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Nightmare Fuel / Grand Theft Auto

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Beyond the controversy surrounding this franchise, the Grand Theft Auto games are full of violence. And unlike other franchises, the violence of GTA tends to show us some very realistic horrors of the drug world such as torture, corruption and Mob Wars. The list is so large that Rockstar Games would make H. P. Lovecraft facepalm in comparison.

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  • In Grand Theft Auto 2:
    • One of the missions for the Russian Mafia require the player to deliver a bus full of Hare Krishnas to a hot dog factory, where they are ground alive and turned into hot dogs. Then the player is tasked with delivering a van full of hot dogs made out of human meat to a Diner. This is quite possibly the most messed up mission in the whole GTA franchise!
      • It gets worse; the PC version of the game has the player take a bus full of innocent pedestrians to the meat factory.
      • And it really doesn't help that you're forced to watch them get turned into meat, all while listening to their cries and screams of pain as they are ground alive. Some even try to escape, but the russians shoot them dead before they can even make a move.
    • If you have an Electrogun, you could have possibly turning criminals, mob-bosses, and even pedestrians into Dem Bones.