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  • When Brianna introduces Peecee to the outside world:
  • Gina defeating Armageddon with a massive, panel-filling BÜM
  • The look on Penny’s face after she exited hyperspace four thousand feet in the air
  • An undead superwarrior has trapped the North Edge Guard, disguised as minstrels, in a room where all their magical abilities are sealed off. Seeing through their disguises and playing along, the warrior gives a To the Pain detailing how he plans to slowly butcher them, demanding that they play some music for him. Then Thropan reveals he actually CAN play, playing a self-composed song so beautiful that the undead warrior is overcome by how beautiful the melody is, excusing himself while crying Tears of Joy.
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  • Dreadwing CANNOT win. He killed two were-rat thieves with supernatural luck and absorbed their souls into his own. In addition to having to listen to them and deal with them occasionally picking the pockets of anyone nearby, having their souls in his own also gives Dreadwing a were-rat's vulnerability to the "Were-cheetah Doom Gaze", a curse that makes any were-rat who looks into a were-cheetah's eyes become near-paralyzed with fear. While fighting Britanny in a dungeon, he ended up looking her in the face and getting a full dose of the Doom Gaze's terror, sending him running in fright and leaving him in a Troubled Fetal Position. The issue ends with the were-rats' spirits gloating to him that the state can last for up to a week.
  • How Debra defeats Dreadwing during a major battle one time, crossing over with Awesome. Dreadwing has summoned a massive Abyssalisk, an Eldritch Abomination-ish dragon relative, which is essentially tearing apart the good guys. Debra baits Dreadwing into attacking a shield she has set up, which she then uses as a focus with which to shoot the Abyssalisk, the energy tinged with Dreadwing's own aura. When the Abyssalisk turns in the direction of the attack, Debra is pointing at Dreadwing (who has an absolutely PRICELESS expression on his face), as if to say "Hedidit." Cue Roaring Rampage of Revenge... on Dreadwing, who's forced to flee.
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  • Madrid's defeat of Snuggy. Snuggy herself is a renegade Amazon Breeder who literally uses handsome young men as her personal baby factories, stealing nine months of life from her lovers per impregnation to make birth near-instantaneous (which is bad enough, even not considering that it randomly will take over a hundred times as much sooner or later). Snuggy has captured Dao, Madrid's reconciling ex-husband, and is about to finish Madrid off when Madrid uses an image of Dao's original form (Dao can shapeshift according to the ideals of his lover), that of an older man with four arms. (Crosses over with Heartwarming, as Madrid just proved that she loves Dao no matter what he looks like.) Snuggy immediately dismisses Dao as too old and lets them get away, only for one of her older children to point out that Dao was a shapeshifter and could easily take the form of any hot, young guy Snuggy desired...
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  • Gina has a scientific revelation during the middle of the night and tries to talk with her sister, needing a sounding board, only to be rebuffed, as it was four in the morning when she burst into the house. Retreating to her lab and getting an idea from Peebri, she creates two holographic doubles of herself, one that focuses on "Reality" (biochemical analysis and historical probability analysis) and the other on "Physics" (Nuclear, Acoustic, Astrophysical, Electromagnetic disciplines). After briefly discussing what Gina wants, Reality proceeds to complain that Gina isn't hanging out with the six walking piles of male Amazon beefcake that had come to her world recently, and tries to contact Gina's boyfriend to set up a booty call. Physics starts complaining about Gina's ample bosom being physically impossible and tries to fire a shrink ray at them. The moral: Gina learns to REALLY appreciate having people around who don't have her personality.
  • Zelda and Link, resident Dumb Muscle for reformed villain Erwin Talon, are moonlighting in the UFF, their signature move a Groin Attack. After being humiliated by Ryan Tabbot and Ayane, they are healed by a formula created from the blood of Pojo, the young son of werewolves Jetta and Thabian and Erwin's best friend. The formula is diluted so they don't turn into werewolves and just get accelerated healing. Then they get the brilliant idea of drinking more of the formula, thinking it will give them Wolverine-esque healing factors. (They even have an Imagine Spot of themselves in Wolverine-like costumes with spikes emerging from various points of their bodies, including the top of Zelda's head.) The two of them get turned into werewolves from drinking too much of the formula, and go to confront Ayane and Ryan, the former having a sprained ankle from kicking the genetically enhanced Link in the face. Do they get their rematch? NOPE! Pojo comes to stop them, and Zelda and Link are immediately overcome by how adorable Pojo looks as a little wolf puppy. On Erwin's advice, he exploits this form of influence he has over them as the source of their lycanthropy, leading them to Erwin's limo...where a mightily pissed-off Jetta and Thabian are waiting for the three of them, Erwin cowering next to Jetta. And they're still in love with how cute Pojo is despite his irate mother glaring at them.
  • Brianna and Peebri go on a camping trip on Jade with Sheila, who thinks they're unprepared for the monster-infested wilderness. When a herd of giant Always Chaotic Evil monsters come rampaging through the forest. Sheila is worried about Brianna, but Bri' has..."Engineered" herself a solution, guitar and all. Turns out, she was counting on some monster starting stuff the entire time.
  • In the Northern Edge-Guard webcomic, a side-story that's canon to the comic, youthful hero Raphiel is put in the center of a circle beautiful, buxom Amazons and Calandra, all smushing their boobs into his face. (It Makes Sense in Context) Calandra, feeling cheeky, sends a pic to semi-Chivalrous Pervert Tirga, who lets out a Big "WHY?!" in jealous despair.
  • Also from Northern Edge-Guard. The Contessa, intent on using Calandra as a weapon against a rival, possesses the werelioness. Calandra quickly realizes that Contessa shares any sensations she herself experiences. Including pain, a sensation so new to Contessa that even minor aches greatly discomfit her. Cue Calandra deliberately tripping over and running into everything she can find, even deliberately throwing herself down a staircase.
  • After Tiffany is kidnapped by Not-Skeletor, Britanny demands to know from Gina why she thought it was fine to send Tiffany to somewhere so dangerous. Gina sheepishly points at the permission slip Britanny signed.
  • Tifanny finds herself with an overstuffed piggybank, and wants to start a bank account. She goes looking for her parents, only to find them in their bedroom... with Britanny in her underwear on her hands and knees before him, and Stryyp quickly pulling up his shorts.
    • Which in turn leads to the hilarious reveal that the bank Britanny currently uses is managed by a bunch of Star Wars cosplayers. Gina is giddy with glee when she finds out.
  • The Spellvis oneshot. While searching for artifacts that would allow him to control the world, Spellvis encounters Gina & Britanny, Penny, Charlotte, and a bunch of sirens, and a third group of female explorers. He defeats them all easily, making them do the dirty work to get the artifacts. Literally, as Gina & Britanny were made to dig through a metric ton of bat guano, Penny, Charlotte, and the sirens were made to retrieve an artifact surrounded by a massive swarm of very bite-happy bugs that leave itchy bites, and the third group of explorers were made to traverse a cave filled with impertinent, friendlier-than-necessary tentacles. (Fortunately, a more unfortunate tentacle-related trope was averted, as the explorers in question all wore reinforced, unbreakable underwear.) Spellvis started to assemble his device, only to be confronted by everyone he had humiliated. Helium was pumped into the room so he couldn't use his voice, and his fairy companion was trapped in a cold iron cage. Spellvis then had the everloving crap kicked out of him for hours, being force-fed healing potions with a super-strong laxative. When he was finally arrested, his head was quite literally shoved up his ass. They had to get it out quickly, as the laxatives were kicking in and they didn't want him to drown...
  • Tiffany, in a possible future, apparently grows up to have a personality similar to Rick Sanchez