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"I, too, want a wound that I can say you gave me."

"My life had been an honest one: I had only my pride, and I owe that to Griffith, but... I'm changing. There may be a place for me in this man's soul. Not because of what I may receive, but for something of worth I may have for him."
Casca, about Guts

As one would assume, heartwarming moments in this series are few and far between - and that makes them stand out all the more. Soak in the awww's whenever you can.

No spoiler tags will be used on this page. Examples are sorted in order of appearance.

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    The Black Swordsman Arc 
  • This simple but affirming line from Guts on the fate of Adolph's son in Chapter 2:
    "He died doing what wanted, right? I'll bet even at the end, he was happy."
    • Keep in mind this is from Guts at his lowest and most hateful state of mind. Even then, some shades of a decent man shine through the cracks.
  • A completely unexpected incident of this comes in the form of the Count, one of the most horrible minor villains in the series. A demon who has vast numbers of innocent people executed on trumped-up charges, and enjoys torturing and eating alive human beings, the Count is finally butchered by Guts. His despair and agony summon the Godhand, who offer him a new body and continued the price of his daughter. After looking at Theresia, and being reminded of a time when he was truly happy, he chooses eternal damnation and nothingness over sacrificing her to demonkind. Guess even cannibal Apostles have standards.
  • Kind of a strange example but Guts mocking Theresia over the corpse of her dead father and encouraging her to kill herself. Surely a Moral Event Horizon, right? It would be normally, except as he goes to leave, the girl vows to kill him somehow, someday, and Guts brushes it off with a sneering "Good luck with that". As Puck goes to chew him out for being a monster, he notices Guts is on the verge of remorseful tears. He was giving the girl something to cope with her grief and a reason to keep living, and it's likely he will allow the girl her revenge someday.

    The Golden Age Arc 
  • The Guts vs. Griffith water fight is heartwarming in the fact that, in a world of blood, death and angst, two people with burdens to bear have a rare moment of just fooling around and becoming friends without a care. Reading or watching that part is tough now, because of how much worse things get overall and between them later.
  • When Guts stayed behind to fight a horde of mercenaries so that Casca could escape (the famous "Hundred-Man Slayer" scene, which also qualifies as a Moment of Awesome). When Casca rushes back with reinforcements, she finds a bloody and battered Guts slumped against a tree. She shakes him and shouts at him to wake up, but it seems that he's finally fallen in battle. Suddenly, he puts his hand on her shoulder, gives her a weak smile, and says...
    "Don't shake me. You'll just make the wounds worse."
  • Guts smiles genuinely for the very first time in the manga upon witnessing Griffith's Awesome Moment of Crowning right after becoming a full-blown knight.
  • After the battle of Doldrey, Casca is resting alone at the top of the fort after sustaining injury. Then comes Guts, who came all the way to the fort just to check up on her. After seeing her injury, he lends her his shoulder, and Casca comments on Griffith's victory, being brought to tears that it was a beautiful moment, but she was not a part of it. Seeing this, Guts drops the BFS that was "lent" to him, and picks Casca up bridal style, and carries her all the way to the main battle field so they could both be a part of Griffith's victory moment.
  • When the Hawks return to Midland following their victory at Doldrey. A good time was had by all during the parade, but special note goes to Casca, who blushed at the village women calling her name, and who received flowers from a little boy she passed by. All together now! Awwwww~.
  • The victory ball. Yes, yes. We all laughed out loud at Guts' reaction to Casca looking ultra-prettied up. But the conversation that the two had on the balcony is rather cute. After they both banter about how much they don't like social gatherings such as the ball, Guts goes onto joking about Casca's appearance. Casca then shows an insecure side to her personality, telling Guts how she felt goofy in a dress and that she was embarrassed to be showing off so much skin because of her muscle. But then Guts reassures her that she looked very lovely and that she looked way more attractive than the noblewomen at the ball. Not only did he succeed in cheering her up, but it was the first time that Guts hinted to Casca that he thought that she was beautiful.
  • When Griffith returns to the Hawks after assassinating the Queen of Midland, EVERY member of the Hawks runs up to Griffith, being glad that he's alive and hadn't died of a poisoned drink at the ball. Even that Smug Snake Corkus has tears in his eyes!
    • Earlier after finishing up with the Queen's assassination, Griffith confides in Guts about his choices by making the latter into his assassin again and asks if he finds him detestable. Guts, in his own way, tells him that he's just following his own path to obtain his dream, warts and all. Griffith honestly thanks his second-in-command before they go to join up with the rest of the band. Guts even jokes about the gown that Casca wore to the ball, poking fun at Griffith for not noticing. Yes, these guys were genuinely friends, once upon a time.
  • Another one is also one of the most aesthetic and beautiful scenes in the whole story, one that not even Berserk Abridged could spoof: the love scene between Guts and Casca. Not only the Scenery Porn makes the premises perfect but the whole dynamic of the moment was rendered in one of the most sensual and enthralling way that was ever drawn in the industry. That aside, it is actually one of the only few moments that Guts actually enjoyed for real in his life, and finding love with Casca actually made him happy, for a short time though.
    • hbi2k, creator of Berserk Abridged, said it best: "finally, someone in this fucking series gets to have a moment of joy, for Christ's sake." That was him explaining why he couldn't bring himself to mock it, probably by playing "Let's Get It On".
    • There is also the impressive moment only shown in the manga where Guts pours his guts out about being sold out by Gambino to Donovan and being raped. He is convinced Casca will find him disgusting now, but instead, Casca tenderly throws herself at him and she heals at least one of Guts' mental wounds. From this point forward, Guts is eternally devoted to her. It's probably one of the most realistic and deep moments of the entire series. Remember people: many former victims of child abuse never even tell their partner anything about it and remain damaged forever. This scene might have been therapeutic for at least someone out there.
    • Probably the most heartwarming part of their scene takes place afterward when Casca gets upset when Guts says that he was going to leave the Hawks after everything with the Griffith rescue is straightened out, and she starts crying and hitting him. Then Guts tells her that she should come with him (after grabbing her breast to stop her angry tirade), even though it goes against his whole way of thinking, but that he wants to be with Casca and have sex with her a 100 times, no, a 1000 times more, to which Casca responds with the cutest blush while softly calling him "fool," even though it's clear she wants it just as much. The two of them then share the cutest kiss. Aww!
  • During the Griffith rescue operation, Guts and Casca begin acting Like an Old Married Couple after they do the deed, much to the amusement of Judeau and Pippin. There is some tension in the air when Guts and Casca show some obvious signs of jealously toward one another such as when Guts gets miffed at Casca for being too concerned about the relationship between Griffith and Princess Charlotte, and when Casca casts a wary eye on Princess Charlotte when she gets physically close to Guts, but it all gets neutralized by their obvious show of affection toward one another like when Guts thought it was a bad idea for Casca to go through the secret tunnel into the dungeon because she was the commander and needed to be out of danger's way (though he was really more concerned about Casca being in danger as his lover) and when Casca gently cools Guts down and tenderly wipes the blood off of his face after he slaughtered dozens of Midland soldiers. The cutest part was when Casca got anxious part of the way and grabbed onto Guts' cape ("Like a lost child," he said).
  • When they finally get to Griffith and see what one year of torture did to him, Griffith, filled with rage, moves his hand with the intent to throttle Guts. The latter doesn't notice and hugs him close while crying, the teardrops falling. Griffith, seeing that Guts is truly sad about what's happened to him, allows his hand to rest on Guts' hand instead. He gazes up at Guts through his mask while the teardrops fall on his face.
  • The Hawks' harrowing combat with the massive Apostle Wyald in volume 11 reveals the degree to which Guts and Casca are willing to sacrifice their lives for each other:
    • When Wyald goes One-Winged Angel and uses a huge tree trunk to grand slam Guts into the treetops so that he comes crashing almost dead down to the forest floor, Casca's first impulse—despite her obvious terror and being the only one reckless enough to do so—is to spur her horse right in the path of the monster because somehow she just has to save Guts. Then, while the troops divert Wyald's attention with an ineffective volley and cause him to lay into them, Casca tries to revive Guts by getting angry at him, slapping his face and shouting How Dare You Die on Me! through her tears. She's still kneeling over Guts when Wyald approaches, and instead of turning to flee she draws her sword to protect herself and Guts, which leads to:
    • Wyald has Casca at his mercy and is about to rape her to death with his hideous...thing. Casca's slapping and yelling apparently had enough of an effect that he's beginning to stir and hears what's going on. At the last possible moment, when Casca lets out a Big "NO!", Guts wills his battered body into action, and before you can even see what happened he's got Wyald's loathsome tool impaled on his sword. When they've both regained their footing, Casca watches speechless and trembling as Guts tells her in true Deadpan Snarker fashion that she busted his lip, but that thanks to her he's ready to keep fighting. Just let that sink in for a moment: Guts was completely KO'd, and he would have just died without putting up a fight if Casca hadn't been there, but because he needed to save her he surpassed his limits and got a Heroic Second Wind. Further into the next phase, when Wyald is bearing down on Guts, Casca tries to go help him again despite everything that just happened to her. Judeau has to physically stop her from going, and she agonizes over the fact that Guts never gives up or runs away.
    • When Wyald's body collapses to the earth, Casca drops everything and rushes to Guts, who once again looks like he might be dead. Her eyes begin to water up with fear that Guts has finally bought it. Then she notices something and gives a trembling smile while the tears start pouring out. Revealing that Guts, despite being bloody all over the place is giving the thumbs up and smiling to reassure her. The last page is Casca embracing Guts, and it's so moving that you probably aren't even distracted by the fact that she's still half-naked from her close call with Wyald. It's also a powerful callback to when she embraced Guts upon finding him alive after the Hundred Man Fight.
  • The wagon scene after Guts' first battle with Wyald is one of those moments that mixes heartwarming with tearjerker. After Casca and Judeau are done tending Guts' and Griffith's wounds, Guts just starts to talk to Griffith, trying to lift Griffith's spirits by attempting to restore a sense of normality between the two given that Griffith is crippled beyond repair and Griffith's own feelings toward Guts at the moment are questionable, to say the least. Guts even suggests to Griffith that he can take off the helmet, since it's only the two of them, but the height of this comes when Guts sees Griffith glancing at some armor, and Guts puts it on Griffith. Griffith tries to wield a sword (but fails since his tendons are cut), but Guts remains cheerfully optimistic for him, saying that he'll be able to fight as the White Hawk in time. Guts is so truthful and optimistic in this moment, you have to wonder if he's lying for Griffith's sake or for his own sake.
    • Guts' treatment of wounded Griffith in general is so wonderfully sweet. He's horrified at what had been done to him, but after the fight with Wyald, it's clear that Guts could not care less about Griffith's physical weakness or his perfect, glorious image being shattered. He just wanted Griffith to be home; he got what he wanted, so he's happy, simple as that. It's easy to read that scene as putting on a brave face for his friend's sake, or being in denial about the extent of Griffith's damage, but he's always been like that. As a kid, Guts even supported Gambino, king of the assholes, without a second thought. To him, Griffith just has a really bad bad war injury; sure, it sucks, but there's no shame in it at all.
  • The scene where the Hawks are on the plains on the outskirts of the Midland. It is the last serene moment that the Band of the Hawk share together and is therefore the calm before the storm. During this time, the Hawks are coming to terms with what might be the end of their band and are figuring out what lies ahead of them. We not only see Guts and Casca give each other emotional backing, but Guts and Judeau have one last talk, with Judeau telling Guts to take Casca with him no matter what, and Gaston and the rest of the raiders telling Guts that they were prepared to follow Guts wherever he goes. Guts finally realizes that he already had something when he was with the Hawks, and regrets leaving them a year ago. It's comforting but also very disturbing that all of this happened sheer minutes before all hell broke loose.
  • Judeau had a more than a few moments involving Casca. At various points when Casca was silently despairing over Griffith's emotional distance, Judeau would say just the right thing to restore her confidence and cheer her up.
  • Heartwarming feelings combine with a Tear Jerker when Judeau sacrifices himself to save Casca during the Eclipse, and almost confesses that he loves her before he dies.
  • Guts's words of encouragement to Rickert, just before setting out on his two-year rampage as the Black Swordsman:
    "The Band of the Hawk is not gone, Rickert. You and I are still here. From now on, you will be the General, and I will be the raiding party."
  • Silat tells his men to pull back after it's clear that they're no match for Guts. It's arguably more out of pragmatism than anything else, seeing as there's no point in sending soldiers to die pointless deaths, but since it's honestly one of the rare times in the entire series that a general didn't just treat their men like expendable fodder, it shows that Silat has more standards than most.

    Conviction Arc: Chapter of the Lost Children 
  • Despite giving up her humanity and committing utterly horrific acts against the people of the village she once called home, Rosine still remembers her best friend Jill and immediately withdraws her attacks upon seeing her again. Later, Rosine finds Jill and shares a cheerful (on her side at least) reunion with her, shows her the joys of becoming a fairy, and takes her to the Misty Valley to invite her to become a fairy too, so the two of them can live free from their abusive households and fly around the world doing whatever they want together. It's worth noting that Rosine, at least initially, doesn't try to force Jill to become an Apostle, and while clear by the time Jill discovers the cocoons that Rosine wouldn't have respected Jill's choice if she had said no, there's still a part of Rosine that is offering Jill this as an honest gesture to escape from her hard childhood and so the two of them can be best friends again.
  • After Rosine's death, Jill asks The Black Swordsman to take her away from her home so that she doesn't have to suffer under her abusive father any more, but Guts denies this request and walks away, telling her that he has to walk through his battlefield alone and she needs to do the same for hers. When Puck tries to comfort her, Jill tells him that despite her sorrow over everything that's happened to her thus far, she is hopeful that if she cries, shouts, and fights her way through her harsh life from now on, maybe she make a difference for the better. Puck cheerfully agrees and the two exchange a happy farewell in probably the most optimistic and heartwarming scene since the Golden Age Arc.

    Conviction Arc: Chapter of the Binding Chain 
  • The moment when Puck rescues the wounded Guts from the forest spirits. It's the first time he refers to Puck by name, and marks the start of his turn from Sociopathic Hero to potential Jerk with a Heart of Gold.

    Conviction Arc: Chapter of the Birth Ceremony 
  • Guts remembering his days with Casca before the Eclipse while spending the night in Godo's elf mine: "The memories of our days is still burning me up inside," is one of the most romantic, passion-filled things Guts has ever said when referring to his love for Casca, admitting that deep down it wasn't his hatred and love for battle that kept him going, but his feelings for Casca, and the two page panel expressing how complete he felt with Casca just adds to his feelings of passion but also regret for taking Casca for granted.
  • There is something touching about Mozgus' deformed torturers. They, or at least the group's leader, admit they are monsters and their devotion to the guy isn't caused by religious zealotry but feeling that they owe their lives to him. The bit where the Twins are feeding crows, who are suddenly drawn much cuter, or when the leader of the band uses his final moments to kneel, pray, and thank Mozgus for giving him a less miserable life. Villagers have it VERY rough in Berserk-verse so imagine how rough it is for deformed humans or a man who blisters and burns when he is in the sun, can they really be fully hated for a monster taking them in? This all kind of leads in the Egg-Shaped Apostle wishing he could have joined with them.
  • The scene where Casca and Guts's demon-baby comes to Casca's rescue when she's on trial for witchcraft. The poor thing is horribly deformed and corrupted by evil due to Femto's rape, but all that still can't extinguish its love for its mother.

     Millennium Falcon Arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon War 
  • After an encounter with the reincarnated Griffith, a fight with Zodd, and the destruction of their elf-protected cave home, Guts decides to depart for Elfheim so that he and Casca (or at least Casca) could live in peace away from the dangers of being branded. They leave while it's snowing and Guts wraps his cape around the both of them and says that he would never leave her like he did two years prior again.
    • Seeing Guts and Casca have a more somber companionship in the frame between their departure from Godo's hut and the arrival of Farnese and company. Because Casca isn't fearful of Guts since the last time she saw him two years ago and sees him as her protector, she doesn't mind him touching her or seeing her naked (and one can deduce from the first episode in volume 23 that Guts is taking the liberty of undressing her when needed, since he has to wash her gown after she has an "accident"). In fact, both Guts and Casca spend the whole scene half naked, but Guts' good senses knows that this is the most intimacy he can share with Casca without triggering or taking advantage of her. Even though he can't have a conversation with her like how they use to, Guts is okay with just being able to sit with her, remembering the old Casca, despite it bringing back sad memories. Puck is even surprised that such a softer, kinder side of Guts is shown through his care of Casca. It's another bittersweet scene especially since a few panels later, the Beast begins to goad Guts with his darker temptations...
  • Guts shows a marked return to his humanity after Farnese, Seprico and Isidoro join him and Casca. Though he's still not the most friendly of guys he thanks Farnese for protecting Casca, while surrounded by trolls. Compared to his previous actions of kill anything in the vicinity that is evil and waste no words, its touching to see him slowly start turning back into the man he was before the Eclipse.
    • The way his friends act around him cements this: Farnese and Serpico were trying to catch and/or kill Guts on the orders of the Vatican while Schierke thought him to be rude and unlikable, they have all come to trust him and see him as a friend, because he is starting to be more and more human around them.
  • The Skull Knight fighting Zodd, Grunbeld, and an army of Apostles so that Flora can die in peace.
    • Indeed, how the whole scene plays out is incredibly touching. As the apostles advance, Flora nonchalantly remarks on how weak she's grown for her barrier to be broken, indirectly accepting she'll be killed. Without a word the Skull Knight walks past her, jumps down to mount his horse, and stands ready to defend her. A confused Flora asks why he's risking his life to defend her when she's already going to die soon anyway, and the Skull Knight simply tells her that in that case, it should at least be peaceful. The moment truly shows that no matter how much he hides it behind his stoicism, the Skull Knight has an undeniable heart of gold.
  • The scene where Sonia gives Zodd a prophecy that the key to winning the next battle is to fight like a man not a beast and be a resolute warrior of honor instead of a monster. Then exclaiming it holds true for Guts while confirming what's been implied all along; That Zodd admires Guts and respects him deeply.
    Sonia: You must choose
    Zodd: Choose?
    Sonia: To exchange blows again with the blade that once tore through your flesh or to wield it as a weapon. Wild madness or resolute will. Beast or warrior. The same goes for him as well.
    Zodd: Who?
    Sonia: The one you admire.

    Millennium Falcon Arc: Chapter of Falconia 
  • The mysterious child in the beach mini-arc is definitely one of those. It was one of the few times Guts had a (small) break and showed how he would behave in a family.
    • It's both heartwarming and heart-aching to see that if things had turned out differently, Guts would have made a pretty decent father (or a lot better than Gambino), despite his past interactions with children.
      "Looks... kinda... like a family..."
    • There's a bittersweetness in Guts' interaction with Casca and the Child, as he thinks about the misshapen fetus as he watches over Casca and the boy sleeping. Guts very somberly thinks about the creature's whereabouts, and it's here where it's hinted that Guts might not have truly hated the demon child, just that he hated the circumstances surrounding its birth. It probably marked the moment when Guts came to terms that he was going to be a father had things turned out differently.
  • Here's a new one: Guts on Schierke. During their breather Beach Episode, Guts and Schierke meet each other on the beach, looking at the moon and at the ocean. They have a conversation, and along the way, Guts tells Schierke to not overburden herself with the issues of others and that she needs some time to think about herself. She tries to brush it off by saying that she's cool with everything that had already happened to her which included her losing her home and her mistress, but little Schierke just can't help it and cries into Guts. He does his Aloof Big Brother thing and lets her cry into him, and Schierke tells him that she feels better after doing so.
  • A quick but unfairly overlooked one between the series Toy Ship Isidro had mocked Schierke's clothes and hat, only to find out it was a gift from her late master. He rushes off to apologize, only to find her and Sonia being accosted by Pirates. After a battle, he finally apologizes, and Schierke blushes and says "Thank you for coming." Aww.
  • After Schierke dons her civilian attire, a drunkard accidentally spills his beer over her. At the moment, Guts punches the man right in the face for getting "his girl's" new clothes dirty. Not only it shows that Guts has started caring for Schierke in a completely new way, the look in Schierke's face at hearing Guts calling her his girl is adorable.
  • The talk between Schierke, Ivalera and Sonia in the docks. Even if by this point we already know who is Sonia's master and what's her role in the story, the good time they are obviously having while she tells them her personal fairytale is impossible to unsee. The way in which both Ivalera and Sonia tease Schierke about her crush on Guts afterwards only increases the value.
  • The humans of Midland and Griffith's monsters working together to fight against Ganishka's demon-spawn and overcoming their natural hatred and fear of one another to serve a greater cause.
    • One moment that stands out in particular is when a winged Apostle is knocked out of the sky and nearly trampled... until a group of human lancers wall themselves between it and the demon-spawn. We see a shot of it looking on in surprise as some of the humans are literally thrown back, then it roars and charges right back in.
  • Yes, the two worlds fusing together will probably herald very bad things for humanity, but the last thing we see in the "Fantasia" episode? A pair of children happily playing with a pair of elves. Even in this world, there's some light in the dark.

    Fantasia Arc: Chapter of Elf Island 
  • The mermaids rescuing Guts from the body of the Sea God in episode 327. We see supernatural beings which are good in the horrible world, we also see said supernatural caring and aiding Guts and treating him as a hero. The mermaids resemble angels in this picture.
  • Just about the entirety of the manga's 329th episode. Guts has his very first encounter with an elf while imprisoned in a cell. The elf, named Chich, is just so happy to finally have someone to talk to. She goes out of her way to help Guts, providing him water to drink, warmth, and uses the leaves from her flower to heal his wounds. She's shown to be the very first "person," besides perhaps Sys, to show Guts genuine kindness without any sort of hidden agenda. And Guts, for his part, promises to plant her flower in a field with others he noticed, so that she won't be lonely anymore. It makes the sight of her wilted flower the next day all the more heartbreaking.
    • And yet, Guts still keeps his promise as best he can, even though he's still not totally convinced he didn't hallucinate the whole thing.
  • Upon finally making it to Elfhelm, Guts gives a succinct but very solemn thanks to everyone who accompanied him on the journey to the island.
    • And there's more to it than that. Guts is actually shown smiling several times throughout the episode this takes place in, and actually finds some enjoyment out of being with his companions. It just goes to show how far Guts has come from the broody, sociopathic, and violent character he was in the Black Swordsman Arc and Chapter of Lost Children; The Power of Love and The Power of Friendship do that to you.
  • As the Flower Storm Queen works her magic and goes about restoring Casca's sanity with the help of Schierke and Farnese, Guts shares a rather somber yet uplifting talk with Serpico and Roderick. Serpico relates to Guts how Farnese has grown into a better person through her interactions with everybody (especially him), and Roderick admits that he's found some enjoyment out of the ridiculous circumstances their journey has taken them through, Guts simply recounts how he's now come to rely on others' strength alongside his own in order to protect those he loves, and sums up how he feels a mere three words:
    "I am grateful."
  • When Schierke and Farnese enter Casca's inner mental state, they come upon a massive, black, three-legged dog dragging a metal coffin by its chains. The dog becomes very angry and violent whenever something tries to approach the coffin, as it has several arrows protruding from its body from warding off attacks. Schierke and Farnese discover that the dog represents Guts when they see the Brand of Sacrifice on its neck and that within the metal coffin, the last remnants of Casca's sanity are contained inside in the form of a broken doll resembling Casca. On some subconscious level, Casca knows that Guts is keeping to his promise of always protecting her and is aware of the damage that he has sustained from his loyalty and self-sacrifice. And this is after the incident where Guts had nearly raped her. Even after all the horrible stuff they've been through, she still feels a concern for his well-being that's almost palpable.
    • Farnese's interactions with the tiny, sprite-like version of Casca inside the broken doll are also adorable. Particularly the way it fumbles about in her hands upon being picked up.
  • The first memory Schierke and Farnese come across has a callback all the way back to episode 22. Back then, the reader was presented the scene as two companions chatting and teasing each other. 327 episodes later we see the scene from Casca's point of view and what it meant to her
  • Continuing with their voyage through Casca's memories, Farnese and Schierke learn more and more about the woman Casca once was, and experience many of her emotions during important life events. Eventually, they come across the memory of Casca and Guts making love. While funny in the moment of Farnese slapping her hands across Schierke's eyes to shield whatever precociousness is left in her, Farnese sees and feels for herself what Casca felt towards Guts: unbridled love. To add, since it's from Casca's perspective, Farnese saw the look that Guts gave Casca in the moment and his eyes say it all. Understandably, witnessing this tugs at Farnese's heartstrings, but she's not too surprised, since she knows deep down that Guts loves Casca, and that this confirmed that Casca was very much in love with Guts too. Despite her complicated feelings about Guts and Casca's relationship, it seems that Farnese has reconciled her feelings of jealousy towards Casca.
    • Sprite Casca is also pretty adorable during this time, and even shows character growth. She first starts out bumbling around in confusion and fear (especially when Guts Dog is around) but she grows calmer as more memories of Casca's past are retrieved. Sprite Casca also takes a liking to Farnese, hopping on her shoulder to view more of Casca's memories. Eventually, as Schierke and Farnese approach the hill with the blocked out sun, they see that Sprite Casca is trembling with fear. Farnese reassures her that everything will be fine, when remarkably, Sprite Casca peeps her first few words: "There's someone I want to meet," implying that she wants to see Guts (though not confirmed), despite what horrors lay ahead. Even in insanity, Casca is still a fighter.
    • There's something quite touching in the entourage of old friends that return in the dreamscape to help Schierke and Farnese in their quest, too - the Golems! The Rotting Root Lord! The Lady of the Fount! The Firewheel! Mozgus! And as the coup de grace, the spirit of Flora, who'd been residing in Schierke's hat all along and exterminates all the illusory apostles singlehandedly!
    • The fact that most of Casca's memories are those she shared with Guts is heartwarming in itself.
  • The final page of Episode 354. After nearly twenty years of waiting for readers, Casca finally returns to normal. Many readers shed many tears of happiness that day.
  • Episode 355: Up until the very last pages, the whole episode is this, as we see Casca with her memories back interact with her comrades. It's absolutely satisfying to see her back again, especially if you've been reading the series for nearly two decades.
  • Episode 359: Seeing a restored Casca in itself is already wonderful, but it gets better. She talks with the rest of the group and especially shows gratitude towards Farnese for being her caretaker while she was insane, calling her something like a mixture of a caring mother and a Cool Big Sis. Farnese bursts into tears of joy.
  • Episode 364, being the last full storyboard Miura did before his passing, has quite a few; the Moon Child comes back and visits Guts and Casca for a time, and everyone on Elfheim is ecstatic to see him. Casca gets to hold him in her sane mind for once, and Guts gets to play with his son, complete with the kid adorably trying on the breastplate of the Berserker Armor.


    Berserk: The Golden Age Arc 
  • The victory ball. Yes, yes. We all laughed out loud at Guts' reaction to Casca looking ultra-prettied up. But the conversation that the two had on the balcony is rather cute. After they both banter about how much they don't like social gatherings such as the ball, Guts goes onto joking about Casca's appearance. Casca then shows an insecure side to her personality, telling Guts how she felt goofy in a dress and that she was embarrassed to be showing off so much skin because of her muscle. But then Guts reassures her that she looked very lovely and that she looked way more attractive than the noblewomen at the ball—and in this version instead of just hinting he flat out calls Casca beautiful. And then, oh geez. They're dancing! The fact that Casca is so happy and is having so much fun with Guts in the moment that she literally cries Tears of Joy is pretty Tearjerker-worthy in itself.
  • The movie's interpretation of the love scene, though excluding Guts and Casca dealing with the former's trauma (which disappointed a lot of fans), is satisfying in its own right. If you thought the setting was beautiful in the manga, then it's drop-dead gorgeous when it's animated in full definition. The music used, a soft medieval flute melody, fits the scene perfectly, and the best part of the scene was that Guts and Casca only communicate using their body language, no spoken words. They're both clearly inexperienced and nervous, but they want to enjoy the other's company and make the other feel comfortable. Guts pleasures Casca in all sorts of ways, but doesn't go further until he gets her approval. Though not as detailed as the manga, both parties are certainly enjoying themselves, as you can tell when they simultaneously orgasm together and they both hold embrace each other in their afterglow. Even the talk the two have about their plans after the rescue mission is a lot calmer and quieter than the manga and the 90s anime, and the two (presumably) make love again. The scene all around served as one of the calmer moments in the climactic last movie, and it's all the more meaningful when you realize that Guts and Casca's scene serves as a direct contrast to Griffith and Charlotte's scene in the previous movie and serves to make the climax of the Eclipse all the more horrific.

    Berserk Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Sho 
  • The ending. Though this version omitted the Beast's Attempted Rape and just showed the part where he tried to strangle her, Casca still fears Guts, which understandably makes Guts feel crappy. However, after their departure from the spirit tree and Guts collapses after the injuries he sustained, Casca approaches him fearlessly and coos at him affectionately, making Guts lose consciousness with a smile. Even though it was not canon, it just makes you feel better to know that in this continuity, Casca got over her fear of Guts a bit quicker, and the thought of just having Casca smile at him lifts Guts' spirits even when he's bloodied and battered.


  • The Berserk fandom, along with many other creatives and franchises, mourning Kentaro Miura's death. The sheer amount of fanart, tributes, vigils, and statements made about Berserk and Miura really highlighted how much the series has impacted pop culture and society, and how much people respected Miura.
  • Miura saying that Berserk fans are his 'comrades'.
  • The fandom's reaction to chapter 364. The apparent ending of the series due to Miura's passing (and ending on a cliffhanger, nonetheless!), it was treated as a Golden Ending by the majority of fans, with many saying that while the cliffhanger was frustrating as it may never get resolved, they couldn't have thought of a better chapter for Berserk to unofficially close on.

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