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Tear Jerker / Gravity Falls: Lost Legends

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Face It

  • Younger Pacifica's face as she lays on bed in shock in the dark. She's wide-eyed and clutching her llama plush, emotionally shot from her mom spontaneously ripping out a page and not ending the story on a good note, and pressuring Pacifica all at once for an upcoming beauty pageant.
    • The story in question is "The Ugly Duckling," only instead of the "duckling" growing up to be a swan, Pacifica's mother changes the ending so that the duckling never makes any friends because of his weird face. She reads this to Pacifica, who can't be more than ten at most, the night before she has a beauty pageant.

The Jersey Devil's in the Details

  • Stan admits to Ford that he took their Pa's gold chain, but not to steal it: he wanted to polish it up for a Father's Day gift, because for once he wanted their dad to look at him the way he looks at Ford: "Like he actually likes me." Ouch.
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  • It's also a little heartbreaking when Stan says that no matter what, he feels like he's just the dumb twin who screws everything up.

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