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     Part One 
  • Impmon's courting of Renamon in its entirety. It doesn't hurt that the former is a massive Tsundere when it comes to expressing himself to others.
  • First meeting between Impmon and Kunemon. Impmon wasn't impressed with Coal living under Kunemon's rule and was swiftly hit by Kunemon's electric attack. Pecking order established.
  • Impmon's description of Modokibetamon
    "Took freakin' forever to fight one of them Madokadeltamon whatevers. Those amphibious jerks are everywhere! Can't throw a rock without hitting one, and I would know, because I did and out of the bushes came a pissed off green thing with an orange mohawk!"
  • The entirety of the negotiations for Coelamon's secret item from 4 million bits to only 4 thousand.
  • Upon reuniting with Rain, who has changed from her previous form of Numemon to the much more attractive Ranamon, Coal can't help but be momentarily distracted by his friend's "swollen chest".
  • In a bit of sadistic or dark humor, the cathartic moment where Grumblemon turns to flee from Coal, only to stop and ask himself why the ground has been completely covered in water.
  • Meru spinning around in mid-air with an adorable coo of "Spini!", very clearly trying to imitate her mother's ultimate attack while in her Beast Spirit form.
  • Meru persistently pressing herself face-first against a wall, apparently confused as to why she couldn't keep moving forward.
  • Reycom, another one of Coal and Ranamon's children, greeting every new face he sees with a fresh blast of icy breath.
  • Coal's classifications of humans, calling Joe Kido an Ultimate, Zudokorn a Champion and Rika a Rookie
  • During yet another clash between Coal, Metal Greymon and their assorted allies, who should suddenly show up but a reincarnated Gotsumon. Unfortunately for him, he's almost immediately killed anticlimactically by being pushed over the edge of a nearby cliff by Rika Nonaka.
  • Strings' first crush in its entirety. Not only has he fallen for Lillymon from Digimon Adventure 01, his chosen method of displaying his affection is ogling her chest or staring up her skirt. It's later revealed that Strings isn't even aware of why he enjoys doing so, only that he does.
  • During their stay in the Village of the Nature Spirits, run by Lillymon, Strings had the unfortunate luck of trying to treat an Aruraumon that had, to put it mildly, a very irritating type of personality. Outright refusing medical care just to be stubborn and mocking Strings for his habit of playing with dolls, the only thing that likely saved the smug flower-looking Digimon was the fact that any kind of violent acts would see Strings and his friends kicked out of the village and never allowed to return.
  • Strings isn't the only one who has a run in with the aforementioned Aruraumon, as Coal comes across her during his brief break in-between training sessions in the Village of the Nature Spirits to grab some food for his wife. The whole scene is essentially a giant reference to Dude, Where's My Car? and its famous Chinese take-out scene. That's not even mentioning the fact that Coal later received a reprimand from Lillymon herself for acting violently inside the village, making it one of the very few times where someone has been able to make a crack in Coal's iron facade through sheer intolerable annoyance.
  • The entire conversation between Kotemon and Rain as she's carrying her third and fourth child. First by calling Rain fat then wonder why Rain "ate" two baby Digimon. As Rain joked about having eaten Kazemon, Kotemon prepared to attack an enemy Digimon who dared to infiltrate Rain's body which is technically correct. The scene wrapped up with Kotemon asking Rain for "the power boosting boob milk" to distribute it to her squad much to Rain's embarrassment.
  • Kazemon's situation. Coal and Rain were responsible for her sister's death. Her interactions with them made her realize that they are not total monster. And then she is killed by Rain. Her next reincarnation is as Coal's and Rain's offspring created through "data fusion".
  • After a long and grueling fight against a half-dead Barbamon, Coal and his allies have won and are now standing over his dying form, simply waiting for the final blow to be struck. Coal raises his sword in the air and brings it down in a massive swing....which doesn't take. It ends up requiring Coal, Rain, Sorcerymon and Coal's Squad all hammering the dying Demon Lord with their attacks before he finally dies for good.
  • After reaching Toy Town and realizing Numemon has to pass a few tests before he could be allowed to work there, Rain is sent along as motivational support as Numemon leads a tour through the Candy Factory. A few hours later, Rain walks back into the waiting room, skin now colored a soft, blueberry-blue, apparently having indulged in a gum that was supposed to change flavors and go through a three-course meal but ended up causing her to swell up into a giant ball full of blueberry juice in front of the entire tour group (said event somehow managing to add the Nature element to her typing). Rain apparently had to be mechanically 'juiced' and it's noted that she still has a few sticks of the gum on her person even after being treated, apparently having grown fond enough of the taste to snag a few before she left despite the risk of the entire situation repeating itself.
  • Due to the aforementioned juice incident directly above, Rain and Coal end up getting stopped by a Guardromon when they're trying to get into Factorial Town, the Machine Digimon halting them and stopping either of them from entering due to Factorial Town's strict laws against bringing vast amounts of fruit. As it turns out, the Guardromon mistakes Rain for a Vaccinium Pallidium, or a Southern Blueberry, and calls Rain this right in front of her and Coal. Rain, after figuring out exactly what the Guardromon is talking about, was three seconds away from turning him into scrap metal.
    • They're later hesitantly allowed into Factorial Town to talk with the Guardromon's superior, Andromon, on the issue. Coal is allowed in with no issue but Rain gets a sticker placed on her that certifies her freshness to anyone observant enough to see it.
  • During the brief hiatus spent relaxing in Arbormon's Fortress, Coal is asked to pick some of the Lady Devimon who are going to help Lilithmon and Sovrano's armies grow in number. Two of the Lady Devimon's names for this project? Bust and Hooters.
  • Rain and Arukenimon's relationship in its entirety, as their first meeting clearly shows that the two, while similar in the fact that they can both be rather unpleasant in their own ways, don't necessarily get along despite sharing a few things in common. While this would usually fall into an unfunny area, the fact that Arukenimon's cold demeanor falls apart completely as she laughs herself sick when she's told the methods behind Sakura and Ursula's unique births is enough of a reason to give it a place here. She even mellows out enough to share a few quips with Coal before leaving. Rain's reaction to the reason behind Arukenimon's sudden respect for her is absolutely priceless as well.
    "Let's try this again when we get back," she sneers, still sounding a bit more light-hearted than your previous interactions with her even though she is trying to demean you, "Provided you don't prove yourself useless or annoying on the trip. I think I could grow to like your witch of a wife, and who knows, maybe I can put up with tall and brooding too."

    Your blunt statement earns another laugh from her, and you can see Arukenimon grinning even as she casually threatens your life, "I'll let it pass now, but act lippy in public and I'll have to kill you on principle," she waves you goodbye finally, "Give the fruit flavored calamari my regards. And the sea of brats, I guess. Oh, and tell Mummymon if he's late for dinner again I'm eating his portion. I've come to like eating more this past week, and he needs to learn to stop being late to everything."

    Arukenimon departs through the teleporter and so you return to your wife, who is holding one of Ursula's sleeping bodies as the Gazimon sleep all around her on the field outside the fortress. Mummymon is playing childish games with your kids, even having coaxed Blue to come out and join them, and so Rain is contentedly watching.

    "Your mother's a bitch. I kind of like her," Rain says as you take a seat beside her, the obvious caveat to her statement being 'except for how she treats kids' still hanging in the air.

    You nod, glad that perhaps they can learn to get along, as it may give you an opportunity to know your mother better, "She said the same about you, just with a w."

    This seems to have made Rain's days as her eyes light up, "Awwww, what's she like about me?"

    Hmmm...I suppose I should tell her the truth...

    "She finds it humorous that you gave birth to the rival you killed."

  • While Coal and some of his friends, kids and troops are exploring Freezeland, they happen to stumble across a Penguinmon named Perry who is, for all intents and purposes, suffering under the kind of paranoia that makes regular paranoia look like nothing. His way of communicating is through nothing but yelling and is absolutely chock-full of references, from Cars to The Powerpuff Girls.
  • The fact that, while Suzuka has grown so much stronger from her days as a Kotemon, she still possesses a rather...odd personality
    Yasyamon questions how one can have more than one name, and Smoke explains to her that he has a few names so it's not a problem: his name given to him by his parents, Smoke, the name his uncle (and Char) calls him, Lyon, and finally his family name, Caerleon. Suzuka asks him about his uncle, seemingly curious because of her relationship with the deceased Tank, and so Smoke explains that he possesses a "Godfather" in the form of Daemon, at which point Suzuka stops calling him Master and Lord Smoke and instead begins to refer to him by the name given to him by Daemon, citing that Daemon outranks everyone.

    "You can still call me Smoke if you want though."

    "Yes, Master Lyon."

    "You don't have to call me 'Master', you know."

    "As you wish, Master Lyon."

    "You're doing that on purpose, aren't you?"

    "Doing what, Master Lyon?"

    Your son appears to look up to Suzuka the way that he does others who possess some form of virtue around him, an opinion likely improved by her having saved him twice now and him feeling indebted to her. Suzuka for her part appears to treat him with a similar respect that she gives to you, albeit not completely the same since she seems to still think of him as a kid and thus while she does what he says, she also defers to your judgment first. Sakura meanwhile is needling her brother for his bad luck, and tells him he's lucky he has friends because he wouldn't be alive without them. What might have been a serious conversation is diverted when Suzuka asks what Sakura's name via Daemon is, and Smoke replies that his honorary uncle of sorts doesn't really have a name for her, but did once call her 'Fried Chicken'.

  • Despite walking away from the ruined remains of a nearby village after having single-handedly wiped out the invading forces, a group of Snow Goblimon and a few of their digivolved companions, Smoke still finds a little time to gently tease Einstein after having saved him from the aforementioned raiding part.

    On the way, your lord speaks to you in a genial manner almost completely unfitting between a master and servant, but reminding you so much of Hail, "When we get back Ion and my sisters will take good care of you I think. I will have to go inform Father about what's happened, but I'll come by and see how you're doing after. Try not to poach Meru from Lloyd in the meantime. He's cold, but I don't think he'd like his favorite admirer to be led astray."

    "I'm just kidding. Just relax, no need to be so shy and worked up."
  • When three of Smoke's potential suitors are led into the room to be judged by Rain and Coal on whether or not they'd be fit to even be introduced to their son proper, Suzuka is the one who states that they've arrived. Her chosen way of introducing the three Champion-level Digimon?
  • During one of Coal's many strolls around Arbormon's Fortress, he decides to check in with his kids to see how they're doing. Things start relatively normal with Char and Ursula spending a little time together playing hide and seek but quickly take a turn for the odd when he stumbles upon Franziska "motivating" his troops into training harder. The odd moment is made even more surreal when the likes of Snow, Demo, Musyamon and Mirage are all very clearly terrified of the girl. It must be pointed out that Snow, Demo, Musyamon and Mirage are all pretty powerful Champions while Franziska is only a Rookie and a few days old to boot.

    When you try to see what your youngest are up to you end up not finding Franziska where you expected her to be (her room or the garden), while Blue Two meekly just follows you and mumbles about where he thinks she is. Following his advice, you find Franziska in one of the training rooms in the fortress with your squad...whipping nearby their heads and yelling at them to train harder, with Snow, Demo, Musyamon, and even Mirage all panting out "Yes ma'am!" as they cower in fear of your week-old daughter. Seeing you causes her to reel her vines back in and Franziska skips over to you and smiles, losing her previous harsh demeanor.

    You hold her and look over at the group of soldiers still working out, each of them seeming to possess actual fear of your cute little daughter who is nestling up against you lovingly as they all work harder than they otherwise may have been. Franziska explains that she's not allowed to use the equipment yet since she's "too young" apparently, but that she wants to make you happy so is making others train harder so that they can be the "perfect" squad just for you. She hasn't actually inflicted any physical harm since she's been purposefully missing them by just a little bit, though you get the feeling that much like a drill sergeant she has crushed their spirits in training them in such a spartan manner.
  • During Coal and Smoke's talk about the recent rush of suitors for the latter, and none of them being good enough to pass either of their inspections/expectations, Smoke begins to promise his father that he'll one day find a worthy wife Coal will approve of and bring honor to the family name. What's funny about this little event is that all the while Smoke is adamantly going on about finding a proper wife, Coal himself has started staring at Suzuka. Never before has it been so clear that Rain's shipping tendencies when it comes to her kids has also made it's way into Coal, as it seems both of them can see a possible relationship between their son and his bodyguard and, just like many of the thread-goers, are eagerly hoping it happens.
  • During Coal's stay in Toy Town for the card game tournament, he happens to end up facing one of the Lady Devimon from Paradise, Maddy, who was enjoying her downtime while pregnant to have some fun in the tournament, all the while accompanied by her husband, a Skull Meramon with a very prominent Scottish accent. Needless to say, when Maddy goes into labor and walks off to a private room, his reaction when a Monzaemon tries to check in on him when his turn to play comes up is....rather volatile.
    Your next opponent would have been Skull Meramon, but when an official went to check on him the Monzaemon was told "Screw you, ya fluff filled dobber! Go out an' annoy someone else ya bear bassa!" and was thrown a few Star Chips to give to you, forfeiting the round.
  • Ursula, or at least one of her bodies, gently resting her head against the pregnant Inari's stomach and shooting up when she feels one of the babies kick which leads to half of Ursula's bodies staring diligently at the Lady Devimon's stomach for any future "attacks" while the other four continue to watch her father and Laila spar.
  • Despite the fact that he's grown into an extremely-strong Rookie, Reycom still possesses his rather odd sense of humor, shown when he finds quite a bit of amusement, and his natural greediness, in having multiple wives and paying his mother back for her hug with a burst of chilled breath that leaves her frozen, especially around her chest, much to Franziska's delight.
    While Rain is busy hugging Reycom, she is reminded of his particular sense of humor when he breathes on her with a chilled breath and freezes part of her body.

    "Eeeep! You little brat!"

    "Ice cold milk-juice? Thank you big brother!"

    "Go to bed Franziska! Mommy's about to teach your brother a violent lesson in pain!"
  • Upon meeting up with Sovrano to do a little one on one sparring, Coal happens to notice that the bracelet of flowers he got from Kunemon before his death has turned a rather deep purple. While Sovrano goes on to explain that he enchanted it with magic to make it sturdier, and makes the offer of doing the same for Coal's own bracelet, the only thing Coal can seem to mentally focus on is the fact that, above all else, Sovrano's newly-colored bracelet looks like an eggplant, of which Coal admits directly to Sovrano's face. Sovrano's response?
    You inform Sovrano that the bracelet he has reminds you of an eggplant, resulting in a pause before Sovrano hangs his head and shakes it while sighing.

    "Yer a weirdo, ya know that?"
  • The sheer presence of Etemon during the battle between the human/digimon partners and Sovrano, Coal, Coal's troops and Char's squad. Despite the fact that the entire fight has the tension of knowing just about anybody could potentially kick the bucket, Etemon showing up in all of his egotistical, Elvis Impersonator glory somehow manages to steal the show. From his accent to his mannerisms and smack-talking of just about everyone there with a pulse, it's such an odd moment that one can't help but chuckle at the odd, monkey-suit wearing Ultimate.
  • Meru and Sakura trying to teach Franziska how to be a lady. With Meru being Meru and Sakura being the only relatively normal person of the three, their efforts aren't exactly having much effect, especially since each and every lesson they try and teach Franziska has her immediately asking if she can then start the whipping, only to be immediately shot down by her sisters, much to her disappointment.
  • Reycom being his usual greedy self and outright telling his much stronger father that he expects Coal to keep the seat of the most powerful person in the family warm for him. Just for clarification, this is a Rookie-level Digimon brazenly talking to an Ultimate that's at least three to four times bigger than him and several times stronger, which crosses over with Moment of Awesome just due to Reycom's confident demeanor.
  • When Bakemon begins to motion the expedition group off of the planned path, a brief thought goes through Coal's head as they (Coal, Arukenimon, Mummymon and Char's group) begin to follow him: that of punishing the ghost Digimon if he ends up leading them to something banal like a shiny rock he found.
  • When the thought of how Lilithmon will react to Wizardmon's revival comes up, namely showering him with years of pent-up affection, Coal blankly notes that it might be best to warn Sovrano to not visit his mother's mansion for a while.
  • During an omake, we're given a look at Suzuka's life when she was still a wild Kotemon. Hearing things from her point of view, namely extremely bluntly and "it is what it is", is an absolute riot, especially when she goes to take a bite of some ice cream she found from an oddly-placed ice cream truck and forgets that she's currently wearing a mask, causing the ice cream to drop onto the ground. While this would be chuckle-worthy, what makes it hysterical is that Suzuka immediately notes that, because the ice cream is on the ground and the ground tastes bad, the ice cream now tastes bad as well, as if she's pointedly tasted the ground before.
  • Suzuka's way of telling Bakemon her opinion of him in its entirety. Not one to mince words, Suzuka plainly states that she doesn't really care about him as a person at all, even if he is Wizardmon, since he's rather useless. Smoke's attempts to explain and alleviate the situation don't really help all that much either, instead finding himself in a bit of a bickering match with Bakemon.
  • When the group sent out for the expedition (Coal and his troops, Char's squad, Mummymon, Arukenimon, their own troops and Wivel and Rex) stumble upon a locked door, they realize that said door needs to scan the person before it will allow them entry. It begins by scanning Gol to no effect but once Mummymon steps forward, the door begins to slowly open. Happy at being allowed in, Mummymon's joy dies an abrupt and comical death when he suddenly finds himself face to face with the Skull Scorpiomon that has been stalking the entire group since they first arrived in the wasteland. Mummymon's reaction just really says it all.
  • As a bit of Mood Whiplash to counteract the terrifying environment Coal's group are trying to transverse, Snow demonstrates a newly-seen trait of his: narcolepsy. Being completely dead to the world due to his frequent high-energy rampages and general insanity, not even a kick from Coal is enough to wake the sleeping Hyougamon up so Gol is ordered to carry Snow while he sleeps. The Golemon complies and begins to drag the sleeping Snow behind him by one of his feet, something the Hyougamon doesn't even wake up from until a little bit of time passes and even then he merely yawns and stretches out while still being dragged along the ground.
  • Even though they're currently located in a nightmare-inducing labyrinth with the knowledge that it holds several strong Ultimates hiding within, Mummymon and Arukenimon still find time to snark at each other. Well, Arukenimon snarks while Mummymon is his usual Nice Guy and Adorkable self.
    Mummymon giggles in excitement, "Lady Lilithmon will be so pleased! She might even let me get a new car! That old one always breaks down."

    "That's because you barely have ever done any maintenance for it. You show it the same attention you do hygiene," your mother scoffs.

    "But I just fixed the radiator twelve years ago, and brushed my teeth at least a few years ago!"
  • The sheer Mood Whiplash that is Snow just standing around utterly confused as everyone else is left utterly helpless by Malo Myotismon's Mind Rape. While it's never really explained, it's implied that Snow is just so utterly insane already that any attempts to mentally torture him just don't have any effect at all. Things just get even funnier when Snow actually saves the day by being his general Laughing Mad self and making Malo Myotismon flinch and therefor breaking the spell on his companions.
  • When Coal is bed-ridden due to his massive fight with Malo Myotismon, he ends up getting a letter from Monzaemon wishing him well and telling him how much fun he's having in Toy Town. While this would normally be a Heartwarming Moment, the fact that Monzaemon had absolutely covered the cards in scribbled hearts, not to mention the fact that even Coal mentally notes it's far too saccharine for his tastes, makes it a rather amusing moment.
  • Even if it crosses over into Squick territory, the simple fact that the visiting officials of Barbamon's army keep either ogling Rain or even complimenting Sakura's new "features" as a Kazemon directly in front of Coal and Rain. One of them even asks how much it would be to buy Sakura from Coal and Rain. What makes this entire conversation hilarious is that the readers already know exactly what's going to happen to the visiting officials and they just keep digging themselves deeper than they even know.
  • As soon as they're born, the three newest additions to Coal and Rain's family make their personalities known either by trying to show Coal how tough they are before rushing back to hide behind Rain when Coal so much as raises and eyebrow (Bubbles), staring calmly for a few moments before nuzzling Coal's face (Rokusho) or rudely pushing their siblings aside when it comes to nursing (Geary).
  • Even when they're fighting vast amounts of Machine-type Digimon as they try to stop Machinedramon from acquiring whatever he's after, Coal's troops still end up being a walking comedy routine in of themselves, whether it's Snow's utter euphoria at so many Digimon to fight or Demo and Musyamon bickering as usual.
    Demo gawks at what your friend has said, "Wait, aren't the Demon Lord forces on our team?"

    Musyamon scoffs at his comrade's naivete, "Do you really think that they will waste a second cutting you down if you stand in-between them and whatever it is that Machinedramon has found? This is a fight to determine the fate of all of File Island, not just some trinket!"

    "Hey, you don't have to sound so condescending! I knew that!" Demo complains and lies.

    While they bickered, Snow ran past them and continued to fire icicle after icicle into the enemies ahead, laughing all the while.

    "Wahahahahaha! I love it when I don't even have to aim!"

    "You never aim!" Demo complains.

    "Hahaha, that's right!"
  • During one of the few breaks between all of the fighting, Coal and Inari share a conversation, reminiscing about when they were still Rookies trying to survive in Native Forest. Inari's comment about them having come a long way from their Rookie days is poignant in its meaning but Coal's reaction to the comment is rather good at explaining the Knightmon's personality in general.
    "We've come a long way."

    Inari is speaking to you, for Ion is a bit away from you all and is drafting up plans for the following day, and the others are even farther than him. In response to her statement you nod your head, looking back at all the distance you have crossed, fighting each and every inch of it from Misty Trees to where you were to the east of Factorial Town and by Mount Infinity's foot.

    Your sister grins at you, her hands and arms wrapped around her husband as he rests from all the battles from the day, "Has anyone told you that you can be quite literal?"

  • During Inari and Coal's conversation as they rest from the nonstop battling that's become par the course for trying to stop Machinedramon, the topic of Inari and Sovrano's new twins, Gouzu and Meizu, come up and, due to them having a lot in common with their father when he was a Rookie, Coal ends up worrying that the two might end up setting one of his daughter's rear-ends on fire, just like Sovrano once did with Inari.
  • Even when he's heading down into a dangerous mine filled to the brim with Machinedramon's forces, and very likely the giant mechanical dragon himself, Sovrano still finds time to be his usual Deadpan Snarker self towards his friends, managing to leave a rather tasteful comment before he heads off.
    A part of you is hesitant to say or even act as he begins to leave you behind. If things go poorly, this is the last time you may ever see him...your second friend leaving now with your third to go into incredible danger, so that you all may have a chance to accomplish the future you've put your lives on the line many times before, but something feels different this time. That makes sense, given the stakes of this situation, but you are still left uneasy about seeing your friend off.

    "If we're holding things here, you better not take too long."

    Sovrano waves an arm back at you as a casual goodbye, "I'll take all the time I want. Just ask your sister."
  • Murugu, now having digivolved into a Silphymon, kindly extending an invitation to Coal to come see her and Scorch's nest and meet their new kids, a Crabmon named Sea and a Biyomon named Fal, right before she comments that she's going to go kill people now and heads off down into Chrome Mine with her mate.
  • As usual, Coal's troops can't stop themselves from ribbing each other and playfully bickering even though they're currently in the middle of an active warzone that could easily be the death of them, this time joined by Violet and her husband Snowball.
    "Guard duty, huh?"

    Violet is glancing around at the other armies fighting to reach this point, there being a few stragglers gathering from an army of Light which would no doubt assault your position once they were ready. Nine of you standing across an entrance tall enough that a giant like Machinedramon could fit through easily, though the broken barrier blocked off the top half which to your fortune meant you did not have to worry as much about Digimon just flying right through the opening above your heads, as while you could fly slightly thanks to your training with Inari, and of course Inari and Violet could fly, as could Snowball, but Demo, Snow, Mirage, and Musyamon were landbound. Gol could at least swat others out of the sky, but you didn't think he'd be able to hit many of them thanks to his lumbering ways.

    "Snowball grins at his partner, "We've done that plenty of times."

    Violet stretches her arms out and cracks her fingers, "It's nice getting out again, even if I do like being a mother more."

    As the lovers continue to reminisce, Demo stands by your side and looks up at you with some nervousness, his right eye still covered by a green lens, "Sir, do you, uhh, really think we can do this?"

    Snow slaps him across the back and cackles, "Guess we'll find out! We'll kill them all or die trying!"

    Musyamon glances over at his buffoon of a comrade in irritation, "Does he ever stop talking?"

    "He will without a tongue," Mirage says.
  • Despite the tenseness of the situation, the fact that Coal utterly ignores the Datamon currently working on the Digital Hazard is rather hilarious, especially seeing as the Datamon's warnings would be rather appropriate and probably heeded if it were any other situation and Coal wasn't, well, Coal. The fact that, after he's done absorbing the Digital Hazard, he kills the Datamon with an absentminded swing of his tail just makes it all the more hilariously-awesome.
  • During his fight with Machinedramon, Coal and WarGreymon end up having to pull an Enemy Mine and work together to even stand a chance of bringing Machinedramon down. Even though the two bitter rivals are working together in a once in a lifetime scenario, Coal's thoughts clearly show just how annoyed he is to have to lower himself to such a level and basically promises to turn on his rival the moment Machinedramon is dealt with.
    You start to rise up and look at who attacked him, only to find yourself infuriated by the fact that WarGreymon just saved your life and attacked your foe.

    To think that he would help you...


    He comes over to you as Machinedramon recovers, WarGreymon offering you a hand to stand up. In response you bat away his hand and glare up at Machinedramon, refusing to look your rival, enemy, and now ally in the eye.

    WarGreymon shakes his head, disagreeing with your assessment, "It's not pity. There was a time when we respected one another, and you are reminding me why..." he looks back to Machinedramon as well, "We may have our disagreements, but now we share a common goal."

    You won't dare to ever declare a truce with this bastard, but if he wants to kill the same person, you won't mind so long as he doesn't get in your way of doing the same thing...and then you'll turn your sights on him.
  • During the omake where we're given a look at the world through Smoke's point of view on the day he became a Champion, the simple act of trying to invite everyone to breakfast ends up producing a cavalcade of humorous moments, whether it's Sakura and Smoke bickering and teasing each other about their respective crushes, Suzuka being Suzuka, Sakura musing about hearing the loud words she was told never to say coming from her parent's room late at night or Smoke's gaze repeatedly wandering to take in his bodyguard's hips as she walks.

     Part Two 
  • There's something rather hilarious about the odd habit of throwing things at those far more powerful then him Coal has developed since he died and was reincarnated, whether that person is Zudokorn who seems to take having a giant piece of meat thrown at his head in stride or Dinogon who seems rather understandably annoyed at having the item that allows entry into Digital City bounced off his face.
    You get to the gate and the guards there, a giant dinosaur Digimon and a dragon-eel thing stop you, asking what you think you are doing. You think you've seen these Digimon with Zudokorn before, so they should let you through if you show what he gave you...

    Ruffling through your bag, you throw at them the object, it bouncing off the dinosaur's face and forcing him to catch it.

    "Where'd you steal this, huh?"

    "Dinogon, I believe this is the one Zudokorn wished to allow in..."

    "Rude little bastard...alright, go on in. Not like a Rookie like you could cause much trouble here anyways."
  • Blizzard can be a rather gut-bustingly hilarious character, being a Frigimon that seems to be utterly obsessed with skiing, to the point where it's really the only thing Coal has seen him focus on at all, and an odd Verbal Tic of audibly saying "Whoosh!" whenever he does ski.
  • The way Coal completes his first mission, stopping a Betamon thief from stealing by either killing her or bringing her into custody, is something like a scene right out of Looney Tunes, namely simply putting a piece of meat in the back of his bag and enclosing the entire thing around the culprit when she walks in. It doesn't hurt that the bag's (later named "Mr. Bagsy") entire purpose is to be a way to safely drag Digimon back to Digital City either. The only thing keeping the entire trap from being hilarious Schmuck Bait is that Coal at least hides the bag itself in a bush.
  • Despite, or maybe even due to the fact that it's a rather morbid thought, the fact that Coal's first thought about the wild Digimon brought into Digital City's jail that refuse to change their ways is whether or not he gets to keep the data of those who are executed is oddly amusing, if only due to Coal's rather focused demeanor when it comes to getting stronger.
  • Due to his dying and then reincarnating, Coal ends up back in his BlackAgumon form and runs into a bit of a problem when he tries to sign himself up for a mission or two at the Blue Falcon's headquarters; namely that he's now too short to see over the front desk unless he stands on the very end of his toes and even then he can barely manage to get his eyes over it.
  • Due to Coal's innocence when it comes to just about anything that isn't combat or surviving, he ends up wondering exactly what the large bumps on certain Digimon's chest, like Ranamon, and certain humans are for. Due to being told that Ranamon can easily control and manipulate water, he comes to the conclusion that the size of the bumps equaled that person's level of elemental control.
  • Momo's simple character is both cute and hilarious. After Coal literally bags the Betamon and drags her to the city jail, she spends a few days oddly content in her glass box waiting for her "frens" to feed her. She's also hesitant about leaving said box because she likes to eat and sleep in there all day.
    Momo: Food good for Momo.
    Karen: How can someone so small eat so much?
    Momo: Am smol, but hungry.
  • Lulu, one of Sovrano's daughters, gets her hands on a book that her magic teacher Lillithmon had sealed away, at first she wanted to summon a demon with it but Bubbles stopped her saying that it would scare Pikeru. In reality Bubbles was just as scared as her.
  • As Coal and Sakura are fending off Strings's attacks, Strings talks about how he doesn't believe both how Coal is actually Coal, and how Zephyrmon is actually Sakura, reborn from Coal data fusing with Rain, since Naomi told him all about how it works and how he also now a "tried and true expert." This leads to Sakura to question him about his status of being made of wood, after reaffirming that he is, he questions why that is important. Sakura responds with "Nothing, just... splinters..." Coal proceeds to decide to not acknowledge that his daughter said that at all.
  • Koh has been an enormous thorn in the sides of the Demon Lords, so when Sovrano creates a game that includes kicking a ball, Sovrano names it Kohlii because he likes to imagine the ball being Koh's head.
  • After being removed from the Water Spirits, Rain needs to develop new techniques. Put simply, she has a rather embarrassing time do so.


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