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Nightmare Fuel / Digimon World: Infamy

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Imagine seeing hundreds of these swarming out of the darkness at you in a living tidal wave. Welcome to Freeze Ravine.

Warning! There are unmarked spoilers below so read at one's own risk!

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     Part One 

  • The very beginning of the quest, way back in Native Forest, can be nerve-wracking for some, seeing as Coal, than a simple Black Agumon, was just another Rookie-level Digimon in the Digital World. As a Black Agumon, he had great potential but, outside of that, was a regular Rookie surrounded by potential, life-ending threats. It also didn't help that Coal had to constantly leave the safety of Kunemon's tree lest he starve to death, putting him in conflict with the other Digimon over the limited resources.
  • Coal's first fight with his rival, Agumon. Due to the latter having access to a training gym, it's not even anywhere near a close fight. Eventually left with nothing to do but take hit after hit, the only reason Coal is still standing and conscious is due to a combination of his character and determination. Half-dead on his feet, the only thing that kept Coal alive and away from the bloodthirsty Digimon surrounding the fight, ones Coal had angered by rising up in power, was the timely intervention of Sovrano.
  • The sudden fight that leads to the death of Kunemon. As Coal and Sovrano are digesting the fact that their friend is now the Champion-level Kuwagamon, Greymon comes bursting out through the trees and scores a direct hit on him with his Nova Blast. It's enough of a sudden occurrence to leave Coal briefly blindsided and the entire fight between Greymon and Kuwagamon doesn't get any better from there. Coal and Sovrano, not being strong enough to fight against Gotsumon or Greymon, can only struggle fruitlessly as their best friend is killed right in front of them.
  • There's something incredibly off-putting about how cheerfully the Hagurumon that would go on to becoming Rain used her Device Dark Gears to control all of the Digimon in the SCSI Domain. Thankfully, through the actions of Sovrano and Coal, all of the Digimon are later freed from their predicaments and one of them, a Gabumon, ends up becoming one of Coal's long-standing allies, Ion.
  • The realization that, after achieving his Champion-level form of Dark Tyrannomon, Coal still has a ways to go before he can stand at the top, a lesson learned just by being in the presence of Daemon. Power is basically cascading off of Daemon in waves when he finally reveals himself after briefly visiting Sovrano and Coal as a Palmon.
    It does not take you long to return to SCSI Domain, as if time has moved differently for you as you traveled back, and you begin to wonder why as Patamon finally comes to a stop right inside its entrance.

    "Now is as good a time as ever I suppose."

    Impmon doesn't seemed surprised as the Patamon's body shines and begins to change form, a light now blinding you as you see a rapid shift between four forms starting with Patamon and ending with...something which wracks your body with dread and despair as you gaze upon it. The power you feel now within yourself is eclipsed entirely by what you see before you.

    You have further yet to climb.

    Once transformed, the former Patamon introduces himself, "My name is Daemon, Great Demon Lord of Wrath. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and I apologize for misleading you into believing me to be some Rookie. I am quite skilled at hiding my power and biding it for the time it is needed."

    So...this was one of the so called Demon Lords was like. No wonder he possessed power beyond anything you had witnessed before...

    You find yourself kneeling before him instinctively, not minding at all when you find yourself paying respect to a more powerful being. He must have earned the power he possesses, just as you hope to one day.

  • During Sovrano's fight with Greymon in Tropical Jungle, he comes rather close to outright being deleted several times over, the only reason he didn't was due to Inari's quick intervention and even then, he wasn't exactly winning his fight at any moment. Things only escalate from bad to worse when Sovrano is sent flying over the canopy and ends up badly injured and lost somewhere in Tropical Jungle with both Coal's friends and Greymon's allies in a desperate race to find him.
  • The lair of IceDevimon is one of the creepiest locales Coal and his friends have stumbled across to date, being a cave completely covered in ice with stalactites and stalagmites that, upon closer inspection, house the frozen and dead remains of Digimon he's defeated from Rookies to Megas and everything in-between. It's like a museum of all of his conquests spread out for any horrified guest to see.
  • Just how close Lilithmon comes to outright destroying Coal with a flick of her fingers. Seeing the Dark Tyrannomon as nothing more than a nuisance that has done a favor or two for her son, it's only the timely interference of Sovrano and his smooth-talking that stops the Demon Lord of Lust from vaporizing Coal in an instant.
    The door slams behind you as Lilithmon glares across the room at you, her right arm, more of a claw than a simple arm, shut it with her own power and magic. Impmon squirms in her other arm as she snarls at you.

    "Impmon, who is this whelp?"

    "Oh, ummm, this here is that friend of mine I mentioned, Coal. He's helped show me the ropes of the woods, and been a huge help..."

    "I take it you no longer have need of him then? Surely you know the forest by now."

    She lifts up that misshaped hand of hers and you brace yourself for an attack you feel coming, the entire room shaking as energy formed in her palm. Impmon however yells at her and pauses her attack.

    "Woah, hold it! This guy's with me, okay? He's tough and useful, so just killing him would be for nuthin'! He's saved my life, so you can't kill him!"

    Lilithmon looks down at him, then at you, and then back to Impmon, whose forehead she strokes gently as her attack dissipates along with a good deal of the impending doom you felt.

  • Related to the entry directly above, Coal later wakes up in Lilithmon's mansion to find himself staring at Lilithmon herself, now in her Gatomon form, calmly staring down at him with her clawed hand pressed against his neck. All it would have taken was a quick flick of her hand to delete Coal, a message that isn't lost to the Dark Tyrannomon.
  • During the meeting between Daemon and Cherubimon, of which Coal, Rain, Mercurymon, Arbormon, Kazemon and two new faces in the form of Agunimon and Beetlemon are present, Cherubimon never shows up. Unaware of the fact that Cherubimon stumbled across Leviamon and ended up fighting the Demon Lord of Envy, Daemon quickly grows irritated and just calmly begins to charge up an attack to wipe out everyone in the vicinity. If it weren't for Mercurymon, and sequentially everyone else, realizing that he could reflect the attacks of Mega-level Digimon, everyone there, including Coal and Rain, would've been atomized.
  • During Coal's stay in the forest south of Tropical Jungle, of which is an active warzone between Lilithmon's army and the remains of the late Puppetmon's forces, he's put through quite a few horrifying ordeals. From his new responsability of looking after a squad of Rookies and Champions that are all far from impressive to wandering around a forest where any tree could potentially turn into a bloodthirsty Woodmon, it's been one of Coal's tensest adventures yet.
  • While it was an uplifting moment for Coal and his allies in general, the death of Kazemon was rather chilling even from an enemy's point of view. Screaming at her allies to run, most assuredly knowing that it would lead to her death, Kazemon ends up getting mercilessly beat down by Rain, of which included being slammed repeatedly into and by water, covered with acidic ink and, as the Coup de Grâce, finally crushed to death, it was almost a relief when she was finally deleted, if only to put a stop to her pain.

    You use your sword to brace yourself as you find your legs weakening beneath you, pride and shame both filling had overcome your foes and they had been forced to flee, but it had been due to betrayal on their side which weakened their fighting force. Even still, Duskmon had attacked Sorcerymon savagely until the reveal, which in your mind outdid his attack upon Zephyrmon which only sped up the outcome of Rain's battle.

    With that in mind, in some ways your side could be seen as the victors...Inari was wounded and lost to Agunimon, but Arbormon had defeated Beetlemon, you and Sorcerymon had driven back Metal Greymon, and Rain was presently crushing Zephyrmon.

    Said Hybrid is still struggling, though is now calling out for the ally she had been trying to buy time for and who is no longer there, having left to save another wounded ally, "Agunimon..."

    You and Sorcerymon help Inari up, who despite losing held up well against what appeared to perhaps be their most powerful Human Hybrid, and while Inari gives you soft thanks for the aid you hear the wild screams of Zephyrmon behind you which are accompanied by complete silence from Rain as she finishes her rival. The screams grow muffled and eventually you can't hear anything at all from Zephyrmon, who you almost pity for her fate if not for how she put Ursula halfway in the grave which allowed for Metal Greymon's attack to kill her and prevent any healing from saving her.
  • The sheer brutality when it comes to Coal's method of executing Phelesmon. The cowardly leader already being rather wounded from a Woodmon ambush and calling for a retreat despite the fact that his forces would suffer heavy losses doing so, Coal decides that Phelesmon is unfit for his leadership position. Before Phelesmon can even finish verbally rebuking Coal for his comments, he's quickly and effortlessly sliced in half right in front of allied and enemy forces alike, who all stop and stare dumbstruck at the sudden turn of events. Before Phelesmon can even begin properly decomposing into data however, Coal quickly finished the job by once again bringing his sword down on him, splitting him completely down the middle on top of already being split in half at the waist.
  • Every single thing about Freeze Ravine. From the reports about any Digimon who was unlucky enough to fall in never coming out to the pitch black and freezing environment that is the bottom of it, the entire place just screams danger. Oh, and the entire place is crawling with odd, shadow covered beasts that turn out to be the utterly insane Keramon who employ horde tactics, where a single horde could be as large as several hundred, against any Digimon that falls in. There's a very good reason the current image for the page is of a Keramon.
    • It doesn't help that it's later learned that the Keramon, Chrysalimon and Infermon are later a direct representation of SHODAN from System Shock 2 and that the only thing keeping the Omnicidal Maniac with a god complex bigger than Lucemon down in such a remote area as Freeze Ravine is due to the fact that she can't seem to get rid off some odd red bubbles and has become completely obsessed with destroying them. Oh, and Freeze Ravine was also home to a serial killer Digimon that amused SHODAN enough to the point where she let him stay. It doesn't take a lot of guesswork to realize that said serial killer Digimon was none other than Ice Devimon himself.
  • During a brief visit to Lilithmon's Mansion, Coal happens to notice that the Demon Lord of Lust is pointedly staring at Suzuka. Inquiring why shes taken such an interest in his bodyguard, Lilithmon tells the Knightmon that she recognizes Suzuka's data and has seen it before, specifically from the original owner of her army and mansion, Myotismon. Apparently someone had used some of Myotismon's remnant data to create the Kotemon who would later become a beloved member of Coal's squad, much like Lilithmon herself had used Wizardmon's remnant data to create Sovrano. While Coal himself has decided against making Suzuka aware of this information, pleasing Lilithmon as a result, the fact that the strong Champion-level Yasyamon has such a dark spot in her lineage is rather unnerving.
  • The moment where Coal and Sovrano hear about Rika, Laila and Reycom returning to Arbormon's Fortress severely wounded. When the two fathers understandably rush to see their kids, and Rika, they come across some human they've never even seen before carrying the unconscious Rika into the fortress. While Coal later finds out that the human is an adult Matt, the fact that they had no idea who the human was rather nerve-wracking, especially since neither Reycom, Rika or Laila were in any kind of position to defend themselves, let alone the fact that the three of them, a powerful force in their own right, were apparently beaten so badly so close to home.
  • The suddenness of War Greymon's appearance and just how he chose to announce his presence to the battlefield was quite jarring, namely tackling Coal through several trees before trying to rip him apart with his claws. While it's almost immediately spelled out that he and Coal are just about on equal levels despite the former's new-found power and the latter being a digivolutional stage below, entirely due to Coal's upgraded armor and the multiple spirits he has on hand, the fact that Coal's rival has grown even stronger since the last time they met and is now blaming Coal for Agunimon's death, said event likely being the catalyst for War Greymon's digivolution, was rather frightening in its own right.
  • Despite his very cartoon-like look and the fact that he's a raging egotistical Elvis Impersonator, Etemon still manages to be rather terrifying in his own right, talking down to just about everyone in earshot whether they're his allies or enemies, along with easily dodging just about every attack thrown his way and his downright despicable use of his Gazimon followers through ordering them to dog pile a much stronger Ultimate or using one as a shield to block an attack.
  • When Sovrano is moments away from joining in on the fight between Coal and War Greymon, he finds himself knocked away via a headbutt from a Veemon. One would think that the fight would be the very definition of a Curbstomp Battle for Sovrano, seeing as it's an Ultimate-level Demon Lord versus a Rookie, right? Wrong. The Veemon proceeds to insult both Lilithmon and Wizardmon directly in front of the Baalmon before slamming Sovrano with a massively-powerful blast of electricity that actually causes the future Demon Lord of Gluttony to not only flinch but stumble backwards. Of course, if the thought of this Rookie stranger easily fighting on par with Sovrano wasn't enough, he later does the same to Coal who, while he was able to block it, could barely keep himself standing due to the sheer pain the attack caused.
  • The simple fact that Rex and Wivel sneaked into the bags Coal brought with him on the expedition to an unexplored and mysterious wasteland. Wex and Rival are still babies for all intents and purposes, still growing and developing before they start actually training, and the fact that they're rather strong for their age doesn't detract from the sheer Adult Fear of the situation and the realization that either of them could easily be hurt or even killed due to their innocent lust for adventure.
  • The sudden appearance of Skull Scorpiomon and its entire character, for a lack of a better word. Completely animalistic and only communicating through hisses and roars, it's a bone-white, anthropomorphic scorpion that can dig through the dirt and sand faster than most Digimon can move above ground and is highly poisonous with a dagger-like tail and menacing claws. We've grown use to Digimon looking bestial in appearance but being perfectly intelligent otherwise but Skull Scorpiomon looks and acts like a ferocious, ambush predator which can be rather jarring, especially with just how strong it is.
  • The odd temple/labyrinth that ends up being explored during the expedition to find both Demo and Wizardmon's missing data. The entire place is eerily lit by unknown means, almost comically easy to get lost in and the echoes of whispers from an unknown origin can be heard bouncing off the walls which only stick out all the more due to the dead-quiet atmosphere of the entire place. Coal even notes in his thoughts that the labyrinth seems specifically designed to make its visitors lose their way.
    • When Coal's group finally finds Demo, they learn from him that his fall into the labyrinth was broken by a bunch of dead Digimon. Sounds odd right off the bat, seeing as any Digimon that dies immediately disperses into data, right? Well, we also learn that the bodies of the Digimon are completely hollow and lifeless, almost like mummies. Seeing as the entire place was most likely owned by Myotismon, a vampire Digimon, it's not hard to see the reason behind it all.
    • If that wasn't enough to warrant never coming back to this area in general, Coal's group later stumbles into a hidden room that holds a prisoner, or at least 40% of one. A Lady Devimon is found chained to a wall, her lower body completely nonexistent and evidence that whatever was responsible for it did not do it gently. When Coal personally approaches her, she actually opens her eyes and tries to communicate, although she's incapable of uttering so much as a single sound. While Smoke is almost physically sick at the sight, Char's calm facade breaks and Sakura desperately blocks her eyes with one of her wings, Coal does the only thing he can do in this situation and kills the Lady Devimon to stop her suffering, something she seems to understand if the way she tries to say something and tears up before she dies. What makes the entire scene worse is the fact that the Lady Devimon might just be Suzuka's mother, seeing as the group later finds out that "Wizardmon" was actually Myotismon the entire time and Lilithmon noted that Suzuka was spawned from the union of Myotismon himself and a Lady Devimon.
  • The return of Myotismon, full stop. Having cleverly tricked everyone into thinking he was Wizardmon possessing Bakemon and having everyone gather his data fragments for him, he's eventually able to completely split himself from Bakemon and outright re-manifest himself into Malo Myotismon, Myotismon's Mega+ form. From there, he goes back to being the silver-tongued and merciless vampire that everyone knows and fears, outright killing Bakemon as easily as one might swat a fly and easily bringing Coal down to critical condition with only a few blows, outright melting the Executioner's Blade. After he's done that, things take a turn for the worst when he sets his sights on Arukenimon and Mummymon. Just like what happened in Digimon Adventure, Malo Myotismon ends up torturing Arukenimon before one of his shoulder-mounted mouths devours her right in front of Mummymon, Wivel and Rex while Mummymon is melted by Malo Myotismon's Crimson Mist, the only thing left of the Ultimate being his gun.
    • He later outdoes himself by using his powers to essentially Mind Rape everyone present and make them see all of their fears and shortcomings simultaneously from their pasts, present and even future. Just to give an example, Coal is forced to witness every single time he's lost to Agumon, the death of Kunemon and Arbormon along with a myriad of other painful moments, all culminating in a vision of a Digimon Coal doesn't even recognize with the implication that it's a future threat or loss waiting to happen. Of course, when he begins to lose the fight against the combined forces of Coal, his troops and Char's squad, Myotismon quickly degenerates into deranged laughter as he threatens everyone present.
  • Imagine you're a wealthy or powerful representative from Barbamon's army and you're attending a dinner with the right hand man of Sovrano, the future Demon Lord of Gluttony who you want out of the picture and are trying to talk said right hand man into betraying his boss. The talking has gone well, with the Knightmon looking receptive, so you sit back and start to enjoy the dinner that was prepared by the Knightmon's rather beautiful wife. All seems well until suddenly it's not as you feel yourself suddenly grow incredibly weak and pain unlike any other you've ever felt starts racking your body and the innocent-looking wife of your potential partner suddenly mentions in an offhandedly manner that she poisoned your food, plans to kill you while you're utterly defenseless and then make her husband look like the knight in shining armor by killing you and your friends, deaths she doesn't have any intention of speeding through. That's essentially what Rain puts the representatives from Barbamon's army through during their meeting with Coal and all with a rapturous look of delight on her face.
  • Machinedramon finally finding whatever it was he was looking for all this time. It's still unclear exactly what the mysterious item is but Machinedramon thinks it'll help him win his war with Factorial Town and, considering the fact that Machinedramon is nothing but cold and mechanical cunning all wrapped up in a dragon-shaped bow, nobody is inclined to just let him have it. The sheer threat that Machinedramon poses draws just about every single faction towards Factorial Town, whether it's the Demon Lords or even his fellow Dark Masters. Coal himself dropped everything he was doing, including bonding with his three new children, when Sovrano told him the news and both of them rushed as fast as they could to Factorial Town in the hopes of stopping Machinedramon, which is likely the same reaction everyone else had when they heard the news. It's a giant free for all containing every faction and powerful person of note with Machinedramon right in the middle.
    • During one of the many fights with enemy forces, this particular one being with those of Piedmon, Demo gives everyone quite the scare when he tries to help fight off a Myotismon and ends up getting his face impaled by the vampire-like Digimon, his eye being heavily damaged in the process. While he gets it fixed with the help of Ion and a lens scavenged from the battlefield, it still didn't stop the moment from being terrifying, as a debilitating wound like that could've easily spelled his death on the battlefield if it wasn't treated or fixed.
    • After his fight with a Cherubimon-aligned Knightmon and a slew of Holy forces, Coal turns around while beaten and battered himself to check on his companions and, needless to say, they're not really in the greatest of conditions.
    You look over to see how the others are faring, and you find that they are in a similar position. The force that struck you just now was more powerful than previous ones, and so not only have you been brought to your knees and forced to hold yourself up with your sword, but your allies are all barely holding themselves up as well. Fortunately none have perished, but Snow has passed out completely, Inari is barely conscious, Demo is mildly wounded, Mirage is heavily wounded from having fought another Knightmon along with Demo, Musyamon is comparatively fine but exhausted, Gol has suffered countless wounds, Violet is terribly damaged and barely able to even keep her eyes open, and Snowball has also been rendered unconscious after being impaled by arrows from an Angewomon. The two Lady Devimon and the Ice Devimon had been harmed greatly by your holy enemies, and were fortunate to have survived against Angemon and Angewomon.

     Part Two 
  • While it's par the course for the Digital World, a place where the strong survive and flourish while the weak are killed and eaten, it's still rather disturbing when we're given a front-row seat for Coal's new-found method of making Biyomon taste better, namely impaling them all the way through on a stick before roasting them with his fire breath. We're even told of one such moment where the Biyomon in question was still alive while it was being cooked! Coal then goes on to mention how the Biyomon had asked him not to eat her, something he responded to by biting off her head. Needless to say, it's rather understandable why the local Biyomon attack the BlackAgumon on sight now.
  • Coal's dreams since he's reincarnated have shown to be anything but pleasant, as aside from those centering around his friends like Kunemon, they've been of the strange Digimon he saw while MaloMyotismon was torturing him with his failings from his past, present and future that just the sight of their silhouette sends shivers down Coal's spine and of WarGreymon which end up sending Coal into a fury. It doesn't make the situation any easier to handle when one realizes that the sheer levels of fear and rage he felt at those two figures is strong enough to affect his reincarnated and, more importantly, memory-less self.
  • Coal managed to stumble across a teleporter which led him to an area near Sovranos fortress. During this time he met up with a pair of his children (Sakura & Lyon) who then attempted to kill their own father (though none of the parties involved actually knew of the blood relation at the time) and would have succeeded if not for the hazards great regenerative properties. Considering how both of them idolize their "dead" father, they will be completely, and totally horrified when they find out what they did and almost managed to accomplish.
  • Lobomons creations, namely the E-100 series of robots he's constructed. These machines are "Piloted" by rookie level digimon which are implanted inside to serve as core data. This effectively kills them as mon, but leaves them unable to reincarnate until the robot is destroyed.
  • Coal's dip in the Dark Ocean is this to a degree, it warps Gouzu and Meizu into more demonic ultimate forms and Devimon is present, he attempted to turn Coal into his slave but through the power of his bond with Rain he overcomes this and digivolves.
  • Coals Mega form, Chaos Gallantmon projects the aura of Megidramon, something that most digimon find insanely terrifying. To them it looks like the incarnation of death and destruction itself is coming to destroy them.
  • Literally a bit before Coal will go off on an expedition to Nature Spirit Village, Coal has a seemingly existential nightmare that causes him to feel hollow and broken while seeing a vision of his Chaos Gallantmon form from bellow. For the moment he decides to ignore it but it's a nightmare that has unsettled Coal deeply and he thinks that Myotismon may be partly responsible.
  • Coal, finally deciding to see Myotismon to see if he can't get any answers. Most of Myotismon's response to the torture he receives from Coal is mild annoyance, showing that on top of being seemingly immortal, not even extreme amounts of pain will truly slow him down, other than the time it takes to regenerate from physical damage, which in of itself is not that long. During the interrogation, Myotismon reveals that he is actually the original Legendary Warrior of Fire, brother in all but actual data to Damia, who later reincarnated to Diana, Rain's mother. He also became THE Susanoomon who fought Lucemon all of those years ago, and actually defeated him and was about to reset the world before Alphamon stopped him from fully achieving his goal. He also reveals that he possesed Oikawa, creating Analogman, before being defeated by a human and his Digimon partner, who also happened to be the same pair who killed Coal's friend Kunemon. He also might be able to possess any of his children at anytime due to him having an enormous amount of control of his own data in them, and they are half of his data. He also reveals that he might be completely lying, completely telling the truth, or telling a mix of both, and completely admits that telling all of this, is to get Coal paranoid about how much or how little Myotismon is saying is true, so that he might act according to Myotismon's plans. Worse thing is, he actually succeeded in getting Coal paranoid.


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