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  • Coal when he realized and acknowledged his relationship with Kunemon and Impmon is genuine friendship, not only allies out of convenience.
  • The night when Coal, Kunemon and Impmon sat down for dinner. It was when they truly sat down to talk and bond as friends. It was when Kunemon gave Coal and Impmon bracelets made out of Aruraumon's petals, probably the first nice gestures they ever received from another Digimon. It was also their last night together marking the end of their peaceful lives.
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  • Rain and Coal's entire relationship, from the first moment they met as a Black Agumon and a Hagurumon respectively.
  • Coal, when he first spared and named a digimon who would become his future wife Rain.
  • Meru, especially during the first week of her birth.
  • Reycom, the impish yet stoic nature of his and the tendency to spit ice blast as a standard greeting.
  • Coal's comforting of Rain when the latter's fanclub abandons her after she achieves her Beast Spirit form of Calmaramon
  • Coal taking time out of his training and bonding with Strings and Arbormon to enjoy a day of relaxation with Ranamon in the city.
  • The brotherly bond between Arbormon, who doesn't seem to have many friends due to his odd mannerisms, and Strings, who can't seem to make any despite his efforts due to his lack of empathy.
  • Ranamon sneaking a Dark Gear into her husband's inventory, along with a sweet note, right before he set off to help in the war effort against the remains of Puppetmon's army.
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  • Coal's comforting of Rain after she comes back into Toy Town's waiting room, colored a soft, blueberry blue due to a mishap involving an experimental gum that was supposed to include all the tastes of a three-course meal.
    You kiss Rain on the forehead, it now being a lovely shade of blue, as you seek to comfort her in this moment of need.

    "You're beautiful."

    She sobs softly into you as she hugs you with shivering arms, "Even...even as a..."

    You stroke her hair and lift her up so you can better rest your head against hers.

    "I like blue," you say, for it actually is one of the colors you tend to prefer, likely as a result of its association with your wife and water before, and now that connection was even deeper.

    Rain grins and giggles as she gives you a quick kiss, "How much do you like blue?"

    You kiss her back and she seems to relax while you offer her the truth, "I enjoyed it before, and now I enjoy it more."

    "I love you..." Rain says softly back, laying her head on your shoulder as she wraps her arms around your neck.

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  • Despite it being fully acceptable and maybe even the wiser tactical decision in the long run, Coal allows Numemon to leave Lilithmon's army, a role the kind-hearted and pacifistic Champion was forced into, and join Toy Town. Despite the lose of his medic, Coal doesn't even hesitate in allowing Numemon to stay.
  • Thanks to Lilithmon's personal meddling, Violet ends up confessing her feelings for Ice Devimon and they end up falling asleep in each other's arms, Ice Devimon promising to never leave Violet and both of them eagerly awaiting the coming of their new child.
    You lift your head up and crane it to kiss his cheek, it coming out awkwardly given that you've never kissed anything before.

    So, you're going to be staying here for, your child, and the Digimon who's always been there for you, even when you ignored him.

    A weight feels lifted from your shoulders now that you are no longer suppressing your feelings, and you feel relief flood through you as you relax and allow yourself to unwind for the first time you can remember in...well, ever.

    Touching your belly one last time, you fall asleep in your partner's arms while thinking that maybe it won't be so bad even if they end up like their father. What he might lack in power, he made up for elsewhere, and that you feel is why Lilithmon gave you him out of her whole army.

    You had found your paradise, you think, and you weren't going to let it go now that you had found it.
  • Despite his child's death, it's shown that, above all else, Andromon clearly loved her, as her room is stated to be much bigger than his own, stocked full of toys, pillows and other things a child might like to play with. Along with the Drimogemon plushy and the picture of Andromon and his now-dead lover, it's pretty clear to see that Andromon absolutely adored his kid. It makes the situation all the more serious when all the signs point towards Rain being his reincarnated daughter.
  • Related to the entry above, it turns out that Rain is indeed Andromon's reincarnated daughter, a fact that is proven true when Coal brings up a few similarities between Rain and Andromon's daughter (calling Drimogemon and Gabumon "Fuzzies", the Gekomon and Otamamon plushies, etc.) and the daughter-father pair end up finally reuniting with a small dosage of happy tears from Rain and a shared hug between the two.
  • The relationship, and the circumstances behind it, of Blue and Indigo. Indigo, being a Lady Devimon under Lilithmon's rule, was tasked with exploring the area around Drill Tunnel and Native Forest. Unfortunately for her, she ends up running into a few of Cherubimon's forces, including the likes of Metal Greymon, and ends up getting beaten to the point where she couldn't remember who she was. After being saved by Blue who was passing by at the time, she eventually had time to recover her memories while Blue nursed her back to health, occasionally brought her back gems from his digging and overall took care of her. It was due to Blue's kind-hearted efforts that Indigo would eventually fall for the Drimogemon and, after having her feelings bluntly explain to him via Coal, the two ended up formerly entering a relationship with each other.
  • After seeing that Smoke is feeling rather down about his loss to Agumon and Marcus, Coal takes the time to comfort his son with a few stories about his own rival-based troubles with Metal Greymon, the two sharing a sweet bonding moment as Coal explains why Smoke losing by the thinnest of margins in a 2v1 fight against a human/Digimon partner combo is nothing to be ashamed about.
  • Just how much Coal and Sovrano care about their kids. The mere thought of one of them being harmed causes Coal to go emotionally numb and when Smoke, Char and Lloyd get blown off the edge of Freeze Ravine, Sovrano digivolves into his Ultimate form, Baalmon, out of a mixture of grief and rage while Coal starts tearing his way through Cherubimon's forces, quickly joined by Sovrano himself. They've come a long way from their days back in Native Forest as Black Agumon and Impmon.
  • The fact that even during his battle with Coal, Agunimon was still holding onto the necklace he was going to give to Kazemon before she was killed.
    Still having some fight left in him, Agunimon begins to rise to his feet, panting as he struggles to summon the strength he needs to fight you. Fallen from him and now gripped in one of his shaking hands you see some kind of jewelry, likely a bracelet of sorts, though you can't make out the details as he fights to get back on his feet and you with unflinching resolve even as he stares down the metal of your blade.
  • Even though it was a serious boost to his power, the fact that Agunimon gave Coal the Beast Spirit of Wood after the latter had defeated him. He didn't have to do that but, considering the kind of guy Agunimon is, it was really quite thoughtful, especially since Coal was his enemy.
  • Just the mental image of Rain, Franziska and Blue-Two all bonding together through their shared love of proper gardening, with Rain and Franziska focused on helping the plants grow while Blue-Two gets to enjoy himself with properly setting the ground-work and all the digging that's required. It's a nice, small familial moment shared between Rain and her kids.
    You learn that in your absence Rain has taken up gardening with Franziska and Blue-Two, Franziska doing the planting and plant care while Blue-Two does whatever ground-work and digging is needed. Digital plants grow quite quickly, and so Rain has already tried her first batch of plants with what you brought her before...and managed to mess up on most of them. Using the proceeds of what else she has produced though she has bought new ones and is going to keep trying her hand at botany.
  • After watching Smoke digivolve into a Champion, Coal silently walks over and draws his son into a hug before telling him how proud he is, as a father, over Smoke's sheer strength. Comparatively, Smoke, as a fresh Champion, is just as strong as Coal was as a fresh Ultimate. Coal's thoughts on the matter clearly show that, while there is a small part of his pride that's injured by his son being so much stronger/having so much more potential than him, he couldn't be happier about the situation, or more proud of Smoke.
    In response to your son's Digivolution you approach him and pull him close to you in a hug, something you do not do often at all. After a moment of surprise Smoke returns the hug you gave him, though you do not linger too long since there are others present and watching. Once you two are apart, you nod to him and tell him of your pride in his abilities which are so impressive as a fresh Champion. A part of you has your pride chafe as you realize that your son will no doubt surpass you if he continues to grow as he has been, but seeing as he is you in a sense by possessing half your data and half Rain's, you are able to at least take pride in him all the safe. Pseudo, possessing no power, crest aside, he is simply a Digimon born of Data Fusion without a Human Partner or anything else. He was the best of you and of Rain, and for that he would always be your pride and hold a place in your heart.
  • Just how much of a stand-up Digimon Hail was to Einstein, lending a helping hand, sage advice or even just a comforting presence whenever Einstein was feeling down about something, be it his fellow companion's tormenting him or his own depression over his lack of power or inability to help his beloved mentor.
    "Gabumon, what is the matter? You look upset."

    You were sitting alone by your campfire within a cave your team had found while traveling when Hail finds you. The others had all been shunning you and telling you how poorly you had done, which hurt you because you knew you had done all you could and it wasn't enough on your mission. You wanted to impress your lieutenants and friends, but you had let them down.

    "Lieutenant...I...I wasn't strong enough to defeat the Digimon we were ordered to apprehend. I let them escape because of me," you hang your head as you clutch your fur pelt close. You hated letting down your friends, even if they were a bit mean to you, "Maybe the others are right. Maybe I am..."

    Hail sits down beside you and places a hand upon your shoulder, "Come now, you did not honestly expect to defeat an Ultimate all by yourself, did you?" he laughs heartily as he puts his arm around you and pulls you closer to him, "Gabumon, you are but a Rookie. In time you may one day be able to defeat such an opponent, and I have no doubt you will with the potential you possess, but for now you just have to accept that there are some things you cannot accomplish by yourself yet. You did more than well enough against our opponent on your own, and you should feel pride in what you have done, rather than what you were unable to."

    His words are warm and kind, giving you reassurance where you had none before. He was the first, and only, Digimon who had shown it to you...


    You feel him rub the top of your head with his large hand and you can see the Panjyamon smiling down at you.

    "You'll have another chance some day to prove yourself. In the meantime, all you can do is grow stronger so that when that time comes you will be ready. You are kind, and honorable, traits which are all too rare in this world, and so I have faith in you. You should as well."

    In return, you lean your head against him, feeling contented and happy unlike most times. You owed so much to him, and he always was there for you...
  • Just how close Smoke and Einstein have bonded over the relatively short amount of time they've spent together. With Smoke fighting a horde of -Snow Goblimon and a few Champions to save his friend and the brief look we're given from Einstein's point of view, in which he's constantly describing Smoke in a positive light and calling him "My Lord", the Gabumon and Centarumon seem to have quickly made an ever-lasting bond with each other.
    You feel your calm return to you and you even grin up at him as he walks ahead of you, feeling happier than you thought you would ever be after Hail's death. You have a master who is great in every way to you, and he is not only your leader but a friend you can trust your very life with.

    Lord Caerleon...

    If family and honor were his pride, yours would be him and the lieutenant. Hail took you in and allowed you to survive in the harsh land you found yourself in, assailed by both nature itself and the ones you thought to be your comrades, while your Lord has given you this second chance, this life with which you only now possess thanks to his kindness and sacrifices.

    You look down at your crest holder and at Hail's necklace he gave you, smiling contentedly as you feel some of the pain and loss you felt disappear as you think about your new Lord.

    You used to be lonely wandering around Freezeland without any friends at all, but now that you've met that you've known feel that you'll never be alone again.
  • Despite the fact that she was right in the middle of encouraging Coal's troops to work harder like a proper Drill Sergeant Nasty, it's rather cute to see Franziska immediately turn into a Daddy'sGirl and rush into her father's arms as soon as Coal makes his presence known. Even Coal's pride in her behavior and fondly ruffling her flower-topped head is a rather heartwarming interaction between the two.
  • Naomi's actions and behavior around Strings while he's still reeling from Arbormon's death. Constantly keeping an eye on him, picking him up and comforting him the way a mother would to a child and sticking to their bet on, if Strings could go an entire month without "playing" with another Digimon, she'd go out on a date with him. Despite the fact that Naomi has stated that she doesn't harbor any feelings for Strings, she does like him and is willing to give him a chance. On top of it all, everything she's done, it's been with complete knowledge of who Strings actually is: Puppetmon.
    • Later on during their date at the celebration for Smoke digivolving into a Champion, the two of them can be seen dancing together with Naomi having degenerated into a Palmon and clearly enjoying themselves, something Strings clearly needs.
  • Upon reuniting with Strings, who has digivolved into Pumpkinmon at this point, the first thing he does is take one look at Coal before hugging his leg and crying his eyes out, still clearly grieving for his dead brother. Coal's immediate response is to lean down and return the hug, comforting the desolate Strings and continuing to do so until he's stopped crying.
  • Despite the fact that he initially thought of her as nothing more than a noisy interference to his reading, Lloyd seems to have accepted Meru's feelings, going by the two of them having been seen holding each other at Smoke's celebration party. It's also rather telling that, when the idea of marriage between the two is brought up when both of them are Ultimates, Lloyd offered no complaints or objections to the idea.
  • Coal gently holding his niece, Curran, and just quietly enjoying a moment with the ball-sized Nyaromon, despite the fact that he's probably going to have to wash his armor of all the yellow cat hairs later.
  • After being invited to Smoke's celebration party, Mummymon can briefly be seen playing around with Franziska and Blue-two, showing everyone once again just what a stand-up guy he is despite being one of Lilithmon's most loyal subjects.
  • During the card tournament taking place in Toy Town, Coal happens to find himself fighting a rather tough challenger in the form of Neacey, an opponent that even had Rika acting serious and cautious. What makes the moment rather touching is that it's noted that it's one of, if not the only duel where Rika doesn't have Reycom sitting on her lap or Laila watching closely from over her shoulder. For the kind of person Rika is, it's nice to see that her attitude apparently doesn't extend to her partners or, at the very least, she's not afraid of showing them a little affection.
  • The birth of Torch, the son of one of the Lady Devimon from Paradise, specifically Maddy. Being a rather adorable Mokumon, essentially a small, living cloud with rosy cheeks and a small flame on its head, Torch spends just about all of his introduction drooling, cuddling up to his mother and watching her play cards.
  • Coal just spending a little time bonding with his female relatives, namely Curran, Laila and Inari. Even if he's just mostly spending the time sparring with Laila, it's nice to see the once-lonely Coal absolutely surrounded by friends and family, relaxing with a few easy sparring sessions and watching Laila play with her younger sister. It doesn't hurt that Inari, heavily pregnant at the time, was just peacefully watching from the sidelines and cuddling with both her children and Ursula.
  • Despite the fact that it spawned from such a sad moment, the fact that both Curran and Ursula start cuddling up to Rika after she's done singing and have even started calling her their big sister is a rather touching moment, especially when Rika slowly starts to hug them back.
  • While it's rather odd due to the unknown circumstances surrounding what actually happened in the quest's version of Digimon Adventure, the fact that Daemon, or Patamon from Digimon Adventure, seems to still have some bond and even respect with Matt. The Demon Lord of Wrath even seems to smile as he's talking about him, something that hasn't ever really been seen before.
  • The mental image of Blue-Two just cuddling a stuffed Black Agumon as he sleeps with Coal and Mummymon looking over him. Cowardly he may be, something Coal doesn't exactly approve of, but there's no doubt in anyone's mind that Blue-Two doesn't love his father.
  • The night before Coal needs to leave for an expedition, he, Rain and Ursula all spend a quiet night cuddling in bed, all three of them exchanging declarations of love, romantic for Coal and Rain, fatherly/motherly for Ursula, before turning in for the night. It's a rather short but poignant moment that reinforces the fact that, despite his rather emotionless demeanor, Coal really does love his family and is loved by them in return.
  • Just how nice Tank was to Suzuka when she was a wild Kotemon and their entire parent/mentor-like relationship. Helping her become stronger, protecting her from wild Digimon, cuddling with her to stave off the cold and even feeding her, Tank went above and beyond when it came to his role as Suzuka's mentor, something Suzuka seems to have noticed and deeply relished. It just makes what eventually happens to Tank all the more sadder though.
  • Snow going so far as to threaten to kill Bakemon/Wizardmon if he doesn't show the group how to get into the labyrinth that Demo fell into, along with Mirage steadfastly agreeing with his companion's death threat. It's nice to see that, while they all have their own personal issues, such as Mirage's loner tendencies or Snow's bloodlust, the members of Coal's squad clearly care for one another's safety and have turned into a Band of Brothers.
  • Arukenimon despite the possibility of death didn't try to kill coal when prompted to by her reborn and very powerful master Myotismon. Myotismon then notes that she still doesn't fully know if he is her child but still hesitates. This is heartwarming because originally she was cold and hostile to coal at first but slowly warming up to him as the story progressed.
    "Am I asking too much?" Myotismon laughs wickedly as he takes a step towards you all, "Poor Arukenimon, being asked to do one of the only things she wouldn't do."
  • As much as it's an odd and terrifying reminder of Rain's ability to be just as scary as anybody else, it's still rather adorable to see her gushing about just how much she loves her husband as they bond together over the killing of a few enemies, even if said gushing is done while slowly and effortlessly crushing an Ultimate-level Digimon to death in her tentacles.
  • Another Rain-based entry, this one being about her dedication and loyalty to Coal when she can tell he's feeling rather down about the deaths of Arukenimon and Mummymon. Spending the 200th day anniversary of them getting together with only each other as their company and just generally taking a day off from training and away from the difficulties of living in the Digital World. It doesn't hurt that three new additions to the family are born only a day or two later in the form of Bubbles, Rokusho and Geary who all seem to absolutely love their parents, even if they do show it in different ways, like Bubbles trying to show Coal how tough he is or Rokusho gently nuzzling against the Knightmon's face.
  • Just the sheer amount of Character Development Coal has gone through from his days as a Black Agumon who didn't even seem to comprehend the value of relationships and was more likely to keep to himself to a Knightmon who very clearly cares deeply for his children and their happiness, along with his friends, those under his command and, of course, his wife. Coal himself outlines it best:
    Family was important. Your strength made it stronger, and it in turn made you stronger. It was something your children were all taught from you and Rain, and you were glad that Sovrano and Inari were teaching their own family similarly, especially since it made you feel better about having Meru engaged to marry their son. Lloyd was the most powerful of the children, earning your respect, but you would not be okay with the engagement if he only possessed strength. Strong family values meant a great deal too, as well as loyalty. It was what made you glad that Ursula had Char by her side, since he showed your family proper respect and was kind to her while many others might treat her condition with distaste.

    In some ways, you were glad Char and his team were not here. You would hate to deprive your sensitive daughter of her brother, sister, and possible lover if anything were to happen to them. This was a dangerous situation, and if they were here harm could easily befall any one of them.
  • Coal's troops show just how much they respect and are loyal to Coal by not even uttering so much as a single syllable of protest when he tells them that they're going to be protecting the entrance to Chrome Mine, likely with their lives. While Snow just seems eager to continue fighting, the likes of Demo and Mirage are noted to be utterly ecstatic at the chance to serve.
    You hear no complaint from your forces, and each of them seem enthused in their own ways: some like Snow or Violet for the chance to fight, while others like Demo and Mirage seemed eager to serve.

  • Just the fact that Scorch and Murugu, the latter now a Silphymon, have now had two kids of their own, a Crabmon named Sea and a Biyomon named Fal, and have invited Coal to meet them after the entire Machinedramon Arc is over.
  • Musyamon showing just how loyal he is to Coal and keeping his word by refusing to leave the Knightmon fighting alone at the entrance to Chrome Mine while Inari stays as well, the Lady Devimon absolutely refusing to leave her husband and friends behind. Even when they're still wounded from previous battles and exhausted, Musyamon still manages to stay conscious long enough to fight off an entire horde of Dark and Virus Digimon before he finally collapses from the combination of his wounds and exhaustion while Inari agrees to Coal's orders to run off into the mine and help her husband.
    You notice Musyamon step beside you, his sword drawn. You narrow your eyes at him and growl at him, "I said to leave."

    Musyamon doesn't waver however, "I swore an oath to serve you until the day I die, and I will not break that oath, not even for you, sir."

    Hmmmph...perhaps he is worthy of your respect, even if he was a pale imitation of yourself...

    You notice that Inari has forced herself up to continue fighting as well and is using her healing items as well, "And I take it you are staying?"

    "I will not abandon my brother and my husband," she says back resolutely, determined to continue fighting to protect you and Sovrano both.
  • Even when he's chosen to take her advice and run into Chrome Mine after Sovrano and Ion, ultimately fleeing from the fight with Duskmon, both Coal and Rain still manage to have a bit of a tender moment before they separate and tackle the herculean tasks in front of them.
    "I love you."

    "You said you wouldn't leave me, and dying's leaving, remember? So come back to me..."

    You reluctantly agree to leave Rain's side and let her handle Duskmon with Strings, giving her a quick embrace and kiss goodbye before turning your back and rushing off to the mine so that you may help your dearest friends in their conflicts.
  • Even when he's been reduced to his Champion form, Coal still finds his son's confidence and faith in him to be unshakably absolute.
    You nod to your son and speak to him while the others launch their next attack, "If I don't come back, look after the others."

    While he senses your hesitation, your son shakes his head and speaks to you cheerfully, displaying his faith in you, "Fortunately I won't have to, because you will."
  • Both Coal and Suzuka get rather touching moments when it comes to each other, the former demanding that the Yasyamon survive due to her meaning quite a lot more to both him and his son than just a normal soldier while the latter begs the Dark Tyrannomon to save her father, seeing as she admits that she can't stand even the thought of losing him as well. It's rather nice to see that Coal thinks so much of Suzuka while Suzuka herself has fully accepted taking Ion as a surrogate father.
  • After Coal's death and subsequent reincarnation into a memory-less BlackAgumon far away from his friends and family, we're given a blast from the past, namely a look through Smoke's point of view on the day he digivolved. Smoke's thoughts in general are rather uplifting, as he very clearly cares quite a lot about his friends, like Char or Einstein, and his family. From visiting the spot where his father allowed Char to join them to never having a bad word to say about Suzuka and her eccentricities and even promising to help create a better world like his father and Sovrano have been trying to accomplish.
    • Despite the fact that he's rather emotionally-reserved and prone to keeping to himself, the fact that Lloyd actually has a chair in his room meant for an Otamamon and cracks a smile when he's reminded of Meru's affection for him speaks quite a bit about how close the two have gotten. Lloyd has come a long way from the Impmon who merely thought of Meru as an annoyance.
  • While dying coal haves a conversation with sovrano about how he wishes he never met him all those months ago in the forest. He begins to tell him if it wasnt for him he would have just been a heartless monster who was concerned with nothing but power. If it wasn't for him he wouldn't have learned the meaning of friendship, love, or even family and now that he does he's going to die he's going to lose all the these things he never even knew existed.
  • While Coal joins the Blue Falcons almost entirely to use them as a means to grow stronger through the team's resources and missions, there's still a small part of him that joins due to feeling at least a little bit safer around Zudokorn and Cecilia, not to mention that both Zudokorn and Cecilia seem happy that he ended up deciding to join their group in particular.
  • Even though it's a rather small moment and it's done mostly to increase the amount of cash he gets from his personal cut of each and every mission, Blizzard nonchalantly giving Coal a pair of skis is rather touching considering the two have just met and barely know a single thing about each other.
  • Through the power of generosity (or the giving of food), Coal and Momo actually end up becoming rather friendly with each other, even though the latter is in jail because of the former. It helps that Momo seems to be quite enjoying her stay in Digital City's jail, due to being constantly fed on a daily basis, and Coal has occasionally thrown the skinny and malnourished Betamon some food every once in a while despite the fact that he could very easily ignore Momo's entire existence.
  • Coals relationship with Julia and Sayo, a pair of human sisters who've come to be friends with Coal. It's gotten to the point where they've even snuck into his room in order to sleep together on his bed. Julias arm even ended up gripping Coals shirt. The normally aloof Coal cannot find the will to wake the sisters up, and kick them off his bed.
  • When Coal was perhaps at his darkest moment, having refused Devimon offer of power, and sinking down in the Dark Ocean, Rain was somehow able to make contact with Coals mind. Even through death Coal still was able to remember his wife, and how much he loved her. Those moments helped Coal reaffirm his will, take up his weapon again, and digivolve to Chaos Gallantmon.
  • During his third visit to toy town Coal has finally said that he considers Char family wether it is officially or not. This moment is particularly precious to Char as his only other family is his sister suzuka whom he loves but is ignorant of thier true relation and his father myotismon who he despises.
  • While visiting Andromon for help it is discovered that bun-bun is actually his wife Diana. This is such a revelation that the highly machine based digimon Andromon drops his tools after being struck with shock from the return of his long dead lover.
    "Thank ya kindly...yer taking care of me, just like ya said ya always would..."
  • After the truth comes out that cherrymon actually isn't his brother arbormon strings is left crying and in emotional pain, with Coal sitting with him silently offering company. Eventually strings crys into him and soon falls asleep on his only living friend.
  • After Rain merged with the Spirits of Water, she was in danger of permanent deletion. However, thanks to the efforts of her father and Lillithmon, she was successfully separated from the Spirits, which were in turn given to Diana so Rain's mother could have a body outside her mechanical shell again.

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