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Of all the insults he gets, the one the Yiling Patriarch takes most offense to is being called ugly. And a terrible flautist.

The whole book itself is a rollercoaster of funny moments, but some still stand out.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

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Main Story

Pre-Time Skip

    Studying in the Cloud Recesses 
  • The amount of facepalming Jiang Cheng does because of Wei Wuxian's antics.
  • The Lan Sect has a precise schedule of sleeping at nine in the evening and rising at five in the morning - very accurate and systematic. Wei Wuxian has a habit of sleeping at one and waking at nine - equally systematic, but four hours later...
  • How did Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji first meet? Wei Wuxian evaded the curfew at the Cloud Recesses (where he had been sent on a study program) to buy two jars of Gusu's famous wine Emperor's Smile. On his way back, while jumping over the wall, he was caught red-handed by Lan Wangji.
    Wei Wuxian: It's Emperor's Smile! If I share a jar with you, can you pretend that you never saw me?
    Lan Wangji: ... Alcohol is forbidden in the Cloud Recesses. That's a worse crime.
    Wei Wuxian: Okay, if alcohol is prohibited in the Cloud Recesses, then I won't go in. I'll drink it standing on the wall. That wouldn't count as violating the rules, would it?
    • And the answer to the above question is: it does count. So they fought, breaking a jar in the process.
  • Wei Wuxian riles up Lan Qiren in order to get a "Get out of Jail Free" Card and skip class. In the donghua, Nie Huaisang gets a scroll to the face because of this.
  • The first description of the (then) three thousand rules of the Lan sect, compiled into a book of two sections. Copying it once (by hand, mind) would make the copier ascend to the heavens.
  • Nie Huaisang asking Wei Wuxian for a favor in helping him for some pop quizzes that Lan Qiren was notorious for giving in exchange for doing Wei Wuxian's punishment of writing the Lan rules. He promises that nothing bad will happen, and then cut to Wei Wuxian solemnly walking up the stairs to take his punishment. In the donghua, it's made funnier by the fact that music appropriately changes from easy-going to comedic.
  • During one of their sessions, Lan Wangji gets so fed up with Wei Wuxian talking that he puts him under the Silencing Spell. The donghua expands on this scene by having try to apologize through writing, but Lan Wangji only looks away, causing Wei Wuxian to groan and pound the table in frustration.
    • The fact that Lan Wangji just rubs it in to Wei Wuxian how little of a crap he gives to his antics by neatly folding his drawings in front of Wei Wuxian's face before tossing them into a box.
  • Wei Wuxian's "going away present" to Lan Wangji, which was just a painting of Lan Wangji with a flower in his hair. When he comments on his prank being "boring", Wei Wuxian calls him out on using that word over and over again and asks if he can't say anything different. Lan Wangji then says "Incredibly boring,".
    • Immediately after, Wei Wuxian pulls a second prank on Lan Wangji by replacing his poem book with pornography, flustering and angering the other to the extent of him shouting at Wei Wuxian to scram.
  • In the donghua, Wei Wuxian's boat accidentally runs into Jin Zixuan, who was trying to drink some wine. He ends up drenched, naturally.
  • How does Wei Wuxian get Lan Wangji's attention while they're looking out for water ghouls? Jumping up and down on his boat, waving his arms like a maniac and yelling at Lan Wangji to look at him. Jiang Cheng reacts by slapping his hand over his face and yelling at Wei Wuxian to stop messing around.
  • Lan Wangji actually complimenting Wei Wuxian for once on his blade and asking for its name. Wei Wuxian replies, "Whatever". When Lan Wangji scolds him on being blase about his sword, Wei Wuxian states that it is the name of his sword and goes on to describe how the sword got the name. Since he and Jiang Fengmian couldn't decide on a name he liked, he shrugged off "whatever", and Jiang Fengmian ended up having that carved as its name.
    Lan Wangji: Ridiculous!
  • After being pulled up from the lake by Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian weakly asks the other why he was holding him up by his collar. Lan Wangji deadpans that he dislikes physical contact. Wei Wuxian replies that it shouldn't matter since they're friends, to which Lan Wangji says they aren't.
  • The girl who Wei Wuxian promised to buy loquats from earlier gifts him a basket as thanks. Wei Wuxian momentarily flirts with her and Jiang Cheng reacts accordingly. When he notices Lan Wangji passing by, he asks the girls if they thought he was as good-looking as him which they immediately confirm. Wei Wuxian laughs at Lan Wangji's annoyance and then asks him to later teach him how to curse in the Gusu dialect.
    • Lan Xichen once again reads his brother's emotions and offers to buy a basket of loquats if he wanted them, Lan Wangji immediately tells him he doesn't want them.
  • Wei Wuxian trying to sneak in some Emperor's Smile again and is apprehended by Lan Wangji. When he manages to take the other down with him so they were no longer on the Cloud Recesses' grounds and technically breaking curfew, Wei Wuxian promises to not tell anyone if he doesn't. Cut to Wei Wuxian being held down by two other Lan disciples as he's forced to receives his punishment.
  • After his punishment, Wei Wuxian forces Jiang Cheng to carry him around while Nie Huaisang fans his back from behind.
  • The trio catch Lan Qiren and Lan Xichen talking about something and when they notice, Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang belatedly pull Wei Wuxian down and out of sight.
  • Wei Wuxian nabbing Lan Wangji's clothes and is prepared to leave him stewing in the cold springs, but not before commenting on his figure. This leaves Lan Wangji even more angered and his ears visibly flushing.
  • Wei Wuxian bringing two rabbits to Lan Wangji, asking if he wanted them. When he initially refuses, Wei Wuxian simply says he'll just eat them then. As Lan Wangji protests and decides to keep the rabbits, Wei Wuxian laughs at how Lan Wangji is never honest with his feelings.
    • As the two bunnies start to play around, Wei Wuxian says they look adorable together and Lan Wangji has to correct him by pointing out they're both male.
      • In the manhua Wei Wuxian teasingly asks where Lan Wangji had been looking to know that, prompting Lan Wangji to kick Wei Wuxian out (whereas in the novel Lan Wangji actually pushes Wei Wuxian off the window).
      • In the donghua the rabbits are trying to mate just off-screen and as Wei Wuxian jokingly points this out, he gets flustered when Lan Wangji comments "Obscene," and demands to know what he was thinking about.

    The Discussion Conference 
  • Jiang Yanli and Wei Wuxian talk about Jin Zixuan, with Jiang Yanli admitting to her little brother she's not sure if she really wants to marry Jin Zixuan while Wei Wuxian argues she deserves someone better than the peacock. Cut to Jin Zixuan, who's sitting quietly in his room and sneezes loudly.
  • In the donghua, as Jiang Cheng arrives back at Lotus Pier, he notices Wei Wuxian's body doing a deadman's float in the water. He leans over and pokes at him a few times before Wei Wuxian jumps up to scare him.
  • Wei Wuxian catches Wen Ning practicing his archery, and when the other quickly hides behind a rock, Wei Wuxian wonders if his good looks scared him off.
  • Before the match, Wei Wuxian finds Lan Wangji, but the other is refusing to talk to him. So he allows him to leave... before yelling to him that his forehead ribbon was crooked. Lan Wangji pauses to fix it, but then realizing it was a joke turns around to see Wei Wuxian holding his stomach laughing.
  • As Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian walk through some caves to get to the shooting grounds Jiang Cheng runs into a stalactite, leaving a visible bruise on his forehead. The next time they're shown crawling, with Wei Wuxian barely managing to contain his giggles as he asks Jiang Cheng if he wants to turn back and promises not to tell anyone. As Jiang Cheng turns around to scold Wei Wuxian, he runs into another stalactite. Wei Wuxian finally bursts out laughing.
  • Even after he's disqualified, Wen Chao prepares to shoot his arrows and the others call him out on him not listening to the rules.
    Wen Chao: Rules? I am the rules!
  • Wei Wuxian looking legitimately terrified for once when he accidentally pulls off Lan Wangji's forehead ribbon to try and fix it. Lan Wangji gives the heaviest Death Glare he's had in the season, and even shatters the bow he's holding in his hand. All Wei Wuxian could do was apologize and gingerly offer the ribbon back.

    Xuanwu Cave 
  • The donghua shows Wei Wuxian distracting Wen Chao by pretending to offer him one of his porn books. Made funnier when the book was actually just the Wen's teachings that he later throws at the others feet.
  • After saving Mianmian from Wen Chao, she asks Wei Wuxian not to refer to her as Mianmian without offering his name. He then tells her his name is Yuandao, which plays off of her name. Embarrassed, Mianmian scolds him before running off.
  • In the novel, Jin Zixuan was slowly losing his mind having to listen to Wen Chao prattle on that he was very close to jumping down to the bottom of the cave even if it killed him just so he could get away from the annoying Wen. In the audio drama he does follow through with this.
  • Even the dour situation and having been badly burned doesn't stop Wei Wuxian from cracking a joke about having roasted meat on hand if needed. Jiang Cheng is not amused.
  • Wei Wuxian teasing and poking at Lan Wangji over and over so he will cough up the bad blood he's been holding on to out of stubbornness.
  • Lan Wangji suddenly biting Wei Wuxian's arm and once he gets free, he tells him to stay back as he nurses his arm.

    The Fall of Lotus Pier 
  • Jiang Cheng calling out Wei Wuxian letting Jiang Yanli pamper him, to which he responds by pulling his eyelid and childishly sticking out his tongue. In response, Jiang Cheng starts to bully Wei Wuxian by putting him in a headlock.
  • Wen Ning constantly covering Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng by either falling on purpose, or clumsily walking around can come off as a little humorous since he does it so many times and doesn't arouse Wen Chao's suspicions.

    The Phoenix Mountain Hunt 
  • In the audio drama some cultivators are talking between each other and note all of the handsome sect disciples and leaders that would be joining the hunt. One of them jokes that with all of these handsome men coming, especially the Twin Jades, he has no idea if the women would have enough flowers to throw. Cue the Twin Jades riding in and all of the women are practically fangirling over them (especially Lan Wangji) as they loudly throw heaps of flowers for them.
    Cultivator: In yester years, fruit would fill a cart. Today, flowers rain down from the sky.
    • And of course, Wei Wuxian can't resist throwing a flower at Lan Wangji's back. When he confronts him, Wei Wuxian claims it wasn't him.
    Girl: Hanguang-Jun, don't believe him. It was him! We all saw it. He purposely hit you with the flower from behind your back!
    Wei Wuxian: How could you ladies falsely accuse a good person? I'm angry now!
  • Jiang Cheng scolds Wei Wuxian on tossing a flower at Lan Wangji and without missing a beat he offers to give his brother a flower from off the ground.
  • As Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian are showered with flowers Wei Wuxian happily accepts them while Jiang Cheng coughs and wonders if the smell is poison.
    Wei Wuxian: Jiang Cheng, you're so unromantic.
  • Before taking a shot at the targets to beat Jin Zixuan, Wei Wuxian rides to find Lan Wangji and asks for his forehead ribbon. Jiang Cheng then asks if Wei Wuxian wants the ribbon to hang himself and offers him his belt adding, "no need to thank me".
  • The whole blindfold kiss incident is dripping in irony and is almost absurd in nature due to just how Oblivious to Love Wei Wuxian is - to the point of mistaking the one to kiss him to be a "shy maiden". Lan Wangji meanwhile is so upset with losing control, he smashes a bunch of trees in such an uncharacteristic fashion that Wei Wuxian notices... without putting one and one together.
    • Gets more meta in the audio drama bloopers where the entire crew is poking fun at Wei Wuxian not realizing that the voice sounds a lot like a man and not a girl.
  • Then Wei Wuxian asks if Lan Wangji if he had ever kissed someone. Lan Wangji panics asks how Wei Wuxian would know and Wei Wuxian replies that with Lan Wangji's serious face no one would dare try and kiss him, how he would never take the initiative to kiss someone and then concludes that Lan Wangji would save his First Kiss for the rest of his life. Lan Wangji then laughs, but not for the reason Wei Wuxian believes.
    • As Lan Wangji turns the question on Wei Wuxian he nervously replies he was obviously very experienced. Lan Wangji sighs and walks off, now thoroughly jealous at all the "people who kissed Wei Ying". Who do not exist.
  • Jin Zixuan guiding Jiang Yanli through the hunt, and describing the prey to her. However he doesn't seem to realize how awkward it is for her since she's not a fighter and doesn't enjoy hunting.
    • Wei Wuxian internally wonders why Jin Zixuan is walking with both his arms and legs on the same side in sync. He even retches when Jin Zixuan offers for Jiang Yanli to come to the sect's hunting grounds.
  • Jin Zixuan finally dropping the whole Tsundere act and loudly confessing to Jiang Yanli that he was the one who wanted her to come to the hunt at Phoenix mountain, not his mother. Everyone's reactions is filled with confused and Stunned Silence. Even Lan Zhan looks surprised at Jin Zixuan's confession. When Jin Zixuan realizes he actually said that out loud, his face gets beet red and he immediately runs from the scene screaming while his mother calls him out for it.

    The Rescue of the Wen Survivors 
  • Wei Wuxian teasing Lan Wangji by sending a group of female ghosts to give him flowers, leaving him confused and flustered as more and more come.
  • The first thing Jiang Cheng encounters on the Burial Mounds upon arrival? Wei Wuxian bickering pointlessly with Wen Qing how he rather have potatoes over radishes planted.
  • Wei Wuxian lightly scolding A-Yuan for grabbing onto people and reminding him not to eat the dirt under his nails. A-Yuan reacts by playfully slapping Wei Wuxian's face.
  • As Jiang Cheng survey's the Demon Slaughtering Cave, Wei Wuxian has to constantly tell his brother to mind where he steps, which is literally everywhere. Jiang Cheng comments on Wei Wuxian's sloppiness, but he ignores him and says that everything he's working on is very important.

    Reunion in Yiling 
  • During this time a lot of rumors and horror stories are being spread about Wei Wuxian and Wen Ning as the Ghost General. Meanwhile, Wei Wuxian only uses the first conscious fierce corpse for one thing; making grocery/shopping trips easier by making Wen Ning carry everything up the mountain. While everyone is spreading slanderous rumors about the Yiling Patriarch, all Wei Wuxian is doing is farming and doing various rather harmless experiments like creating the Compass of Evil. It's sad too as it's those rumors that lead to his death and it being celebrated, but the sheer contrast between rumours and reality is absurd.
  • Wei Wuxian's idea of good parenting includes burying a child in the ground, much to Wen Qing's annoyance.
  • Wei Wuxian gets annoyed that A-Yuan warms up to Lan Wangji so fast, grumbling that it's always the father who has the money and the mother who provides the milk.
  • The reason why Wei Wuxian calls the cave he stays in the Demon Slaughtering Cave? He is known as a "demon" and that's where he passes out asleep after a lot of work ie it "slaughters" him.
  • Lan Wanji is on a night hunt when he stops by Yiling. At the same time, Wen Yuan ends up stumbling on him and crying near him. This gets him mistaken for being his father, much to the interest of the civilians around, which isn't helped by Wen Yuan calling for his dad during this. Wei Wuxian has to "rescue" him and proceeds to tease him. Up to claiming that he "gave birth" to Wen Yuan which Lan Wangji actually takes seriously before Wei Wuxian cracks and admits it's a joke.
  • Wei Wuxian teasing Wen Qing asking if she was done crying, and she angrily tells him he'd be crying soon. Before Wei Wuxian can finish his sentence, Wen Qing retaliates slapping Wei Wuxian's back and causing him to cough up blood. He then dramatically pretends to faint in Lan Wangji's arms before Wen Qing tells him to get up.
  • As Wen Wing offers for Lan Wangji to sit down, Wei Wuxian panics as he realizes there's no place for him to sit since there's papers on his bed. So Wen Qing sweeps all of the items onto the floor. When Wei Wuxian protests, she claims that there's a spot now that everything's swept onto the floor and he can only grumble.
  • Wen Qing scolding Wei Wuxian for wasting money buying useless things Wei Wuxian stutters and claims he bought nice toys for A-Yuan.
    A-Yuan: Xian-gege is lying. (points at Lan Wangji) It's this gege who bought them for me.
  • Wei Wuxian wonders if Lan Wangji normally carries around a lot of money since he forgot to pay for their meal leaving Lan Wangji to pick up the tab. He initially thinks to actually treat him next time, but then concludes it wouldn't be bad if Lan Wangji would pay again since he's clearly rich.
  • A-Yuan identifying Lan Wangji as "rich" gege and Wei Wuxian as "poor" gege. Wei Wuxian grabs A-Yuan's toys and dangles them over his head. He then claims he heard A-Yuan call Lan Wangji "dad" and is unhappy with being ranked lower as "gege", so he bullies A-Yuan to rank him higher.
    A-Yuan: I don't want to call Xian-gege "mom"!
    Wei Wuxian: (snorts) Who told you it's "mom"? The one who ranks higher than "big brother" and "dad" is "grandpa"!
    • He then goes on and tries to scare A-Yuan by claiming that the Cloud Recess is a scary place where they nab children, lock them up and force them to write scriptures. He asks if that's what A-Yuan went, and the child goes on to list everyone at the Burial Mounds who he still wants, which only leads him to lump Wei Wuxian in with the others.
  • Wen Qing serving Wei Wuxian the feast they prepared and acting nice to him. He lampshades it and admits to being scared.
    Wei Wuxian: Did you get possessed?
    Wen Qing: Tsk! So you want to get pierced by needles again?
    Wei Wuxian: Let's pretend I never said that!
  • The other Wens he hasn't met introduce themselves, with one telling Wei Wuxian her name is Wen Bin Bin. He jokes that her name is the opposite of her since all they do when they see each other is bicker.
  • Jiang Yanli apologizing to Wei Wuxian that he couldn't also see the groom as it's just her who could come.
    Wei Wuxian: Who'd want to look at the groom? I just want to see the bride.
    • Then as her brothers shower her in compliments, she teases them saying she can't take them seriously since there was no point in the two of them praising her. Jiang Cheng then teases his sister asking if she only wants to hear the compliments from someone else which causes her to stutter and blush.
  • Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng get into an argument on who was the most injured because of their last squabble. Wei Wuxian complains about Jiang Cheng really stabbing him and having to heal for seven days, whereas Jiang Cheng had to wear a sling for a month. Wei Wuxian argues it doesn't matter for him since he didn't break his dominant arm.

    The Ambush at Qiongqi Path 
  • Wei Wuxian asking Wen Ning to protect him from Wen Qing after spending all of their money buying the materials he needed to make Jin Ling's birthday gift.
  • Though the rest is more serious, there is something utterly hilarious about how Wei Wuxian's first reaction to seeing Jin Zixun showing up with a bunch of archers and other cultivators to ambush him is "who are you?". Wei Wuxian really did not give a single care about this guy past the last time he saw him. Jin Zixun is really stretching the idea of the Yiling Patriarch caring about him in any fashion...

Post-Time Skip

    Mo Village 
  • The text on Wei Wuxian completely riding along with acting like a maniac:
    In terms of running wild, Wei Wuxian was definitely a master. In the past, if he wanted to run wild, he would have to keep his status in mind, but now, he was a lunatic anyways, which meant that he could do whatever he wanted to, whichever way he wanted.
  • As he crashes a meeting with the Mo family meeting up with the Lan clan, he causes a scene by petulantly refusing to leave and accusing Mo Ziyuan of harassing him in the middle of the night, leaving the entire family (and the onlookers) scandalized.
  • Wei Wuxian calls the Lan sect's (all-white) uniforms mourning clothes.
  • Wei Wuxian kicking Lan Jingyi towards the reanimated corpse and he yells at him asking why he kicked him. Wei Wuxian's immediate response it to say he didn't do anything.
  • In most of the voiceovers Wei Wuxian either sounds confident or commanding when he tells the corpses to wake up. Yet in the Japanese dub of this moment, he just sounds annoyed as he snaps his fingers and orders them to wake up.

    Dafan Mountain 
  • The donkey that Wei Wuxian picked up near the end of the first arc:
    Although it was only a donkey, it would exclusively eat fresh, young grass with dewdrops still hanging off them. If the tip of the grass had a streak of yellow, it wouldn't eat it... If it didn't eat high-quality food, it wouldn't budge, and it'd lose its temper and kick around.
    • And it would continue to be a pain in the neck of whoever was unlucky enough to end up with it, throughout the whole book.
  • Lan Wangji's first appearance in the novel, as opposed to merely being referenced:
    Although all of the clans in the cultivation world used extravagant words to describe the Gusu Lan Sect’s uniform as the best looking uniform, and [Lan Wangji] as a an incomparable beauty who only appeared once in a blue moon, nothing could help his bitter facial expression, as if his wife had passed away.
  • Jiang Cheng is revealed to be number five on the list of gentlemen cultivators. Nobody dares to mentions this in earshot because Wei Wuxian is number four, and Jiang Cheng never managed to surpass Wei Wuxian even before or after the latter ''died''.
    • In hindsight, there's another reason why he ranks below Wei Wuxian. While Wei Wuxian is known to be a flirt with the ladies, the audio drama revealed that Jiang Cheng can't talk to a woman without offending them just a few sentences in.
  • While the reason behind it isn't funny, there's still something hilarious about how Lan Wangji dislikes Jiang Cheng so much that he won't speak to him directly, having Lan Sizhui do the talking instead. He also won't hesitate to use the Silencing Spell on Jiang Cheng's nephew right in front of him, and even destroy all four-hundred nets that the uncle-nephew duo had set up around Dafan Mountain, to piss Jiang Cheng off. Sure, there were also the reasons that Jin Ling was lacking in manners and no form of cheating is allowed during night-hunts, but still.
  • In the donghua, Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi get into an argument, which leads to them pulling out their swords and fighting. Lan Sizhui tries to talk some sense into the two only to immediately give up and Face Palm.
    • After Lan Jingyi kicks Jin Ling into the cave, he and Sizhui enter to find him and investigate. However, Lan Jingyi believes he heard a ghost and whips up a flame talisman in a panic when he hears something approaching. It was actually Jin Ling, and the two end up screaming out of fright. Jin Ling then pokes fun of Lan Jingyi's screaming like a child, while completely ignoring the fact that he had screamed as well.
  • No matter the adaptation, when Wei Wuxian plays the flute for the first time in years everyone nearby notes how terrible he sounds. Made funnier in the novel where Wei Wuxian internally snarks that if someone else could fluidly play a hastily carved flute after thirteen years of no practice, then he'd happily bow down to them.
  • Wei Wuxian tries to disgust both Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji to get them off his case by claiming to be attracted to the latter. He's half-successful, at best.
    Lan Wangji: Mark your words.
    Wei Wuxian: Hmm?
    Lan Wangji: (to Jiang Cheng and everyone else) I will take this person back to the Lan Sect.
    Wei Wuxian: ...
    Wei Wuxian: ... Huh?
  • The entire scene where Jiang Cheng suspects Wei Wuxian's true identity is Hilarious in Hindsight, since it becomes clear that Wei Wuxian was fooling no one even when he pretended to act like a lunatic.
  • One instance has Wei Wuxian putting on makeup so he looks like a ghost in order to annoy Lan Wangji. Unfortunately when he asks if he looks good Lan Wangji replies with "mn" in agreement. Confused, Wei Wuxian wonders what he did wrong as their server comes in with their tea before screaming that he saw a ghost and runs out.

    To the Cloud Recesses 
  • After the Dafan Mountain arc, the reader is immediately taken to the Lan Sect's headquarters, the Cloud Recesses. Outside it, Wei Wuxian is making a ruckus to avoid being dragged inside against his will. Lan Wangji, of course, is having none of it.
    Lan Wangji stood still in front of the entrance, turning a deaf ear to him, and watched the scene with an indifferent look. When Wei Wuxian's voice had somewhat quieted, he spoke, "Let him cry. When he becomes tired, drag him inside."

    Wei Wuxian hugged the donkey and cried even harder, bumping his head against it.
    • In the donghua, Wei Wuxian quickly takes the hint that crying won't work and immediately tries to leave with Little Apple. However, Little Apple instead heads towards Lan Wangji, who pulls out an apple from his sleeve.
      Wei Wuxian: Little Apple, you traitor!!
    • The audio drama makes the scene a little funnier where Wei Wuxian complains about the Lan Sect's 3000 rules written on the stone wall.
      Wei Wuxian: This stone wall has over 3000 sect rules carved into it. How could I see them clearly?!
      Lan Jingyi: "3000 sect rules'" is ancient history! Now they've added more, all the way up to 4019 rules. Hmph.
      Wei Wuxian: [cries harder] So harsh!
  • Lan Xichen, leader of the Lan Sect and Lan Wangji's elder brother, can divine his brother's mood by looking at the latter. Keep in mind that at no point in the text was there any change in Lan Wangji's face.
    Wei Wuxian: [thinking] Good spirits? How could he [Lan Xichen] tell that he [Lan Wangji] was in good spirits?!
    • In the audio drama, even Lan Jingyi asks how Lan Xichen could tell his brother was happy.
  • When he first meets Lan Xichen in the audio drama, Wei Wuxian tries to seize the opportunity to annoy him and get kicked out of the Cloud Recesses. But Lan Wangji is two steps ahead of him and immediately puts him under the Silencing Spell.
  • Wei Wuxian's increasingly ridiculous attempts to find an exit pass and escape the Cloud Recesses.
    • It starts with him investigating Lan Wangji's bedroom, where he finds the wine that Lan Wangji hid under the floorboards in a sad attempt to commemorate Wei Wuxian while the latter was deceased.
    • Second attempt: he goes to the Cold Springs to steal the jade token (which is the entrance/exit pass) of anyone who's bathing there. Much to his bad luck, Lan Wangji is there and catches him in the act. When Wei Wuxian flees and bumps into Sizhui and Jingyi, he makes this priceless remark in an attempt to be kicked out for being a peeping tom:
      'Wei Wuxian: I didn't see! I didn't see anything! I'm definitely not here to peep at Hanguang-Jun bathing!
    • The third and final attempt involved Wei Wuxian ambushing Lan Wangji in bed to try and steal the jade token. The following exchange occurs:
      Lan Wangji: Get off.
      Wei Wuxian: No.
      Lan Wangji: ... Get off.
      Wei Wuxian: No. If you allowed me to sleep here, you should have known that something like this would happen.
      Lan Wangji: Are you sure that this is what you want?
      Wei Wuxian: ...
      For some reason, Wei Wuxian felt that he should carefully consider his reply.
      • Then Lan Wangji uses a spell to freeze Wei Wuxian atop his body, and goes back to sleep.
        Lan Wangji: Then stay like this for the whole night.
        Wei Wuxian: ???
  • The morning after... and the wake-up call.
    Wei Wuxian: What is wrong? I got done by your sect's Hanguang-Jun!
  • The revelation that Lan Wangji loves rabbits. Just the image of him holding a rabbit with a straight face will cause many readers to roll in laughter. Ask Wei Wuxian.
  • As they approach the doors Wei Wuxian commands them to open. The juniors tells Wei Wuxian that the doors won't open just because he wants them to, but then the resentful energy inside slams the wood open and Wei Wuxian walks inside.
  • Wei Wuxian's dizi playing is apparently so bad, Lan Qiren briefly wakes up to complain about it!

    Xinglu Ridge 
  • Wei Wuxian switched his tactics from trying to escape Lan Wangji, to annoying Lan Wangji. Lan Wangji's newfound tolerance has Wei Wuxian stumped, to the point where he suspects that Lan Wangji and Mo Xuanyu (his current body's original owner) has some torrid affair going on.
  • After accidentally bumping into a man, he offers to give Wei Wuxian portraits that supposedly were painted of the Yiling Patriach to ward off evil. Wei Wuxian is... less than pleased that the portraits reduce him to what could be described as an ogre. He then grabs the paper and says that the Yiling Patriach was known for his good looks and the man should redraw the portrait.
  • The fearsome Yiling Patriarch... is afraid of dogs.
    • The pair meet Jin Ling - again - and Jin Ling has a dog, which causes Wei Wuxian to flee in terror and climb up onto Lan Wangji (like a tree). Then Jin Ling flees in terror from Lan Wangji, because Lan Wangji had punished him once with the Silencing Spell before and he did not want another punishment.
    • In the donghua, Wei Wuxian panics upon seeing Fairy and practically climbs the other man out of fright. Once Jin Ling leaves with his dog, Wei Wuxian seems to notice himself hugging Lan Wangji's upper body like a koala (arms and legs and all) and quickly jumps off.
  • The simple fact that Jin Ling's dog is named Fairy (仙子)! Worse, Jiang Cheng has similar poor naming sense, having given his dogs names one would expect from prostitutes (e.g. Jasmine, Princess, and Love). At least we know where Jin Ling gets it from...
  • After Lan Wangji finds Wei Wuxian again and notices the curse mark on his leg, he sighs as mutters, "I was gone an hour."
  • Wei Wuxian asks Lan Wangji to speak with the spirits and tell them what they know.
    Wei Wuxian: What did they say?
    Lan Wangji: "I don't know".
    Wei Wuxian: What?
    Lan Wangji: They said, "I don't know".
  • Nie Huaisang's reintroduction in the present timeline via what's apparently his Catch Phrase, "I don't know, I don't know, I really don't know!"
  • Jiang Cheng catches (what he suspects, and actually is) Wei Wuxian. To keep Wei Wuxian in place, he uses the dog. Given Wei Wuxian's fear of dogs, it's a cruel act, but there's still something to grimly chuckle at about how Wei Wuxian can't curb his fear even in situations where there's a greater danger right in front of him.
    • Before interrogating Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng decides to pour himself a cup of tea... then suddenly smash it on the ground without taking even a sip. One can only guess if this is one of his unique temper tantrums or his attempt to further intimidate Wei Wuxian.
  • Trying to escape the city before Jiang Cheng notices he's missing, Wei Wuxian looks back to see Fairy following him, causing him to scream and telling the dog to leave him alone.
  • Lan Wangji using Bichen... to cut the pants off corpses. And strip them off. Before the Nie ancestral hall. The Nie ancestors were definitely rolling in their graves there...

    Yi City 
  • As they leave the bar, the shopowner asks for Wei Wuxian's name and he tells him his last name is 'Lan'. Cue Lan Wangji tripping over his feet just a few steps away. The manhua gets to show a panel of Lan Wangji tripping in shock.
    • Earlier on, when their server gets closer to Wei Wuxian to tell him the story of what's happening at the city, Lan Wangji quietly leaves after paying for their drinks. The server notes nervously that Lan Wangji glared at him like he was hitting on his wife.
  • The first (on-screen) time Lan Wangji gets drunk. He slams Wen Ning away, and confiscates Wei Wuxian's flute before Wei Wuxian persuades him to go back to their shared inn room. Lan Wangji then proceeds to drink the water used for washing one's face by dunking his whole head into the water, forcing Wei Wuxian to intervene. Wei Wuxian decides to play In Vino Veritas and interrogate Lan Wangji only to receive expressive yet monosyllabic replies, before Lan Wangji's Clock King body clock steps in. The drunk pulls Wei Wuxian into bed with him, and when Wei Wuxian protests, he attempts to remove Wei Wuxian's clothes.
  • The aftermath of said drunken ramble can be funny too, if one is into misunderstandings...
    Wei Wuxian: [winks] You were so bold and unrestrained last night, Hanguang-Jun~
  • The whole arc could also be summarized as "The Yiling Patriarch and Hanguang-Jun class trip, with corpses!"
  • After he describes what will happen to the juniors afflicted with corpse poisoning, lets the information sink in and then asks if they want to be cured. They all immediately say yes.
  • "Xiao Xingchen"'s reaction to Wei Wuxian's rice congee:
    "Xiao Xingchen": Now that I think about it, if I had to eat this every single day, I'd rather die.
    • Even the juniors reactions are hilarious with many either having a coughing fit or outright spitting up the conghee. Lan Sizhui comments that he somehow finds the taste oddly familiar.
  • Lan Jingyi asking why Wei Wuxian didn't protest more when they leave Lan Wangji to deal with Xue Yang. Wei Wuxian asks him to elaborate and Lan Jingyi admits he expected something more like, "I'm not leaving without you!" and other similar prose. Wei Wuxian is at the verge of cringing when he asks Jingyi where he learned those things from.
  • As Wei Wuxian looks through A-Qing's memories, he's surprised at her tomboyish nature (especially with all of the cursing she does). Then when she runs into a man to steal his wallet and "apologizes" for being blind, the man pinches her butt — which Wei Wuxian also feels since he's currently using Empathy on A-Qing, as it causes him to think her every thought and feel everything she feels. He then angrily wishes that he could beat the man up.
  • The juniors are so caught up in their grief for A-Qing and Xiao Xingchen that they're burning paper money in front of a man's house and he angrily yells at them to get off his property.
  • Lan Wangji gets drunk for the second time in the plot. Wen Ning makes two more human-shaped pits in the ground thanks to Lan Wangji, before Lan Wangji ties up Wei Wuxian's hands and drags him to show off before a bunch of juniors.
    • Poor Lan Jingyi's chicken...
  • Drunk Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian playing tag as they both run around a screen divider.
  • As their faces drew closer to each other, out of an impulse Wei Wuxian leans up to kiss Lan Wangji. He flinches when he thinks the other's reaction meant he was going to hit him, but instead Lan Wangji slaps himself on the forehead so hard he passes out on the bed.
  • A wild story supposedly involving Wei Wuxian trying to look at the true face of a flower fairy in a garden. He'd stand on the garden wall and loudly recite a poem wrongly, getting himself thrown out ten to twenty times before the flower fairy personally came out to chuck him away. He got what he wanted, but now whenever the fairy sees him in the region, she'd create a storm of flower petals just for Wei Wuxian, an event even stranger than strange events.
  • Wei Wuxian panics when he finds out the meaning of the Lan Sect's forehead ribbon. The ribbon cannot be taken off just by anybody, only by the wearer and the person that the wearer loves. Wei Wuxian stole Lan Wangji's forehead ribbon in their youth and was nearly beaten up for it...
    • What makes this funnier is how this certainly would have been highlighted in the Lan Sect rules that Wei Wuxian was made to write down as punishment, but he either glanced over it or truly wasn't paying attention and was writing on pure muscle memory.
  • Wei Wuxian teaching the juniors a secret in how to get help in dire situations. He then shouts for Lan Wangji, and the other juniors immediately follow suit. The Twin Jades appear soon afterwards, with the juniors (including Lan Sizhui) crying in relief.

    Koi Tower 
  • Jin Ling demanding to know what Wei Wuxian was doing at the meeting. As Wei Wuxian hides behind Lan Wangji he mutters that he came for the free food.
  • Wei Wuxian describing Jin Guangyao as having a "cheap face" - not handsome enough for people to be jealous of him, but not ugly enough to offend people either.
  • Since he still looks like Mo Xuanyu, everyone avoids him as much as possible, and it gets to the point where Wei Wuxian asks Lan Wangji what the hell Mo Xuanyu did especially when Qin Su starts looking at him.
    Wei Wuxian: What exactly did Mo Xuanyu do? He couldn't have.... stripped naked and professed his love in public? Even if he did it isn't all that bizarre. The people in Lanling Jin Sect are really inexperienced.
    Lan Wangji: Don't speak nonsense.
  • Nie Huaisang drunk off his ass comes crying into the party, clinging onto Jin Guangyao and asking for his help. When he points out he already helped Nie Huaisang, he cries that another problem has come up and continues to cry.
  • It is confirmed that Mo Xuanyu is the illegitimate son of Jin Guangshan, and was chased out of Koi Tower supposedly for making overtures on the married Jin Guangyao, his half-brother. In order to keep the cover story, Wei Wuxian fibs that he (Mo Xuanyu) has moved on to another person: Lan Wangji.
  • In the manhua, Wei Wuxian turns to stone from shock when the Jin sect juniors tell him that Mo Xuanyu made passes at Jin Guangyao.
    • An even funnier scene is when Wei Wuxian hams up his feeling for Lan Wangji in front of Jin Ling by declaring he doesn't want anyone if it isn't Lan Wangji, with the panel looking like a shoujo manga. However, Wei Wuxian gets so caught up in his acting he doesn't realize Jin Ling flees because he sees Lan Wangji standing right behind Wei Wuxian.
  • In the audio drama, when Wei Wuxian transfers his soul to a paper doll, he talks in Helium Speech.
  • Wei Wuxian's Major Injury Under Reaction after Jin Ling stabs him.
    Wei Wuxian: Why does he stab in the same place as his uncle?
  • At the Cloud Recess once he had recovered, Lan Wangji gives Wei Wuxian some Emperor's Smile to drink. Wei Wuxian gladly takes a sip— before spitting it out. He then belatedly realizes these were the same jars he had drunk earlier and filled with water to prank Lan Wangji, only to end up shooting himself in the foot.

    The Second Siege 
  • As Wen Ning approaches the juniors carrying Suibian, they all start screaming in fear and likely wet their pants.
  • Wei Wuxian's defense of how he could not have kidnapped several junior disciples: everyone knows that he has no money, and Lan Wangji is holding his purse strings.
    Lan Sizhui: Yes. I knew it! I knew that, Senior, you really are very broke!
    Wei Wuxian: ...
  • A lot of the cultivators who arrive ask Wei Wuxian if he recognizes them, and all he responds with is a blank "no".

    Return to Lotus Pier 
  • As Wei Wuxian snuggles up to Lan Wangji in his sleep with the other gently telling him to rest, the juniors decide to flee from the cabin as they felt like they were intruding on something.
    Lan Jingyi: No wonder the Ghost General remained squatting outside without going in. I think that a third person wouldn't be able to fit in there!
    • One of the juniors was apparently blushing and when asked, he hurriedly claims it was because someone else was blushing.
  • After Sisi and Bicao tell the sects their stories, Wei Wuxian gets whiplash when the sect leaders are now addressing him respectfully and asking for his assistance when they literally wanted him dead not even half a day ago.

    Yunping City 
  • The third and last of Lan Wangji's (recorded) drunken escapade, involving theft of fowls, vandalism, and a wild night. When Wei Wuxian has to be the reasonable one while Lan Wangji is drunk off his rocker, it turns into quite the hilarious image.
    "Gusu's Lan Wangji was here".
    • He even draws two little figures kissing under his writing and seems extremely proud of himself.
  • After he gets drunk, Wei Wuxian tries to sober him up, but Lan Wangji nails his sleeve to the floor with Bichen so he wouldn't leave. When he promises not to go, Lan Wangji gives him Bichen, and then his wallet. Then decides against it as he takes them both back.
  • After the disaster that was his conversation with Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian decides to leave and walk off his emotions. He then finds Wen Ning at the wall trying to get rid of Lan Wangji's graffiti.
    • Wen Ning pointing out the hickey's on Wei Wuxian's neck, which he belatedly notices and embarrassedly tries to cover up.

    Guanyin Temple 
  • Wei Wuxian could never confess normally, could he...
    Wei Wuxian: Lan Zhan! Lan Wangji! Hanguang-Jun! Back then, I-I really wanted to sleep (have sex) with you!
    • Keep in mind that when Wei Wuxian confessed his feelings, he and Lan Wangji are being held hostage under armed guard without access to spiritual energy, and they're in a Buddhist temple and right in front of Lan Xichen, Lan Wangji's older brother. It's no wonder Lan Xichen has to remind Wei Wuxian about his timing.
  • Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian being lovey-dovey with each other and clearly off in their own little world when everyone around them is literally fighting for their lives.
    • When Su She accuses Wei Wuxian of being afraid of death, Wei Wuxian explains that's different from simply not wanting to die. To provide an example, he claims him not wanting to leave Lan Wangji's lap and being afraid to leave are two different things ... before pausing for a beat and saying, "Oh wait, no, they're not, they mean the same thing." Lan Wangji laughs at his reply.
  • Wei Wuxian stalling Jin Guangyao's plans by breaking the arrays that's sealing all the corpses within the temple. However, the temple was built over a brothel that burned down. That means the corpses, while burned, are also... not very well-clothed, to say the least. After Lan Xichen has his old friend at his mercy, he awkwardly asks Wei Wuxian to seal away the corpses.
  • The audio drama has some meta humor when it gets to the part where Lan Xichen tells Jiang Cheng to not listen to anything Jin Guangyao says, and to not get too agitated at Wei Wuxian since he'll just worsen his wounds. Both scenes are not exactly funny, but the episode covering them had aired one month after The Untamed had finished streaming. And Lan Xichen's voice actor in the audio drama also dubbed over Jiang Cheng in the latter adaptation. So, talking from experience are we, live-action!Jiang Cheng?
  • Jin Ling calling his uncle "annoying" for always being violently hot-and-cold around Wei Wuxian. It also counts as a heartwarming moment, since it showcases Jin Ling's Character Development towards Wei Wuxian.

  • During their make-out session, Wei Wuxian realizes that his Sacred First Kiss on Phoenix Mountain all of those years ago was taken by Lan Wangji. After he inquires about this, he also realizes that Lan Wangji was jealous back then (since Wei Wuxian previously claimed that he had kissed countless girls). Wei Wuxian starts roaring with laughter.
    Wei Wuxian: With all that, back then you were really that angry because you thought I'd really kissed someone else, weren't you? Are you an idiot, Lan Zhan?! You fucking believed all that nonsense! Only a lil' fuddy-duddy like you would believe me!
  • During Their First Time, they have an exchange that would define their sex life from then on:
    Wei Wuxian: Lan Zhan, when I said I wanted to sleep with you every day, can you pretend like you didn't hear it?
    Lan Wangji: No.
    Wei Wuxian: How could you do this? You've never turned me down before.
    Lan Wangji: [smiles] No.
    • Then when Wei Wuxian suggests that they do it every three or four days, Lan Wangji merely replies, "Everyday means everyday."
  • The revelation that Lan Wangji stole the scented pouch that a girl gave to Wei Wuxian, and used it as his money pouch all along.
  • Wei Wuxian asking what the name of the song Lan Wangji played was. Since he never knew anything else besides the fact that Lan Wangji composed the song. Once Lan Wangji hesitatingly answers that the name of the song was WangXian, Wei Wuxian widens his eyes in surprise and then bursts out laughing.
    Wei Wuxian: No wonder you never told me. So you gave it a name like this all on your own. The reason behind it is just so obvious!


Novel Extras

    Extra 1: Banquet 
  • Apparently back when Lan Wangji watched over Wei Wuxian copying the scriptures in the Library Pavillion, he wrote only one character incorrectly. Once Wei Wuxian puts two and two together, he starts laughing as he realizes his husband was too distracted by him to focus on his studies back when they were teens.
  • We finally see the upside-down copying!
  • Wei Wuxian's mouth moves faster than his brain in thinking up bedroom games:
    Wei Wuxian: You can even do me upside-down?
    Lan Wangji: I can try.
    Wei Wuxian: Hahahahahaha... What did you say?
    Lan Wangji: I can try tonight.
    Wei Wuxian: ...
    • While they didn't get to try it that night, Word of God confirmed that they eventually gave it a shot... and agreed that they shouldn't do it again.
  • The Lan family banquet, according to Wei Wuxian, is more depressing than a funeral. The first course starts off with medicinal soup of which one spoon nearly causes Wei Wuxian to retch. Then, after when he turns his head, the bowl is mysteriously empty, then notices Lan Wangji quietly wiping his mouth. He quickly connects the dots, and nearly cozies up to his husband before Lan Qiren clears his throat in their direction.
  • Out of frustration over the fact that Wei Wuxian is now married to Lan Wangji, and still convinced of the fact that Wei Wuxian is nothing but a bad influence, Lan Qiren made all the younger-generation Lan disciples stay away from Wei Wuxian on threat of copying the entire set of Lan Sect rules upside-down. Not that it sticks; since the juniors quickly disregard the rule whenever Lan Qiren isn't around.

    Extra 2: Incense Burner 
  • The fact Wei Wuxian is the one to have a domestic happy future dream while it is Lan Wangji who has the weird sex dream.
  • Wei Wuxian laughing himself awake from a dream where he teased a young Lan Wangji about their future life as a married couple.
  • In spite of his kinkiness in bed, there's one thing Wei Wuxian is averse to.
    Wei Wuxian: Really, if you wanna fuck me then do it, I'll open my legs and let you do whatever you want— just don't hit me!!
    • The irony gets more hilarious the more you think about it. Wei Wuxian doesn't mind being tied up, and seems to have a bit of a rape kink. And yet he draws the line at getting slapped, even if it's in the steamy sense.

    Extra 4: Intrusion 
  • The entire extra could be summed up as the couple going on a holiday and dragging their (adopted) son along for extra training.
  • Lan Wangji's version of good advice to keep zombies out: "Change your door bolt."
  • A client consulted the couple for a case of a vengeful corpse coming after him. The corpse already got through two of the natural defenses that houses have against non-human entities, and the final barrier is the bedroom door. A (virgin) boy is needed to guard the final door, while Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji look after the client inside. Lan Sizhui - who had been dragged out alone for this extra training - is nominated as the boy. Then the client asks 'why can't it be him?' - while pointing at Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian laughed so hard that he nearly hits the floor.
    Wei Wuxian: No! Hanguang-Jun, you have a cheating face!

    Extra 5: Iron Hook 
  • The entire chapter's plot can be summarized as "The Yiling Patriarch's Night-Hunting Supplementary Class".
  • After they find the hook belonging to the Serial Killer they've been investigating, Wei Wuxian just stands off to the side as the juniors panic and run around. When they ask for him to help, he casually tells them they need to learn and not always ask their seniors for help.
    • Lan Jingyi yelling that they should try and melt the hook down, which Lan Sizhui agrees to but Jin Ling doesn't.
      Jin Ling: Lan Sizhui! It's fine if it's Lan Jingyi being dumb, but why are you being dumb, too? You want to melt it with that small flame?!
      Lan Jingyi: Who are you calling dumb?! What do you mean it's fine if I'm the one being dumb?!
    • You have to give credit to Lan Jingyi though; his suggestion actually worked.
  • Once Jin Ling returns with new information about the Hook Hand, Wei Wuxian volunteers Lan Jingyi to sleep in the white room tonight, causing him to do a Spit Take. Wei Wuxian then says that all of the other juniors want to do it for experience as well, while Lan Jingyi yells as he points out that everyone else was actually backing away from volunteering. They all wish Lan Jingyi luck while Wei Wuxian tells him to eat up because he'll need the energy for later.
  • How does the night-hunt end? The Hook Hand is dealt with, but the ghost of his last victim still lingers. Thankfully, the victim's only regret is not to scream out all his fear, which doesn't label him as a threat. So in order for the ghost to be exorcised, it needs to keep yelling out as much as possible. The ghost ends up keeping the house's occupants awake... for a month.
  • The Reveal that... Lan Wangji keeps marking papers with Wei Wuxian in his lap. In front of their adopted son.

    Extra 6: Lotus Seed Pod 
  • As Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng start wrestling with each other, the Jiang disciplines ask them to stop fighting, but the tone of their voices gives away how they're just saying the words and feel to sweaty to truly care to make them stop.
    • Jiang Yanli arriving with watermelon and asking if Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng were fighting again. Wei Wuxian denies it, and then she asks who was it that left that foot mark on Jiang Cheng's chest. Wei Wuxian immediately changes the subject.
  • Wei Wuxians's side is full of him randomly bringing up Lan Wangji at odd times, with Jiang Cheng making it clear this keeps happening. Looks like the crush is in full force though everyone is ignorant at this time as to why Lan Wangji is always on Wei Wuxian's mind...
  • The fact that Wei Wuxian claims that scorched watermelon skins would taste better than the food served at the Cloud Recesses.
  • The old man of the lotus pod lake catching the Jiang disciplines stealing his lotus pods. So the disciplines to the honorable thing of leaving Wei Wuxian behind to distract the old man while they paddle away. After he gets beat and manages to flee, Wei Wuxian cries on how all the injustices of the world seem to always fall on him.
    Jiang discipline: (laughing) It's because you're the most handsome!
  • The Twin Jades of Lan practicing their handstands, purely for meditation as well gaining extra arm muscle. Then one of the two rabbits Lan Wangji keeps hops to Lan Wangji and starts to pester him.
  • Lan Wangji ends up going on a "quest" to get lotus seed pods fresh, all because Wei Wuxian mentioned it once to him. He even manages to get it!

    Extra 7: Dream Come True 
  • Wei Wuxian betting with some kids claiming he can kick the toy over two hundred times in succession for a candy haw. However, he cheats by purposefully miscounting and when the kids try to call him out for it, he convinces them by calling Lan Wangji over to corroborate his claims, which he does. Then as he walks away with the candy, he thanks Lan Wangji for helping him save face.
  • The pair go on a date, and play ring-toss where you get whatever you hook with the three rings. Wei Wuxian wins a porcelain tortoise. Lan Wangji wins a stuffed donkey. Lan Wangji then uses the last ring to hook Wei Wuxian.
    • The tortoise ends up on Lan Wangji's desk in the Cloud Recesses classroom. Nobody dares to ask why was it there.

    Taiwan Extra: From Dawn to Dusk 
  • After our couple has a long tumble in bed, Lan Wangji starts preparing a bath for Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian asks why Lan Wangji isn't joining him, and Lan Wangji matter-of-factly states that in the past four days since they returned to the Cloud Recesses, they've broken four bathtubs. Wei Wuxian corrects that the fault lies entirely in Lan Wangji, which he admits to. As it turns out, Lan Wangji really Does Not Know His Own Strength whenever sex is involved.

Audio Drama Extras

    Season 1 
  • "No": The sheer range of expressions that Lan Wangji can expressed with one "no" is telling.
  • "Escape": After being able to leave the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian tries to repeatedly escape from Lan Wangji on their way to locate the rest of the dismembered body. Here be the 12th escape attempt recorded.
    • What's hilarious is how he screams for help and says that Lan Wangji had been capturing him for days. A woman who hears the ruckus doesn't believe Wei Wuxian and states that a princely-looking guy like Lan Wangji wouldn't kidnap anybody. She even argues that it's Wei Wuxian who seemed like the one clinging to him and refusing to leave. Wei Wuxian becomes increasingly flabbergasted at these accusations.
  • "Glutinous Rice Porridge": Wei Wuxian gets judged on his cooking, reactions vary.
    • Lan Jingyi coughs the moment he tastes the food and gives Wei Wuxian one point, instead of his initial verdict of zero points, because he acknowledges that it's the same spicy porridge that saved him from getting corpse poisoning.
      Lan Jingyi: (right after tasting it) Why do I have to eat this again?!
    • After Wei Wuxian complains about the Lan Jingyi's judgement, Sizhui graciously gives Wei Wuxian eight points despite audibly struggling with eating it.
    • Jiang Cheng gives a bland "okay" reaction before giving Wei Wuxian only three points, just because he can. Wei Wuxian shoos him in response.
    • And of course, Lan Wangji gives his husband a perfect score. Jiang Cheng deadpans that Lan Wangji is not being impartial, but his concern is ignored.
    • Oh, and Lan Qiren almost dies while he coughs and gives Wei Wuxian zero points.
  • "Fear of Dogs": The priceless moment when Wei Wuxian has a complete Freak Out and screams for dear life when Jin Zixuan's dog chases him up a tree.

    Season 2 
  • "Lady of the Flower Patch:" Wei Wuxian goes to meet the elusive flower spirit and recites the wrong lines of poetry to her, leading him to be kicked out of her garden. Two disciples nearby watch on just to see Wei Wuxian get up and try again only to be kicked out repeatedly. This has apparently become a well known story that the Lan juniors have read, and Wei Wuxian is embarrassed that that part of his past got recorded into history. When he asks who let them read those stories, the Lan Jingyi and Lan Sizhui reply it was Lan Wangji, so Wei Wuxian vows to tell embarrassing stories about Lan Wangji.
  • "Drunk": You already know how Lan Wangji acts when inebriated. But what about Lan Xichen? One sip has him become overly enthusiastic, energetic, and slightly air-headed. He tries to look for his flute so he can play a tune but can't seem to find it. Lan Qiren then points out that his nephew had been holding it the whole time.
  • "Paper Balls": Lan Wangji keeps intercepting the paper balls that Wei Wuxian would try to throw to Nie Huaisang, leading to Wei Wuxian getting scolded. The next time, Wei Wuxian lets himself get caught doing the same trick, but this time reads the contents of the paper (which turns out to be a letter to Lan Wangji) out loud, which ends with Lan Wangji storming off, Lan Qiren stress-coughing, and the rest of the class breaking out in laughter.
  • "The Adventures of the Paperman Xian": Wei Wuxian comments on Lan Xichen always helping Nie Huaisang, equating it to him spoiling Nie Huaisang to the point of him becoming useless.
  • "Washing Clothes": Lan Xichen has one fault in his character: he can't wash clothes without accidentally tearing into them, so Jin Guanyao does it for him. You can tell he's trying very hard not to laugh.

    Season 3 
  • "Yunmeng Youths": Wei Wuxian pulling a horrible prank on Jiang Cheng and the other Jiang disciples by taking a medicine that makes it look like he's bleeding to death. They react as expected. Then he reveals it's just a joke. They also react as expected.
  • "A-Yuan and Rabbits": Lan Wangji's parenting style isn't so different from Wei Wuxian's as he plants A-Yuan into a patch of rabbits.
  • "Sleeping Together": In another of his attempts to annoy Lan Wangji into sending him away, Wei Wuxian moves to sleep on top of Lan Wangji by claiming he doesn't have a pillow, which he casually threw out the window a minute ago.
  • "Planting Radishes": Wei Wuxian telling Wen Ning what kind of child he would like. He's basically describing a mini-Lan Wangji. As it turns out, our main character's been pining longer than we had expected...
  • "Matchmaking": Mo Xiang Tong Xiu previously stated that after three blind dates, Jiang Cheng was blacklisted by the female cultivators. This extra gives you a good idea why.
    • There's some meta humor involved. Before the extra, a lot of fans joked that the women that Jiang Cheng dated were just being plainly picky and that they're missing out. As it turns out, those women had very good reason to see him as a terrible suitor. What's funnier is that Jiang Cheng fails to see what he's doing wrong, and simply thinks that all of his dates were being rude.

Chibi Mini-Series

  • The trailer has some hilarious bits:
    • Wen Ning being chased by Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi.
    • Jin Ling whacking a Measuring Snake with his sword but accidentally hits Jiang Cheng as well, who starts to scowl at him while a bump forms on his head. Wei Wuxian laughs at the scene, but his expression immediately turns to one of dread when he sees that Fairy is standing nearby.
    • Wei Wuxian, Lan Jingyi, and Lan Xichen shaking their hips before turning around and doing cute poses.
    • Lan Wangji being in a pouty mood and having a flushed expression, hinting that he's drunk. The trailer also ends with him dragging Wei Wuxian away, with Lan Qiren in the background looking on in both confusion and mortification. Afterwards he ties Wei Wuxian up in his room as he falls asleep on the bed with Wei Wuxian struggling in the background.


Episode 1

  • Wei Wuxian helping Nie Huaisang cheat on a test, it backfires hilariously of course.
    • There's a spiritual object that detects cheaters and shoots lasers at the students. All whilst Lan Wangji calmly continues to write on his test.
    • Wei Wuxian tries to send Nie Huaisang a note via his bird, but the bird only flies as far as Lan Wangji's desk. Even worse, the bird as it catches its breath takes one look at Lan Wangji (looking like a bird himself) and instantly falls in love with him.
  • Despite managing to cheat, Nie Huaisang still fails and Nie Mingjue apparently caught wind of this as he chases his brother around the Cloud Recess in outrage.

Episode 2

  • Wei Wuxian sneaking out to drink (sticking a straw into a jar of alcohol and drinking it like a juice box), only to encounter a dog peeing on a tree, and running away in a panic.


    Cornetto Advertisements 
  • One of the first ads replay the scene from the episode where Wei Wuxian offers Lan Wangji Emperor's Smile, but this time the wine is replaced with an ice cream cone. When Wei Wuxian says he'll just eat it outside and prepares to take a bite, Lan Wangji takes it from him and eats it instead.
    Wei Wuxian: Hah! Just tell me if you want it. Be simpler, it's not like I'll refuse.
  • This ad plays seamlessly into Episode 4, where Wei Wuxian eats a frozen dessert with Jiang Cheng. Wei Wuxian sighs as he says people who could eat this Cornetto dessert every day at Gusu were lucky, and he'd gladly stay longer just for it.
  • Undead ghouls lining up in front of a Cornetto stand.
  • After Wei Wuxian gets his Cornetto dessert, Little Apple shows up and tries to take the food out of his hand. Wei Wuxian ends up jumping onto the roof just to avoid his voracious pet.

    Stop-Motion Skits 
  • The April Fool's video, where Lan Wangji is trying to fly a kite, but Wei Wuxian causes it to fall from the sky each time while staying in his hiding spot. Frustrated, Lan Wangji keeps trying until he trips over a mushroom and faceplants. Wei Wuxian jumps out of his hiding spot to see if he's okay... only to find out that Lan Wangji used an illusion and quietly appears behind Wei Wuxian with a frown on his face. The final shots of the video show Wei Wuxian trying to apologize to Lan Wangji through food, and is completely ignored.
  • Labor Day shows Wei Wuxian attempting to keep the room clean, and ends up fighting a dust spirit. As Lan Wangji arrives and they both get rid of the spirit, Wei Wuxian pats Lan Wangji's sleeve only to realize that there was still some dirt on his hand that has now dirtied Lan Wangji's clothes.

  • This video of Wei Wuxian transmigrating into modern day.
  • The We TV's overview of the chibi mini series seems to understand their audience well.
    "This branch story hopes to heal those audience who love the animation of The Founder of Diabolism Q, but are "injured" by the melancholy plot of the drama."


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