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Please note: Quote citations should follow the official naming convention for Berserk storytelling units. This means that each manga release before serialization in Young Animal Magazine is called a "Revenge" and given a number. Beginning from "Sword Wind", the first chapter that was published in Young Animal, the numbering starts again at 1 and each release is called an "episode".

The word "chapter" should not be used in place of "episode", because "chapter" specifically means an intermediate storytelling unit that makes up an Arc, which is the largest storytelling unit. When citing the manga, an example should state the volume number, followed by the episode number, followed by the title of the episode.


If you are quoting an anime episode, please specify whether it is Berserk (1997) or Berserk (2016).

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"In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control, even over his own will. Man takes up the sword in order to shield the small wound in his heart sustained in a far-off time beyond remembrance. Man wields the sword so that he may die smiling in some far-off time beyond perception."
Opening Narration of Volume 5, episode 1, "Sword Wind"

"It was much too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was like a heap of raw iron."
Narration introducing Guts' Dragonslayer in Volume 1, Revenge 1, "The Black Swordsman"

"Here's a word of, a prophecy. If you can be said to be a true friend of this man, then take heed! When his ambition collapses, death will pay you a visit!! A DEATH YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE!!"
Nosferatu Zodd to Guts in Volume 5, episode 5, "Nosferatu Zodd (4)"

"I don't care how I look. The warm fireplace, the waiting servants, I don't need them. It's alright if he can't speak. I'm sure even his wounds will heal. We'll be together. Forever...and ever."
Charlotte Volume 10, episode 56, "Bakiraka (1)"

"Dragons are dragons because humans can't beat 'em. So, what's a man who beats dragons?"
Godo in episode 94, "He Who Hunts Dragons"

"I'm sorry, Luca, to worry you to the very end. I'm going with Joachim. you, all of you. But...if I stayed with you, I'm sure someday I would hate you again, and hate myself. A person hurts someone just because they're strong, and they hate someone just because they're weak. I know that well enough. That's why I think I'll go with this man who is burdened with the same weakness and sins as I. Because if I'm with him, I have a good feeling...we can both become just a little kinder and stronger. I want to be someone who can trust others without clinging to them. I want to live, keep on living, and see you again without clinging or fearing, once I can smile with you with sincerity."
Nina, episode 176, "Determination and Departure"

"The use of words is not all there is to communicating feelings, Farnese. You've always expressed your unutterable, repressed feelings through the most unexpected behavior. Like a baby without speech, crying and shouting for all it's worth. Your father feared you for that. He hasn't the strength to accept things he doesn't comprehend. You were raised all alone, like some beast of the field, never experiencing a parent's warmth or the world of man. And so your heart is naked, not clad in any shell. When it comes to your feelings you are artistic, so much so that you can't abide this world. But you know, if you were able to find a place for yourself somewhere, then you, more familiar with pain than most, could probably come to be kinder than anyone else."
Lady Vandimion, Volume 29, episode 254, "Mother"

"Whoops, Sorry! I forgot it's not the mercenary way to go around snooping into each other's shady pasts. But you kill, and you die. Maybe it's because of that rotten-ass battlefield that someday, somewhere, you might meet some war buddies. And for him...for them, it'd be kind of worth it to put your life on the line."
Martino, episode 329, "Spring Flowers of Distant Days (1)"


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"Never! You and I got nothig in common! You're dead, all of you! You're nothing but worthless scum! Get away from me, carcasses! This is my fight! Mine, a person of flesh and blood! That's right, I'll do it myself! I'll kill the Count with my very own flesh and blood!"
— to the ghosts in Volume 2, Revenge 4, "The Guardians of Desire (2)"

"I've had enough looking up at him from inside his dream. I want to stand beside him by attaining something of my own. He's the only one I can't stand looking down on me."
— to Corkus and Judeau in Volume 8, episode 33, "One Snowy Night"

"It's alright. It's like stumbling on a rock on the roadside. It's petty... a small thing. The place you want to go... is more distant... farther off. So... it's alright. You'll stand up. And you'll start walking. Soon..."
— to Griffith in Volume 8, episode 36, "Morning of the Departure (3)"

"Almost the entire time I've been alive, this was next to me as a part of my body. When I lost Gambino, when I met Griffith and the Band of the Hawk, and when I parted with them...Zod the Immortal, suffering I should've never been able to bear, and moments I could sense death...I came through all of it with this. Unforgettable things, unforgettable people, and all of it by the tip of the sword...I get the feeling I've done it all by grasping a hilt in my hand [...] I wield the sword. Maybe it's different from the dream Griffith talks about, but for no one else's sake, without being swept up...this time it's by my own will. Making my own sparks, even for an instant [...] I've made up my mind. I'll never entrust my sword to another again. I'll never hang from someone else's dream. From now on, every battle will be my own."
— to Casca in Volume 10, episode 48, "Sparks from a Sword Tip"

"The place I belong...Maybe it did exist. I was too stupid and stubborn to notice it, but what I really wished for back then was here. Why do I always see these things after they're done and gone?"
— Volume 12, episode 71, "The Warriors of Twilight"

— Volume 13, episode 86, "Birth"

"Destiny...destiny...destiny...destiny...SHUT THE HELL UP! How 'bout you save your high and mighty crap for after I've been haunted to death, skullface? Sacrifice? Offering? Destiny? Quit spoutin' out a bunch of cryptic explanations! The point is, this is war! It ain't different from any other war! The last one standing wins! Listen here! I'm beatin' all a' you back down to Hell! Tell those ugly pale-faced bastards for me! If I get hit, I will hit back! Tell 'em leavin' me half-eaten is gonna be the end of you! I'll hunt and kill all those wretched monsters...and all of you...DOWN TO THE LAST ONE! THIS IS...MY DECLARATION OF WAR!"
— to the Skull Knight and all demons in Volume 13, episode 91, "Vow of Retaliation"

"Beast...? Monster...? Heh! Screw that. I' There's nothin' else. I am what I am. And I will make my way to him."
— Volume 16, episode 118, "The Beast of Darkness"

"If you see God, you tell him this...LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!"
— to Father Mozgus in Volume 21, episode 169, "Those Who Cling, Those Who Struggle"

"I didn't run away...!! I can't run...!! Not from the last thing...seared into my right eye...!!"
— Volume 17, Episode 130, "A Feeble Flame"

"No...not yet... The flame. It's not yet blown out. Not yet!! It's not too late!! This time, I swear...!!! I'll never lose her again."
— making the decision to save Casca in Volume 17, Episode 130, "A Feeble Flame"

"I won't leave you behind. I won't desert you anymore. This time...I won't lose you."
— to Casca in Volume 22, episode 182, "Fierce Kushan Attack"

I was prepared. I knew a journey wouldn't be easy. It's not just the rigors of travel. It goes far beyond a personal war...Fighting to protect someone...and it's not just about completely protecting Casca, because my death will result in her death. I'm used to fighting to survive. But what grows worse daily is the pressure not to die. Have I ever before wielded a sword so heavy?
— Volume 23, episode 187, "Winter Journey (1)"

"If I was alone, if it was the usual me, I'd be refusing them outright. Honestly, this time I give up. For the first time I'm counting on complete strangers for help. I'm shuddering at my own sinisterness. I'm beaten down by my own powerlessness. When was the last time she smiled?"
— Accepting Serpico, Farnese, and Isidro as companions in Volume 23, episode 191, "Wilderness Reunion"

"Your life's on the line either way. The real question's whether you wanna risk it for your comrades or be just another pawn."
— Summarizing the mercenary lifestyle to Isidro in Volume 28, episode 244, "Navy Yard"

"Screw you. I'm purebred human, right down to the bone. Don't mistake me for one of you freaks."
— Volume 31, episode 275, "Attack of the Demon Army"

"Now this is a surprise. An Apostle who opposes the Godhand. So in the end, you're a dog who bites his master. Nice. I can't say I don't appreciate that. But y'know, sorry to turn you down. I just don't have the time. I couldn't care less about some feud between monsters. Go ask somebody else."
— Volume 31, episode 275, "Attack of the Demon Army"

"I'd forgotten. It's just a lump of iron I attached so I could beat up my enemies. She slipped right through. I guess even if you force back what was lost, it still won't be the way it was."
— Volume 33, episode 287, "Bubbles of Futility"

"Martyrdom for a merciless God. What a waste. On the battlefield, the life of a common soldier isn't even worth a single piece of silver. In today's world, most people's lives are subject to the whims of a handful of nobility and royalty. Of course, even a king himself can't live exactly as he pleases. We are all at the mercy of a great tide—fate, or whatever you wish to call it—and we all disappear in the end, our lives spent, never even knowing who we were. In life, unrelated to one's social standing or class as determined by man, there are some people who, by nature, are keys that set the world in motion. They are the true elite, as dictated by the golden rule of the universe. That's what I want to know!! What is my place in the world? Who am I? What am I capable of? What am I destined for?"
— Volume 3, Revenge 8, "The Guardians of Desire (6)"

"Guts, come along with me. This is no more than a single step. The Band of the Hawk, all the victories on the battlefield, are just the outset. Just the beginning. This is where it starts to get interesting. You can bet your life on that. I will get my own kingdom. You will fight for my cause, because you belong to me. I will decide the place where you die."
— Volume 5, Revenge 16, "The Golden Age (8)"

"Do I need a reason each time I put myself in harm's way for your sake?"
— to Guts in Volume 6, Episode 7, "Master of the Sword (2)"

"With no relation to social status, class, background, whether it suits them or not, people yearn for a dream. Sustained by a dream, hurt by a dream, revived by a dream, killed by a dream. And even after being abandoned by a dream, it continues to smolder from the bottom of one's heart, probably until the verge of death. A man should envision such a lifetime once. A life spent as a the God named "Dream". Ultimately, to be born, and then to simply live for no better reason...I can't abide such a life. They are...excellent troops. Together we have faced death so many times. They are my valuable comrades, devoting themselves to the dream I envision. But to me, a friend is...something else. Someone who would never depend on another's dream. Someone who wouldn't be compelled by anyone, but would determine and pursue his own reason to live...And should anyone trample that dream, he would oppose him body and soul, even if that threat were me myself. What I think a friend one who is my "Equal".
— to Princess Charlotte in Volume 6, Episode 12, "Precious Thing"

"All of you are too accustomed to scheming over things from behind your desks. This is war. There are no spectator seats on the battlefield. Those who die on the battlefield are not royalty, nobility, or commoners. They are the defeated who die."
— To the Queen and her conspirators in Volume 8, episode 32, "Tombstone of Flame (2)".

"Darkness. Deep darkness without even a trace of light. How much time has passed since I was cast into this darkness...? An eternity...but it also seems like an instant. All my senses are numbed and I can't feel a thing. What of my body? It’s like it's floating. In mid-air. Have I retained my sanity? Did I go insane long ago? In all this emptiness...only one thing is vivid. Only him. Like lightning on a dark night, he rises up within me, blazing. And again and again like a tidal wave, an infinite number of feelings surge upon me. Malice, friendship, jealousy, futility, regret, tenderness, sorrow, pain, hunger...So many recurring, yearning feelings. That giant swirl of violent emotions in which none are definite but all are implied. That alone is the bond which keeps my consciousness from vanishing amidst the numbness. I know that I'm different from other people. Those I’ve met can by no means disregard me. They always view me with either a look of good will or animosity. I know that the good will forms into trust or fellowship and the animosity into awe or possibly dread. Thereby I have grasped...the hearts of so many in these hands. But why is it when it comes to him, I always lose my composure? He was the reason I've been thrown into the darkness, and now he's the sole sustenance keeping me alive. Out of so many thousands of comrades and tens of thousands of enemies, why just him...? How long ago did someone I was supposed to have in hand...instead gain such a strong hold on me? That endless play begun so long ago on the cobblestone of the back alley. That pilgrimage to claim what to me was the most sacred piece of junk. But now, as he shines so glaring within me...the junk grows dull. GUTS…!!"
— Volume 10, Episode 49, “Infiltrating Windham (1)”

"Among thousands of comrades and ten thousand enemies, you're the only one who made me forget my dream. I...sacrifice."
— Volume 12, episode 78, "Parting"


"Griffith persists in trying to realize a kind of dream that most people abandoned long ago as a childish thing. But the dream he's chasing is so genuine and extraordinary that the burden must be immeasurable. "A strong person"'s simple to sum it up with those words. But I think that someone who wants to accomplish something grand endures that much more than other people. It's not that he "is" strong...Griffith has to "make" himself strong. I want to be by his side. If he's going to sacrifice everything for his dream, if his dream is to fight and cut away his own path, then I want to be his sword."
— Volume 7, episode 17: "Casca (6)"

Casca: It's your fault. You destroyed...ALL OF IT!! It's your fault!
Guts: Mine?
Casca: Yes. Griffith. The Hawks. Everything! You messed it all up!
Guts: How?
Casca: Because you left us! Because you abandoned Griffith!!
Guts: Wait a minute! You can't be serious. This is Griffith. He—Griffith...because I left...there's no way things could go wrong just from that, right? It couldn't be...
Casca: You really are a complete fool. I thought I told you back then! That someone who wants to accomplish something, if it's grand, endures that much more than other people do. Griffith had to make himself strong. But Griffith isn't a god! A person's heart can't be sustained by ideals and dreams alone. You! You made Griffith weak! He's no...Griffith's...NO GOOD WITHOUT YOU!!!
— Volume 9, Episode 45, "Confession"

"...Don't watch..."
— Volume 13, episode 87: "Afterglow of the Right Eye"

    The Skull Knight 
"Farewell. We will likely meet again, should destiny dictate. If you mean to pursue the inhumans, follow the guidance of that brand. It reacts strongly to evil. But mind this: Yours is a black path through the night. When you confront those who lurk in the darkness, you also envelop yourself in it. Good journey, struggler."
— Volume 14, episode 92, "Demon Infant"

"Somehow, as he sat beneath the brightening sky, panting like a beast, splattered with the blood of his prey, the image touched me. It was both solemn and beautiful, almost like a painting adorning a basilica. I merely sought to escape, shivering in fear. Not once could I call upon my Lord. I avow myself a woman of God, but not even the name I've invoked a countless thousand times...I...In the shade of the morning sky, I was tiny, wretched, and powerless."
— Volume 17, episode 125, "Morning of Truth"

Guts: "Your family's here. It's the aristocratic world you know. Is this the last stop on your journey?"
Farnese: "No. Within this cage of stone, I finally realized this isn't the place to which I wish to return. It's simply where my journey began long ago. I just...missed it, and wanted to visit again. That's all."
— Volume 30, episode 261, "The Rusted Birdcage"


"According to legend, those called "berserkers" inspired fear not only in their enemies, but also among their allies. Not for their relentless fighting style alone, but because, whether friend or foe, they were said to slay everything around them."
— Volume 28, episode 242, "The Roar of the Sea".

"I am a man usually dissociated from intense emotion. I adapt to my circumstances and fill the role I am given. That is my style. Even in situations that seemed more or less unreasonable, my mind was at rest. Perhaps my mind was merely benumbed. But as I encountered you and shared your journey, it would seem that not only Lady Farnese, but I too changed considerably. You clash head-on with your own destiny. Compared to my cooled demeanor, that is a life similar to being scorched by hellfire itself. While I arrayed myself in feigned ignorance, perhaps before I knew it, I too was affected by that heat. You are certainly a man impossible to ignore. I felt ineffectual, yet happy that Lady Farnese was being changed by you. And that's why I'll never allow it. [imagines Guts killing Farnese while possessed by the Berserker Armor] I won't allow that to happen!"
— During his duel with Guts in Volume 30, episode 257, "Duel"

"This ends here. You couldn't care less about some feud between monsters. Is that not the case?"
— to Guts in Volume 32, episode 278, "Setting Sail".




Guts: That was something I did on my own. It wasn't really for your sake. Fightin' is more my nature than runnin' away.
Casca: Just because it's your nature, you fought more than a hundred enemies?
Guts: Yeah [...] But still [...] compared to what you're doing, me fightin' with a hundred men doesn't really matter. It ain't just you. Griffith's the same way. He's got something he'd bet his entire life on. I think that kind thing's amazing. Compared to that, If I were to go out and fight a hundred or a thousand men, it wouldn't really be any big deal. That's what I thought.
Casca: Guts...
Guts: What a nice view.
Casca: Yeah.
Guts: Y'know Gaston, he's my second in command. The army's not really Gaston's thing. Once the war's over, he plans to open a clothing shop in downtown Windham with the money he's saved up. He's more skilled than he looks. Nichole proposed to a woman, but she refused because she didn't want to be with a common soldier. He swears he'll get promoted to leading a hundred men soon and propose again. He doesn't care how risky it'll be in battle. Well, I guess everyone's staked themselves on lost causes. So when I look out there, it's like each one of those lights contains tiny dreams and hopes. That's the way it looks...
Casca: Campfire of dreams, huh?
Guts: You smooth-talker. You sound like some princess.
Casca: Can it. But, you're right. Maybe they've all brought their own individual little flames together here. You could scatter them just by blowing, so all those little flames throw themselves into the biggest bonfire.
Guts: The blazing inferno...named Griffith. But you know, my flame aint' here. As for me, maybe I'm just warming myself by that campfire for a bit. Maybe I just stopped in by chance. As long as I have this, I'm confident I can survive any battle. That's how it's been up till now. Even before I joined the Band of the Hawk, no matter how badly the battle was lost, I myself was sure to survive. Like this time. But still, it don't really mean much. I was on the battlefield before I was old enough to understand things. The mercenary leader who raised me taught me nothing beyond how to wield a sword. I had nothin' but this! I don't wanna die, but just because I didn't wanna die, just because I didn't know more than how to use this, I kept fighting in battles. And maybe...more than anything, I've always tried to leave the most essential reason for fightin' up to other people.
Casca: Guts, you...
Guts: Ah hell, too much talkin' from me. What was I ramblin' about?
Casca: Back at you...*!* Guts, you don't mean...! Don't tell me you're leaving the hawks?
Guts: Like I said, I'm fightin' till the end of this campaign, even if I have to crawl.
Casca: And then...afterwards?
— Volume 7, episode 22, "Campfire of Dreams"

Griffith: Does it seem cruel?
Guts: Huh?
Griffith: I involved you in this filthy scheme, and I didn't even get my hands dirty. I left all the dangerous, taxing work to you. Do you think that I'm cruel?
Guts: *Looks stumped for a moment, then grins* Idiot! What kind of question's that for the guy who killed a hundred men? Ain't this part of your dream? You believe that, don't you?
Griffith: *hesitation, followed by a wistful smile* You're right.
— Volume 8, episode 32, "Tombstone of Flame"

Godo: A king sent out a proclamation long ago to bring him a sword that could kill a dragon, and so the lord put me on the job. At that time I'd gotten sick of doing work for nobles. "Make 'em refined, make 'em elegant..." Swords are just large butcher knives, after all. Tools meant for killing people. And so I forged it, as it was described. A sword that could butcher...a dragon.
Rickert: S-so then?
Godo: I almost got hung out to dry. So I ran away from the castle town, and I've lived here quietly since. I sure was young back then. Mighty things, things that could kill, that's all there was for me. But if anyone could handle this, it'd still just be a hinderance. I don't like losin' track of the essence of a tool, but that's exactly what I did here. Now it's a good reminder.
Rickert: Can it...kill one? Could this really kill...a dragon?
Godo: If there were any dragons. But you know, this ain't even what you'd call a sword. It's a meaningless slab of iron you can't even lift, for killin' dragons and monsters that ain't even real. Your friend looks like he's about to fight a dragon, though. Seems to want to fight even after losing his hand and eye. He ain't up to the job, is he? Dragons are dragons because humans can't beat 'em."
— Volume 14, episode 93, "Armament"

Rosine: "What are...WHO are you?! Why're you so--?!"
Guts: "You wouldn't remember. Every last human you scum snacked on playing your games. You wouldn't remember."
— Guts and Rosine battle in midair, Volume 16, episode 114, "The Space Between Demon and Man"

Mozgus: "Can you not hear them?! Every person congregated in this place now desires, as one heart, salvation. They are eagerly awaiting the time of God's victory. Do you mean you care not that tens of thousands of believers shall lose their lives in exchange for one evil witch?"
Guts: "Don't make me laugh. All they do is pray. Every last one of them, when the fire's under their own ass, all any of them do is bow down. Tens of thousands of people shouldn't cling to just one woman!"
— Guts and Mozgus fight, Volume 21, episode 169, "Those Who Cling, Those Who Struggle"

Griffith: I came here to know for certain whether anything will shake my heart. While I stand before you in this new body of seems...I
Guts: You mean after what you did, after all those you betrayed, you don't feel anything!?
Griffith: I'll not betray my dream. That is all. [...] I told you once, I will get my own kingdom. Nothing has changed.
Guts: You say nothing's changed...! After everything you did, you say nothing's changed!?
Griffith: You should have known. This is the man I am. You, of all people.
— Volume 22, episode 178, "Reunion on the Hill of Swords" and episode 181, "Prologue to the War"

Reviews and Outtakes

It's a story of self-reflection, and one man's journey to- GORE! GORE! BLOOD, TITS, GORE! GIANT-ASS-SWORDS! YOU SEE THAT DEMON!? NO, NOT ANYMORE IT'S FUCKING DEAD!! AAAAAAA!! BLOOD, GORE! AAAAA!!!!

We've also had our fair share of big franchise films coming out this year. Berserk finally finished its trilogy of films set in a PS2 CG dimension with Descent, being one of the most graphic and gross animated films I have ever seen.
Gigguk, AZ: Anime in 2013 Part 2

Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō Lyrics

    Sign by Susumu Hirasawa 

Note: Sign is in Hirasawa's own made-up language, and there is no official transcript or meaning for the lyrics. This is a fan transcription taken from the internet.

Prosit (x 4)

Araisi dassite kurai tekka miyaru toki akarumi ya arasotta kanariya
Bara no ha desika kowagatta si wa kasiki suana ka toi mokusaseta kiya rasiya

Lossless imu wa dousite
Gunsu to semu douri de
Lossless imu wa dousite
Gun nuite wa tooi en dewa

Prosit (x 4)

Sitta se naki saki ma wa kisi tan naru toki u made igaru sa wa ya kasi ya
Sitta kura dassite kuwa huraba hura to kita kuwa ka momi ya maseta wa ya husi ya

Lossless imu wa dousite
Gunsu to semu douri de
Lossless imu wa dousite
Gun nuite wa tooi en dewa

Arasi dassite kurai tekka miyaru toki akarumi ya arasotta kanariya

Ika na sika ya, Gunsu to ii wa sika ya
Issita sika ya, Raimei ni wa sikaya

Prosit (x 4)

Araisi dassite kurai tekka miyaru toki akarumi ya arasotta kanariya
Bara no ha desika kowagatta si wa kasiki suana ka toi mokusaseta kiya rasiya

Lossless imu wa dousite
Gunsu to semu douri de
Lossless imu wa dousite
Gun nuite wa tooi en dewa

Arasi dassite kurai tekka miyaru toki akarumi ya arasotta kanariya

Ika na sika ya, Gunsu to ii wa sika ya
Issita sika ya, Raimei ni wa sikaya
(x 2)

Filk Song Lyrics

    Iron Hand by Battle Beast 

On the eve of destruction
Ferocious Hell-Demons
Are bound to be pulverized by the Hand

Iron Hand!

In the dawn of a new life
Some die being born dead
And the River of Blood flows from the Hand

Iron Hand!
Iron Hand!

The one who can face death
Must know what true life's like
It's living by the sword of truth
(Look out!)
There's a man who can change fate
He's called the Black Swordsman
He'll fight 'til the kingdom falls by the Hand

Iron Hand!
Iron Hand!
Iron Hand!
Iron Hand!!!

    The Black Swordsman by Battle Beast 
Can you feel my pain?
Can you see me
In the fire?
Can you hear my screams?
Is this real?
Or am I dreaming?
Can you taste my fear?
Oh no,
Is this real?
Can't believe my eyes
I swear
I'll tear your wings apart

    Band of the Hawk by Battle Beast 
We are a mercenary band
Led by Griffith the White Hawk
United we stand under our flag
Into battle we bring the storm

We are the

Death of the battlefield - We will return
Death of the battlefield - Victorious
Death of the battlefield - We are the Band of the Hawk

Our enemies now fall we're marching tall
Over their bodies and bone
No matter how strong those castles of stone are
We shall conquer them all

We are the

Death of the battlefield - We will return
Death of the battlefield - Victorious
Death of the battlefield - We are the Band of the Hawk

We are the

Death of the battlefield - Death of the battlefield
Death of the battlefield - Death of the battlefield
Death of the battlefield - Yes, we are the Band of the Hawk

The nobles are raging
Soon they'll be fading
Locked up and burning away
Death by betrayal
From one of their own
And the White Hawk disappears into the night
The White Hawk disappears into the night
The White Hawk disappears into the night
The White Hawk disappears into the night

I, I shall die with the Hawks by my side
I will not betray I'll stay to the end - To the end!

We are the

Death of the battlefield - We will return
Death of the battlefield - Victorious
Death of the battlefield - We are the Band of the Hawk

We are the

Death of the battlefield - Death of the battlefield
Death of the battlefield - Death of the battlefield
Death of the battlefield - We are the Band of the Hawk
We are the Band of the Hawk
We are the Band of the Hawk
Yes, We are the Band of the Hawk

    Kingdom by Battle Beast 
I've planted my seeds, I've done evil deeds
I'll Sacrifice you for my dream
My future is set, I bear no regret
I'll conquer worlds of gods and men

Kingdom, a castle in the heavens
Kingdom, the one that keeps on shining evermore is mine
Kingdom, to feed my dark desire
Kingdom, a demon world is dawning, raising Hell on Earth

My body's decayed, my mind's gone insane
Oh Crimson Behelit, call them forth
Black Angel, white Hawk, but same is the spirit and soul
Behold the fifth and final God Hand

Kingdom, a castle in the heavens
Kingdom, the one that keeps on shining evermore is mine
Kingdom, to feed my dark desire
Kingdom, a demon world is dawning, raising Hell on Earth

I live my dream
I live my dream
I live my dream
I live my...
I live my...
I live my dream

You've chosen the path of vengeance and wrath
You'll never touch me here up high
My future is set, I bear no regret
I'll conquer worlds of gods and men

Kingdom, a castle in the heavens
Kingdom, the one that keeps on shining evermore is mine
Kingdom, to feed my dark desire
Kingdom, a demon world is dawning, raising Hell on Earth

I live my...
I live my...
I live my dream


    The Eclipse by Battle Beast 

The sun has died from the sky/ Monstrous demons now thrive
How did we end up here?/ Betrayed...deceived and misled by our savior

Raise your shields and your swords, be prepared, no despair, we will fight
Never give up, no retreat, I will be on your side

Call them forth monster, use your raw powers
Sacrifice all that even you once held dear
(The Eclipse!)
(The Eclipse!)

All my friends they have died/ Their screams pierce through my mind
Why did I survive?/ Revenge, the only thing that keeps me breathing

Your new powers are great but you still have to run from my wrath
Hunting you down is my passion my meaning my path

Call them forth monster, use your raw powers
Sacrifice all that even you once held dear
(The Eclipse!)
(The Eclipse!)


Call them forth monster, use your raw powers
Sacrifice all that even you once held dear

     Blood Sacrifice by Witchaven 
The eclipse is nigh
And the God's hand awakens here.
Eve of the feast
Of all that you love so dear,
The Beherit calls
And cries its bloodshed tears.
All around,
Apostles begin to appear.

All ambition is lost,
And the glory that you seek,
You must spill the blood
To achieve all your dreams.
Sacrifice your cherished
And watch them all die,
Baptized eternal fire,
And hear the demons cry.

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