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  • The Deadpan Snarker Dominican in 1356 on being told by a flippant Handsome Lech of a would be priest that if an unbaptised baby was doomed to hell and the mother was pretty, he'd be happy do some comforting.
    Father Lucius: Your charity knows no bounds.

  • Roland de Verrec in 1356 is a renowned knight who happens to have a vow of chastity.

  • Scully the Scotsman is an almost walking one of these in what is otherwise a very dramatic and tension filled scene. Its helps that he's a mix of a lech and an unrepentant Blood Knight. Whilst everyone else is wondering what to do and how to escape he just keeps on compliments Genny on her tits and asking Robbie if he can start fighting yet.
    • Lord Douglas, himself a stone-cold badass, has this to say about the man who is, after all, his subordinate:
    He terrifies me, so God only knows what he does to the enemy.

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  • Scully in this exchange with Robbie
    Scully: So you want me to kill the bastard? (meaning a priest)
    Robbie: (shocked at suggestion) No!
    Scully: I don't mind. I haven't killed anyone in a week. No, its been even longer. It must be at least a month! Jesus! Are you sure we're not fighting anyone?

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