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     Part One 
  • Sorcerymon's defeat of Icedevimon using Icedevimon's own trophy collection.
  • During the battle at Petaldramon's Fortress, Rain prevented the cowardly Gigasmon from escaping by flooding the area (albeit, unintentionally).
  • Gigasmon after escaping from Coal's claws finally met his maker at Petaldramon's Fortress. The fight started inside the Fortress with Gigasmon on the losing side despite the power-up he received from the Beast Spirit of Earth. He attempted and failed to escape losing his Beast Spirit in the process. Coal ended his life by bisecting him horizontally and then vertically.

    Then he feels your boot kick him down on the ground, and Grumblemon's fears return to him as he rolls over and looks up at you in fear.

    "Wait, you no need to kill Grumblemon! Grumblemon..."

    In desperation he swings his hammer at your chest, but you catch it mid-swing with one hand. This causes his eyes to widen even more in fear as he quivers beneath you.


    You yank his hammer away from him and he tries to leap out towards the water, but mid jump you catch him in the back with your Berserk blade. The two handed swing carves right through him and exposes his Spirit and code, but you go a step further and slash him down vertically as well so the bisection becomes instead four pieces, before finally burying the blade where his neck had been.

    This done, you grab his Human Spirit of Earth and take it for yourself along with all of his data.

    —Digimon World: Infamy

  • Rain's eventual victory over her rival, Kazemon/Zephyrmon, after a long, drawn-out fight between her allies (Coal, Arbormon and his forces, Duskmon, Sorcerymon, Inari and Rika) and Cherubimon's forces (Metal Greymon, Beetlemon, Agunimon, Gotsumon and a large handful of Flamedramons). After forcing all but Zephyrmon to retreat, Rain slowly and effortlessly puts her through her paces and ends up squeezing her to death in her tentacles.

    In some ways your side could be seen as the victors...Inari was wounded and lost to Agunimon, but Arbormon had defeated Beetlemon, you and Sorcerymon had driven back Metal Greymon, and Rain was presently crushing Zephyrmon.

    Said Hybrid is still struggling, though is now calling out for the ally she had been trying to buy time for and who is no longer there, having left to save another wounded ally, "Agunimon..."

    "Don't worry, harpy. Maybe you'll meet them again after you all die and are reincarnated," Rain says in a mock comforting, motherly tone before constricting Zephyrmon even tighter with her tentacles, "With so many options of how to finish you, I don't know where to start."

    You and Sorcerymon help Inari up, who despite losing held up well against what appeared to perhaps be their most powerful Human Hybrid, and while Inari gives you soft thanks for the aid you hear the wild screams of Zephyrmon behind you which are accompanied by complete silence from Rain as she finishes her rival. The screams grow muffled and eventually you can't hear anything at all from Zephyrmon.

  • Coal executing Phelesmon right in the middle of an active battlefield, turning around and, after issuing a Rousing Speech to the combined forces of his own troops and those under the now-deleted Phelesmon, charging back to fight alongside them on the front lines against a substantial portion of Puppetmon's army, eventually winning the battle and temporarily setting up a forward base for the troops to rest and recuperate.

    Phelesmon turns to you, his data leaking out from the many wounds he suffered at the hands of a Woodmon mob. His red face is twisted in anger as he listens to your criticism, and he balks at you without seeming to quite notice what you are reaching for.

    You remove your blade from his fragmenting form and reach a hand out to absorb his data, your voice rough as you watch the last of him disappear, "I do not tolerate cowardice."

  • With a single cry of "Obelisk Cannon!", Mummymon easily wipes out an entire troop of Ultimate-level Garbagemon without breaking a single sweat.
  • As Coal and his allies try to recover after Arbormon's death, they catch wind that Nature Spirits Village is under attack by both Lucemon and Barbamon. The village, coincidentally, also happens to be where all four of Coal and Rain's children are currently located. They end up rushing as fast as they can and, by the time they reach the village proper, it's to run into Barbamon standing over all of their cowering children, Reycom being the only one courageous or stubborn enough to stare him down. Needless to say, Rain and Coal instantly jump to defend him, outright battling the Demon Lord of Greed in a massively-hectic and nail-biting fight to the death, said battle being interrupted twice by the arrival of Coal's squad of troops and later Sorcerymon himself. it's through everyone's efforts, even Kotemon pitching in with a defiant stab at Barbamon's wounds and later taking a hit meant for Smoke, that Barbamon finally falls.
  • After a sub-par performance against Musyamon, the first thing Scorch and Murugu do after waking up is digivolve into Waru Seadramon and Airdramon respectively through the Power Of Hate.
  • While in Factorial Town Rain leads Coal blinded to a special surprise that left many of the thread-goers in ecstasy and Coal himself happily suprised as it turned out to be Rain's wedding present to Coal in the form of four sets of armor with their own elemental affinity, specialization and background in Norse Mythology. The armor sets have currently caused players to liken Coal to Liger Zero.
  • During a brief visit to Drill Tunnel under the orders of Lilithmon to find a Lady Devimon that had gone missing somewhere in the area, Coal happens to run into her and Blue, the former having tangled with some of Cherubimon's forces (including the likes of Metal Greymon) and ended up forgetting who she was. While he would later find out more on the situation regarding the Lady Devimon, henceforth known as Indigo, the real awesome moment comes when Coal is clued into the fact that Drill Tunnel is undergoing a type of election, of which Blue and a Cherubimon-affiliated NiseDrimogemon named Pourpre are the main contenders. Not wanting Drill Tunnel, and it's massive amount of resources, to go to Cherubimon, Coal steps in to help Blue win the election. Through a host of underhanded tactics and an incredibly-detailed, 1000+ word speech all but gift-wrapped for Blue during the debates, Coal manages to cause the formely one-sided election, with Blue on the wrong end, to flip-flop, with Pourpre failing so miserably at the debates that he simply throws in the towel, leaving Blue the new head foreman of Drill Tunnel and Coal with a little monetary gift from Lilithmon herself for pulling it off.
  • During the election mentioned directly above, Ion gets a moment to shine in all of his ruthless glory as he's equally responsible for Blue managing to win the election as Coal is. Whether it was hiring a group of Drimogemon to act as intermediaries and later killing them off via Drill Tunnel's poor infrastructure, something Blue was campaigning to fix and Pourpre thought was fine, or hiring Ogremon and his Goblimon minions to attack Indigo in broad daylight, drawing doubt to Pourpre's stance on welcoming Goblimon into Drill Tunnel, Ion impressed just about everybody who knew about his schemes, of which there were only two, with his utter ruthlessness.
  • Despite only being a Rookie-level Digimon for two to three days, Smoke easily tears his way through a large horde of Goblimon and later tops that by immediately fighting both an Agumon and his human partner, who is Marcus from Digimon Savers 2v1, with Smoke barely losing the fight despite the numbers advantage and having already fought not a moment before.
  • Despite it happening due to Lloyd, Smoke and Char all falling into Freeze Ravine, a place no Digimon has ever been known to come out of, Sovrano's digivolution into Baalmon is a moment of pure, undeniable badass. With his new form, and stats that are simply unreasonably high, he easily turns the tide of battle between the combined forces of Coal and Leviamon's troops and the opposing forces under Cherubimon, of which Agunimon is a part of. Deleting Digimon as easily as one may swat a fly, he easily sends them running in a full retreat.
    While you had faith in your son, the thought that he could very well had just died while so close to you has pushed you past a breaking point, one shared by Sovrano, who in his new form has wasted no time in unleashing his new might. With one hand he summons forth objects, bullets primarily, and shoots the flying reinforcements out of the sky as they all lash out at him. One after the next Sovrano swats them down like the flies they were to him now that he is a step closer to his destiny as a Demon Lord, and those who survive being blasted from the sky do not survive having the Executioner's Blade bury down into their skulls.

    Asuramon appears to be the only one really capable of facing Sovrano presently, and even he is driven back and wounded in your friend's unrelenting fury. After burying his blade down into Asuramon's chest, Sovrano manages to convince the other Ultimate to retreat back, his previously overwhelming forces no match for their present foe. Agunimon as a Beast Spirit was the next closest to Sovrano's power, but even he was beaten back with a fair amount of ease and was even tossed aside when he charged your friend.
  • Mentioned directly above, Coal deserves his own entry for easily ripping his way through Cherubimon's forces like a hot knife through butter in the purest example of why you don't harm the kids of a Papa Wolf. From killing a countless amount of enemy Digimon to ruthlessly finishing off any Digimon unfortunate enough to live through Sovrano's own attacks, it's easy to see why Coal is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield despite being a Badass Normal in a World of Badass.
  • Just how Yasyamon, Kotemon's Champion form, manages to get down to the very bottom of Freeze Ravine just in time to protect Smoke: fearlessly jumping off the edge and through a combination of using the Keramon like stepping stools and outright running down the walls of the ravine, all the while fighting the very creatures she was bouncing off of like a demented and determined pinball. If that wasn't enough, once she gets down to the bottom, she doesn't waste a single second in ripping right through the Keramon and several Infermon. Needless to say, Kotemon's Training from Hell seems to have paid dividends when it comes to her sheer power and skill.
  • Coal fighting Agunimon and winning. Despite the fact that Agunimon couldn't use his Beast Spirit, it's still a long and drawn-out battle with both parties suffering extraordinary wounds that would have felled a lesser Digimon ten times over. It's only through Coal's prideful personality and absolute refusal to fall despite his body's protests that he ends up beating Agunimon. Just some of the descriptions for the brief snippets of fighting we're given sound absolutely brutal from both sides.
    As you attack him Agunimon strikes back with a blazing inferno of a fist, though using your shield and your heavy armor you are able to divert it and shrug off the damage it would have wrought on you. In retaliation you swing and angle your blade so that the sword draws him in closer to you and opens him up to your next attack.

    Agunimon follows his first attack up with a strike which lands square on your chest and washes flames over your body, the flames burning you as they creep into various openings of your armor and your chest nearly having the wind knocked out of it by his impressive physical might.

    Fighting through this pain and in fact drawing upon it for strength, you hack down at his legs to wound him, dragging your blade across him so as to open up his wounds and tear his data from his body and bleed him of his strength while opening up weaknesses in his defenses.

    Having closed in to you, Agunimon unleashes a barrage of fists and strikes at such a speed that you cannot even make out each individual one, barely managing to block them as they fly in towards you. Each strike perhaps does not possess the same strength behind it as his other attacks, but the sheer multitude of them has inflicted a large amount of damage bit by bit rather than all at once.

    In return you retaliate with a swing to his gut with your blade, but you do not manage to pull off the full execution attack since his data has not opened up enough weaknesses in its structure to be torn right through and exploited. You still rip away at his armor, just as he has dented and crushed the plates over your chest.

    Agunimon spins around to land a kick on you before throwing his fist forward and punching you right across the helmet, nearly throwing your aim off as you hack away again at his legs to slow him down. His data is freely bleeding from his body now, offsetting the natural drain you feel when you use the shield given to you by your father. You can begin to feel a small trickle of his strength into yourself as your blade draws his data to you to heal your own wounds and where you can feel your data fragmentating.
  • The fact that, while Coal was fighting Agunimon, Sovrano was fighting it out with Cherubimon himself. The fact that Sovrano survived the encounter at all deserves some major respect.
  • Directly after Coal's fight with Agunimon, as him and his friends, kids and troops are running away from the rapidly-escalating battle, Char happens to rejoin the group and presents Coal with the Human Spirit of Ice, something he apparently stole right out from under Duskmon's nose during his brief stay in Freeze Ravine. He did this, stealing from one of the strongest of Coal's opponents, all while being a moderately-powerful Rookie.
  • Smoke digivolving into Centarumon definitely counts as this, especially since his stats as a fresh Champion-level digimon are on par with those of his father as a fresh Ultimate.
    You have your various weapons and armor all on stands and carefully preserved for their future usage in the room you use to train the others, allowing you to swap between them as needed while there. While normally this would just be a backdrop, during a resting point in your training Smoke touches the Sleipnir armor set in admiration for it, but as he does so his own body shines to both his and your own surprise.

  • Despite only being the Champion-level Centarumon for not even a single day, Smoke wastes absolutely no time in testing out his new power by fighting off a large group of Snow Goblimon that were, with the help of a few of their digivolved brethren, raiding and pillaging a small town after the death of their superior officers Hoar and Hail. Outnumbered by twelve to one, the sheer gap in strength between Smoke and even the Champion-level enemies like Octomon, Ebidramon or Monochromon is so wide that he makes it out of the battle with barely a scratch. All the while he's destroying Digimon after enemy Digimon, he's talking down to them like a noble would to a particularly disgraceful criminal. It's rather easy to see why Einstein holds Smoke in such high regards.
  • Just the fact that, despite only being a few days old, Franziska can easily scare the absolute hell out of a group of war-hardened Champions like Snow, Musyamon and Mirage.
  • Despite the still-bleak circumstances and his continuing grief over his brother's death, Strings managing to digivolve into the Ultimate-level Pumpkinmon deserves some major respect, especially since he did it while still under the effects of Duskmon's curse. It wouldn't be a lie to say his stats as a fresh Ultimate, especially his attack, are either an equal to or outright surpass Coal's own.
  • Due to a combination of Rika's no-nonsense attitude and ambition, along with Reycom's hunger for power and Laila's agreeable disposition, both Reycom and Laila have turned into high-end Rookie-level Digimon that could very easily defeat just about any regular Champion and maybe even fresh Ultimates through a rough training regimen and even a brief visit to the Speedy Time Zone, an area that has its occupants fighting every second just to survive. The fact that they all survived it is awesome enough to warrant an entry, let alone coming out of it with a serious boost in power.
  • The entire fight between Char's squad, Coal, Sovrano and the human/digimon partners with surprise appearances by Marcus, War Greymon, Etemon and Cherubimon. Notable moments include:
    • Einstein easily keeping up with some of the other partner Digimon, from outright throwing a Floramon around to outright holding off Marcus' partner, Agumon, who we learn is actually a son of Coal's rival. Through his own determined efforts to grow stronger and a rough training regimen, Einstein easily holds his own with some very strong Rookies and, at one point, delivers a Curbstomp Battle to an unfortunate Floramon.
    • Sakura, despite still being a Rookie, shows just how strong she is by easily keeping up with a Champion-level partner digimon, Gatomon. While she could only hold her own against the Champion-level cat, that's still rather impressive for a simple Rookie, even if she is a partner digimon herself.
    • Suzuka easily holds off an entire group of partner digimon by herself, the only thing stopping her from outright massacring them being their human partners desperately throwing countless healing items their way.
    • Smoke easily takes the cake for most impressive showing when it comes to the entire battle, as he easily dominates his fight with Marcus and his Agumon partner. Outright ignoring some of the Rookie partner digimon's attacks, it takes Marcus and Agumon biomerging into Geo Greymon to pose any kind of threat to Smoke. Even as he ever-so-slowly loses his fight with Geo Greymon by a hair, he still has enough energy to lash out at Etemon when he interrupts their fight.
    • On the human's side of things, the fact that quite a few of them, including Marcus and Crimson, are able to Biomerge and reach the Champion level, a feat never seen before. With Marcus and Agumon able to take on Smoke and slowly eek out a win and Black Agumon/Crimson having won their fight with Rika, Laila and Reycom, it's not hard to see why they're really starting to become serious powerhouses in their own right.
    • Marcus alone deserves a special mention for outright punching Smoke, a digimon about two to three times his height, right in the face to announce his presence.
    • The unexpected appearance of Etemon who, despite his goofy looks, easily dodges just about every attack thrown his way and never really takes so much as a single hit, all the while smack-talking allies and enemies alike.
    • Coal's rival, now having digivolved into War Greymon, making his entrance by tackling Coal through roughly three trees and absolutely brimming with anger over the misconception that Coal killed Agunimon.
    • Coal gets his own little moment of awesome for his reaction to the above entry. If standing up like nothing happened and outright kicking the Mega-level digimon in the chest before locking blades isn't awesome enough, nothing is.
    • Veemon easily attacking hard enough for the likes of Coal and Sovrano to feel it, a Rookie-level Digimon fighting on par with a high-end Ultimate and the next Demon Lord of Gluttony.
  • The entire fight Coal has with the Skull Scorpiomon during the expedition; swatting it away mid-pounce with his sword, slamming it down into the dirt through the sheer power and weight behind Coal's swings and outright choking the scorpion-like Digimon, all the while demanding to know what it's done with Demo. When the Skull Scorpiomon tries to impale the Knightmon with its tail instead of answering, Coal just grabs the offending appendage and delivers a blistering headbutt, forcing the animalistic Digimon to turn around and retreat.
  • Mummymon definitely deserves his own entry for his Dying Moment of Awesome where he, utterly enraged by Malo Myotismon's killing of Arukenimon, he shoots the large vampire Digimon with his Obelisk Cannon while yelling that he'd teach Malo Myotismon to fear him and managing to take out a massive chunk of Malo Myotismon's body before dying to the vampire's Crimson Mist attack. Despite being generally silly and the butt of many a joke, Mummymon showed exactly why you should always Beware the Silly Ones.
  • The entire battle with Malo Myotismon. Withstanding countless blows that would leave even an only slightly weaker Digimon nothing but data, Coal basically tanks each and every attack Malo Myotismon throws at him with the help of quite a few healing items. Coal isn't the only one who gets the chance to be badass, what with Snow landing a downright amazing amount of critical hits, Char digivolving into Flaremon, Einstein managing to deal any amount of damage to a foe that massively outclasses him and just about every single one of Coal's forces and the members of Char's squad pitching in enough damage to win the fight and force Malo Myotismon to degenerate into Venom Myotismon through the sheer amount of damage done and lost data.
  • Due to all of her training and endeavors to grow stronger, Sakura actually ends up digivolving into Kazemon. Even setting aside the fact that she was Kazemon in another life, it's still an extremely rare occasion where a Digimon turns into one of the hybrids, seeing as they're some of the strongest Digimon around for their level.
  • During the meeting Coal and Rain are having with some officials from Barbamon's army that have come to try and get Coal to betray Sovrano and help kill him and after some of their comments about Rain and Sakura, everyone finally sits down and starts to enjoy the exquisite meal Rain had prepared.....well, Coal and Rain enjoy it while all of the visiting officials are dealing with their sudden weakness and an onslaught of excruciating pain due to the large amounts of poison Rain snuck into every meal. Taking advantage of her assumption that the officials don't pay their staff nearly as much as they'd like, both groups belonging to the Demon Lord of Greed, Rain manages to easily poison the prepared food and goes on to tell them exactly what she did, how she did it and what's going to happen immediately and after they're dead. Not only that but she delivers this Breaking Speech to the paralyzed audience while ever-so-slowly crushing one of the main officials to death in her tentacles. The entire speech of hers is essentially one big Check and Mate reminder that even though Rain is usually The Ditz, she's still just as much of a monster as her husband and just because she acts silly doesn't mean she isn't dangerous to an absurd degree.
    "We pay our cooks extra specifically so we aren't poisoned!"

    Rain corrects his attempt at correcting her, "But they also are greedy, and you pay them just enough to not get poisoned by your own staff, so how much money do you actually let them use to buy their ingredients, and of that pittance what do you think they actually use?" Rain holds an ear towards him mockingly as many others in the room fall to the ground, writhing, leaving only the strongest ones still in any kind of presentable state, "So I arranged for the people they buy their cheap food from to get their crops from me by promising a little advertisement for their shops. And do you know what I did to those crops?"

    Karatenmon continues to try and free their hand, but Rain just pats their bleeding claw softly as she waits to hear something they are no longer physically capable of saying between their coughs and howls of pain.

    Eventually after they have hacked enough from the poison coursing through their bodies Rain decides to answer her own question, pretending that the whisper one of them made was the answer, "I poisoned them! Very good!" she loses a lot of her fake geniality and tosses Karatenmon to the ground, pinning them down to the floor using her tentacles after tearing their hand through the knife, "Not the sort poison of poison that will kill you, no, that'd take the fun out of this, so I just gave you a weakening kind which sucks the strength out of you. Not all of it even, just most of it, since this wouldn't be fun if you couldn't fight back at all..."

    Karatenmon struggles as Rain finishes climbing atop them, wrapping tentacles around their body and constricting their form while also forcing their beak shut.

    "I'm not much of a glutton, but I like holding my prey between all my legs, squeezing the life and data from their bodies, crushing them and taking their data for's quite exhilarating."

    Rain begins to engage in her hobby of sorts, crushing Karatenmon beneath her slowly, while looking up at the rest of the room.

    "So, do you know how this is all going to look when you're all dead?"

    They still cannot respond, only wheeze and hack as they look up at her in pain and fury.

    "Some very important members of Barbamon's army have gathered to meet with someone they believe will betray Lord Gluttony to try and turn him on his master so that they can kill Lord Gluttony and not have to deal with the consequences themselves," swooning, Rain's upper body is one of grace and beauty like it had been this past hour while she played the part of noblewoman, all the while her lower body strangled and crushed her victim slowly, "And in return for their treachery, my dear husband wiped the floor with them and killed them in honor of his Lord, who he is very loyal to, and who will reward his loyalty handsomely. Vanquishing such vile Digimon and making such a better world atop their corpses, what a wondrous occasion..."
  • Seeing as just about every known faction, leader and powerful Digimon seen or heard of has gathered in Factorial Town due to the threat Machinedramon poses now that he's found whatever he's been looking for, along with the fact that just about everybody is against each other, there's bound to be amazing moments for quite a few people:
    • The sheer difference of Coal's experiences trying to fight Machinedramon's forces both times. The first time, he did arguably well, tearing through a decent chunk of them but falling to the sheer strength and numbers after a few rounds and having to be saved from certain death by Metal Greymon. The second time around, it's far less of a contest, the Knightmon easily tearing his way through an uncountable amount of Tankmon, Mekanorimon and even the Ultimate-level Megadramon with the only real issue being the fact that Coal will run out of steam eventually.
    • Coal and Sovrano's friends, troops and with a little help from Violet and Snowball all managing to fight off and beat a completely uncountable amount of strong opponents, be it forces from Cherubimon's army, a Demon Lord's army members or those following Machinedramon. When the enemy forces are extremely strong Champions and Ultimates and you're managing to take them down when they gang up on you en mass, you know you're a certified badass.
    • Lilithmon deserves an entry for easily protecting her son from a Seraphimon who was planning on taking advantage of his blind spot. What makes this a rather amazing reminder of just how strong a Demon Lord is, she essentially one-shots a Mega-level Holy Digimon, of which should have an advantage over her, and does it fast enough to warp back to her army to make sure nobody can take advantage of the opening she left when she initially disappeared.
    • Scorch and Murugu get their own Big Damn Heroes moment when they suddenly swoop in on some of Metal Seadramon's forces that were trying to overrun Coal and his troops and, due to their help and the immense amount of firepower Scorch is able to dish out, they force the enemy into a full retreat. It doesn't hurt that Murugu, now a Silphymon, starts handing out healing moments as soon as her and her mate are done wreaking havoc before they're sent into the mine to help Sovrano and Ion.
    • Coal gets another moment when he gets into a fight with another Knightmon aligned under Cherubimon's banner, the two trading incredibly heavy blows with their swords and tanking hits that would easily fell a Digimon even marginally weaker then them. While Coal proves himself the superior fighter, he notes that he probably wouldn't have won without his weapon and armor, along with the fight itself coming right down to the wire with Coal only having around 800 HP left when the other Knightmon finally falls.
    • Strings and Rain get a moment to shine when they attack Duskmon who was beating the tar out of Coal. With Strings managing to land the initial hit and utterly destroy parts of Duskmon's armor and cause quite a bit of pain to boot and Rain surprising the Spirit of Darkness by landing pinpoint blasts of water when he was expecting her aim to be rather bad, it's rather cathartic to see the two of them fighting so well, even if every moment Strings spends in combat just makes the curse currently afflicting him that much worse.
    • Sakura, Smoke and the rest of Char's squad get their own amazing moment when they outright tackle Asuramon and, despite the fact that he's a high-class Ultimate that would even give Coal pause, they end up slowly but surely beating him down just through sheer numbers and just how ludicrously strong the likes of Einstein, Sakura, Suzuka and Smoke are. Not bad for a bunch of kids.
    • Sovrano, Inari and Suzuka get an offscreen moment due to them holding off Machinedramon while Coal grabs the Digital Hazard. Just to thoroughly emphasize why this is amazing, this is two Ultimates and a Champion distracting and surviving a fight with a Mega-level Dark Master, something on par with the Demon Lords themselves, without a single casualty aside from Coal himself who only joined later on after he had absorbed the Digital Hazard.
      • Ion, Scorch and Murugu also get an offscreen moment of being awesome due to them breaking through Machinedramon's defensive lines after spending several hours chipping away at it.
    • Coal gets yet another moment when he outright absorbs the Digital Hazard, something that can easily destroy the entire Digital World if in the wrong hands, through a combination of his Determinator tendencies and his Pride. Even when every byte of his body feels like it's on fire, Coal absolutely crushes just about every person in his way, be it Champions, Ultimates or even a Mega+. He outright gets into a fight with Machinedramon and doesn't instantly lose and the real kicker? All of this is done while he's still the Champion-level Dark Tyrannomon. It might end with his death but nobody can say that Coal didn't go out like a champion.
    • Machinedramon gets his own moment to shine when he's first seen absolutely tearing through a group of Cherubimon-aligned WarGreymon, including heavily-wounding Coal's rival while boasting that he's retained his memories of his past life and has since upgraded himself so he's no longer affected by a WarGreymon's Dramon Killers. If that moment of terror for all involved wasn't enough, he goes on to curbstomp a Digital Hazard-enhanced Coal around the room, even being the one who finally puts Coal down for good, and survives a fight with Sovrano after he's digivolved into the Mega-level Beelzemon
  • During the epilogue directly after Coal's death, Sovrano ends up digivolving into Beelzemon and becoming strong enough to wound Machinedramon enough to force him to flee, finally entering into his own as a powerful Demon Lord. While it took a while for him to get there, the results really speak for themselves, even crossing over into Heartwarming Moments when it's specifically noted his guns are made from the bracelets given to him and Coal by Kunemon.
    • Inari also digivolves into her Mega-level form, Kuzuhamon, and became strong enough to supposedly harm Lucemon himself, enough to the point where three Champion-level Digimon were able to attack him as well, thoroughly hitting Lucemon right in his Pride and causing the Demon Lord and his forces to retreat from the public eye.
  • In relation to Arbormon's death, one particular poster on the thread decided to lay out their thoughts in what many decided was an excellent example of a Rousing Speech
    Welp, I'm mad, but I find it's a special kind of anger.

    I felt this way when the Skaven invaded in my first ever quest on this site or any other and killed Bright the Demi-Grif.

    I felt this way when the Everliving Killed Oskar and wounded our Oger brother back in Dynamic Acholoism over on SV.

    I felt this way when Solkan tried to corrupt us in that same quest.

    I felt this way on 4chan when I played Mecha Space Pirate quest and we lost a main character's girlfriend to mindcontrol and possible mindwiping.

    It's an anger that you rarely get I find, when you play quests on any site.

    That roiling in your gut.

    That weight in your belly.

    That seething mass in the back of your mind growling like a rabid wolf being yanked with a barbed collar and chains.

    It's an almost physical pain, a desire for revenge that is so palpable it sits on your tongue like the most bitter of aftertastes.

    That feeling, that anger, that hatred, that's when you know you're invested, that this has become more than a story, more than words, more than characters on a screen or in a play.

    It's become personal.

    Thank you Thunder, for allowing me to feel this rage again.

    And for everyone else, I advise you, leash that anger, temper that hate, mold it into a weapon without peer and caress it like a lover.

    Because there will come a time when the one who inspired such fury will be before you.

    And when they do, when they fall, when you have broken everything they are and everything they have and dashed their legacy upon the rocks to never be remembered again?

    There are no words.

  • An out of story example, the quest being so popular that it reached 700+ pages of discussion and posts within three months of it appearing.

     Part Two 
  • Thanks to the Digital Hazard that Coal went through hell to get, his reborn self now has the kind of extreme growth rates that rival or even eclipse those of Agumon, namely all of the growth rates for his stats, aside from his Speed and Mana Points, are Very High. Not bad at all for a Digimon that started out as perfectly average when it came to his stats and growth rates.
  • The utter ease at which Coal went out and completed the mission that Cecilia assigned him to see if he had what it took to become a member of the Blue Falcons, a test that the BlackAgumon breezed through without gaining a single scratch or even having to fight the target, a thief that had been stealing supplies, at all! Through a simple trap with a bush, his new bag and a piece of meat or two, Coal quite literally dragged the offending Digimon back to Digital City's jail without a single complaint and thoroughly earned his spot on the Blue Falcon's roster.
  • Despite the fact that he's still too weak to take on an entire pack of Gabumon, let alone the larger than normal one that he got a mission to deal with, Coal still manages to complete the mission by beating up quite a few Gabumon that stray away from their pack and, as proof of him doing so, steals the fur coats right off of their backs and any food they might have been carrying at the time.
  • During Coal's short exploration of the Digimon Fan Club, he happens to introduce himself to a human by the name of Peter who certainly manages to impress by the fact that his partner Digimon is the Ultimate-level Megadramon and he's also got a Tortamon who's started following him due to Peter's sheer strength, shown best by the numerous amount of battle-earned scars marking Peter's entire body.
  • Upon Coal's return home, he's ambushed by a horde of Gabumon. He defeats every single one of them, and the next day, he's suddenly Digivolved into DarkTyrannomon. To put this in perspective, when Coal first digivolved to Champion in his past life, it was 11 days into the quest, a week and a half. In part 2, he managed the evolution in three, with better stat gains from the evolution at that!
  • Coals execution of the machine digimon which had precisely dealt Dinogon a mortal wound. He dodges the robots attacks thanks to the hazards physical boost, grabs the broken greatblade lodged in its back, and chops it in twain. All with a single smooth motion.
  • Coals fight against Lobomon shortly after the execution. While evenly matched or perhaps barely losing to the Legendsry warrior, who has more speed, intelligence and battle experience, Coal manages to use his brutal and somewhat unorthodox and very brutal fighting style to get in a few good hits. Such as when he backhanded the other digimon after Gorgon was forced down, and later head butted Lobomon from a kneeling position before attempting to choke the bastard out.
  • The refusal to accept Devimon power, and give into himself own wrath. Even if it would mean his death. It's best said in Coals own words. "I belong to no-one, and I will die before I bend my knee to serve you, Devimon."
  • Coals evolution to Mega. After being thrown into the Dark Ocean after Gouzu and Meizu by Aguinimon, Coal was contacted by Devimon who offered to empower Coal if he would give into his wrath, and serve him. After a completely unanimous vote, Coal refused. Later the Hazard allowed Coal to evolve, and the sheer power of it allowed him to push the Dark a Ocean back, grab his nephews and rise up back out of the pool. From there he was able to rush out, block a shot from Lobomon which would have slain Zudokorn, and then proceeded to single handidly cripple Lobomon army of a thousand digimon.
  • After chasing Lobomon back to his base Coal is engaged by its defense including a pair of railguns which would have ripped his Ultimate self apart. Chaos Gallantmon Coal however managed to effortlessly tank the entire barrage for an hour. He casually pulled the 7 rods which had managed to make it through his armor out, let his body heal nigh instantly, and strolled through Lobomons now fleeing forces.
  • How Coal dealt with Etemon after the Ultimate harassed Sayo. The first time, he kicked the other digimon hard enough through a building for him to leave an Impact Silhouette (After Etemon thought he could inimidate Coal by "posing menacingly") After that he gave the other blood knights a message to pass on to Etemon stating that if he tried harassing Sayo again, Coal would kill him. As it turns out, Etemon was not a good listener, and this time Coal grabbed his hands, lifted the other digimon up, and then tore/cut him in half. Then harkening back to part 1, Coal proceeded to bisect Etemon vertically as well.
  • Coal gave quite the speech (for him) right after the brutal execution of Etemon, which inclued quite the Badass Boast
    • "Touch those I care for, touch my family, and I don't care who you are, I will end you. I once killed Barbamon when he threatened my son. I have fought against Legendary Warriors stronger than me for the sake of my friends. Before any of you do anything out of place, think to yourself: if I would fight and kill a Demon Lord for them, what would I do to you? It took a Dark Master to kill me before, and I am twice as strong now, so stay here on your island. I won't touch you, nor will my master, and those of you who reside at the future neutral zone of SCSI Domain will even have my protection. But never cross me."
  • Coal fought against a full-fledged Demon Lord and survived. Admittedly, this might be reduced somewhat by Sovrano holding back and being convinced to stop, but still.
  • Coal also fought against Strings, who had become the Dark Master Puppetmon. Again, Coal didn't win, but he survived. Shortly after that, he killed Cherrymon, who was manipulating Strings under the pretense of being Arbormon returned to life, ending Cherrymon's machinations.
  • Ein, the current wielder of the Legendary Spirits of Light, went up against the original Legendary Warrior of Light Lino and soundly defeated his predecessor.
  • Through hard work and research, Andromon and Lillithmon managed to come up with a way to separate a digimon from Legendary Spirits they have merged with.
  • During the Beetleland Tournament Arc, Coal's son Rokusho fought no less than 10 different opponents, all of them being Rookies with the strength of Champions and one being a clone of Tentomon from Digimon Adventure. He won all his battles, becoming the champion of the Rookie Division.
  • Also during the Beetleland Tournament Arc, Coal's sister Wivel fought against the same number of opponents. Her cheating helped ensure her victory for most of them, but as her last two battles showed including the final battle against a corrupted Beetlemon clone, Wivel doesn't need to cheat to win. Though it came extremely close, Wivel won and became the victor of the Champion Division.
  • One poster gave a rather stirring speech when Kenshin was killed.
    Bunny Bastard. I name you Liar, I name you Hypocrite. You slew a innocent man for being neutral, for seeking the truth! And now he’s gone forever, his children left alone. How can you claim to fight for justice and all that is good if you would commit such acts? How? How many acts such as this? How many innocents such as him slain? For daring not to side with you?

    Veemon! I name you Fallen, and for as there is good in this world that is what you are. A fallen angel, blinded by the sins of Lust and Envy, lust for power, lust for love, and a lust for the world to play by your rules and yours alone. Envy, envy for Lilithmon’s love of Wizardmon, of Sovrano’s meer existence. You do not deserve any love or peace or even your very existence!




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