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The Gold Digger Universe is actually a Pocket Dimension
This is actually a combination of WMG and Fanfic Fuel. I plan on making trope pages for the Altered Destinies is a series of ‘’Ranma ½’’ fanfics, so am currently rereading all of them. I came up with this theory while reading Nabiki ½. Jim Bader is a very detailed writer so bare with me as I break down my point.

The Star Tribe are the First Ancestral Race from ‘’Neon Genesis Evangelion’’. They were Mind Hive Energy Beings basically all matter is made up of energy once the planets, ect were formed a consciousness started to evolved in that energy and other consciousness as well.

They took an interest in all aspects of life that they encountered, but among those curious creatures whom they found most promising were the ape-like forms clinging to trees and living on insects, nuts and berries. Some took their fascination to a different level, encouraging the slow upward evolution of these small creatures, and in a little as a few thousand generations speeded up their evolution into the more evolved state that we know of as Anthropoid from archeological excavations


The learning and evolving process worked both ways the star tribe started to develop bodies of their own and the causing the Mind Hive evolved into a Hive Mind. This is where the problems started not all of the Star Tribe approved of this relationship, nor did they fancy the crude beasts. This came to a head when they both eventually adopted a more recognizably human form and mated giving birth to the Ancient’s i.e the Angel’s, Neflem, ect.

This in the Psychic war the birth of this new race, was met by alarm from those Star Clans who did not share in a love for these co-created life forms. Some wanted to terminate the experiment in cross-breeding, seeing only corruption and a fall from grace in these new forms, while others wanted to study them at greater length and fathom their true potential. This lead to a division among the Tribes, so that where there had been Unity there was now division and antipathy. The perfect harmony of the One Race with its Unimind was disrupted, and this would lead in time to the first terrible war of the Powers, a hideous and perverse conflagration that would sunder the world itself and change the shape of the very continents themselves.


The losing side which numbered about a third of all the Ancients then around was exiled from the Earth plane and cast out onto the Outer Planes far removed from material reality scattered to the Cosmic winds of interdimensional Night as it were. They wound up in different sectors of the Multiverse, some closer to the edge of the Abyss than others, and evolved into the various Demon tribes the ones closer the realms of Light evolved into the Devil tribes.

The winners who stayed back on Earth evolved as well, some becoming the forerunners of the Lemurians and Atlanteans, who later married with the ape-like people of the shore to produce homosapiens. Another branch, however, stayed true to their roots and became the High Elder Race of the Elves...while an even luckier strain became the race of theTitans, who birthed the Gods of later generations. The Gods, in turn, birthed the Immortal race of the Devas, or lesser-gods.


My theory is that the Gardeners and the Shadows were amongst the losers the garderners kept their material form and function while the shadows were left incorporeal. They were exiled but went to a universe where human life never evolved, leaving the way open for something else to take its place, the Saurians.

Unlike the Ghouradanian who were forced to develop dimensional travel to survive Deva the three races intentionally exiled themselves. The previous universe is actually The Multiverse while the Gold Digger Universe is a Small, Secluded World. And since it’s cut off from the rest of reality it developed its own rules to remain stable at the same time there’s still In Spite of a Nail as the races still evolved just in different way.

This is why the Gardeners became the Dynasty they tried to start over but were still corrupted by the psychic wars.

What happened to Madrid launched out of her Pocket Dimension into The Multiverse. Her very existence is probably what allowed her to convince the survivors to follow her to her world and also why she had to be transformed into an Artificer that would be the only way she could survive.

Umbra is Baal Ariman Yahweh an Old One. The Gold Digger Universe Small, Secluded World means that if he is able to get through and devour it he could use it as a stepping stone to get to The Multiverse. The GDU doesn’t have alternate realities the ones seen are the result of Umbra getting closer thus weakening the dimensional barrier forming different probability lines.

Ancient Gina’s ultimate goal is to reconnect the GDU to The Multiverse however this both takes a massive amount of energy and would fundamentally change the rules of the universe. She could just Ret-Gone the universe creating a Close-Enough Timeline when it reforms but she’s not a Well-Intentioned Extremist.

In the end her goal is for And the Adventure Continues.

like I said Jim’s work is very detailed these aren’t even the only connections I formed to this comic the explanation for Jusenkyo and the basics for ki and magic is very similar to beta-tech for example.

  • Due to Death of the Author there is a similar What Could Have Been idea proposed as a sort of go between for the sequel Inherit the Storm. As a baby Ekko accidentally sends A-ko, B-ko, Nabiki, and Ranma to the Gold Digger universe while studying the effects of quantum transfer. Only there it was a forgotten weapon used in the psychic wars. The backlash of energy that happens every few millennia was the result of it being unstable.
    • It was also proposed that since Theodore’s mother is named Oracle and Thelendra is the Oracle she was his mother. The gem wasn’t actually her just something she left Jonathan when she was forced to return home. Only the person who said that didn’t say the universe was a weapon but an isolated space in limbo which is surrounded by numerous stacked-up dimensional layers, resulting in it forming its own rules of physics which was why she had to leave. They used issue 241 where Gina’s daughter or descendent explain that they all live in a time-space bubble. They were all theoreticals that existed in a quantum sphere of reality that could be but don’t exist in the time stream yet.

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