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Face It

  • Dipper gets really excited when Ford puts him in charge of the journals.
    Ford: I trust you to look after my journals while I'm gone.
    Dipper: (starry-eyed) All three journals?! Me?! After!? Look?
    Ford: Yes, those are most of the words I said. In a somewhat worrying order. Try not to sit too close to the TV.
  • Ford throwing himself through the attic window and down to the ground instead of, you know, using the door. Something that Stan lampshades.
    • The fact that he was going out after Mothman because the Mothman owes him money. Ford even has a serious expression as he ran off epically in his quest to get his money back.
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  • Mabel attempts to comfort Pacifica by telling her "Think of [wrinkles] as friends who live on your face and will eventually cover you until you're dead."
  • When searching a cure for wrinkles in the Journal, Pacifica goes through several potential solutions, including becoming a vampire and a Fountain of Youth. She rejects the former because she wouldn't be able to see her reflection anymore and the latter because "public baths are for hobos".
  • While it's kinda creepy at the same time, Stan's reaction to seeing a faceless Mabel trying to reassure him by drawing a crooked smile on her face is to slowly back away.
  • Dipper tells Pacifica that they'll have to disguise themselves with garbage to keep from being found out as human in the underground bazaar. Pacifica reluctantly does so... only for Dipper to snicker and admit that he only said that to see if she'd do it.
    • Made more hilarious shortly after when it actually works, as a monster seems to find the garbage covering her stylish.
  • Pacifica explaining her presence in the bazaar by claiming she's 'Jackie the Elf Bandit', and Dipper is her servant 'Troll Boy'.
    Pacifica: My servant here's looking for replacement body parts. For obvious reasons. I mean, look at his abnormally large head.
    Dipper: It's not abnormally large!
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  • Pacifica first lays eyes on Ford. Her reaction? "When did Stan become hot?"
  • Pacifica sends a text to Dipper about hugging him, but actually sent it to Mabel (Dipper doesn't have a cellphone). Before collapsing into Angrish, Pacifica's vehement denial escalates to texting Mabel "I'M SENDING MY BUTLER TO BREAK YOUR LEGS".
    • The phone network they're using? GRAVIT&T.

Comix Up

  • During the shoujo manga segment, everyone is dressed in Sailor Fuku... yes, everyone, including Soos, Dipper, and Ford.
    • Everyone here looks hot. Even the water fountain.
    • On top of that, once everyone escapes the cursed comic Stan has shoujo eyes until he literally shakes it off.
  • The reason Stan hates comics is he once wrote his own comic as a kid, but it was rejected due to excessive swearing and the fact that it was "technically a Pyramid Scheme in comic form" causing him to become disillusioned... also, he got in a fistfight with Stan Lee in 1973.
  • "$14.99?! That's highway robbery! As a former highway robber, I would know!"
  • The superhero setting where the Mystery Shack crew are given superpowers. Among other things, Dipper is a classic My Brain Is Big Psychic Powers using mutant named "Overthinker", and Soos's power is growing in size every time he says the word "dude". Oh, and Mabel kills an invincible hero by stabbing him with his own speech bubble.
  • In the end, Stan is convinced to try publishing Lil' Stan again and sell issues out of the Mystery Shack. A boy browses for a little while, and then:
    Boy: A comic for kids with swears in it?! COOL!
    • Stans expression when the kid puts money on the counter.

Don't Dimension It

  • Stan and Ford's constant bickering over who's a better caretaker for Dipper and Mabel.
  • Mabel getting her first experience of how her brand of flightiness can be...frustrating in serious situations.
    Mabel: (regarding the escape ship that "Brainbel" has been distracted from completing) I bet if we worked together, we could get that puppy up and running!
    "Explainbel": Sorry, I totally lost my train of thought when you said "puppy."
    Fish Person Mabel: Who said "puppy"?!
    Congressman Mabel: Puppy? Where?
  • Stan's delight at finding out Ford is a criminal in most of the multiverse.
    • When the driver they were hoping to hitchhike with refuses them a ride on account of Ford's said criminal record, Stan immediately suggests handcuffing Ford in the backseat for the trip. The driver agrees.
  • The dialogue for Mabel's Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • How does Mabel reveal her impostor's true identity? She pulls off Anti-Mabel's sweater, revealing a t-shirt that says "I HATE CATS". Stan and Ford are immediately convinced.

The Jersey Devil's in the Details

Hidden Pages

  • Shmebulock's profile reveals, among other things, that his full name is "Shmebulysses Q. Locke the III" and that the curse that afflicts him can be broken by tossing a specific artifact into a specific chasm. However, according to the same profile the reason he hasn't yet is because "the orb is super heavy, and, like, the Chasm of Garlock is a major commute." The only reason Shmebulock hasn't been able to break his curse is because he's too lazy to get off his butt and just do it.
  • Pacifica's profile has "foxhunting" listed as a hobby, but in parenthesis it says "It's actually just Toby Determined dressed as a fox. No one knows why he does this."
  • In the profile for McGucket's son, it's revealed that when Fiddleford bought Northwest Mansion he renamed it the Hootenanny Hut, much to Preston Northwest's chagrin.
  • Filbrick's profile shows us that Stan took quite a bit from his father, such as saying "What am I, made of money?!"
    • Specifically, he's referring to the price of saltwater taffy, declaring "We'll buy regular-water taffy in this family!"
  • The comics in Book 9
    Candy: The bleak snowstorm makes me ponder the fickle contradictions of the human condition.
    Grenda: I made out with a snowman!
    Thompson: Oh boy, unflavored yogurt! (Beat Panel as he eats the yogurt and checks his phone) No missed calls!
  • Apparently the President's Key can not only open a door to the Crawlspace, but also the Washington Monument that's actually a giant music box that plays Yankee Doodle, the Lincoln Memorial which hides the remains of a giant cyclops that Honest Abe himself rode during the Civil War (appropriately named Linclops) and the President's Cabinet, containing a final draft of the Constitution featuring the "Kevinth Amendment", granting special rights to anyone named Kevin.
  • The Sibling Brothers' profiles list their adulthood hobbies as "going to jail" and "finishing each others' life sentences". What the hell happened to them after the story? Did their encounter with Stan and Ford lead them into a life of crime instead?


  • Patrick McHale's review on the back.
    Like the richest of Gems, this sparkling collection of laugh-out-loud stories stirs the soul as well as the imagination. [Insert Book Title Here] is a graphic novel you won't soon forget. (Alex, just make sure to put the name of your comic in there. Send the check to my PO box.)
  • Shmebulock also has a review on the back. Obviously, it reads "Shmebulock".

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