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Looks aren't everything.

As usual, Spoilers Off apply to moment pages. Proceed with caution. You Have Been Warned.

  • The loading screen warns players to pay attention to their surroundings. The picture accompanying this is a guy obliviously staring at his phone as a Gyarados rears up in front of him.
  • You can find Pokémon in all sorts of places, whether it be outside, your room, your bathroom, or your crotch.
    • What's even funnier is finding a Magikarp. You can find it in your shower, your kitchen sink, or even a place miles away from water!
  • Guess which Pokémon needs the most candies to evolve? Magikarp, with four hundred!
    • As of an update on 2/9/2018, Swablu and Wailmer requires the same number to evolve into Altaria and Wailord.
  • The spreading meme that Pokémon Go - by forcing people to go outside and physically hunt locations for Pokémon - may well end the obesity crisis.
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  • Although some stores began banning people from entering if they were searching for Pokémon, the Australian arm of Woolworths outright embraced the game on Facebook, with hilarious pseudo-tips on Pokémon hunting and sightings across their stores.
    Woolworths: Don't confuse 'Oddish' for 'Radish'. One goes great in a salad, the other not so much.
    Woolworths: (About a photo of a Clefairy standing next to a cigarette display) We don't think Clefairy understands that too much smoking leads to Koffing. In some cases, even Weezing!
  • The game will tell you to "try something longer" if you attempt try to enter a Trainer name that's too short, or if you enter this.
  • Some Pokémon Gyms are at several landmarks, like churches and libraries. However, some other gyms have been located at strip clubs, somebody's house, the White House, and even the North Korean side of the DMZ (since removed). Okay, so some of them are hard to get to...
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  • A Meowth was found in Benjamin Netanyahu's presidential office.
  • Passing around on Twitter:
    Manager during interview: "So why do you want to work for us?"
    Applicant: "Oh, I'm not asking for the job. There's a Mewtwo here."
    Manager (hyperventilating): "WHERE?"
  • Transportation authorities in the U.S. started posting "Don't Pokémon Go and drive" PSAs on their LED signs along freeways.
  • Someone found a Pidgey on their stove... while they were cooking eggs. And two screencaps from the phone at the perfect timing show said Pidgey looking at the pan with the eggs in it, then back at the user.
    Caption: I don't know if I should catch or apologize.
  • The Westboro Baptist Church being trolled by Clefairy. It's a pink Fairy-type Pokémon, their headquarters was turned into a Gym, and "LoveIsLove" the Clefairy was quickly put in charge by a nearby Trainer. Say what you will about Westboro and its gay-bashing MO, but its response, involving a Jigglypuff, was actually quite clever in and of itself. Doubly funny if you've seen the anime episode "Clefairy Tales", which similarly features a Jigglypuff at odds with a Clefairy.
  • While it's considered a Scrappy Mechanic (due to how often fans have been seeing it), the Server Down screen has some pretty chuckle-worthy gems in it; there's a Pidgey eyeballing a Caterpie like it's lunch, a large Magikarp just flopping around dead-center in the middle of a field, and a Slowpoke in the background facing the wrong direction.
  • Rather unsurprisingly, in only the first few days of the game's launch, searches for Pokémon porn, um, skyrocketed.
  • Anytime a Gym is being defended by a single, low-CP Pokémon, usually out of desperation, just wanting the defender bonus, or using it to grind the Gym's Prestige. This is especially hilarious if it's a 10 CP, the lowest possible rank for Pokémon. Some players do it as a Take That! toward whatever Team they captured the Gym from.
  • Stock investors seemingly being unaware that Nintendo merely has a roughly one-third ownership of the Pokemon Company and is otherwise not really involved in the development of Pokémon Go which is handled by Niantic, causing a huge spike in their market cap, a good chunk of which dropped away after Nintendo clarified the situation.
  • One player found a lure in the middle of the water and kayaked out to it against all better judgement. By the time they came back to shore, another player asked them about the lure out there, and made quite a pretty penny charging people for using their kayak to get to the lure.
  • Another player has a Vape store cashier that basically acted as their area's Pokemon Professor. Also files under Heartwarming Moments as well, since he was genuinely helpful in showing people popular places to search and gave tips out as well.
  • As in Pokémon X and Y, Pikachu is the only Pokemon in the game who uses Pokémon Speak, meaning amidst all the bizarre and sometimes creepy cries of the Pokemon we see in the game, every time Pikachu shows up you'll hear it shout "Pi-KA-chu!" It's as hilarious as it is adorable.
  • A minor one, but Niantic's updates of the game usually have "Minor text fixes", 1.31's manages to subvert it by having "No text fixes". They also seem to do other minor fixes, most likely to keep the joke alive.
  • As noted on the main page under Video Game Perversity Potential, you can have the team leaders say some rather unusual lines, since they refer to your Pokemon by its nickname.
    • Some of this has been toned down by the introduction of trading and thus name filters as of 2018.
  • A treat for Australian players only- throwing a Pokeball at a wild Kangaskhan will occasionally end up with the ball landing right inside the Pokemon's pouch next to the joey.
  • While looking around for Pokemon, a guy found an 18-inch sex toy. Someone must have left it there...
  • If your reception is mediocre or low while catching a Pokémon, missing your ball or using a berry on the Pokémon will cause a long drought of loading, which during this period the Pokémon will awkwardly continue to attack or dodge while you have no ball in your hands ready to throw. Likewise, if your phone's reception is shoddy, you might see your avatar suddenly hightailing it across the street or through a parking lot and back again, followed by the game warning you not to drive and play the game regardless if you're actually driving or just sitting indoors.
  • When engaging wild Pokémon, species bound to the ground can jump into the air to dodge a throw. They jump with no buildup and if the species is very large and heavy (such as the Rhyhorn family), it becomes outright silly watching a giant Pokémon leap gracefully into the air even if they would be completely incapable of doing do.
  • It's always amusing to see people who weren't into Pokemon before find out odd tidbits that Pokemon fans have known for years. Such as the confusion of Exeggcute hatching out of an egg or that the broken egg also has a face.
  • The Appraisal feature has your gym leader evaluate your Pokémon, which can be renamed. This has made some funny, if predictable, results.
  • Added to the game after release is a buddy system where you chose a Pokemon to walk with and gain candies for. It's obviously meant to emulate Ash and Pikachu's relationship but what ends up happening is a bit different. Take a system to get guaranteed candies and add it to the Pokemon that needs the most to evolve. Cue droves of people out walking their Magikarps.
  • In the Generation 2 update, some players will find it funny when a Gym is an Amazon Brigade of Blisseys. Especially those who prefer badass-looking Pokémon will find themselves laughed by those perpetually-smiling Badass Adorable Stone Walls who are a pain for them to fight.
  • With the introduction of Raid battles, most of the Pokémon featured are fully evolved mons, except for the first-tier difficulty that only features second stage starter Pokémon... and Magikarp. While the variety of Pokémon available in each Raid tier may change over time, Magikarp has consistently been part of the first-tier difficulty raids.
  • This idiot was caught on an outstanding arrest warrant because he was so absorbed in Pokémon Go that he wandered over to the police station that was looking for him.
  • Just like in the source games, Alolan Exeggutor is so tall that its head doesn't fit in the screen.
  • When you complete seven days of field research tasks, you get the chance to capture a legendary with your full supply of pokeballs (rather than the limited number of Premier Balls from a raid). Legendaries also have low catch rates, and many have very large target circles. All of this means that if you have a Make 3 Excellent Throws In A Row field research task you need to complete, it can be more optimal to use Entei's face for target practice, halfheartedly lobbing dozens of low quality pokeballs at its nose, than to actually try to catch it.
  • In its first few months of release, Rhyperior was abnormally small — even smaller than its pre-evolution Rhydon. A later update has since rescaled it accordingly.
    • This also happened with Palkia and Giratina's Altered forme, but they too had been fixed as well.
  • Shiny Psyduck became catchable around the same time Kingdom Hearts III was released. Donald Duck becomes blue in Monstropolis. It didn't take fans very long to point out the coincidence of catching one blue duck before fighting alongside another.
  • In order to celebrate Team Instinct's success at the Global Catch Challenge of June 2019, Pokemon Go's official Twitter canonized the "Dabbing Spark" meme. No, seriously.
  • Blanche, The Comically Serious, doesn't seem to enjoy the happiness of her team (and thus, the entirety of Pokémon Go's playerbase) completing the Global Challenges.
  • The core concept of the Team Rocket event. While the battles can be genuinely challenging at times (especially for new or more casual players) and the corrupted Shadow Pokemon represent genuine cruelty and (at least for the affected Pokemon, who are said to be scared and in pain) high stakes...the fact remains that Team Rocket's evil master plan consists of stealing items from Pokestops. Items at Pokestops are already provided for free.
  • One that happened early in the introduction of Team Go Rocket was with Flying-type Go Rocket Grunts. Since all of their quotes are taken from appropriate specialist trainers from early entries in the series, Niantic decided to use "Battle against my bird Pokémon!" from one of the Bird Keeper trainers from Red and Blue. It made sense for the original game's trainer to say that, as they used Pidgey, Spearow, and their evolutions (all based on real-life birds). Team Go Rocket, however, solely used the Zubat line with occasional use of Charizard and Dragonite - a line of mammals and two reptilian dragons. This would seem like Fridge Logic, but given that Flying-type Rocket Grunts were seen as one of the easiest types to fight, the player base quickly came to the conclusion that the grunts were just that dumb. Niantic caught on eventually, however, and modified the quote to be talking about "Flying-type Pokémon" instead.
  • Surprise snapshot encounters can happen when you take a snapshot of one of your Pokemon, only for another Pokemon (that will appear on the map after you exit AR) to photobomb it.
  • Interacting with Mewtwo. Petting it or touching it on the map screen has it bow its head slightly as if it doesn't know how else to express joy. Likewise, feeding it berries has it holding it in its hand and eating it like a dignified human.
  • The announcement of Team GO Rocket using hot air balloons to further their schemes was sent out to all players via email and they detailed everything over what was basically a video conference. The email also contains guidelines on how to handle sensitive documents and to retrieve equipment after leaving from a Trainer battle. A significant part was also written in Comic Sans. Shortly after, players would get another email from the Rockets, telling them to delete and disregard the last email and are given three Pinap Berries for their troubles. What makes the whole thing even funnier is the email address used to send out the plans was done by a Rocket intern.
    To whom it may concern,

    The previous email was sent to you in error. Please delete that email if possible, and do not share its contents with others. Attached is a token of thanks for your discretion. Hope we're good.

    - Team GO Rocket Grunt
  • During Team Rocket's takeover of the 2020 GO Fest, taking a snapshot of your buddy would have both a Rotom and a Team Rocket Grunt photobombing at the same time.
    • Occasionally the male grunt mentions wanting to make his battle with you a quick one so he can get back to enjoying the festival.
  • One of the GO Rocket Grunts fields an embarrassing lineup of three Magikarp.
  • The Secrets of the Jungle event in December 2020 is led by Jessie and James instead of Professor Willow. As they muse over finding the supposed Protector of the Jungle, they notice you and think you're an assistant sent by Giovanni to help out. You're basically dragged into helping the duo regardless on how you feel about them.


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