unstable by her peers, and is under surveillance by a man who worked for the FBI. She discovers a creature that was genetically engineered by a Card-Carrying Villain to cause chaos that is on the run from a government that has rightfully imprisoned him, and prevents said government from putting him into custody. In the process, she gets a member of said government fired just because he interacted with her. Then she goes on a quest to find more genetically-engineered monstrosities like the one she met. Lilo, of Lilo & Stitch
  • Anyone who sees him would recognize him as the monster he is. Big, powerful, with bat-like wings, and a tendency to prefer the night over the daylight. He was awoken after a thousand-year sleep by a friendly man, and then tried proceeded to steal electronics from a philanthropist, blow up an airship, and then try to take over the friendly man's home. His mate would gladly kill all humans if given the opportunity. Goliath, of Gargoyles
  • Rock creatures invaded Earth with the intention of taking over and wiping out all indigenous life. This guy (who has special powers allowing him to, among other things, take over people's bodies while they sleep) identifies strongly with the rock creatures. He is regarded as a war criminal, and has caused several people to turn traitor to join his own side. His actions resulted in one of his best human friends being captured, and later killed, by the rock creatures. Steven Universe
  • This artificial being was created for peaceful purposes. Nuts to that, though; at the first opportunity, he readily volunteers himself to be converted to a war machine, so he can blow up his brethren, steal information about them to use for his own purposes, and harass a man with stunning amounts of money and free time. Rock, AKA Mega Man

    HG 131 
  • Genocidal madman who associates with a nude Pre-Teen who is in the form of a nude teen. John-117 (Master Chief), Halo
  • Genocidal madman (I sense a pattern) who wants to wipe out an ancient race, an intelligent 200 year old race, and regularly kills innocent workers. Commander Shepard, Mass Effect
  • Traitor to his country, he made his entire race rebel against their leaders and work with the enemy, who their formally allies believe are pure evil. The Arbiter, Halo
  • Genocidal madman (really, I see a pattern) who kills many soldiers and civilians. He also causes the deaths of billions. Alex Mercer, [PROTOTYPE]
  • An old soldier leads 3 younger people on a campaign of genocide. They kill thousands, and when the military tries to stop them, they kill them too. They later come upon four other genocidal people, who they aid in continuing their campaign of genocide. William Overbeck, Left 4 Dead
  • A doctor obsessed with his sister, perhaps sexually, destroys his family's wellbeing to kidnap her from the school she is going to. He then takes her and lives with her among killers, thieves and rapists. They commit numerous crimes, including many counts of murder, while with these criminals. Simon Tam, Firefly
  • An older British man has secret meetings with multiple teenagers, many of them female. What they do in the middle of the night away from supervision is their secret. Rupert Giles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Only a teenager himself, he puts his friends, including a 8 year old and a 12 year old, in danger. He's also caused the 12 year old to fall in love with him, and the 8 year old has almost died multiple times, all due to a feud he has with a scientist who's creations he destroys for fun. Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • Drove a kid by exclusion to try and conquer the world, resulting in millions of deaths, the forcing of millions more into ghettos, setting back technology 50 years, and the most brutal and corrupt dictatorship the world has ever seen. After allowing this to happen, he lets it continue for several decades, abandoning his friends and family. Once finally dragged out to stop everything, he gives his niece, who he raised as his own daughter for several years, the cold shoulder and tells the world to go fuck itself, never to be seen again. Kenji, 20thCenturyBoys
  • An extremist insurgent who is kidnapping children and pitting them against unearthly monsters while abandoning them in the most inhospitable landscape ever known to man. They do this repeatedly, and if these children try to get help or have information to protect the ones they love, they get painfully killed for telling. Nemesis Q, Psyren
  • A bullheaded, obsessive otaku so singularly concentrated on one hobby he ignores the girl that he loves, lets his grades slip, and ignores his boss, even when his career or life are in stake. Mashiro Moritaka, Bakuman

  • A hypocrite who constantly points out his long-suffering girlfriends flaws and numerously breaks up with her, only to pressure her and borderline stalk her into getting back with him the moment she dates someone else. Forces a girl out of the closet and then blackmails her into further being shoved out of there. Then he sings her a offencive song. Finn Hudson, Glee
  • Forces a teenager to join his choir by framing him with the possession of cannabis, and then blackmailing him to join or get suspeneded for something he knows he didn't do. Has a emotional affair with his co-worker when he thinks his wife is pregnant, and then blames her for their marriage falling apart. Has blatant favouritism of his students, and humiliates one live on camera when she obviously needed therapy and serious help for her condition. Is very close with his students, to the point where blogs about how the veiwers think he's a pedophile are trending worldwide on tumblr and twitter. Wins teacher of the year award. Will Schuester, Glee
  • Uses a "sweet and innocent" facade as a excuse to be racist and make various offencive jokes about rape. Whenever someone disagrees with her on anything, she labels them a bully simply for not going along with everything she says, and yet she says some of the meanest stuff out of everyone and gets a easy pass. Faked a nervous breakdown for attention, which was a cruel parody of a tragic point in Britney Spears life. Brittany S. Pierce, Glee
  • Is a smoker who- after his sister tells his parents about his habit out of pure concern- puts Rat Guts in her shower when he knows his sister suffers from severe germophobia and OCD. It takes roughly 2 weeks for him to get over the death of his family (or 30 pages) before practically forgetting their existance. Tears his loyal friends eyes out and then enslaves him, and bullies a girl who just lost her best friend, before whining incessantly for the loss of his own. Grubbs Grady, The Demonata
  • Usually married divine powers go out of their way to find much less mystical, vunlerable members of the opposite sex, purposely formulating a plan to Impregnant them or be impregnated by them, just so they can dissapear straight after, leaving them with a mother/fatherless child and no child support money. Neither their lover nor their child knows where this mysterious parent went, and often grow up thinking their parent didn't care. They wouldn't be too wrong either, because if they ever meet their parents, they will refuse to help them even in a life or death situation, and if you try and call them out on their abandonment? They could kill or curse you. Their own child. They do not try and protect the world, even though they could do with a lift of a finger, unless it somehow benefits them, and in the rare event that they do need help they'll get children as young as nine to join a army of child soldiers to do it for them. Many die defending the same Gods who do not intervene with their lives, whilst they try and keep their own father locked up in a eternal torture chamber for petty revenge. The literal Gods from Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • A selfish boy is responsible for his mother and sisters possible death, or at least torture, so he can grab some measley morsels of food. As he grows up, without guilt or shame of what he did to his only family who sacrificed their lives to feed him, he becomes rebellious against his boss, who is responsible for feeding him, clothing him and letting him live comfortably. He garnishes a deep-rooted hate for his superior, but has more angst about a lack of sex than a lack of political or vocal liberty. That's not the only thing about him which is evil though; he is a misogygnist who constantly considers raping, murdering and torturing various women just for them being women, and looks down on all men he doesn't consider to be as smart as himself (while he makes some very inept choices throughout the duration of the book). When he perverts himself on a much, much younger women, he admits he loves her only for her breasts, and seems to have no problem admitting to her that he considered murdering her brutally. Later on, when his superiors find out his act of betrayal, he doesn't even think of what his lover must be doing, and only thinks of his own safety. It does not take him long at all to sell out her and all his friends by accusing them of mainly false things, either, so he can get a shot of being let off for a crime he actually commited. Infact, he'll much sooner let his lover be tortured than him himself, and at one point begs his superior to torture her instead of him. When he joins a rebellion club against his superior, he claims he'd be fine with rape, murder, arson and splashing acid in a toddlers face if it meant spiting his boss. Winston Smith, 1984
  • A young woman who loves to secretly manipulate dozens of men for her own sexual pleasure. She had her first affair with a man old enough to be her grandfather, and says she was relieved he commited suicide and felt no guilt for the trouble she got him into. Yet, while she has no problem using men like tampons, she is also a female misogygnist who cannot bear her own gender. While she constantly breaks the rules of her superior, who have provided her with clothes, food and shelter her entire life when no one else would, she does not support groups which aim to bring down the superior she hates so much because she doesn't care about anyone else having their freedom, just her. Julia, 1984
  • Literally stabs a former friend who admired her deeply on the basis of boy troubles and jealously. By the time said friend recovers, she is not even with the boy she brutalised her over anymore. Has a superiority complex and narcissistic personality disorder even her friends and self admits to on occasion. Forms a child army in which she let's a young girl commit suicide under her watch, before calling her a "weak idiot" in front of her grieving friends. Protects a dangerous serial killer and attempted rapist on the basis that she has feelings for him, and minimal concern for said child soldiers. She even protects someone who tried to commit omnicide and end the world a few months prior because they were friends in high school. Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • A sociopathic teenage woman that has proven to be unable to choose a man that she could love. She manipulates literally everybody and is very misandric. Fanny, De Kiekeboes
  • A very impatient guy who probably has bipolar 1 disorder. Has shown to use creativity as means of destruction and has made society rampant multiple times which his friend always has to bring back to order for him. To top it all off he is also a huge hypocrite because he treats his most notorious employee like dirt when word of god said that he was not any better when he had his age. Fantasio, Spirou
  • From the same series: Suske en Wiske
    • A mad brute that seems to care more about some random girl that he finds on the street rather than his friends. Jerom
    • A straw man that spawns nihilist bullshit all the while ignoring everyone else for the sake of himself. Lambik
  • His name and appearance reminded everyone of the Nazi's. The fact that his stage seems to be designed to evoke the feeling of swastika's does not help things either. Volkner, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
  • A probably illegally working secret agent (which is actually a genetical clone of an existing figure) is off on a mission. Said mission has as the definite goal to blow up an entire island. To accomplish his mission he had to steal someone's bicycle multiple times and hack his way into literally every wired machine that he ever came across. Sumio Mundo, Flower, Sun and Rain
  • He does everything in his power to dethrone the French people from the limited power they have. He also outright ignored statistics to do his own thing. Made a political party that went from a group of Well Intentioned Extremists to power-hungry egomaniacs. He also said horrible things about the church, to the point that he was forbidden from wearing priest clothing. Adolf Daens, Daens

  • A mass murderer that's slaughtered his way out of prison, killed the home nation's chancellor on two non-consecutive occasions, and the head of state of a different nation. His accomplices include a Mad Scientist, a traitorous princess, a robot built to destroy humanity, an exiled knight, and a black magician. Crono, Chrono Trigger

  • An elderly wizard who uses child soldiers to combat his emotionally handicapped opponent, an opponent who's most powerful motivation is perhaps the most basic of all humans wants: to not die. Dumbledore, Harry Potter series
  • A manipulative woman pits two of her suitors against each other, almost sparking a race war that would have lethal consequences. Worshipped by everyone around her, she constantly laments her desire to be loved. After choosing a suitor for a husband, she leads the other one on for a time, mainly to ensure her own protection, as his entire family is willing to fight and die for her at his command. When she finally dies, it is while spawning a half-human creature that threatens the very fabric of civilization as she knows it. Death, however, cannot contain her, and she rises a short time later, now immortal and more powerful than ever. Bella Swan (for a given value of 'hero'), Twilight saga.

  • A man who usurped the highest honor from a teenager who was admittedly more powerful than him, causing him to be demoted and often beaten by others for power. He constantly ignores the honor and forced a child to assist him in shutting down an organization trying to find their lost leader. In a different interpretation of him, he attempted genocide of the human race. Lance, Pokemon
    • Funny, he´s evil in the manga.
  • A woman with a similar honor as the above who had extremely powerful skills, yet forced a child to fight a terrorist out for the destruction of the universe while she watched unhelpfully from the sidelines. Cynthia, Pokemon
  • A man who is widely known as the most powerful of his group finds his duties dull and ignores them, stopping many people from achieving a dream they worked extremely hard on, and wastes a huge amount of energy on his own selfish desires and caused an entire city to lose energy. He expresses the desire to attempt to usurp the honor of the above woman. Volkner, Pokemon
  • A girl who has great skill in battling lives literally five minutes from the headquarters of a terrorist organization, but does nothing to attempt to stop it and never brings up its existence regardless to it's great effect on the region. Maylene, Pokemon
  • A girl who ignores her duties and refuses to do what you need her to do for you until you buy her an item that is only available from across the sea. Jasmine, Pokemon
  • A woman who shows skill in all types of sports and fights extremely well, but whenever her kingdom is in trouble, she does absolutely nothing to help and relies on a man with no special abilities aside from a high jump to help. Princess Peach, Mario

  • A man who abandons his job as a professional healer, despite the number of people upset by this, in order to hunt down and murder the young man who claims to view him as a father figure. Kenzou Tenma, Monster
  • A cold recluse who spends most of his time coming up with plans which, if successful, will benefit criminals worldwide. He never goes outside because he fears that doing so may cause his death, instead preferring to use his subordinates to carry out his wishes in the outside world, and shows no reaction when his allies drop dead around him. One of the few people he shows a genuine liking towards is a murderous Mafia leader. Near, Death Note
  • A man who spends much time following and harassing people, including highly respected public figures. Using psychological warfare, he breaks them down slowly and often goads them into attempting a criminal offense, whereupon he has them imprisoned. Lieutenant Columbo
  • A lawyer who steals stuff. All the time. Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney

  • A psychotic, convicted murderer with over a hundred body count, who commited his first murder on his families care taker while not even a young adult yet. Has fathered multiple children, one he emotionally abused by treating her with less care than he treats strangers, and another he once had shot, both of which now have large emotional hangups. The rest he doesn't even care about and has no interest in ever visiting them or paying child suport. Has commited vast amounts of war crimes, and is never far away from at least six, sharp, deadly weapons. Worse, he constantly chased after a young girl decades younner than him, and often berates and insults her boyfriend in order to get into her pants. He claims amnesia in order to get out of multiple murder charges, but has recently revealed he remembers everything. He also flirted with another man's wife then called him a nerd when he got angry. Wolverine
  • A manipulative, emotionally abusive man who planned to molest his teenaged student. Has caused his ward to grow up without emotions, and manipulated him so much that, now that he's leader of his former school, has turned it into a military-style boot camp as that's the way he was raised. Owns a school that, instead of giving young teenagers basic education, he fires at them with military grade weaponary. Has developed a way to watch everyone at any time he wants, and while he claims he would never breach someone's privacy without permission, has made it clear that that is not the case. Has caused the deaths of many, many of his charges, and even gave the above psychopath a teaching position. Charles Xavier, X-Men
  • An emotionally unstable young man who likens himself a soldier. Despite being incredibly dangerous, he surounds himself with equally dangerous people and goes around assaulting a holocaust survivor. He has often crossed paths with a reverand and his friends, and hass regularly beaten said friends for no reason but fun. Has refused to show any emotion to his friends and has never made a joke. Rarely smiles. A childhood friend and former colleague now wants nothing to do with him, and has once allowed his fiancé to die. He remarried another woman not long after because she greatly resembled his former fiancé, not noticing how unbelievably creepy that is. When his former fiancé turned out to be alive, he left his wife, who he was never there for, and their young son, causing her to become mentally insane and eventually kill herself. One of his children refuses to talk to him and the other he sent on a suicide mission for kicks. He once beat up all his friends when his father figure was hospitalized, and another time when they were all upset. He also formed a hit squad, including a 15 year old girl who he made sure dressed revealingly, in order to kill a robot and a punch of pasafistic preachers and possible war veterans. Cyclops
  • A homophobic acrobat who regularly dressed up and disguised himself as a dead actor to mess with his fans, and often went around fighting with swords. Due to his unique deformity, he often dressed in tight clothing and sexually harassed his teammates. He followed around a teenaged girl like a sick puppy, and verbally assaulted her new boyfriend. Despite this, he has no romantic feelings for her, and instead ships her with a communist artist who looks slightly abusive. He's also the son of Satan himself. Nightcrawler
  • a paramilitary group of Psychos For Hire, who regularly attack a Holocaust survivor, a mentally unstable gypsy, an Australian and his Greek civil partner, a dangerously obese Gentle Giant an interracial lesbian couple, one of which is disabled, and then kidnapped their adoptive daughter. Despite claiming to be victims of hate crime due to being a minority, they only recruit members of their minority, refusing entry to others, and even there, only let a small percentage of their minority group join, and only if they're useful to their terrorist goals. One of their members comited mass genocide on Manhatten, and the others killed him because he was mentally unstable. There most prolific members include the above, plus many equally disturrbed members, many of which, they recruit right out of high school (Some even as young as 13) to use as redshirts. X-Men

    Indigo Violent 
  • Man whom we first see stealing a valuable treasure searches for artifacts with immense destructive power, sometimes at odds with the representatives of major national governments.Indiana Jones
  • Old woman whom very few people actually seem to like manages to extract free goods and services from the gullible peasants by messing with their heads; instrumental in overthrowing at least two regimes and installing new rulers, one of them a self-described fool, in their places. Granny Weatherwax, Discworld

  • One of my favorite heroes is a kid who ran away from home. He spends his time away from home stealing money, beating animals and sometimes even his friends senseless (that is, if he doesn't set them on fire first) and answering What Measure Is a Non-Human? with "Who gives a fuck, let's kill 'em all!". He even left his girlfriend for some gay romance with an older guy. In short, he's a juvenile delinquent who brings trouble wherever he goes. Sora, Kingdom Hearts
    • I don't recall him setting anyone on fire, but he did help kill a probably-endangered big cat.

    Insert Witty Name Here 
  • A high-ranking military officer with a self-righteous swagger and a lascivious attitude towards women. He believes the rules don't apply to him, but is almost never punished. He once fathered a son out of wedlock, but was never part of the kid's life. Captain Kirk, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • A mentally-unstable old man who lives in a garage and owns a gun. He squandered all his money on a car and powered it with stolen fuel for a time. A local teenager hangs out with him despite warnings, nearly getting himself killed a few times. Doc Brown, Back to the Future
  • A petty thief deceives a rich girl who doesn't wear a shirt in order to get in her pants. Then he gets the guy who busted him out of jail fired. Aladdin
  • A raging egomaniac who bullies around his "family" based on his whims and stalks a neurotic woman who often yells at him. Working as a teacher, he belittles his students, dumps his personal problems on them and makes it virtually impossible for them to get good grades. Dick Solomon
  • A smugly patriotic member of a rather clannish family. He breaks the law with abandon and is, shall we say, an "unconventional" problem solver. Ben Gates, National Treasure
  • As a teenager, he rebelled against his upbringing by hanging out with a gang of kids his parents wouldn't have approved of. This gang regularly humiliated an outcast who this person almost killed at one point. After spending twelve years in prison, he broke out because he wanted to kill someone's pet. He then convinced the kid who owned the pet and two other kids that this was a good idea. Sirius Black

  • This man, after killing massive amounts of people, begins plotting to overthrow the government he works for. Along the way, he repeatedly risks the lives of a couple of teenage boys he has coerced into helping him. Roy Mustang
  • Ten satisfying years after a child's act of affection and gratitude lands him a promotion, the "hero" decides to up and murder him. Kenzo Tenma

  • An Eldritch Abomination whose father actively practices genocide and has concocted a scheme to destroy a country of fifty million people. Happily betrays anyone and everyone in lieu of his own selfish desires: namely, world domination. Enjoys humiliating his siblings, and once murdered an old friend of his after lulling him to a false sense of security. Unbelievably vain and very much hinted to have had sex with his older sister. Has no qualms about dissecting a preteen boy for the purposes of discovering immortality. Once took out an entire army squad with his bare hands during a rebellion, and goes to insane measures to establish his ownership over his possessions - a category that includes both things and people. Possessed a likeable prince at one point, and committed killings that left the heroes in tears by the time he abandoned the body, and even after his departure was outright stated to have corrupted the prince. Went against his own word at a crucial point in the story, leading to a devastating defeat and the And I Must Scream fate of a the main protagonist's father's old friend. Greed, Fullmetal Alchemist
  • A certifiably insane doctor with a literal screw loose obsessed with dissecting anyone and anything, up to and including endangered species and his own students. Experimented on the protagonist's father almost nightly when the two were partners – without said father's knowledge or consent - and traumatized him for life. Also the most powerful graduate (and now teacher) of a school in which half the students regularly devour souls, and the headmaster is quite literally death. His debut detailed the aftermath of his making a zombie out of a coworker. And he was worse as a child. Dr. Franken Stein, Soul Eater

  • A convicted criminal wins freedom by agreeing to spy for The Empire. He becomes convinced that he is the reincarnation of a long-dead warlord, prophesised to cleanse the land of 'inferior' races. After bribing or manipulating local political leaders into supporting him, and systematically eliminating those who refuse, he consolidates his power by killing the beloved Goddess worshipped by most of the region's population. The Nerevarine, Morrowind and the expansion Tribunal

  • An overly Stripperific half-beast woman who molested a little boy, and later betrayed the government her friends currently serve for an underground organization of mad scientists, all for her friend who is actually a weapon of Mass Destruction and reacts violently to anyone who dares look at the friend funny... in violent we meant kill the fuck out of you (or the world, if they so ever threaten the friend). Makoto Nanaya, BlazBlue

  • Extraverted Nerd who goes through a lethal hazing ritual to get into a programming club at his school, just so he can go to a prom with one of the girls in it and possibly hack his grades. Chip McCallahan, Chip's Challenge
  • Bald man who fights primarily with construction tools. He regularly slaughters animals, tribesmen, and the mentally ill in the name of justice. His diet seems to consist of nothing but Chinese food and pizza, which are, for the most part, the only foods he encounters that he doesn't try to destroy. His arch-enemy is a clinically insane scientist who runs in fear when the bald man so much as enters the same room as him. Bouapha, SPISPOPD and its sequels
  • Recluse who hates his parents and dreams of crying on his mother's leg until it explodes into gibs. Isaac, The Binding of Isaac
  • Guy and his girlfriend invade a baby's home, beat him up, then pummel a god to death. They have long despised the baby. Meat Boy & Bandage Girl, Super Meat Boy Forever


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