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Coal is the reincarnation of Digimon Adventure 02's BlackWarGreymon
Coal has the interest of Lucemon despite his seemingly normal background. Coal has always carried a dark chip whose owner is unknown.
  • The Dark Chip has been confirmed to belong to Arukenimon.

Scorch is the reincarnation of the Dark Master MetalSeadramon
There is a hidden hyperlink on Scorch's profile page that links to a youtube clip of MetalSeadramon.

Duskmon is Wizardmon
You see Wizardmon died in the real world and while some of his data has been retained by Lilithmon, he hasn't reincarnated. Thus given what we've seen with Sakura's reincarnation, he could be reborn in the safest place in the real world. We know that from Digimon Adventure 02 that Myotismon possesed Yukio Oikawa. Therefore we know that Digimon soul's can inhabit the bodies of humans. Wizardmon's death could mean that he could occupy an infant and given the time progression from Adventures to the current day he would be about 10 years or older. Thus like how Koichi became Duskmon, the kid Wizardmon's attached to could possibly be Duskmon as well.

The scarred Omnimon currently resting in the Nature Spirit Village is Adventure Gabumon
The Omnimon in question currently has a massive amount of damage across his left side, the War Greymon side, and we know for a fact that Adventure Agumon, the other Digimon required for the fusion Mega that is Omnimon, has recently died and reincarnated into Agunimon. Who's to say that, while they were fused into Omnimon, they took a seriously debilitating blow that caused the loss of Agumon's data and was the cause of Omnimon's current state?
  • Confirmed by Daemon as he finishes his kill list of digidestined digimon with him.

Bakemon's the Ghost of a Dead Porygon
Bakemon can only speak his name. Porygon's a virtual Pokémon. So Bakemon's a Pokémon.
  • Jossed a long time ago by Word of God because it makes absolutely no sense.

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