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Grand Theft Auto has a lot of people to hate, for obvious reasons.

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Lance Vance is easily the most hated character in the entire game, and for very good reasons. He has a tendency to make easy money, is lazy, childish, and a complete parasite for almost everyone around him. He constantly causes trouble for Tommy, but he also whines that Tommy isn't treating him fairly even though Tommy not only saved his life, but carried him throughout all of their criminal endeavors. His subsequent betrayal in the final mission angered so many players that most, if not all, enjoyed killing him.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories:
    • Ma Cipriani, Toni's mother, was much worse than she was depicted in III. She constantly berates Toni for not being fearless like his father and even though Tony proved to Ma countless times that he is capable of handling problems all by himself (including butchering poor Casa and selling his remains to meat shop) she still disowns him. Her despicable attitude reaches extreme levels when she decides to call a hit on her own son, wanting Toni to die like a "real man". On the bright side, when Toni becomes a made man she calls the hit off and is never seen nor heard from ever again.
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    • Vincenzo, who is heavily implied to be a Green-Eyed Monster. At first, it's ambiguous whether he really set Toni up to be arrested by the police or not, causing Toni to be pissed off at him and crushing his car. Then, because of this, he tries to kill Toni and fails.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories:
    • Marty J. Williams is very disliked due to how he abuses Louise and even threatens to beat down their baby child.
    • Both Jerry Martinez and (especially) Armando Mendez. The fact that both were more than willing to hurt Louise just to screw Vic only worsened their Hate Sink status.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV:
    • Vlad Glebov. He has a big ego, has made a lot of enemies among the named cast and everyone hates him.
    • Playboy X. An arrogant, self-centered asshole who believes he can be rich with his limited resources. Not only that, he is more than willing to kill Dwayne, his own mentor and friend. Even Niko tells him (before killing him) that he is a bad joke. To make matters worse, if you do choose to kill Dwayne, Playboy tells Niko off and blames him for Dwayne's death, even though he was the one who ordered Niko to kill Dwayne to begin with. Because of this and the fact that Dwayne gives you a much better reward, many players choose to kill Playboy instead.
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    • Francis McReary. Given that he is Dirty Cop with delusions of being a good person who was more than willing to commit fratricide, it's not hard to imagine that Francis was deliberately written to be hated. He is this In-Universe as well, since if you kill him instead of Derrick, Patrick will not mourn his death at all. Many people killed him instead of Derrick in his last mission despite the fact that he offers money and the ability to remove wanted levels over Derrick rewarding you with nothing at all.
    • Eddie Low. To clarify, he's a deranged Serial Killer and a pathetic Psychopathic Manchild who acts by his own impulses. Fortunately, you can kill him as you wish in his last mission.
    • Dimitri Rascalov is one of the most hated GTA antagonists. There is nothing remotely likable about him; he is a Dirty Coward, a Smug Snake, and a backstabbing jerk combined, without a single Pet the Dog moment on his name.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned:
    • Brian Jeremy, the annoying, bigoted, uncool, cowardly and incredibly irritating Billy Grey's Dragon who is always antagonizing Johnny, even for very pathetic reasons. Sure, he talks tough, but when the gunfight starts, he runs and hides.
    • Billy Grey himself, more and more as the storyline progresses. When Jason Michaels is killed by Niko Bellic, Billy Grey lies and says the Angels of Death killed him, using this as an excuse to steal their heroin. It turns out the heroin belonged to the Liberty City Triads who demand it be returned. Jim and Johnny manage to convince Billy to do so, but not before he makes a deal with the Triads so that they kill Jim and Johnny when the two go to return it. Fortunately, they fight their way out, and Billy gets arrested by the LAPD that the Triads tipped off (while blaming Johnny for it). Billy's imprisonment causes Brian, his most loyal follower, and the members who were also loyal to Billy to betray the other members of the club, which starts a civil war. Finally, he decides to testify against the Lost in order to be released from prison (even after stressing the importance of loyalty to Johnny). This prompts the Lost to break into the prison Billy's being held at in order to silence him. During his last moments, he goads Johnny into executing him before attempting to stab him with a shank. Violent, hedonistic, and utterly psychopathic, Billy is one of the few characters in the Grand Theft Auto franchise to have absolutely zero redeeming qualities, and who's loyalty lies only towards himself. Oh, and he brags about banging Johnny's girlfriend Ashley to his face.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony: Rocco Pelosi is the one who deserves the Hate Sink due to his xenophobic insults thrown constantly at Tony Prince and Luis. And unlike Mori (who is just a Jerkass), Rocco is a malicious, despicable Jerkass who gets worse as the storyline progresses. Unfortunately, the game has him pull a Karma Houdini, so players had to wait four year until GTA V for his well-deserved death. Similarly, Vince Pelosi, his uncle, is just as nasty as him.
  • Grand Theft Auto V: While Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton are too funny, over-the-top, badass and sympathetic to be hated, the same cannot be said of these characters:
    • Franklin's aunt Denise doesn't do much to endear herself. Considering she spends most of her time complaining, being lazy, and insulting Franklin (and her deceased sister, who is Franklin's mother) every chance she gets. Even when Franklin is doing far better in life than she is, she still acts like an ungrateful hypocrite.
    • Dr. Friedlander, the Dr. Jerk who keeps scamming money out of Michael for his therapy sessions, and not even trying to hide the fact he wants to milk Michael's mental issues for all they're worth. Thank God you have the option to kill him.
    • Fabien LaRouche, the rude, perverted yoga instructor, has not endeared himself to fans at all. It's rather satisfying to see Michael whack him with a laptop for being just simply an awful person in general.
    • Stretch. He has no characterization outside of being a pathetic Smug Snake who thinks his big-shot status in the families means he controls Franklin and Lamar's lives. Thankfully, you can Take a Third Option to kill him, and the protagonists face no repercussions either.
    • Devin Weston, the Big Bad of GTA 5, is perhaps one of the most despised antagonists of the GTA series. Sure, there's a lot of jerkasses around, but he's so sarcastic, narcissistic, immature (he behaves like a teenage boy who just happens to have a lot of wealth and power) and annoying that he manages to attract a certain level of hatred, both in-universe and out. He is also a Dirty Coward who pulled a lot of jerk moves on Franklin and Michael. He only gets worse when he sends Merryweather to Michael's family. Thankfully, you can Take a Third Option by having him killed, and the protagonists face no repercussions as the FIB simply lists him as "missing" and his former allies are grateful that he's gone.
    • Steve Haines as well. His most notable action when you first meet him is that he almost throttles Michael because he stood up to him. He becomes more and more of a dick as the game goes on. Thankfully, you can Take a Third Option by having him killed, and the protagonists face no repercussions as his former allies are grateful that he's gone and the FIB doesn't care much either.
    • Peter Dreyfuss. An absolutely deranged film director who killed a young woman in an extremely twisted way. When he is finally confronted by Franklin, he just runs.

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